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How to use slideshare and skype
How to use slideshare and skype
How to use slideshare and skype
How to use slideshare and skype
How to use slideshare and skype
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How to use slideshare and skype


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  • 1. Instructions of how to use Skype and Slideshare for taking online ESL class on ESL Virtual Learning Centers.After you have confirmed the ESL class appointment with your instructors/students, the next step you need todo is to add each other on your Skype contacts, prepare the Instructional PPT and uploaded to Slideshare(only for instructors) and ready to use the Skype and Sldieshare for the online ESL class at appointment time.Below is a step-by-step instruction of how to use Skype combined with Slideshare for taking ESL class online:Step one: creating a Skype accountYou can create a Skype account at here: Create an account.It is important to note that your Skype name cannot be changed and you will use it to add and be added onSkype user’s contacts, so choose a name you like.Step two: download the SkypeYou can download Skype program at here: Download Skype nowAfter you download the Skype, install it on your computer:
  • 2. Third step: sign in the SkypeOnce you create the Skype name and installed the Skype program, you need to sign in the program in order touse it.Open the program put your Skype name and password and then click “Sign in”.Skype Welcome Screen after you sign-in:
  • 3. Fourth Step: setup your audio and video systemThe Skype you guide you to setup your audio and video system automatically, but in case you meet anydifficulties, you may find answer at Skype website: Step: add your instructors/students as contactBefore you are able to use Skype for making video call for taking ESL class, you need to add yourinstructors/students as your Skype contact first.You have already signed in your Skype, so click the “add contacts” icon and enter your instructors/students Skype name on the right pop-up window seen below:You can email/text/write down yours Skype name to your instructors/students so they could add you.Sixth Step: Accepting contact request!Once you have added your instructor/student as your Skype contacts, it is important for you to confirm withthem they accept your request or vice versa, you accept their request.Since you have signed in your Skype, look out the “Contact requests” icon above your contact list; click it andaccepting the request:
  • 4. Seventh Step: making the video call for taking ESL classBy confirming the contact request, your instructor/student is now on your Skype contacts, and you are readyto call them to take the ESL class.You have already signed in the Skype, look out your contact list find your instructor/student at there, click hisname and the corresponding “Video Call” button:Eighth Step: combine the Skype with Slideshare – an introductionThe content of class would be much enriched if the class is conducted combined with Skype and presentation.The presentation could be prepared by Microsoft’s Office’s suite’ PowerPoint program. The process ofPowerPoint preparation will be discussed in document “How to prepare Presentation for online ESL class”. Inthe ESL VLC project, we suggest the instructor to upload the ESL class presentation to the Slideshare websitefor students to access. There are three advantages for students to access the ESL class presentation throughSlideshare. First, students could access and read presentation on Slideshare without installing a PowerPointon his PC or tablet. Secondly, accessing the presentation on Slideshare could avoid accidental or edit on thepresentation. For example, if you send a presentation to students by email opened by students by PowerPointprogram, during or before the class he may accidently edits the presentation which would certain causedisruption of the class since the version of presentation on the hand of students is no longer the one knownby instructors. Thirdly, as you could ensure students always access the right version of the presentation in
  • 5. each specific class. A series of ESL class may involve multiple presentations, sending presentations throughemail may cause confusions on students’ side of which presentation should be used for a particular class.Using Slideshare, instructors could give students the name of the presentation on Slideshare and ask studentsto access it ensuring students always access the proper version of the presentation for each class.Ninth step: combined the Skype with Slideshare – create aSlideshare account