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Mindmeister tutorial

  1. 1. Having Discussions in Mindmeister EDCT603
  2. 2. Get an account Please go to http://www.mindmeister.com/ , and sign up for a free account.
  3. 3. Get an account You will be asked to provide a valid email address to receive a confirmation mail. When you are done, go to your email account, and activate your account.
  4. 4. Go to the Sandbox You are going to practice how to use the tool in the sandbox. Please do not post on other EDCT603 groups for now. We will ask you to complete a few tasks in the sandbox.( http://www.mindmeister.com/78923589/edct603sandbox )
  5. 5. Task 1: Add a starter post (1) If you want to add a starter post to the discussion topic, first click on the “Weekly Discussion” bubble, and click “+Add” in the toolbar , then a “new node” bubble will appear.
  6. 6. Task 1: Add a starter post (2) Change the words “new node” to your name. You can edit the format, size and style of your post in the sidebar
  7. 7. Task 2: Add a reply to a post Add a reply to a post on the map by (a) selecting the post and (b) clicking “+Add”.
  8. 8. Task 3: Add a note to your post (1) Add a note to your post by (a) selecting the post, (b) clicking the note icon under “Extra”, and (c) clicking the “Advanced” option (Change your browser to Google Chrome if you cannot see the Advanced option). 1. Select the Post/Node 2. Click the note icon 3. Click the Advanced option
  9. 9. Task 3: Add a note to your post (2) A note window will pop out. Type in your comment, and click “OK” Type in your comment, and click “OK”
  10. 10. Task 4: Delete a post Add a few more starter posts and replies, and then delete them by following the instruction below.
  11. 11. Task 5: Add a cross-thread link (1) Add links to indicate the posts you are related to.
  12. 12. Task 5: Add a cross-thread link (2) Add links to indicate the posts you are related to.
  13. 13. Task 6: Zoom out to view the full discussion Click “ Zoom Out” in the sidebar, and you will be able to see the discussion in full.
  14. 14. A few more things… IMPORTANT: If you did something wrong, please click the “Undo” button at the top left corner. If you have any questions or problems regarding completing the above tasks, please email Yanyan Sun at yanyan.sun0325@gmail.com with your specific questions. She should be able to help you. If we see a few bubbles in the sandbox with your name on them, and if we do not get any questions from you, we will assume that you have learned how to have discussion with the tool. The next step is to start your week 6 discussion in the MindMeister map created for your group. IMPORTANT : During your discussion, please name the bubbles you created as “ Date_YourName_Topic”. An example would be “02/10_Fei __My Topic”.