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  1. 1. development of top customer service based on Novotel Tainui Peopleology during the serving process: 1. People crave belonging 2. People want the real deal 3. Every person has a story 4. People need to feel special 5. People hate to be wrong 6. People want what they want 7. People love novelty
  2. 2. Good interaction between internal and external customers triangle of stakeholder-owner, guests and staff internal and external customers we should know: Core value of them Unify the personal goal and organizational goals Retained control to the staff and delegate them during the personalized services Know your customers in depth.
  3. 3. Relationship market • Relationship marketing attempts to approach all parties who have an interest in a service • four vital elements influence the relationship between marketing and customers, and we should concern to them :  competitors  Reasonable segments of your targeted group  Marketing mix  Monitoring system
  4. 4. Customer expectation In general, customer expectation is based on the effect of buyer perception. And the perception motivates by: World of mouth Personal desire and need Past experience Marketing communication The further strategy in Novotel regarding as positive expectation is put the actual quality not quantity into service: 1. Attention to tangible items Take much care on appearance of staff, equipment and facility. 2. Active listening Useful communication is reflected by training and standard. 3. Responsiveness Deal with the comment, complaint from customers carefully and then to offer a feedback as soon as possible. 4. Empathy It is a part of quality service that the staff should provide a personal care 5. Assurance Enhance trust development and maintain more loyalty customers
  5. 5. Changing and evolving customer expectation Nowadays, technology has promoted the development of society. The hospitality industry is also influenced by technological production. For example, the reservation system allows customers booking a room on the website, it was hard to image this system available applied for the ten years ago. In particular, technology is changing the world. For us, more and more social media can improve the awareness of our brand as well as putting lots of marketing stuff on this media channels.  We will establish team work group online for staff. It provides a plat for each employee can communicate with others.  Complete a reservation system. We promise the comment of the customer will be handling for the first time and we must take care of the response.
  6. 6. Increased awareness of service It is an important item we apply for the future strategy. It includes focusing on a team work contribution. A good combination of team work is a valuable asset in every organization. Novotel as a hotel to cater for the hospitality service, quality service is directly affecting the perception of customers. In addition, most customers pay much attention to the specific, and it is easier to remember the little things you did. For example, drink delivery as a simply process. But it needs the staff should have lots of specialist skills like:      Whether you deliver quickly Respect within smile and positive voice Always say thank you Be nice when in trouble Understand what the customers mind, they like 'yes' and dislike 'no' in spite of you say sorry to them
  7. 7. Customer retention In this section, we will concern on how to retain the existing customers. It is relatively easier to acquire new customers if you focus on marketing operation. However, quality service is still in the first place in the business. If new customers unsatisfied to the service or got a negative impression, they will never come again. As a result, customer retention is very important to probe the way to existing customers. The programme consists of 3 factors: 1. Satisfying current customers 2. Measuring why they leave 3. A planned effort to prevent customers from leaving
  8. 8. Customer referrals This part relies on a good relationship between your loyalty customers and the image of Novotel. Loyalty customer will be the good supporter even advocate of Novotel. They are willing to tell their family or friends, Novotel as a smart choice to live because of the high quality services. It should be a long term even hard to develop customer referrals. The best channel of customer referrals is word of mouth. The strategies to improve it:  Be trust and loyalty  Try to contact with more existing customers who are willing to share the positive experience to others.
  9. 9. Knowing and understanding your customers We know a variety of customers should be careful in a different way because of the variety of personality, habit, lifestyle and culture. That is the reason why we used the personalized services instead of a unified process. Each customer we serve them should be differentiating others. And the first impression of customers shape in their brain within 30 seconds. In other words, if you did wrong at the start of the service, you will be failure. When we provide customer service, we can know customers at a basic understanding in terms of clue:  Appearance like cloth, ages and occupation  Ask some personal details  Pre knowledge of culture, accent of speaking Hold on additional languages as possible as you can. For example, use different language says 'hi' ike Ni Hao (Chinese) and Bourjor (French) when we talking with customers at the start.
  10. 10. Customer segmentation • • •    Location we can provide service Transaction volume Customer type and service level
  11. 11. Total commitment of everybody in the organization to customers We promise customers to provide the better service than before. Otherwise it will take a hit on the reputation of Novotel. To be honest, everybody in Novotel must really believe the good customer service is everyone's job. The basic commitment rules we did:  See customer service from customers' viewpoint  Ensure the employees are trained and reliable  Take customers complaint seriously  Study customer complaint record and adjust relevant issues  Constantly review and improve customer service However, if the problem is taking place, we should consider that in advance. It can be seen as a challenge to test how effective service we used to deal with the problem.
  12. 12. Development of customers focused products and services 1. Pre service The standard should be required each employee must hold some simply pre knowledge in relation to multiple culture, effective communication, positive cues like manner. 2. Duration of service It should be followed strictly by the principle of peopleology Novotel 3. after service We will never stop to focus on the trace of after service. In particular, negative feedback must be hard study and provide a detail to improve.
  13. 13. Value analysis of customers and customer segments There is not loyalty customer any longer if your service is not satisfied to customers. Customers will prefer any other similar as a valuable mean. Most of that, customer value can show how customers select between competing suppliers. For example, Ibis Hotel. Among that, the basic customer value consists of the cost and benefit of the product or service. For Novotel, the cost means how much money customer charges a room. And the basic facilities Novotel can provide to customers. In addition, the benefit included:  Customer service they did  Image, experience customer perceived  Relationship established Nowadays, more and more customers concern on the benefit in particular, they are much willingness to pay on this benefit.
  14. 14. Differentiation from competitions through customer service • In general, the hospitality industry has a trend that there are more and more competitive taking place in this market. At first, we should understand our competitors of Novotel in advance. And then, we desire to differentiation from competitors and then to develop a unique service. It is actually a general phenomenon to apply for any business industry. • There is a brief comparison between Novotel and Ibis, and the list show the additional service Novotel had:  star Qualmark  Restaurant, lobby bar and 24hours room service  Guest valet parking service  Entertainment  Gym,spa and sauna In the future, we will hope to carry on innovating more unique service to cater for the customer expectation.  Purchasing agent in terms of customer demand  Chinese massage  Venue decoration suggestion for business conference  Accept order on wedding decoration
  15. 15. Meeting and exceeding customer expectation In order to improving a exceeding customer expectation, it enable to: 1. Identify the priorities of customers We are prior to considering the older customers and families. 2. Discovery the potential problem before it happens It requires staff should concern about customer's feeling according totheir response, attitude or even behaviors. 3. To achieve exceeding expectation at a certain time 4. Build a stronger relationship with customers To establish a rapport within positive behavior and respect 5. Differentiate your customers from others Emphasize the strength of Novotel when you introduce your business
  16. 16. Empowerment • First of all, empower is not an act of setting the front line free. It should apply for retained control as well as given a certain authority for staff. For example, the staff can deal with the emergency problem individually. • The key strategy of empowerment will throughout the organization in the future: 1. Power to make decisions to enhance the organization's performance 2. Information about the performance of the organization 3. Rewards based on the performance 4. Knowledge will enhance individual performance
  17. 17. Creating a customer service culture • An important step we will focus on the future strategy. In our team, we will enhance the strong passion for service. Each staff considers the positive service as a mission. Meanwhile, everyone would have a dynamic passion to complete every service. The staff must being willingness to burden this job. For instance: • Use the smile, positive voice and action, being patient, respect and so on.
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