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Alphabet Alphabet Presentation Transcript

  • A a
  • B b
  • C c
  • D d
  • E e
  • F f
  • G g
  • H h
  • I i
  • J j
  • K k
  • L l
  • M m
  • N n
  • O o
  • P p
  • Q q
  • R r
  • S s
  • T t
  • U u
  • V v
  • W w
  • X x
  • Y y
  • Z z
  • is for alarm-clock That rings every day: “ Good morning, Good morning, It’s time to play!”
  • is for bear, My old toy friend. He sits on my chair And sleeps in my bed!
  • is for Cat. My cat is grey. And with me It likes to play.
  • One, two, three, four, is for dinosaur, He lives in the box With the bear and the fox.
  • is for Eight and for Eleven, Do you know How much is eight and eleven. 8 + 11 =?
  • is for fish, Swimming in the sea. I wish for a goldfish To come back to me!
  • is for Girl and for Garden. I see a girl playing in the garden.
  • is for Hand. I have two hands. This is the way I clap my hands.
  • is for I. I'm eight. I like to play with my sister Kate.
  • is for jam, Look at me, please! I eat jam with ham, With bread and with cheese!
  • is for kite Kate has a kite. It is little and it is white.
  • is for lamb With a silver bell, The bell is ringing well, What a merry bell!
  • is for mouse Who lives in a house, One, two, three, four, Her house is under the floor!
  • is for night, When the stars are bright, We switch off the light And say “Good night”!
  • is for orange A tasty round ball, Pass it to my basket Play basketball.
  • is for my pet, My pet is a cat. Her name is Pussy She runs for a rat!
  • is for Queen I’ve never seen, She is like a star So high and far!
  • is for red. Many things are red. What can be red? Apples can be red.
  • is for star That shines so bright, Twinkle, twinkle, Give us light.
  • is for Tick and for Tock. "Tick-tock" says the clock.
  • is for umbrella Little red umbrella. Rain, rain go away Little children want to play.
  • is for violet, A flower of spring, When the days get longer And the birds sing!
  • is for winter when it is cold. But I like winter! I like to play snowball.
  • is for box, fox and six, Let's count up to six. 1,2,3,4,5,6.
  • is for a Yard, where children play! They play in the yard every day!
  • is for Zebra black and white And for the Zoo The zebra is in the zoo.
  • Alphabet songs and activities