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Presentation on Research Buddy and Inquiry-based Learning

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  • Most of everyone, if not every one is pretty familiar with this model. Foundation is in “learn-by-doing”.
  • They’re not using devices outside of the classroom.Throughout the conference, lots of anecdotal evidence that suggests that learning is achieved thru mobile devices.Tie into Tony Vincent’s talk about project-based learning.
  • In answering these questions, this will help address the problems mentioned in the previous slide.What this all boils down to is how effective are mobile devices in improving learning for inquiry based learning methods?Compared to researchers who are not using a mobile devices for data collection or are not complete participants in some inquiry-based instruction method.
  • Shuler suggests that learners retain info. Better when learning takes place at the exact time and place the learner demands the information.
  • Idea conceived by Dr. Platt, is a suite of technological toolsStreamline research process by gathering data more quickly and efficiently than traditional methodsSpend less time on irrelevant details often accompanying field research, do I have a pen, paper, calculator, etc. Focus more on research itself and reach conclusions faster.Discuss aspects of the research with colleaguesHighlight best uses of mobile devices in inquiry based-learning environments.
  • We will focus on structured inquiry
  • People develop bad experimentation/analysis habits, supporters of inquiry-based learning cite each otherApproach that reduced the achievement gap for African-American students, and an approach that helped middle schoolers improve high-stakes test scores
  • Not involved in analyzing data or authoring scientific papersImportant because RB could be used in citizen science case or more formal uses in education
  • Theoretical theories supporting mobile-learning…Meaning that mobile learning goes beyond the mere consumption of information to providing an experience that can be tailored to each unique individual, can solve real-world problems, at the time and place a solution is needed. Shuler suggests that learners retain info. Better when learning takes place at the exact time and place the learner demands the information. Concepts are also easier to remember when presented in authentic environments. Mobile devices can adapt to different interests, preferences, or knowledge backgrounds and can even encourage learners to communicate.
  • Mobile App has several functions discussed laterResearch manager – web-based LMS. Extracting data from Google Docs to store permanently, allow instructor to create and monitor the completion of specific research assignments, extract information from data collection to view trends and statistics
  • Support for other data types being added in near future.
  • Lead Researchers, engaged learnersVolunteers, research assistants, students
  • Mobile2012 Research Buddy

    1. 1. Point your iPhone or iPad mobilebrowser to the following url: 1
    2. 2. Supporting Inquiry-Based Instruction through Mobile Learning Kristen Bachman Dr. Jerry Gannod
    3. 3. Agenda• Introduction – The Problem – Motivation• Background – Inquiry-Based Learning – Citizen Science• Research Buddy App – What is it? – Demo 3
    4. 4. Introduction• Mobile technology is here to stay… – The US smartphone market continues to grow at a fast pace [1] – 49.7% of mobile phone users own smartphones• Inquiry-Based Instruction – One of the most popular student-centered models used in education 5
    5. 5. The Problem• Mobile Learning pedagogies are not well defined… – Schools buy mobile technologies, but do not know how to use them. – Little research on the effectiveness of m-learning solutions• Learners may be disengaged from core- aspects of inquiry-based learning – Large projects may use citizen science 6
    6. 6. So…• What we want to know: – Does disengagement from some inquiry- based learning process impact one’s ability to learn? – Can mobile devices improve engagement and learning when fully immersed in an inquiry- based environment? 7
    7. 7. Essentially… Do mobile learners actually learn?• We would like to think so… – Few studies supporting/denying claims made in literature. 8
    8. 8. Motivation• Mobile devices have exploded into popularity• Research suggests that mobile devices may have a positive impact on education and learning[11]• Mobile learning is a unique research area – Combines aspects of education, computer science, and psychology 9
    10. 10. Inquiry-Based Learning• Creation of a classroom environment where students are engaged in open-ended, student-centered, and hands-on activities. [14]• Banchi et al. suggest there are 4 levels of inquiry [2] 12
    11. 11. Inquiry-Based Learning• Kirchner et al. argue that [8]: – There is no empirical evidence supporting inquiry- based learning – More structured/guided forms of learning are as effective as unguided models of learning• HOWEVER, Duncan et al. (2007) note several inquiry-based learning success stories [7]: – Reduce achievement gap for African-American students. – Improve high-stakes test scores for middle schoolers 13
    12. 12. Citizen Science• Citizen Scientists are volunteers who participate as field assistants in scientific studies [3]. – Not paid – Often Amateurs – Strictly gather data• Examples – iNaturalist – Project Dragonfly – Project Noah• Important in evaluating the effectiveness of Research Buddy 14
    13. 13. RESEARCH BUDDY 15
    14. 14. What is Research Buddy?• Suite of technological tools: – Mobile App • iOS – Research Manager • Blogspot – Data Storage • Google Docs 17
    15. 15. Research Manager• Assignments are managed/created using blogspot –• Mobile app displays feed of all assignments – Must enter blog address in settings – Users can select the specific assignment for which they want/need to gather data 18
    16. 16. Mobile App• Developed using Appcelerator Titanium – Create apps using JS, HTML, and CSS – Make it easier to target different platforms• Functions: – Multi-Counter & Interval Counter – Timer – Camera – Video/Audio Record – Note-Taking – Data Summary 19
    17. 17. Data Manager• Users upload the data to their personal Google Docs account – However, the Research Buddy Data spreadsheet must be preloaded for Google Docs to work • A fix for this is in the works…• One spreadsheet with 4 tabs: – Notes – Timer – Multi-Counter – Interval Counter 20
    18. 18. Experiment Overview• Recently conducted experiment with group of psychology students.• Assignment – Using interval timer, observe instances where people • Wearing ear phones • Talking on the phone • Both • Neither• Engaged vs. Unengaged Users – Research Buddy Users – Clipboard Users 21
    19. 19. Expectations• Expect “Engaged” Research Buddy users to: – Exhibit most positive attitudes towards using the technology – Perform better in assessment and analysis of gathered data• What’s more important to a learner? – Having mobile device… – OR Understanding the context of a research problem? 22
    20. 20. Other• We expect the time to collect and aggregate data to be reduced significantly – May result in more accurate data• Ability to develop a methodology demonstrating best uses of Research Buddy in inquiry-based instruction 23
    21. 21. Point your iPhone or iPad mobile browserto the following url: 24
    22. 22. 90% of the people attending theMobile Learning Experience usean Apple productHYPOTHESIS 25
    23. 23. Task Setup• Go to the “Quests” tab – Select “Apple Dunking” – Press “Select”• Switch to the “Tools” tab 26
    24. 24. TasksMulti-Counter Notes• Designate one person to • Designate one person to use research buddy use research buddy• Go around the table and • Take inventory of the count the number of each specific brand and model of the devices devices kind of mobile device (e.g., iPod, iPhone, iPad, (either iOS or Android) Motorola Xoom, Kindle• Be sure to click “Save” Fire) when you are done • Be sure to click “Save” when you are done 27
    25. 25. Sync• Switch to the “Settings” tab• Enter the following username and password: mu.researchbuddy passrb12• Press “Sync” 28
    26. 26. THE DATA 29
    27. 27. Conclusions• Mobile devices are awesome!! Woo! – But not really a cure-all for education • More research needed to find out what works and what does not• Hope you liked Research Buddy! – Look for it in the store in the coming months 31
    28. 28. Questions?• Mobile Learning Center –• Email –• Twitter – @miami_mlearning 32