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Received a nice presentation about team status reports and meeting

Received a nice presentation about team status reports and meeting

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  • Handout.
  • "Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires".


  • 1. Status Reports & Effective Team Meetings Ian Koenig PMP Quality IS Projects, Inc
  • 2. The “F” word
    • Project Management is about finishing stuff
  • 3. Finishing Stuff
    • Status Reports
    • Team Meetings
    • Performance
      • Status - where the project now stands
      • Progress - what has been accomplished
      • Forecasting - predicting future status and progress
      • 10.3 PMBoK® Guide 2000 edition
  • 4. Status Reports What? When? How? Who?
  • 5. “ On Track ”
    • In theory, great tool, supports management by exception, visual image, can be objective if used with well defined criteria
    • Open to misuse
  • 6.   Progress to Date Actual % Complete Planned % Complete Schedule with measurable deliverables Quick process for tracking Weekly Status Report    
  • 7.   Achievements/Completed Activities Major breakthroughs Limit to major items Weekly Status Report    
  • 8.   Planned Activities Missed/Delayed What? By how much? How are you going to recover & by when? Single short sentences or bullets Weekly Status Report    
  • 9.   Planned Activities for …….(next period) Only major, quantifiable items Weekly Status Report    
  • 10.   Issues/Topics for Management Attention Critical issues that have been escalated this period that require action Items you wish to bring to management attention Weekly Status Report    
  • 11. Template
  • 12. HOW TO SURVIVE A BEAR ATTACK ... … and run effective project team meetings
  • 13. The Bare Facts…...
    • Weekly Project Team Meetings:
    • are long, boring, and do not contribute to project success
    • are neat, we hang out and get donuts and discuss what is on our minds
    • we leave with no more understanding or direction than when we arrived
    • provide a break from the project
  • 14. Smokey The Bear Says
  • 15. Focus on Performance Not Status
    • what is completed?
    • what should be complete?
    • how do we get back on schedule?
    • what are we finishing next period?
    • Agenda
    • Tasks completed        
    • Tasks currently due or overdue               
    • Tasks due next period     
    • Concerns over future tasks 
    • Open forum
  • 16. Team Meetings Must Not Get Grizzly
    • Restrict to one hour – always start and finish on time
    • No food, no drinks, no comfortable chairs – put those items in the work area/break room
    • Set the tone for the project
    • Be realistic on completion dates but expect on-time completion (see next slide)
    • Exception management – only raise issues that need to be escalated, use issue & risk processes to introduce new topics
    • Allow some general conversation, preferably when discussing next weeks planned work, but keep the group focused
    • If there is conflict, stop and address it, do not ignore it.
  • 17. FROM TO task accomplishment Little Follow-Up Accept Missing Deadlines SOFT APPROACH Follow-Up on All Work Do Not Accept Missing Deadlines HARD APPROACH Not Interested in Workload Issue Too Many Tasks HARD APPROACH Interested in Workload Issue Less Tasks SOFT APPROACH task accomplishment Make The Workload Bearable
  • 18. Remember Hill Street Blues? Daily Ops Meetings “ Let’s be careful out there”
  • 19. Keep The Team Polarized
        • Establish a 20 minute “operations meeting” every day with the following agenda (‘Hill Street Blues’ style):
        • Situation Report on previous day (gathered before the meeting by the presenter, including any night shift developments) - gets them listening, no side conversations
        • Project News items, usually from outside of the team, e.g. new requests, feedback from the Project Board, Key Stakeholders, other teams, etc.
        • Assignments for the day, who is doing what, focus on completion
        • Team News items, inject some levity and allow feedback
        • In the Project War Room have copies of the following on the walls:
        • Detailed Milestone Chart - you only want to know what has been completed and what they are going to do next
        • Responsibility Assignment Matrix (or RACI chart) - so everyone knows who is accountable for each aspect of the scope of work
        • A project S-curve that shows planned versus actual progress (calculated using earned value based on the detailed Milestone Chart)
  • 20. Things to consider
    • PM is about finishing stuff
    • Review current status report
    • Attend another project’s team meeting as an observer