Wind energy
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Wind energy



wind energy

wind energy



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Wind energy Wind energy Presentation Transcript

  • Renewable Energy Technologies in Power Generation M.V.P.GANESH 3/4ECE 10511A0454 SARADA INSTITUE OF SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGENET
  • CONTENT Introduction Wind energy Pro’s Con’s
  • INTRODUCTION• Renewable energy: Energy that is derived from natural process that are replenished constantly• Some Aspects of Renewable Energy• it exists perpetually and in abundant in the environment• Ready to be harnessed, inexhaustible• it is clean alternative to fossil fuel
  • • Present Installed Capacity of Renewable Energy Sources in India Source: Ministry of New & Renewable Energy Sources (MNRE)
  • WIND ENERGY• Differential heating of the earth’s surface and atmosphere induces vertical and horizontal air currents that are affected by the earth’s rotation and contours of the land and generates WIND.• A wind turbine obtains its power input by converting the force of the wind into a torque (turning force) acting on the rotor blades.• The amount of energy which the wind transfers to the rotor depends on the density of the air, the Blade area, and the wind speed. P  Power ρ  Air Density (kg/m3) P = 0.5 X ρ X A X V3 A  Blade Area -turbine (m2) V  Wind velocity (m/s)
  • Major components of wind turbine
  • PROS…OF WIND ENERGY• Wind is free, and the power it generates has been harnessed for centuries• Generation and maintenance cost of turbines have decreased significantly in recent years• Wind power is well suited in rural areas• No water pollution• No wastes
  • CONS… OF WIND ENERGY• Transmission – How to get energy from point A to B• Technology – means storage and containments must be developed• Noise and view disruption becomes an issue with communities near wind farms• Endangered birds can be killed by flying too close to wind turbine
  • CONCLUSION• Wind energy is Eco-friendly renewable resource and it causes no Harm to Environment.• It is clean alternative to fossil fuel
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