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Greetings& introductions 1

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Greetings& Introductions for M.3

Greetings& Introductions for M.3

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  • 1. Greetings &Introductions Teacher: Phacharida
  • 2. Greeting People Formal Informal ResponsesHello Morning IF GOODGood morning Hi / Hey / Yo Great/nice/FantasticHow are you? Whats up? IF SO-SOHow do you do? How is it going? Not bad/so so/ How’re you doing? I can’t complain.How is everything? How are things? IF BAD Bad/Lousy/ Not good
  • 3. Example 1 : Informal (You can use it greet your friends or a familiar person.) • Bob : Hello, Joy. • Joy : Hi Bob. Nice to see you. How’re things? • Bob : So….so, thanks. • Joy : How was your birthdays? • Bob : It was very lovely, that’s a pity. You didn’t join us. • Joy : Sorry. I hope to join with us later. • Bob : Don’t worry. Bye, see you then. • Joy : Bye. Lucky you!
  • 4. Example 2 : formal (You can use it greetsomeone you do not know well or older then you. ) • Mr. Somsak: Good morning, Mr. Peter. • Mr. Peter.: Good morning, Mr. Somsak. How are you? • Mr. Somsak : Im very well, thank you. And how are you? • Mr. Peter.: Quite all right, thank you.
  • 5. Example 3 : formal (Meeting someone for thefirst time) • Tony : Hello, my name’s Tony. • Pattrick : Hi, Tony. I’m Pattrick. How do you do? • Tony : How do you do? *How do you do? = use a formal greeting when you meet somebody for the first time and the reply to this question is to repeat the phrase, How do you do?
  • 6. Introduction People Introducing yourself Introducing other peopleCan/ May I introduce myself? Can/May I introduce myMy name’s …. friend?Let me introduce myself. This is … .My name’s … . Have you met … ? I would like you to meet … Hello. My name is…..? I want you to meet …
  • 7. Additional sentences• How do you do? - How do you do?• Nice to meet you. - Nice to meet you, too.• Please, call me … . - Then you must call me …
  • 8. Practice• Make up a conversation about “Greetings” in pair.ExampleMike : Good morning, Mr.Barry.Barry : Good morning, Mike.Mike : How are you this morning?Barry : Very well, thank you.Mike : Did you have a nice week-end?Barry : Yes, thank you.