GWC14: An Coppens - Taking a fast train down memory lane


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Presentation of An Coppens' talk at Gamification World Congress 2014

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  • Who has ever asked for advice on what to do in a new travel destination?
    Have you ever shared advice based on your own travel experience?
  • Video invite from last year or add from this year
    Eurostar is set to launch a new TV campaign on Sunday 20 October showcasing the quirky, vibrant and humorous sides of Paris and London.
    Created by AMV BBDO and Arena, the ‘Maybe’ campaign features two separate adverts, one of which focuses on Paris, which will air in the UK, and one that focuses on London for the French and Belgian markets.
    “Paris and London are two of the most loved cities in the world, and through this campaign we want to remind people about the amazing experiences people can have when they travel to these vibrant cities,” Lionel Benbassat, director of marketing and brand at Eurostar, said. “Travel opens up a world of possibilities through meeting people, discovering places and sharing new experiences, and we hope that these adverts will inspire people to book their next trip and bring back amazing stories."
    From tomorrow, Eurostar will ask its passengers to share stories and pictures from Paris and London via its social media channels for the chance to feature within a re-edit of the adverts, which will appear towards the end of the year.
    30”, 60” and 90” versions of the Paris ‘Maybe’ advert will run from Sunday 20 October for six weeks across national TV and online media in the UK. The London version of the advert will launch on TV on the 21 October in Belgium and on the 23 October in French cinemas.
    Ian Pearman, CEO at AMV BBDO commented: “Eurostar as a brand is in a class of its own and deserves the best creative work. With this ‘Maybe’ campaign we are aiming to build an even stronger, more unified emotional connection between travellers and the brand. AMV BBDO are delighted to be part of this next chapter in the Eurostar story.”
  • Memories stronger emotional and psychological reaction
    Revisiting is re-kindling that emotion
    Explorers will like it because you can discover unknown places, socialisers can share their memories even wider, achievers can learn more about their destination and even philantropists will like it, because you can give advice to others free
  • The original advertisement, which has been viewed over 330 million times – including over 4 million views on social channels alone – since it launched in mid October, showcased the quirky, vibrant and humorous sides of Paris and London and the different experiences travellers can enjoy when they visit these cities.
    Both adverts closed with the line ‘stories are waiting’, and invited people to create their own stories and memories and share them via Eurostar’s social media channels for the chance to feature within the re-edit.
    To view the re-make of Eurostar’s Maybe advert, visit
    After receiving over 700,000 interactions on Twitter, Facebook and You Tube about the campaign, Eurostar was overwhelmed by over 1100 entries into its re-edit competition. After a difficult selection process, the re-edit features contributions from Eurostar passengers and top bloggers, with the winning stories unveiled for the first time when the advert airs online.
  • GWC14: An Coppens - Taking a fast train down memory lane

    1. 1. Taking a fast train down memory lane An Coppens Chief game changer – Gamification Nation
    2. 2. A few research findings Women make 92% of decision relating to leisure travel (slightly less in corporate) Photo sharing is a female dominated sport on Facebook, but on Instagram guys seem to be on par Recalling of location based memories reinforces the emotional connection with that place and memory
    3. 3. Business objective Create a stronger more emotional connection with the customer and the brand How Invitation to share memories on Facebook and Twitter Inspire others to travel to your favourite places in Paris or London Earn the opportunity to be in the remake of the ad
    4. 4. Eurostar Paris: https :// NCyQo6rVrOI London: https :// mYj_vTY
    5. 5. Stories are waiting Gamified aspects: Time limited quest (October – December) Customer engagement: social sharing – Paris your way Appealing to status – Earn a chance to feature in the next ad - 15 minutes of fame Social media driven: Twitter, Facebook & YouTube #wheninParis #wheninLondon
    6. 6. Numbers Original ad viewed over 330 million times (4million of these through social media channels) 700,000 interactions on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube about the campaign 1100 entries into the re-edit of the ad competition Winners only saw they won when the ad aired online for the first time feature=player_embedded&v=uxfjoU-LZOs
    7. 7. Results New advertising campaign with user generated content Website with crowd sourced travel information – some unusual tips Created a following of potential buyers Continued on with a monthly winner of free travel