GWC13 - Scott Schnaars - Badgeville - Fighting the Engagement Crisis

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  • 1. FIGHTING THE ENGAGEMENT CRISIS Where we are and where we’re going Scott Schnaars, GM EMEA, Badgeville @schnaars
  • 2. 14% @badgeville
  • 3. @badgeville
  • 4. WHY WE’RE ALL HERE Engagement apocalypse is real, and pervasive Social Media 1% Return to FB Fan Pages Websites & Communities 29% Login Rate Enterprise Social 12% Adoption Rate CRM 50% Failure Rate @badgeville
  • 5. GAMIFICATION IS THE CURE It enhances your most vital enterprise investments, helping you get the ROI you always wanted…
  • 6. It’s changing the way we interact with our customers…everywhere. @badgeville
  • 7. CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT Tied to the core business objectives of marketers
  • 8. ACQUIRE How can you attract new customers?
  • 9. RETAIN How can you keep customers engaged over time?
  • 10. CONVERT How do we maximize revenue through real-time engagement?
  • 11. It’s changing the way our employees get work done… @badgeville
  • 12. EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT Tied to the business objectives that matter for today’s enterprises
  • 13. OPTIMIZE Key business processes across the enterprise, such as managing leads, customer tasks, and opportunities… Example Real-time recognition for closing a deal or converting a lead… Key Goal Influence low performers to emulate high performers.
  • 14. COLLABORATE Reward employees who share knowledge across departments and boundaries Example Achievement for sharing valuable field knowledge
  • 15. LEARN Maximize employee performance by encouraging completion of key programs… Example Guide users through courses and training
  • 16. How can we sell gamification internally? @badgeville
  • 17. 1. AVOID THE G-WORD Avoid gamification in front of the wrong audiences… It’s about behavior management and business results
  • 18. EXAMPLE: EMC RAMP: Recognition, Awards and Motivation Program
  • 19. 2. IT’S ABOUT BEHAVIORS That we can motivate and influence to drive engagement $ Edit Wiki Open Support Ticket Approve Expenses Close a Deal Write Review File Support Ticket Log In Finish Certification Check in Document Close Support Ticket Open Opportunity Share Post Status Message Comment Update Record Check out Document Create Lead $ Submit Expense Report Reply to Discussion Convert Lead Begin Certification
  • 20. 3. IT’S MORE THAN POINTS, BADGES AND LEADERBOARDS Tapping into the human psyche make progress I want to…
  • 21. The 4-S’ - Make them feel… Socially Valued
  • 22. 4. IT’S ABOUT HARD BUSINESS VALUE Tie back to the ROI of the app in question… 200% More Reviews 20% Faster Ticket Response 63% of customers are more likely to purchase products after reading a review Resolving tickets on the same day reduces cost of services by 66% Sources: iPerceptions and UK Customer Satisfaction Index
  • 23. 5. IT’S AN ENTERPRISE INVESTMENT Gamification must delight end users, but satisfy requirements FULL SUITE OF ENGAGEMENT MECHANICS REQUIRED Game Mechanics ✔ Portable Reputation Mechanics ✔ Social Mechanics ✔ Social Rewards ✔ HARDENED SECURITY REQUIRED Private Cloud & Database ✔ Global Data Center ✔ Multi-tiered user access ✔ ENTERPRISE SCALE REQUIRED Enterprise Networks & Sites ✔ Advanced Metadata Support ✔ Private Customer Community ✔
  • 25. Thank you! Additional Reading Scott Schnaars Badgeville, GM EMEA Twitter: @schnaars +44 (0) 7720 762 254 @badgeville