GWC14: Robert Figueras - "Panzer Chocolate: Play the film!"
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GWC14: Robert Figueras - "Panzer Chocolate: Play the film!"



Presentation from Robert Figueras talk at Gamification World Congress 2014

Presentation from Robert Figueras talk at Gamification World Congress 2014



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GWC14: Robert Figueras - "Panzer Chocolate: Play the film!" GWC14: Robert Figueras - "Panzer Chocolate: Play the film!" Presentation Transcript

  • ‘Panzer Chocolate’ May 23, 2014
  • 2 •  Main: Horror, English, 90 minutes •  Gamification elements: Audience interacts before, during and after the screening •  More than a movie: An experience: Interactivity + Finale + Comic + Novel •  Transmedia: Different characters and situations that complement the movie •  Target audience: 16-40; Horror fans, technology geeks, gamers, comic readers… •  Festivals: Gijón International Film Festival (Premiere - Nov 2013), Nocturna, Huesca, Murcia… •  Sales Agent: Stealth Media Group. Deals under discussion: USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, Spain… •  Spanish Release: October 2014 ‘Panzer Chocolate’ - An Interactive and Transmedia feature film
  • 3 •  App Name: ‘Panzer Movie’ •  Operating Systems: iOS and Android •  For: Smartphones and tablets •  How?: The sound from the movie automatically triggers the interactivity. •  What?: Images, text files, videos, finale… •  Downloadable: Via WiFi, as well as 3G/4G networks (50MB) •  Works: Cinema, DVD, Blu-Ray, streaming and TV •  11 different languages: Spanish, French, German, English, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Japanese and Korean. •  Price: EUR 0,89 ‘Panzer Chocolate’ – Let’s have fun!
  • 4 ‘Panzer Chocolate’ – The real finale Finale •  Who?: For those who interact during the movie •  What?: A kind of choose-your-own-adventure game •  How?: A phone call. It’s a character from the movie asking for help. Now the story continues on the devices for 7 additional minutes. •  Genre: Horror •  Available: Included in the Panzer Movie App. Scalpel HammerSaw
  • 5 ‘Panzer Chocolate’ – The Comic Comic •  Pages: 22 •  When?: The story is set in 1945. •  Available: Included in the Panzer Movie App.
  • 6 ‘Panzer Chocolate’ – The Novel Novel •  How?: Written based on the original script of the movie. It includes some scenes that did not make the final cut, others that were not shot, and gives more background to some of the secondary characters. •  Contains: Five alternative endings, making the experience much more complete. •  Available: Kindle - Amazon, Paper - Bubok. •  Languages: Spanish & English (soon) •  Price: EUR 7,63
  • •  Several formats •  Participatory •  A story •  Content always different •  High depth •  Real time 7 •  TV and studios control the audience •  High production costs •  Passive audience •  Only a message •  Same content •  No depth •  Pre-defined Traditional •  Increasingly fragmented audiences •  New consumption models •  New social interaction models •  New technologies •  Lower production costs •  Globalization •  Low visibility, too much UGC •  Economic and Industry crisis •  Scarce funding •  Replicable, sustainable and profitable. Challenges Why a project like Panzer? Future Source: Academy of Arts and Technology
  • ‘Treasure Hunt’ 8 •  What?: Mobile series; 10 episodes; 3 minutes each •  Distribution: Initially Facebook real time; now via an App, for iOS and Android •  Genre: Psychological Horror. •  Release: 2014/15. Treasure Hunt
  • 9 ‘Treasure Hunt’ – 30 clues
  • Additional information 10PROMOC IÓ DISTRIBUC IÓ I T Contact details: © All rights reserved.