GWC2013 - Jaume Juan - Apesoft - Competing to Increase Sales


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GWC2013 - Jaume Juan - Apesoft - Competing to Increase Sales

  1. 1. Jaume Juan @jaumejuan
  2. 2. Jaume Juan @jaumejuan
  3. 3. Jaume Juan @jaumejuan
  4. 4. Sales field One answer is … … Enterprise Gamification Jaume Juan @jaumejuan
  5. 5. the untapped “competing” gen. Jaume Juan @jaumejuan
  6. 6. Jaume Juan @jaumejuan
  7. 7. Jaume Juan @jaumejuan
  8. 8. Jaume Juan @jaumejuan
  9. 9. Jaume Juan @jaumejuan
  10. 10. Jaume Juan @jaumejuan
  11. 11. experience Plan-B 2 tickets for a great Music Festival iPad Mini Jaume Juan @jaumejuan
  12. 12. Formula 1 Synchro Far West Realities Misses & Tops Pirates Sailing Ninjas Jaume Juan @jaumejuan
  13. 13. Obj: 3.000.000 Real Falta 2.156.921 843.079 # (Premio Directo) 245.122 237.921 232.279 22 CLÍNICA 15 24 MORATALAZ 24 DENIA 110.114 109.821 105.100 … Jaume Juan Obj: 70,00% Real Falta Valor 1 LEGANES 2 ALCALÁ 1 3 CLÍNICA 30 Reto Activo COLECTIVO Vender 3M€ acum en Q1 Jugador EQUIPO: CENTRO 53,37% 16,63% # Reto Activo EQUIPOS Alcanzar distribución 70% Mega-Active en Mayo-Sep (Premio Directo) Jugador Valor 1 A. Rodaballo 2 M. Martínez 3 C. Escobar 75,23% 72,15% 68,12% 6 J. Pérez 7 S. Mañana 8 D. Torres 59,45% 53,20% 47,78% … @jaumejuan
  14. 14. 5 Customer Stories Beauty Car Rental Jaume Juan Hotels Industry Dental Franchise @jaumejuan
  15. 15. Beauty An well known cosmetics manufacturer with a renowned brand. His team of 139 business developers located in 80 centers of El Corte Ingles compete for "Miss Excellence". They should be good at some indicators such as sales, product sales or CRM contacts. Game Details Players Theme % Sales vs Target, % Product Serum Growth, % Product Lifting Growth, CRM new contacts/ Units sold Challenges Top 20 adelgazante sales, Top 30 Multiactive Sales, top 10 make-up Sales Awards Miss Excellence KPIs Jaume Juan 139 business developers Based on pseudo-cash @jaumejuan
  16. 16. Hotels A Hotel Group with presence in more tan 20 countries. Every Hotel Manager is a famous pirate. They compete to enhance customer satisfaction, inhouse sales and customer costs Game Details Players 30 Theme Pirates KPIs % Trip Advisor index, % In-house sales vs target, COC Challenges Top 10 upgrade sales, top 20 Spa sales, top 30 local experiences sales Awards Based on experience packs, tickets for exclusive Shows, and uncommon Trips. Jaume Juan @jaumejuan
  17. 17. Car rentals The world leader in car rentals gamify its Corporate Sales Team. Players are formula 1 drivers competing to outperform in sales KPIs and to decrease Days in Sales Outstanding (DSO) Game Details Players 20 Sales Reps Theme Fórmula 1 KPIs % Sales vs Target, % Revenue per Day vs Target, % new Customer Acquisition vs Target, DSO Challenges Top 7 Medium Term Rentals, Top 5 Van Rentals Awards Based on experience Packs, Trips and electronics Jaume Juan @jaumejuan
  18. 18. Industry Game Details Industry leader in automation, robotics and power technologies, makes compete their financial controllers to decrease the Net Operating Working Capital (NOWC). Players 67 Business Unit Financial Controllers Theme No theme KPIs DSO, % Inventory Reduction, DIH, % NOWC 67 business units with their Financial Controllers in 15 EMEA countries compete to enhance some KPIs related to NOWC, such as DSO, DIH and better inventory management. Challenges Enhance Ageing, Overdues, Cash on Hand Awards Electronics: pocket HD, ebook readers, Tablets, … Jaume Juan @jaumejuan
  19. 19. Dental Franchise One of the leaders in dental franchises in Spain with almost 60 centers competing to enhance sales KPIs. Each center has two players that compete together as a team against other centers: the Manager and the Receptionist. Each Center is a musical band competing in a Ficticious Reality game called “The Music”. The first Stage is related to Castings, the second will be the Game Show Game Details Players 120 players in 60 centers: Managers and receptionists Theme Reality – Musical Game Show KPIs % Sales vs Target, % High Margin Products vs Target, % Execution Challenges Increase average Price per customer Decrease operational costs Promote specific financing options Awards Experience Packs and Electronics Jaume Juan @jaumejuan
  20. 20. Jaume Juan @jaumejuan