Gamiel's Diversity Work


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Case Studies of Gamiel\'s Work

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Gamiel's Diversity Work

  1. 1. REACH OUT Turning your diversity strategy into deliverable and consistent practice
  2. 2. DIVERSITY DIVERSITY: HELPING YOU PUT POLICY INTO PRACTICE When it comes to diversity, many organisations talk The Diversity Team at Barkers, headed by the a good game, seemingly content that they’ve sat hugely respected practitioner Gamiel Yafai, is down and developed a policy. helping numerous clients find informed and But a policy is only a statement of intent, not inspired answers to these crucial questions. a plan of action. The key to achieving true equity This booklet provides a snapshot of what is turning policy into deliverable and consistent we’re doing, and what we could be doing for you. practice. What are the most efficient and cost- From a simple half-day training workshop to effective ways of connecting with hard-to-reach a full-scale deep research programme over many communities? Does everyone in your months, our team is working with clients in all organisation really understand the importance kinds of ways to improve their diversity of diversity and its impact on your business? processes, practices and policies. How do you embed diversity strategies into Here are just a few brief examples. every aspect of your processes and practices?
  3. 3. DIVERSITY case study “It made me “Inspirational, “Just a note to BIRMINGHAM CITY COUNCIL think about how because it shows say a big thank I approach what can be you for last individual achieved in Monday. children within the context of It was brilliant. the class setting, ‘failing’ pupils” Reading the and much more evaluations, aware of valuing there was individuality” nothing but praise for your part of the day” A LESSON FOR TEACHERS The City Council of multicultural Birmingham The issues and challenges surrounding learning needed to be sure that Supply Teachers coming in a multicultural classroom were fully explored. into its schools were fully aware of diversity issues Delegates discussed their own experiences in the classroom. Barkers’ Diversity Team was and examined ways of integrating diversity called in to help. good practice into the learning experience. We designed and delivered a bespoke The training workshops were an unqualified workshop at Birmingham University for 40 success, as the comments from the client and teachers. delegates confirm.
  4. 4. DIVERSITY case study BRITISH TRANSPORT POLICE BUILDING TRUST, BREAKING DOWN BARRIERS British Transport Police needs a workforce that We established databases of ethnic minority reflects the diversity of the communities it serves. organisations that could play a key role in Building trust with different communities is a huge disseminating information to targeted groups. challenge with no quick fix, especially in such a These included Asian women’s projects, black diverse city as London. Our approach has been employment support organisations, African to develop links incrementally over a sustained Caribbean community centres, self help groups, period to build long-term affinity. mosques, temples and Chinese and Indian Extensive research gave us the tools to create community centres. a highly targeted campaign that challenged the The programme has unquestionably broken mindset of those who had never considered down barriers between BTP and minority being a police officer. groups. Applications from all sections of the The strategy included a diary of cultural community are up, and increasing. events to foster relationships with specific What’s more, BTP reached its targets for the communities. recruitment of women and black minority ethnic The media mix was as inventive as it was police officers for the first time in 2005/2006. effective, from posters in mosques and leaflets at female-focused yoga exhibitions to cinema advertising with Bollywood films and niche advertising online.
  5. 5. DIVERSITY case study HM PRISON SERVICE REMOVING THE BARS TO THE PRISON SERVICE It often takes more than an advertising campaign We consulted with organisations such as local to redress an ethnic imbalance in a workforce. Race Equality Councils and BME employment Such was the case with HM Prison Service’s advisers to pinpoint appropriate venues. Then Eastern Region, which wanted its Prison Officers we organised and publicised 20 recruitment to reflect the diversity of its prison population. events over a two week period. These were We knew advertising would not overcome extremely well attended and hugely successful negative perceptions surrounding the Prison on two fronts. Service among ethnic and socially excluded Firstly, the Prison Service was seen to minorities. Instead we devised a strategy that be credible in its commitment to diversity; would allow individuals to learn more about awareness of the opportunities (and realities becoming a Prison Officer from people already of the role) was raised. Secondly, BME working in these challenging roles and in a employment advisers and other key influencers neutral, non-threatening setting. saw the Service’s employer brand in a new light.
  6. 6. DIVERSITY case study THE LEARNING AND SKILLS COUNCIL A LEARNING CURVE FOR THE LSC The Learning and Skills Council (LSC) provides a Collectively these explored awareness levels wide range of services to an ethnically diverse and perceptions of LSC as a potential employer; customer community. So it made every effort to the pros and cons of working for LSC; what ensure its own workforce reflected this diversity. people look for in an employer; and what the Nevertheless it was still failing to attract BME LSC could do to attract more BME applicants. recruits and needed to understand why. Barkers’ The consultation equipped the LSC with a Diversity Team was engaged to research wealth of information which is now being fed motivators and perceptions amongst existing into strategies for better targeting of BME staff and other BME individuals. communities and higher retention of existing We designed a research programme BME employees. involving no less than 26 focus groups. Barkers has also designed an outreach recruitment communications campaign channelled through ethnic minority organisations. Now, LSC is strongly positioned as an employer of choice for BME people.
  7. 7. DIVERSITY case study SWINDON BOROUGH COUNCIL PINPOINT TARGETING FOR A PRIORITY APPOINTMENT Wanted by Swindon Borough Council: an We agreed with The Guardian, but disagreed Equality & Diversity Specialist to ensure BME with the other media whose circulations were and disability groups have full access to all very London-centric. Instead, we recommended Council services. a Guardian ad supported Must have: empathy with people from wide by a campaign of direct contact with 1,000 range of backgrounds. BME and diversity organisations along the M4 Rightly, the Council was keen to advertise this corridor, plus an e-mailshot to 150 diversity position widely to BME and disability audiences practitioners. in the local area. Wrongly, it requested Barkers Result: 40 requests for application packs, to place ads in The Guardian, The Eastern Eye 13 completed forms and a successful and The Voice. appointment, aided by Barkers’ candidate assessment to ensure appropriate skills, experience and personality fit.
  8. 8. DIVERSITY case study SWINDON BOROUGH COUNCIL BEYOND COMPLIANCE AND INTO THE CULTURE Swindon Borough Council isn’t content just to At the time of writing this work-in-progress comply with equality legislation. It wants inclusivity programme has several months to run before and diversity embedded into its culture and final conclusions and recommendations can be flagged as a core element of its employer brand. made on future communications strategies. It wants to be seen as a leader, not a follower, But, in the meantime, Barkers is spreading in diversity. positive messages about the Council’s inclusive Barkers is partnering the Council on several philosophy through the very conspicuous medium projects to inform key strategies, involving of recruitment advertising. Diversity is now a bespoke research, focus groups and reality. The perceptions are fast catching up. collaborative working. Project teams are exploring employee cultures, attributes and motivations, as well as perceptions from outside.
  9. 9. DIVERSITY case study SIEMENS One delegate was unequivocal: “The best module I’ve ever attended” DIVERSITY FROM A BUSINESS PERSPECTIVE The HR team at technology giant Siemens This covered a broad range of issues, including saw the need for business managers to fully the implications of the UK’s changing understand the business case for a diverse demographic and its impact on workforce workforce. Barkers’ Diversity Team designed planning. Managers gained a better grasp a half-day workshop at Warwick University. of race relations legislation, deeper understanding of the issues and solutions around diversity and tools to help them tackle recruitment challenges.Feedback forms rated the sessions 9/10 or 10/10.
  10. 10. DIVERSITY GAMIEL YAFAI HEAD OF DIVERSITY PRACTICE Gamiel Yafai joined Barkers in January 2006, Gamiel helped develop the educational bringing with him extensive experience and CD-ROM ‘The Race for Talent’ for SOCPO (now expertise in diversity and equality. His pedigree in the PPMA) and worked with the Department of attracting and encouraging people from hard to Health to compile the diversity good practice reach communities into public sector organisations reference guide now used across the NHS. He is unrivalled. His track record in improving also sits on the Diversity Taskforce for Scotland. community cohesion is second to none. A qualified teacher and NVQ Assessor, Gamiel has a strong partnership with the Gamiel utilises his vast experience to champion Commission for Racial Equality and other key the benefits of diversity and equality at seminars bodies. These links help us to keep our clients up and conferences across the country. Under his to speed on changes to their equalities duties and inspirational leadership, our team is ready to the implications for their recruitment processes. bring those benefits to your organisation.
  11. 11. DIVERSITY ATTRACTION: RESEARCH, STRATEGY, BRANDING, ADVERTISING & COMMUNICATIONS RECRUITMENT: RESPONSE HANDLING, CANDIDATE MANAGEMENT, ASSESSMENT RETENTION: ONBOARDING, ENGAGEMENT, COMMUNICATION, DEVELOPMENT Birmingham Glasgow Manchester Barkers Barkers Barkers 1st Floor 234 West George Street Grove Chambers Berwick House Glasgow G2 4QY 36 Green Lane 35 Livery Street Wilmslow Telephone: 0141 248 5030 Birmingham B3 2BP Cheshire SK9 1LD Email: Telephone: 0121 212 4888 Telephone: 0845 456 3208 Email: Email: Leeds Barkers Bristol Regent House Nottingham Barkers 5 Queen Street Barkers 37 Queen Square Leeds LS1 2TW Suite 3, Heathcote Buildings Bristol BS1 4QS Heathcote Street Telephone: 0113 243 1243 Nottingham NG1 3AA Telephone: 0117 917 1600 Email: Email: Telephone: 0845 300 544 Email: London Edinburgh Barkers 30 Farringdon Street Slough Barkers London EC4A 4EA Barkers 18 Rutland Square 1st Floor, Wellington House Edinburgh EH1 2BH Telephone: 020 7634 1200 Queensmere Email: Telephone: 0131 229 7493 Slough SL1 1DB Email: Telephone: 01753 608100 Email: