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Why Fun, Playing, and Gamification is the future for Learning

Why Fun, Playing, and Gamification is the future for Learning



Admit it, Learning sucks. But no one ever says that about playing. Gamification can be that enabler of fun, playing, and motivation for learning. E-learning can be successful all over again.

Admit it, Learning sucks. But no one ever says that about playing. Gamification can be that enabler of fun, playing, and motivation for learning. E-learning can be successful all over again.



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    Why Fun, Playing, and Gamification is the future for Learning Why Fun, Playing, and Gamification is the future for Learning Presentation Transcript

    • @keizng about.me/keizng keith@gametize.com Why Fun, Play, and Gamification is the future for Learning
    • Co-founder and Hustle Ninja of Gametize World’s Simplest Gamification Platform (Gametize.com) Achievements and Badges Reformed Compulsive Gamer, International Speaker, Angels Gate Winner, Nominated Top Gamification Influencer about.me/keizng @keizng
    • @keizng
    • Corporate Training: $200bn Corporate E-Learning: $26bn % Fortune 500 with E-learning: 41.7% Asian E-Learning market: $11.5bn by ‘16 Mobile Education Products in ‘12: $4.4bn (Elearning! Magazine – May 2013) The scale of E-learning, and now M-learning And many more awesome mLearning stats.. http://fluency21.com/blog/2013/04/09/20-eye-opening-stats-you-probably-didnt-know-about-mobile-learning/ @keizng
    • E-Learning Completion: 30-40% MOOC Dropout Rate (estimated): ~90% “People don’t have time to learn, don’t know where to learn, and don’t want to learn” - Frustrated Client But Digital Learning needs help @keizng
    • “We have met the enemy, and he is Powerpoint” http://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/27/world/27powerpoint.html?_r=3
    • Learning. We know what it feels like. @keizng
    • Wow. This is what it should feel like
    • Let’s get Science to help us get to “Wow” @keizng
    • With the help of this wonder “drug” Dopamine
    • Faces of people playing games @keizng
    • Gf (Fluid Intelligence) You can be smarter by playing games too Search for “Keynote Gabe Zichermann at TNW2012” or http://bit.ly/gabetnw Search for “Andrea Kuszewski increase your intelligence” or http://bit.ly/andreakus @keizng
    • Gf In fact, it is the only industry that mastered user experience
    • What is the average age of a gamer? @keizng
    • Professor Stuart Brown believes playing makes successful and creative individuals, and is a biological necessity http://www.amazon.com/Play-Shapes-Brain-Imagination-Invigorates/dp/1583333789 @keizng
    • Causation Vs Correlation @keizng
    • gamification = Use of game design and game psychology in non-game settings to engage the target audience and motivate for target behaviors. It is a process, or a strategy, but not an end point. @keizng
    • •  points and badges •  advertgaming •  edugaming •  serious gaming •  social gaming •  Farmville •  Candy Crush gamification = @keizng
    • gamification = going beyond an intellectual understanding to forge an emotional connection. @keizng
    • happy meaningful @keizng
    • action motivation feedback @keizng
    • 7 Key Tips to make learning work with Gamification Based on a white-paper by Gametize (See blog.gametize.com) @keizng
    • 1.  Gamification is not about creating Games It is a process, and should not change your pedagogy fundamentally. Don’t distract your learners from the true goal. @keizng
    • 2. Give real, timely feedback so they know where they are, and where they will be at And let them know it s OK to fail in a learning experience In fact, make it fun to fail!
    • 3. Allow learners to explore freely, empower them to make choices .. and give them control over their journey @keizng
    • 4. Capitalize on social dynamics @keizng
    • ... And encourage competition too
    • 5. User Experience Trumps Everything Tailor and custom it for the target audience @keizng
    • 6. Focus on your content and design not the technology @keizng
    • 7. Repetition. Reframe the tasks, make it fun @keizng
    • Gametize s 5D Framework @keizng
    • Get your hands dirty! Identify a common problem.
    • Get your hands dirty! Determine your goal: What is the outcome you want to achieve out of gamification?
    • Get your hands dirty! What are your target behaviours?
    • Bartle’s Player Types
    • Get your hands dirty! Profile your target players: Make a list of characteristics of your target group.
    • Design Strategy G! A! M! E! T! I! S! E! Generous & Clear rewards" Appealing & Fresh Content" Maintainable & Manageable! Easy & Emotional Experience" Togetherness" Intrinsic motivations" Social behaviors" Engagement" KEY ELEMENTS! KEY GOALS!
    • Case Study: Standard Chartered Bank @keizng
    • @keizng
    • LEARN! COLLECT! COMPETE! Gain knowledge and experience through challenges" Collect points and badges to level up" Pit your score against other countries and global peers" @keizng
    • THE GAMIFIED LEARNING EXPERIENCE! Scaffolded Challenges! Competitive Spirit! Instantaneous Feedback! Earning Rewards! @keizng
    • Analytics" Create" Content" Organize"1" 2" 3"4" Backend
    • Case Study: GameLead (A pilot with Singapore Management University) @keizng
    • Empowerment and Rewards •  Gamified app was designed by four teaching assistants who were previously students of the same course and still currently studying. Amazing impacts. •  Not mandatory to participate (no impact of grades, except class participation) •  The top groups will be rewarded with options of when to present (generous!) •  They can affect the score of others, through voting Integration •  Class participation is weaved into the product, encouraging activities into other quests. •  A teaching assistant who is actively involved in the promotion of the app – increasing visibility and top of mind recall Visuals: Videos and Photos •  Students enjoyed the videos, and answering quizzes or summarizing •  They also enjoyed offline activities such as photo challenges What worked? @keizng
    • !  We did not introduce a control group, reducing credibility in results !  Too much photo challenges with unclear ‘meanings’ to students !  Mobile adoption was lower than expected. Students prefer answering through desktop/web !  Lack of word and character limits, resulting in non-succinct answers !  Fatalist Effect: Students give up when they can’t catch up !  Player types differ group to group; difficult to predict !  Still perceived as homework, and unclear of impact on grades What did not work? @keizng
    • Verdict: Successful implementation with room for improvement!
    • gamification is not magic. it is a strategy, which like many others, must be well- designed and planned. there are no rules to fun.
    • otherwise it will backfire"
    • Real Intrinsic motivators
    • Don’t overgive rewards
    • Make real fun, and keep them fresh
    • credits to @eliaveris" Insites Consulting!
    • “Hang on, will Gamification trivialise Learning?”
    • “Hang on, will Gamification trivialise Learning?” What is the real value of seriousness? Do we really learn best and perform optimally under formal situations?
    • create stories create emotions
    • This deck is based on our whitepaper titled “Gamification for Corporate Learning”. http://gametize.com/game/secretlibrary
    • “The opposite of play is not work. It is depression” - Dr Stuart Brown
    • Get your hands dirty! Design your game.
    • Create games where your players can: Upload a photo Write a comment Answer a quiz Make a prediction Scan a QR code Fill in the blank Enter a secret passcode Watch a video
    • Gametize Learning keith@gametize.com | @keizng