Emotional loyalty with Gamification and Game Psychology


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(Keith, CEO of Gametize, delivered this presentation in Mumbai, Loyalty Summit 2014).

A quick look at today's 'loyalty' programs and implementations show that most businesses believe loyalty is based on transactions and purchases - a poor measurement because authentic loyalty is also based on emotions and advocacy, either through word of mouth or social media. Loyalty is a BIG word, much like love, cheating, and trust. Emotional loyalty, as some call this, is effectively leveraged by brands such as Starbucks, Singapore Airlines, Apple. It, however, is difficult to implement and execute.

Gamification can be a significant strategy to enable brands to create emotional loyalty and love. It is the concept of using game psychology and concepts to motivate behaviors, loyalty, and building communities. McDonald's, Samsung & American Express are among some brands which artfully gamify their campaigns for marketing purposes, while e-commerce sites like G-Market continue to engage their consumer beyond transactions.

Gamification specialists like Gametize spend considerable time and resources stealing these "trade secrets" from the best games that can be applied in the real world to replicate the same love, stickiness, and loyalty. Keith will share his experience and research on engaging your consumers in the conversion FUNnel through case studies, as well as some common #epicfail mistakes.

Emotional loyalty with Gamification and Game Psychology

  1. 1. Gamification For Consumer Engagement & become a gamification designer in 90 mins keith@gametize.com | @keizng slideshare.net/gametize @keizng
  2. 2. about.me/keizng @keizng Co-founder and Hustle Ninja of Gametize • World’s Simplest Gamification Platform (Gametize.com) Achievements and Badges • Reformed Compulsive Gamer • Trained in Software Engineering, Business (Finance) • Almost zero game design training (self taught) • International Speaker, Survived Angels Gate • Nominated Top Gamification Innovator/Influencer globally
  3. 3. @keizng
  4. 4. Why engage your customers? Engaging them to spend immediately Engaging them to spend in future Engaging them to engage others to spend @keizng
  5. 5. promotional emotional transactional @keizng What kind of loyalty do you want?
  6. 6. emotional @keizng Does loyalty today looks anything like this?
  7. 7. @keizng Are your consumers engaged enough by you?
  8. 8. Maybe your consumers look like this @keizng
  9. 9. Wow. This is what it should feel like
  10. 10. @keizng Let’s get Science to help us get to “Wow”
  11. 11. @keizng
  12. 12. @keizng
  13. 13. Gf (Fluid Intelligence) @keizng You can be smarter by playing games too Search for “Keynote Gabe Zichermann at TNW2012” or http://bit.ly/gabetnw Search for “Andrea Kuszewski increase your intelligence” or http://bit.ly/andreakus
  14. 14. @keizng What motivates us?
  15. 15. What motivates us? Flow Theory, By Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
  16. 16. @keizng What motivates us? Flow Theory, By Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi • One must be involved in an activity with a clear set of goals and progress. This adds direction and structure to the task.! ! • The task at hand must have clear and immediate feedback. This helps the person negotiate any changing demands and allows them to adjust their performance to maintain the flow state.! • One must have a good balance between the perceived challenges of the task at hand and their own perceived skills. One must have confidence in one's ability to complete the task at hand.!
  17. 17. Gf In fact, it is the only industry that mastered user experience
  18. 18. What is the average age of a gamer? @keizng
  19. 19. @keizng What exactly makes a game fun?
  20. 20. 1. Hard fun" Challenge" Strategy" Problem Solving" Frustration" Sense of Achievement" @keizng
  21. 21. Interesting content" 2. Easy fun" Collecting Items" Points and level-ups" Amazement" Happiness" @keizng
  22. 22. 3. Altered States" Exploration" Escape from thoughts & feelings" Surprises" Discovery" Excitement" @keizng
  23. 23. 4. The People Factor" Competition" Teamwork" Social Bonding" Personal Recognition" Sense of Achievement" @keizng
  24. 24. A world of its own: China @keizng Over 100 million gamers in China that can be engaged through gamification China will account for half of the world’s online and mobile game market by 2014 *Source: Emre Tunchilek, December 9, 2012, “The Great Wall of Gamification: Rapid Emergence of a Viral Concept in China”
  25. 25. India Timeshare between mobile apps Games: 16%, Social Networking: 48% App Downloads (free and paid) Games: 60-65%, Social Networking: 5-6% *Source: http://www.avendus.com/Files/Fund%20Performance%20PDF/ Avendus_Report-India's_Mobile_Internet-2013.pdf @keizng
  26. 26. gamification = ! points and badges ! advertgaming ! edugaming ! serious gaming ! social gaming ! Farmville ! Candy Crush ! NOT A GAME DAMMIT @keizng
  27. 27. @keizng gamification = Use of game design and game psychology in non-game settings to engage the target audience and motivate for target behaviors. It is a process, but not an end point. Also a rapidly growing market, projected by Gartner at $2Bn
  28. 28. @kkeeiizznngg gamification = A process to engage and motivate your consumers into behaviors that directly or indirectly increase sales. It does not need to be transactional.
  29. 29. gamification @keizng = happification
  30. 30. action motivation feedback @keizng
  31. 31. Gametize My Shop, Bitch @keizng bit.ly/loyaltygame
  32. 32. G-Market (Ebay of Korea), Qoo10.sg
  33. 33. Diablo 3 Launch in Singapore @keizng bit.ly/loyaltygame
  34. 34. Diablo 3 Launch in Singapore @keizng bit.ly/loyaltygame
  35. 35. BBVA Game @keizng bit.ly/loyaltygame
  36. 36. @keizng
  37. 37. American Airlines Rewards, achievement, level-ups (elite status) Nike Plus Achievement, level-ups, competition Linked In Level-ups (progress bar) Hilton Honor Points Share, Tweet for More Points
  38. 38. SoShiok: Gamified Food App @keizng bit.ly/loyaltygame
  39. 39. @keizng bit.ly/loyaltygame
  40. 40. Gametize’s 5D Kickoff Framework @keizng
  41. 41. Get your hands dirty! Identify a problem you want to solve. “Nobody is buying my hammers, because nobody trust them”
  42. 42. Get your hands dirty! Determine your goal: What is the outcome you want to achieve out of gamification? “I want more people to trust my hammers and increase sales by 10 every month”
  43. 43. Get your hands dirty! What are your target behaviours? “I want the customers to review my hammers, whether good or bad”
  44. 44. Bartle’s Player Types @keizng bit.ly/loyaltygame
  45. 45. Get your hands dirty! Profile your target players: Make a list of characteristics of your target group. Clue: Create a persona and tell us a story Kylie is 21, wild, smart, loves watching CSI, hates losing…
  46. 46. G! A! M! E! T! I! S! E! Methodology @keizng Gametize’s Basic Design Strategy Generous, Visible Rewards (clear path to incentives)" Appealing, Fresh Content (create stickiness)" Maintainability (easy, powerful dashboard to manage) ! Easy, Emotional Experience (make them love it, but hard to master too)" Togetherness (create a community)" Intrinsic motivations (understand non-reward benefits)" Social behaviors (create conversations, sharing)" Engagement (create love, loyalty, trust)" KEY ELEMENTS! KEY GOALS!
  47. 47. Create" Analytics" 1" Organize" 2" 4" Content" 3" Backend
  48. 48. gamification is not magic. it is a strategy, which like many others, must be well-designed and planned. there are no rules to fun. @keizng
  49. 49. @keizng otherwise it will backfire"
  50. 50. Real Intrinsic motivators
  51. 51. Don’t overgive rewards
  52. 52. Make real fun, and keep them fresh
  53. 53. credits to @eliaveris"
  54. 54. create emotions even better, stories
  55. 55. @keizng Why Gamification Matters ! On a similar trajectory as social media ! More knowledge and resources will be available ! Courses offered in Coursera, NUS, Ngee Ann ! It is Loyalty on Steroids. Steroids can’t be small ! Certain research shows low dopamine = low rewards appetite, high dopamine can makes us impulsive http://www.livescience.com/6645-brain-chemical-impulsive. html
  56. 56. @keizng What motivates us?
  57. 57. Intrinsic Motivation Network, by Gametize
  58. 58. Get your hands dirty! Design your game and story Upload a photo Refer a friend Answer a quiz Make a prediction Scan a QR code Fill in the blank Enter a secret passcode Review a product
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