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Mobile Marketing & Customer Retention

Mobile Marketing & Customer Retention



Slides use at #MPB2B, MarketingProfs B2B Forum, in Boston on October 10, 2013.

Slides use at #MPB2B, MarketingProfs B2B Forum, in Boston on October 10, 2013.



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    Mobile Marketing & Customer Retention Mobile Marketing & Customer Retention Presentation Transcript

    • Mobile  Marke+ng  &   Customer  Reten+on:   Never  Miss  the  Moment     of  Opportunity   @TheTimHayden   October  10,  2013   Marke+ngProfs  B2B  Forum  -­‐  Boston    
    • “By the time a B2B purchaser actually engages with a company or with a sales rep from that company, they’re 57% of the way through their decision process.”! - Mike Miller, Director of Business/Industrial Markets, Google !
    • 60%   Americans  12+     on  smartphones   SOURCES:  Nielsen,  comScore,  Pew,  others.          
    • >70%   mobile  phone  at  arm’s  length,     24  hours/day   SOURCES:  Edison  Research          
    • Print     Voice   SMS   Direct   Mail   MMS   WWW   Outdoor   Digital   Outdoor   Media   Email   Digital   Indoor   Media   Your   Brand   Ad   Networks   Social   Media   Apps   Television/ Bluetooth   Console   GPS   Transit   POS   Wallet   Radio   Auto   Near-­‐ Field   Comms  
    • Social  is  Mobile   70%   35%   80%   45%   30%   100%   30%   35%   100%   SOURCES:  ere.net,  Mashable.com,  TechCrunch.com,  comScore,  Pew,  others.          
    • Facebook   •  VISUAL  STORYTELLING  (paid!)   – High  quality  images…go  further   • AVOID  LARGE  FILE  SIZE  (data  concerns   and  connecOon  speeds…)   – Right-­‐size  your  images,  rectangles  not   squares  
    • Links  to  Websites/Blogs   •  Only  post  links  that  are  mobile-­‐friendly  –  you   may  lose  half  of  your  social  audience  over   Ome,  if  you  do  not.   •  Link  directly  to  the  acOon  that  a  social  post   implies,  as  you  will  lose  mobile  users  over   mulOple  clicks!  
    • Facebook  –  Tab  Apps   Tablet   “sniff”/detect   links   budons   Phone   •  •  •  •  •  •  Polls   Sweeps   Subs   Coupons   Video   App   Download   Emulate  tab  apps  in  posts  using  a  “click  sniffer,”  then  diverOng  to   an  appropriate  responsive  site  (cookies/Facebook  connect  telling   you  “who”  to  make  things  more  relevant  and  personalized).      
    • Facebook  Local  Search   Loca+on  pages   Local  Pages  
    • Twider   PosOng/ReposOng  aligned  with  audience  behavior  
    • Customer  Service   •  On  the  spot:  LocaOon-­‐based  listening  &  acOon.   •  Real-­‐+me:  All  social  –  align  escalaOon  and   “engagement”  protocols,  online-­‐to-­‐offline,   offline-­‐to-­‐online.   •  Face  to  Face:  Consider  Skype  or  FaceTime  for   resolving  customer  issues.  
    • Don’t  forget,  it’s  s+ll  a  phone!   Clickable  phone  #  or  this   on  each  page  of  site/app.  
    • YouTube   •  In-­‐video  text  size  must  be  sufficient  for   smaller  screens.   •  Keep  it  short,  to-­‐the-­‐point…   •  Remove  background  noises  in  your  audio   (mobile  viewing/audio  is  compromised).   •  Close-­‐ups  for  clarity.   •  Place  URLs  to  related  videos/sites  within  the   video  descripOon…aids  in  navigaOon.  
    • YouTube   Drive  acOon  (website  visits,  app  downloads,  online   purchase)  through  video  and  the  video  descripOon:   •  DramaOcally  increase   clickthroughs  by  moving   the  URLs  closer  to  the   beginning  of  your   descripOon.   •  Make  in-­‐video  URLs  as   LARGE  as  possible  to  be   seen  on  handheld  mobile   devices.  
    • Mobile  is  BUSY   the  Mobile  Hour   the  Desktop  Hour   email   email   web   web   social   social   text   other   app   call  
    • Offline  is  the  New  Online   Consider  airport,  transit  and  other  outdoor  adver+sing   with  mobile  calls-­‐to-­‐ac+on  
    • Offline  is  the  New  Online   •  Direct  mail   •  Compelling  call-­‐to-­‐acOon   •  Personalized  URLs   •  QR  Codes   •  Tradeshows   •  Mobile  surveys/polls  for   email  capture    
    • Mobile  Email  
    • Mobile  Email   •  Make  subject  lines  are  clear  calls  to  acOon  or   clear  on  value  found  if  the  email  is  opened.   •  Use  preview  text  that  is  legible.   •  Keep  the  body  of  the  email  short,  avoiding   large  images  and  mulOple  paragraphs  of   text.   •  Be  acOonable  when  issuing  coupons  and   discounts,  ensure  that  you  are  providing  a   one-­‐click  path  from  inbox  to  browser  or  app.   •  Don’t  forget,  email  can  have  a  long  shelf-­‐life!  
    • Mobile  Messaging     •  Text  Messaging  (SMS)   –  Reminders  for  orders,  subscrip+ons…   –  Customer  service,  surveys  and  polls.   •  Rich  Media  Messaging  (MMS)   –  Inbound  images  (photos)  to  fulfill  orders,  consult  on   issues.   –  Outbound  to  deliver  video,  coupons  and  other   content.  
    • •  You  have  a   “desktop”  and  a   “mobile”   website.   Responsive   •  A  website  that   conforms  to  the   device  on  which   it  is  viewed.     Mobile   Adap+ve   Mobile   Mobile   Your  Website   Reac+ve   •  Responsive,   with  content   that  is   personalized   and  relevant   based  on   locaOon,  Ome,   day  and  user   details.  
    • Your  Website  
    • Mobile  Search   •  ARE  YOU  MOBILE  FRIENDLY?   •  ARE  YOU  NEARBY?   •  DO  YOU  HAVE  VIDEO?   •  ARE  YOU  POPULAR?  
    • Mobile  Commerce  
    • Mobile  Commerce!   •  2014  is  the  year  of  mobile  commerce.   •  Facebook  “payment  API”  and  iniOal  mobile   payment  partners  PayPal,  Braintree  and  Stripe.   •  Powa  launches  in  US  –  both  a  mobile  commerce   (anywhere)  and  mobile  POS  soluOon.   •  ISIS  goes  naOonwide  in  January.  
    • Thinking  “Mobile  First”   •  •  •  •  Integra+on   Behavior,  before  technology   Convenience  and  brevity   Content   – Ac+onable   – Visual   – Video,  sparingly   – Local    
    • Keep  it   Simple!  
    • Q&A   Thank  you,  Marke+ngProfs!   Text  “Tim”  to  44040     Tim  Hayden   @TheTimHayden   Pre-­‐order   today!