Mobile Monday 07/2013: Beyond the banner on mobile

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Bài chia sẻ của anh Nguyễn Quang Duy đến từ Vserv Digital PTE trình bày tại hội thảo Mobile Monday 07/2013.

Bài chia sẻ của anh Nguyễn Quang Duy đến từ Vserv Digital PTE trình bày tại hội thảo Mobile Monday 07/2013.

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  • 1. BEYOND THE BANNER ON MOBILE Duy Nguyen VP SE Asia @VservMobi
  • 2. ALL MONETIZATION revolves around the functional need of a medium TV PRINT RADIO INTERNET
  • 4. Twin Screens QR Code Short Code Alternative Access
  • 5. Mobile is becoming the most important medium Every other medium is feeding off it
  • 6. If Mobile can serve all these needs, why can’t it serve more than just banner ads?
  • 7. Think beyond the display on mobile, but what are the challenges?
  • 8. Source: Nielsen Study - June 2012 The Regional Context – High Fragmentation
  • 9. How can a Brand… …Address these audiences on mobile? …Remain relevant to them …Maintain Singularity of Communication?
  • 11. HALLS IVR How Voice helps to connect with Consumers
  • 12. HALLS IVR • Brief: To Engage Youth and appeal to their idealistic and society consciousness and get them to be a part of “breathe the change” campaign • Solution: Click-to-callto record a message and every message will be counted towards a CSR Activity. Vserv.mobiran an In-App Campaign on its App Network. We successfully reached Halls target audience. Every single call the users made to record the breath was counted towards planting a windmill in villages with poor electricity infrastructure. • Results:Delivered a total of 1.35 mn clickswith 10.1% of clicks leading to a 135,701 callsto the IVR
  • 13. Oral-B Indonesia TV Experience Delivered in a Personal Format
  • 14. • Brief: Augment reach of the TV campaign with a “Click to Video” campaign on mobile. • Solution: was the only ad network that could run videos on feature & smart phones. Campaign delivery of both video views and engagement rates were tracked with Mediamind. • Campaign Type: CPC (cost per click) campaign • Results:It delivered a phenomenal engagement rate of 20%over a month. • Market: Indonesia Oral-B Indonesia
  • 15. Samsung Highly Engaging and Interactive User Experience on Mobile
  • 16. • Brief: Users were eagerly waiting to see what new Samsung S4 has to offer. Prospects were looking forward to the launch. Our idea was to launch Samsung S4 in an engaging manner that would involve user interaction • Solution: Break the bricks is one of the most popular games. Whether a smart phone or feature phone users, both might have played it once at any given time. We replicated it saying now break the wall of old features and get your self upgraded to the new world of companionship. User need to break the bricks and catch the new additions to get upgraded. • Results:Delivered a total of 157K clicks with 2.97% CTR in last 2 weeks. Samsung
  • 17. Dove Indonesia Easy to execute mobile forms for lead acquisition
  • 18. • Brief: Dove wanted to acquire new users about Dove hair-care products range with trials • Solution: Vserv.mobiran the promotional campaign across in-app inventory and used unique in-app billboard full screen ad media targeting relevant app categories • Results:Delivered a CTR of 11.36% on App. Dove got more than 10,000 registrations Dove Indonesia
  • 19. Fastrack Highly Engaging and Interactive User Experience on Mobile
  • 20. • Brief: Fastrack being a trendy fashion brand wants to showcase the new collection . We tried to keep up with the brands trend and utilized rich smartphone experience to connect with them. • Solution: Using the interactive features of smart devices, we showcased the eye gear collection on handsets. We tied together the interaction and slide show of the product range to appeal users. They could swipe through product and see all relevant details in one screen and could also go to the WAP site to get more details. • Results:Total 50,000 engagmentsin 2 weeks Fastrack
  • 21. 3 Take Aways Maximize Mobile, go beyond the convention Impactful ideas, Impactful formats Integral part of Marketing Mix
  • 22. Exclusive Apps across Android, J2ME Feature Phones, Nokia & Blackberry. With Full-Screen Ads 20,000+ APPS OUR APP INVENTORY
  • 24. Duy Nguyen VservAsia Talk to us about your next campaign