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Yearbook 090719215152-phpapp01 Yearbook 090719215152-phpapp01 Presentation Transcript

  • Yearbook III Semester of English 2009 By: Maria Claudia Gonzales Morales
    • Table of contends
    • Photos of all my classmates
    • biographies of all my classmates
  • betty and monik View slide
  • The beautiful girls of this semester and the handsome boy View slide
  • Adri Asbleidy Sonia Carmen Cristian Monik Betty Sonia
  • Betty Monik Sonia
  • Cristian Carmen Sonia Monik
  • Betty Alfaris Cristian Sonia
  • He is Christian Enrique Suarez Balaguera He has 23 years old , He was born in April 23 in 1987 in Santa Martha`s city .His mother is Nubia Estestella Balaguera and his father Luis Enrique Suarez. He studied in Bogotá of 3th to 8th grade and 9th to 11th in Garzon at Cooperativo school at present he is studying modern languages at Surcolombiana University
  • He is Luis Carlos de Jesus Bravo He was born in February 10 in 1990 in the town of Garzon he studied elementary school in San Cayetano school and the secondary in Simon Bolivar school. He has studied in the Sena and worked in the social company's states Maria Auxiliadora where he worked as administrative assistant and at present he is studying modern languages at the Surcolombiana University
  • Oscar Alberto Castillo son of a primary teacher and a farmer All primary He studied with her mother in the country , where she is a teacher when he complete his study in the college made several courses of English in the Sena and actually he is studying modern languages at the Surcolombiana university the most judicious
  • nenita She is Asbleidy Ardila Niño she was born in July 27 in 1979 in Garzon she is daughter of Maria del Carmen Niño and Isaac Ardila Pedrosa. she Studies in Simon Bolivar school she lives with her husband Eduard Mauricio Suarez and two daughters Maria Angelica and Laura Valentina. She is the older of 3 brothers her dream is travel to China and France
  • “ In life every second that passes is a miracle so every day I try to do things better every time” she is Sonia Marcela Suarez Balaguera she was born in January 3 in 1989 in the city of Garzon she has 4 brothers Christian Enrique, Jesus David, Fernando and Julio Andres in the future she wants to found her own school and travel abroad SONY
  • She is Adriana Patricia Benites, she was born in la Jagua in December 13 in 1978 .She is the second of 4 brothers. She studied her primary school in the school of la Jagua she wants to finish his studies in English and to exert her career as a professional.She is a cheerful woman
  • He is Fabian Andres Alvares Muños. He was born in 1990 march 27 in Garzon Huila his parents name`s Onorato Alvares and Nelly Muños he is the first of 3 children He went first to a classroom in 1994 in the 2007 he finishes his study and began his studies at the Surcolombiana University and at present he is studying Modern Language fabisito
  • She is Monica Esperanza Carrera Quintana she was born in September 12 in 1975 her parents name`s Carrera and Emperatriz Quintana she has 6 brothers and 8 nephew and she has one daughter who is 9 years old her name is Sara Lucia Valderrama. she is journalist and At present she is studying modern languages at the Surcolombiana University and is a teacher in Simon Bolivar school
  • She is Carmen Milena Cuellar she was born in February 16 in 1982 her mother name`s Enith Ramirez she has one brother Darlington Eduardo Cuellar she has three children Daniel Alejandro he is 9 years old, Sergio leandro he is 6 years old, and Maria José she is 2 years old. she is studying modern languages because she wants travel to United States and France for learn to speak English and French very good The happiest woman of the semester
  • She is Beatriz Barrera Lara, she was born in march 26 1973 her parents name`s Pedro Jose Barrera and Belen Lara. her father died when she was a child in a traffic accident she is the eight of 11 brothers she always lived in the country in her childhood she studied in Simon Bolivar school and studied 4 semester of Accounting she got marry when she was 24 years old and has 3 children Diego, Juan Pablo and Jorge Luis, she loves listen to music and read a good literature and a good movies actually she is studying modern languages at the Surcolombiana University BETTY
  • hairdresser He is Alvaro Andres Orejuela was born in February 11 in 1985 he is the oldest of four brothers his parents name`s Alvaro Orejuela and Mery Villanueva he studied his primary school in Luis Calixto school now he live with his woman and his daughter who has 4 years old he work with his wife.
  • She is Edna Judith Botello Ruiz, she was born in Buga Valle in 1979 march 12 she is teacher of Minuto de Dios school. She loves the Meetings with her friends, listen to music she does not practice any sport and she wants travel to abroad
  • He is Carlos Fernando Vargas Orrego his parents name`s Cecilia Orrego and Humberto Vargas he studied his primary School in San Cayetano School. he started to study mathematics but did finish at present he is studying modern languages' at Surcolombiana University Little dessert
  • She is Alfaria Gonzalez Saza she was born in may 26 in Gigante Huila she has one son Daniel Benitez. she studied in la Normal de Gigante and 7 semesters of systems engineering since 2003 she lives in Garzon with her son
  • She is Maria Claudia Gonzales Morales, she was born in August 02 in 1989 she has 19 years old, her parents name`s Floralba Morales and Elmer Gonzales, She has one brother Frank Sebastian. She studied in Luis calixto Leiva school and actually is studying modern languages at Surcolombiana University
    • True friends
    • are hard to find harder to leave and impossible to
    • forget