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Social Media by Game Day
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Social Media by Game Day


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Here is our presentation for the TEAMS 2009 Conference in New Orleans.

Here is our presentation for the TEAMS 2009 Conference in New Orleans.

Published in: Sports, Technology, Business

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  • 1. Social Media Strategies for TEAMS 2009 Jackie Reau & Betsy Ross Game Day Communications
  • 2. About Game Day Communications
        • Boutique PR firm specializing in sports and cultural entertainment
        • Media relationships (local to national sports media)
        • Influencer relationships (team stakeholders, fan development, tourism, corporate sponsors)
        • Event Marketing Management/Staffing
        • Social Media/Social Media Evangelists
  • 3. Social Media Strategies Overview
    • Our discussion points…
    • What and who is social networking?
    • Why you should use social networking.
    • Review of social networking tools.
    • Review of social networking sites.
    • Social networking resources…
  • 4. Social Media Strategies
    • Getting started: have a purpose.
    • Create your Social Media Network with common user names
    • Develop an editorial schedule for the Network
    • Use traditional sources to invite people to connect with you
    • Measure your results with a scorecard
  • 5.
    • It would be the sixth largest in the world with
    • 200+ million users.
    If Facebook were a Country…
  • 6.
    • A (Brief) Guide to the
    • Digital World…
    • This changes daily.
    Let’s review a few key terms…
  • 7. Who, What, When, Where… Social Networking
    • It’s not just for you, the kids…some 300 million U.S. residents
    • are using social networking sites
    • It’s a lifestyle change: a shift of time management, work flow
    • Get in the game, see what others are doing on social
    • networking sites (check out your competition)
    • Storyboard your use of social networking; have a purpose and
    • maintain your site with updated content
  • 8. Why You Might Consider Social Networking
    • Positions you as a valuable resource in the company
    • Attracts new people to your content
    • Positions you and/or your company as an industry authority
    • Focus on a few efforts so you can maintain audience engagement
  • 9. Social Media Tools
    • Laptop or desk-top computer
    • Camera phone/digital camera
    • Flip camera
    • PDA/I-Phone/Blackberry
  • 10. Get Connected with Social Networking
    • Make sure your profile is at 100% completion, join affiliate groups of interest, share interesting story links
    • Keep it professional, create private groups for private information, use it as your information aggregator, set time limits for use
    • Have a purpose, use it to share professional updates or position yourself/company as an authority, link to your Facebook
    • Create your own channel, use a flip video camera to capture video of your projects
    • Update all regularly
  • 11. HELP!
    • Review the
    • Bold Fusion Social Media Playbook
  • 12. Social Media Resources
    • Group: Game Day Social Media
    • Word of Mouth Marketing Association
  • 13. Catch Your Breath…
    • Let’s take a break.
  • 14. Getting Started
    • What is your purpose/goal?
      • Brand Awareness
      • Event Promotion
      • Influencer Networking
      • Search Engine Optimization
  • 15.
    • Decide which social media platforms you will use to create your Network
      • Blog
      • Podcast -Flicker
      • Youtube -Twitter
      • Facebook
      • Linkedin
    • You don’t have to use them all at once!
    Getting Started
  • 16. Create an Editorial Schedule
    • Use the same format you do for a Marketing,
    • Business or PR Plan so it complements your on
    • going work
  • 17. Engage Your Organization
    • Audit your organization to see who is using social media platforms (which ones, how many fans?)
    • Encourage your colleagues to share your news with their networks
    • Provide photos, videos for your colleagues to share on a regular basis
    • Link the social media widgets on your web site home page
  • 18. Promote Your Efforts
    • Use existing resources to promote your social
    • media effort with the following suggestions:
      • E-mail signature
      • Web site
      • E-newsletter/magazine
      • Billing statement
      • What else?
  • 19. Measurement
    • Use the same format you do for a Marketing,
    • Business or PR Plan so it complements your on
    • going work…
    • Let’s review all of the measurement opportunities. Think in terms of a scorecard.
  • 20.
    • Thank you, and
    • good luck!