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Advice for the 21st Century Journalist, 2 09
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Advice for the 21st Century Journalist, 2 09


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A brief presentation fby Jackie Reau of Game Day Communications for students at the University of Cincinnati who are studying sports journalism taught by Michael Perry.

A brief presentation fby Jackie Reau of Game Day Communications for students at the University of Cincinnati who are studying sports journalism taught by Michael Perry.

Published in: Sports
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  • 1. Advice for the 21 st Century Sports Journalist 3.3.09 Jackie Reau Game Day Communications
  • 2. About Jackie Reau
    • “ Old School PR Girl Goes Digital for Survival”
    • Stints at The Christ Hospital, Cincinnati Art Museum
    • Co-founded Game Day Communications in 2002 with former ESPN Anchor Betsy Ross because of desire to work in sports PR
    • Word of Mouth Marketing Academy Faculty Member
  • 3. About Game Day Communications
        • Boutique PR firm specializing in sports and cultural entertainment
        • Media relationships (local to national sports media)
        • Influencer relationships (team stakeholders, fan development, tourism, corporate sponsors)
        • Event Marketing Management/Staffing
        • Digital Media/Social Media Evangelists
  • 4. Some of our Clients
  • 5. Keys to Success
    • #1 Know Your Beat + (the Business of Sports, the
    • Entertainment of Sports, the Culture of Sports, etc.)
    • #2 Cultivate Your Sources (be nice to PR people!)
    • #3 It’s All About Writing (grammar, style and interest)
    • #4 Connect with Your Readers via Social Networking
  • 6. Know Your Beat
    • Read the papers/internet media, use Google Reader as your aggregator
    • Follow your competition (teams, athletes, leagues)
    • Connect readers with features and “did you know stories”
  • 7. Cultivate Your Sources
    • Think long-term for controversial stories and how it will affect your source relationship
    • A little bit of honey goes along way…
    • Be nice to PR People!
  • 8.
    • AP Style
    • Corrections are bad, very bad
    • Understand how to be flexible with traditional media and new media with your writing style
    It’s All About Writing
  • 9. Who, What, When, Where… Social Networking
    • Social Networking…
    • It’s not just for you, the kids…some 300 million U.S. residents are
    • using social networking sites
    • It’s a lifestyle change…a shift of time management and work flow
    • Get in the game, see what others are doing on social networking sites
    • Storyboard your use of social networking; have a purpose, a subject matter
    • Be proactive; update your site with informative information based on your
    • purpose/expertise
  • 10. Get Connected with Social Networking
    • Create Your Own Social Media Network
    • Make sure your profile is at 100% completion, join affiliate groups of interest, share interesting story links
    • Keep it professional, create private groups for private information, use it as your information aggregator, set time limits for use
    • Have a purpose, use it to share professional updates or position yourself/company as an authority, link to your Facebook
    • Create your own channel, use a flip video camera to capture video of your projects
    • Update all regularly
  • 11. My Sports Media Hero #5
    • Shaquille O’Neal, NBA Basketball Player
    • He has created his own social media network: 209,000+ Twitter followers and tweets daily
    • Shaq, LeBron Dance Off has 11 million views on
    • A frank, candid interviewee who transcends multiple “fan” channels: sports, entertainment
  • 12. My Sports Media Hero #4
    • Paul “Doc” Daugherty, Enquirer Media, WLW-AM
    • His media network includes: daily newspaper column, daily blog and radio broadcast on 50,000 watt radio station with national reach
    • Provides an ESPN’s Rick Reilly” perspective on issues
    • Recently called a “Cincinnati Sports Legend” and compared to Oscar Robertson
  • 13. My Sports Media Hero #3
    • Mike Lopresti, USA Today/Gannett
    • Great access: From the Press Box
    • Insightful and diverse columns
    • Terrific circulation among Gannett papers
  • 14. My Sports Media Hero #2
    • Bill “The Sports Guy” Simmons, ESPN
    • Yes, he has an East-Coast bias but, who doesn’t at ESPN!
    • His podcast was one of the first on i-tunes
    • He is honest and entertaining about all sports
  • 15. My Sports Media Hero #1
    • Tom Jolly, Sports Editor, New York Times
    • Has managed several multimedia projects for the paper’s web site including blogs, videos
    • He shares the leading feature story each day on his Facebook page
    • He oversees great columnists who continue to provoke conversation
  • 16. Contact Information
    • Jackie Reau
    • [email_address]