My success story


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My success story

  1. 1. My Success Story (Integrative Paper)December 6, 2010At least 750 wordsThis paper is intended to help you reflect on what you have learned in this class and how you want touse your knowledge. It should help you to study for the final exam and to integrate financial planninginto your life goals. No two plans will be identical, but most will share some qualities. A. Start with a paragraph or two about how you see your future including career, family, what kind of friends and social life you foresee, what else you need to make time and money for, such as spirituality/religion, hobbies, exercise. The beginning will be short and focus on what your values and big goals are. B. Then start penciling in major goals and age you expect to achieve them. Include personal, career and financial goals. Work backward from there to figure out how to get there. You can find out what various careers earn at different levels of experience from goals for college students are likely to include graduating from college and beginning a career.When do you expect to graduate? What career do you want? What is likely to be your first job (or nextjob) toward that career? How much money is reasonable to expect in the beginning of your career?When do you expect, or wish, to commit to a life partner? How does finding a spouse or maintainingthat relationship fit with your career plans? Do you want to have children and/or buy a house in your20’s? How much will that cost? How long will it take to save up the down payment (usually 20% of thecost of the house – median price for a 3 bedroom house in SJ is now $400,000, so you would need$80,000 for the down payment!). C. Follow that with more detailed paragraphs for each decade of your life. The more specific you can be the more likely you will reach your goals. Start with your current age and plan into your 90’s (just in case you live that long, you want to make sure you can still afford the essentials – and some fun!)For each decade:Goals (paragraph)Lifestyle (paragraph) 1.) Career ______________ Job Title_________ Pay/mo. _________________ 2.) Insurance (list all) 3.) Based on how much you expect to make and your lifestyle, how much will you have left over at the end of each month? 4.) Of that how much will go into savings or shorter term investments (for cars, house down payment, other goals) 5.) How much will go into a 401K or other investments targeted primarily for retirement?