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  • 1. Media Kit – SpilGames Gamebiz – Agência Autorizada SpilGames
  • 2. Online GamingA highly engaging, targeted online environment thatentertains audiences of all ages, in every corner of theglobe. For marketers, the opportunities are endless…GameBiz (Agência Autorizada SpilGames)Confidencial 2
  • 3. Globally, consumers spend 5 billionhours per week playing online games… Sources: www.internetworldstats.com January 2012, Price Waterhouse Coopers Global Digital Media Outlook 2010-2014
  • 4. Online games are becoming an important partof our daily lives. Cityville has 45 MILLION MAUs on Facebook. Angry Birds has been downloaded 700 MILLION TIMES. The Sara’s Cooking Class franchise has been PLAYED 500 MILLION TIMES WORLDWIDE.Sources: www.appdata.com, www.telegraph.co.uk & Google Analytics, February 2012GameBiz (Agência Autorizada SpilGames)Confidencial 4
  • 5. 2.3 billion people have access to the internet. 44% are playing online games! That’s equivalent to every man, woman, and child living in North America, Europe, and Australia.Sources: Internetworldstats.com 2012 & Newzoo Today’s Gamers Study 2011GameBiz (Agência Autorizada SpilGames)Confidencial 5
  • 6. Online gaming attracts and engagesaudiences from all backgrounds.It’s not just for teenage boys and hardcore gamers.GameBiz (Agência Autorizada SpilGames)Confidencial 6
  • 7. Online Gaming Provides the PerfectOpportunity to Reach Brand Objectives S oc i S o c ia l •People come to share, compete, and communicate with their friends. a l c e p ti •55.5% of social gamers play with their real life friends. Re R e c e p t iv e •Reach consumers while they are in a relaxed and highly receptive mood. ve •Studies show that 83% of online gamers are open to advertising in return for free gaming content. E n g a g in E n g a g in g •An environment where people come to have fun and relax. g •29% of internet time is spent playing online games.Sources: Interactive Advertising Bureau, Newzoo.com & InsideSocialGames.comGameBiz (Agência Autorizada SpilGames)Confidencial 7
  • 8. Spil Games Today 190 Million Monthly Active Users 3.3 Billion Pages Viewed/Month >14.6 Billion Minutes of Play/Month Source: Google Analytics February 2012, Unduplicated Monthly Active Users (MAUs)GameBiz (Agência Autorizada SpilGames)Confidencial 8
  • 9. Spil Games’ Global Reach188 Million Monthly Active Users*Western Europe29%North America8% Eastern Europe 15%Latin America28% Asia 16% Rest of the world 3%Source: *Google Analytics, February 2012GameBiz (Agência Autorizada SpilGames)Confidencial 9
  • 10. Spil Games Reach in Brazil Source: comScore, March 2012
  • 11. Spil Games Reach in Brazil Source: comScore, March 2012
  • 12. Spil Games Engagement in Brazil Source: comScore, March 2012
  • 13. Spil Games’ 3 Targeted Social Gaming Platforms in BrazilGirls Tweens & Teens Woman & ChildrenGirlsgogames.com.br Clickjogos.com Ojogos.com.br • 63% Female• 98% Female • 62% Male • 7,5 million UV’s• 5,5 million UV’s • 2,4 million UV’s • 33% 8-12 years• 50% 8 - 12 years • 53% 8-17 years • 19% 18+• Impressions per month: • Impressions per month: • Impressions per month: 49 million (17 M prerolls) 27 million (7 M prerolls) 173 million per month (57 M prerolls) Concept: Concept: Concept: Taking a BreakCreativity & Sharing Competing & Showing Off Game Content:Game Content: Game Content: Time Management, Quizzes, Puzzles…Dress Up, Make-Up, Cooking… Racing, Action, Sports… Popular Genres:Popular Genres: Popular Genres: Farming Games, Bubble Shooter GamesPet Games, Fashion Games Mafia Games, Strategy Games13Source: Google Analytics and registered users database February 2012
  • 14. Active users Ojogos.com.br (450.000)Sources:profile database SpilGamesGameBiz (Agência Autorizada SpilGames)Confidencial 14
  • 15. Active users Girlsgogames.com.br (82.000)Sources:profile database SpilGamesGameBiz (Agência Autorizada SpilGames)Confidencial 15
  • 16. Active users Clickjogos.com (73.000)Sources:profile database SpilGamesGameBiz (Agência Autorizada SpilGames)Confidencial 16
  • 17. Registered users are loyal users 3x moreGameBiz (Agência Autorizada SpilGames)Confidencial 17
  • 18. Where online gaming meets social networking… Spil Games’ Social Features Create a Profile Make Friends Awards & High Scores Activity Feeds Create an Avatar Leave Comments Make Creations Save Favorite Games Create AlbumsGameBiz (Agência Autorizada SpilGames)Confidencial 18
  • 19. We partner with advertisersto effectively share theirstory with our globalcommunity of loyalconsumers.
  • 20. Push down takeover
  • 21. InteractiveTake-over
  • 22. Take-overInteractivo
  • 23. Gamehub
  • 24. Advergames
  • 25. Editorial Positions for advergames and gamehubs Featured Box Left Hand Navigation New List (Game Hub Promotion Only) More info in Internal adverting rules
  • 26. Floor Ad
  • 27. Video Pre-roll +Companion AdSPIL is VAST compliant
  • 28. Skinned Pre-roll
  • 29. HPTO + mouse over overlay
  • 30. Take-over withInteractive video
  • 31. Engage with Consumers through Avatar sponsorshipGameBiz (Agência Autorizada SpilGames)Confidencial 31
  • 32. Engage with Consumers through custom made advergame (easy advergames)GameBiz (Agência Autorizada SpilGames)Confidencial 32
  • 33. Engage with Consumers through custom made advergame (easy advergames)GameBiz (Agência Autorizada SpilGames)Confidencial 33
  • 34. Engage with Consumers through Reward-Based Solutions Diet Pepsi: Reward-Based Video in Family BarnGameBiz (Agência Autorizada SpilGames)Confidencial 34
  • 35. SponsorshipsGameBiz (Agência Autorizada SpilGames)Confidencial 36
  • 36. Football
  • 37. Events on the girls channel 39
  • 38. Hugo Tashiro Tel: +55 (11) 9375 5091Account Manager hugo@gamebiz.com.br MSN: hugo_tashiro@hotmail.com SKYPE: hugo.tashiro