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Sporting Dog Journal Yearbook 1998

Sporting Dog Journal Yearbook 1998



Sporting Dog Journal Yearbook 1998 ...

Sporting Dog Journal Yearbook 1998


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    Sporting Dog Journal Yearbook 1998 Sporting Dog Journal Yearbook 1998 Document Transcript

    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE 3 YEARBOOIICHAMPIONSHIP BOOK 1998A champion is a dog that wins in three shows, in which all indicates that he has won over a registered champion. A [3]of the dogs are conditioned for that particular show. The denotes that he won over a grand champion.shows must then be documented by being printed in theSporting Dog Journal. Much the same is true for judges. If a mans name is reported as a judge, on a more or less regular basis, It mustTo be registered as a champion in üe Sporting Dog Journal, be assumed that he is a qualified judge and as such, we willthe dog must satisff the following conditions: put an asterisk [*] after his name. No asterisk certainly does not mean that the judge at any show is unqualified, it merely#l The shows must be reported to the Journal in a timely means that he is not that well known yet.fashion. A show reported out of sequence, i.e. The firstmatch reported after the second match has already been None of these things should be construe as a rating forprinted will not be accepted. Any interested par$ can send anyone. That is not the intent at all. Our intent is solely toa report of the show. identifr a deserving dog man that would rather be identified by initials, a nick name or a kennel name and separate them#2 Application to be registered as a champion must be from the new dog man just getting sta¡ted to make a n¿uneapplied for. The Journal does not have all of the information for his or her self. For instance: The E.T. we used in aneeded to announce a dog championship in the magazine, previous example could indicate that the owner of thosetherefore, we must depend on the owner or breeder of the initials was Earl Tudor.dog to supply us with the pertinent information. A fourgeneration pedigree, the breeders name and the dog,s date A grand championship need not be applied for, itsof birth must be supplied at the time of application. automatic. By the time a dog is ready for this title, all the information needed is already on file with the Journal,#3 Any interested parry may apply for a dog,schampionship. While it is the dogs owner who would A grand champion must be the winner in five (5) shows andusually apply, a partner, the breeder or a past owner of the have never suffered a loss. In a word, to be registered as adog may also apply. grand champion the dog must have an unblemished record. There are, however, several instances, in which, the dog can#4 A dog does not have to win at every show he is entered be awarded a grand championship without winning at everyin and no proof of gameness is required. An 8 ll2 by ll show in which he is entered. In the case of a draw,inch championship certificate will be mailed to the dog,s involving another champion or grand champion, the dogowner or other interested parly approximately two weeks will not be penalized for a draw. In a second scenario: a dogafter the Magazine that contains the dogs championship whose handler fouls out, and it can be determined that hadannouncement has been mailed. his handler not have been fouled out. the dog most certainly would have been the winner, as determined by the judge asIn any undertaking, that requires the integrity of everyone well as other knowledgeable dog men in attendance.involved, there are bound to be some who are less than Finally, ifit can be proven, beyond a reasonable doubt, thatcompletely honest in reporting their matches, Many times the dog was a victim of some kind of unfairness, that showa roll for a couple of Dollars becomes the match of the will be stricken from the records.century according to some over zealous wannabe dog men.I am sure it is not to difficult to see that a dog that wins over A grand champion, in addition to having to win at fivecompetition that is either very well known or reported in the shows, must also have won a majority of these shows overJournal on a regular basis, is entitled to somewhat more qualified competition. A dog that has not won a majority ofrecognition that a dog that wins over Joe - E.T. - and Pete. his shows over qualified competition, or competition thatWith that in mind, anytime a dog wins over a known has been reported on previous occasions, will not becompetitor a [] will be placed after his name in the show accepted for a grand cbampionshipreport. The fact that a dog does not receive a number is noindication that his win should be taken lightly, while most In the case of the Register of Merit standings: A male dogof those dog men may not be well known at the time the becomes eligible to be placed on the R.O.M. list if he hasmatch is reported, most of them, Im sure, will soon be sired four or more champions. The R.O.M. dog will bereported in the show news on a regular basis. Of course, awarded one point for every champion he has si¡ed and rrillthere will always be the wannabes with the over active receive one additional point if any of the offspring shouldimagination. The number [2] after the winning dogs name go on the become a grand champion. Here again. a
    • YEARBOOK 9S PAGE 4champion, to count a point for his sires Register of l.,,ferit,that champion must have won over a majoriq of dogs, dogmen or kennels that are considered credible comoetition.The rules are the very same for bitches to get on theRegister of Merit list, except, for obvious reasons, a bitchneed only be the dam of three (3) champions to gain a spoton the list. t tu* :: ! ii: i;,,:i: , . i:li., iir L IE .i i:!: 1i:r. | - STINSON & GLCVERS GRA}iD CHAN4PION ART . R.O.M. A DOG THAT HAS ALL OF THE.{W-{RDS AVAILABLE
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE 5 BLANCO & I.B.M"S ACES JAGKIE Roadblocks MANIAC Dawnrests IKEY Dawnrests EASTERN WHITEHEAD Dawnrests RUMBLE Pages BRUTIS Dawnrests FORGET ME NOT Dawnrests COPPERHEADBLANCO & I.B.M.S ACES JACKIE Roadblocks GR CH JOEY Roadblocks MANIAC Thurmonds BLACK MISSY ( Dawnrests PIGSKIN R-Gang KnlsCOWBOY I Valientes BUCKSKIN BUNCH Valientes MISSY I I ( I I (MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME JUDGE ( (#399-97 Funky Medinas RED [1] F34 2l Grapevine (#1r84-97 Captain Americas STORMY [1] F36 l:40 Farmer * I#944-98 K¡unch KennelsLAW TOWN [] F36 :25 Mass Com,* I I I I I RUSSABBY Woods RILEY Woods BLACK JACK Woods CHINA MAE RussMALCOLM Woods CHARLEY II Woods DOLLY Woods SHELLYRUSSABBY HollisMIDITA RickettsBOZO Bostons BITCH RickettsTINY Maloneys RON RickettsMISS HENDzuX RickettsPUGSI 39-40 lb bitch bred by K Ricketts and campaigned in the South ín 1997-98. A cross between K. Wood and the Ricketts brothers bloodlinesMATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX.TIME ruDGE#108 1-97 SluPRETTY GIRL [] F39 t8 BJ#t07-98 Campbells CANDY F40 :20 Slick *#899-98 Templetons CRY BABY [] F40 l:28 Rd. Warrior*
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE 6 GERULLO CLUBSARTEY Garners CHINAMAN ROM Garners FRISCO ROM Vinces CHINA GIRL Fans ART Heikklias FIREMAN Farrs DOLLY BoylesBLACK GOLDCERULLO CLUBSARTEY Garners CHINAMAN RoM Garners FRISCO ROM Vinces CHINA GIRL Morvants CAJL|N HIT MAN Cluees JUBILEE Morvants CAJTIN ABBY --:r i.- A double bred Garners FRISCO, R.O.M. bloodline, bred by C. Ranies and campaigned in the Carolinas by The Cerullo Club. All of ARTEY matches were of short duration. The loneest was :34.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#1049-97 Medrains BOCEPHUS BUCK M36 :16 Brown#628-98 K.O.Posses TYSON M37 ll2 :34 Booth# I 03 9-98 Jamaica Hit Teams HOMER M38l/2 :27 Morales FLOYDS ASSASSIN BoylesCH BOLT ACTION ROM WCCS RIGHT HAND MAN BoylesBLACK GOLD Hutchesons JAZZ}i4AN Murphys OILER BoylesPOGO BoylesBLACK GOLDFLOYDS ASSASSIN Cherokee Knls OILER JR ROM STP CH BLK PAZMANIAN Man,s LADY BUG Floyds FLAUNCEY W.C.C. RIGHT HAND MAN LewisBLACK BETTY Codvs LITTLE LUCY A typical "Boyles" bloodline bred by C.Ftoyd and campaigned by C.FIoyd. A big dog won three in the Deep, deep South. ASSASSIN won three all in under the Hour mark.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#698-97 Johnsons ROCKY M49 :51 Doc#12t5-97 Allens NUCKLE M50 :31 Mike#863-98 BrooksSHOTGUN M49 t9 Green
    • YEARBOOK98 UNTOUCHABLES BEAMER Patricks LITTLE TATER S.T.P.s GR CH BUCK ROM Patricks RED LADY UntouchablesCH BUTKUS ROM Onellos SHERMAN THE TANK Untouchables DAISY MAE ROM Onellos TWISTED SISTERLTNTOUCHABLESBEAMER Robinsons TRAMP Robinsons EWOK Robinsons BED BUG Reeds LULU Georges RED ACE - -:::.- Robinsons CHERRY RED Robinsons BED BUG A 4l-421n dog that won four against very good competition in the middle South.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME JUDGE#9st-96 Deepline Kennels CISCO M4l :31 M. George *#1248-96 Undertaker Kennels BOO [] M4l :58 Bachelor#389-97 Hishlander Kennels GABBY M42 :49 DHam*#1r59-97 Garners WICKED [] Il{42 l:08 DHam* ROY C.S B¡LLY BUCK Medlins OUTLAW HOSEA Medlins Swinsons NORTH CAROLINA ROSE Medlin & B-Line K¡lsBLACK CAT Medlins OUTLAW Medlins ROSE BUD Swinsons NORTY CAROLINA ROSEROY C.S BILLY BUCK Finleys CH BO ROM HargrovesCH OUTLAW Crenshaws POLLY B-Line KennelsLIL BIT Woods OSO NEGRO Irish Jerrys JANIE CH HONEYBUNCH ROM BILLY BUCK was bred by B-Line Kennels and won his first two matches with them. In the hands of Roy C. he lost his third time out, won his fourth time out and lost to a champion for his fifth.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#1t57-95 The Baileys BO [l] M42 44 Pitman *#t357 -96 Cobalt Kennels SPITFIRE Il] M42 :41 Mason *#609-97 LOST TO: Canadians STINGER M42 l:20 Mt Boy +#124-98 G WilliamsBUCK M42 l:02 WV Steve *#1022-98 LOST TO: Panama KennelsGR. CH STONE M4l :56 Nate
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE 1O MEX.TEX ESPANAS BIMBO ClemmonsNIGGER TOBY ClemmonsELISHADOW BoudreauxROSEII Tex-Mex Espanas SUPER DUCK Boudreaux BOSS BoudreauxBLACKBITER BoudreauxBRANDYMEX-TEX ESPANAS BIMBO Maloneys FRANKIE Callejas NERON Ramos CHIQUI Tex-Mex Espanas MAMBA Callejas DINO Callejas RAJA Callejas INDIA Campaigned in Europe during 1997 and 1998. Bred and owned by Rafa Rubio. A 4x winner who won his matches in comparitively short times,MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#1140-91 Juans MANDARIO M40l/2 :48 J Pedro#1292-91 Cacha ClubsPECADO M40 t2 Norena#48t-98 Finkle Winkles DOLLYSON [] M401/2 :27 Junk YardHt720-98 Rojos BUCK M42 ..24 Tatacho MEDLIN & B-LINES BLACK JACK JR Medlins OUTLAW HOSEA Medlins Swinsons NORTY CAROLINA ROSE Medlin & B-Line KennelsBLACK CAT Medlins OUTLAW Mediins ROSE BUD I Swinsons NORTH CAROLINA ROSEMEDLIN & B-LINE KENNELS BLACK CAT JR Medlins HOSEA Medlin & B-Line BLK CAT Medlins ROSE BUD I B-Line KennelsCH SO SO Medlins HOSEA Medlins ROSE BUD II Medlins ROSE BUD I A four time winner from an inbred Medlin bloodline. Bred and campaigned by Medlin and B-Line Kennels, in 1995, 1996,1997 and 1998, all against good competition.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#l 007-95 The Baileys MARY BOY [] M38 :30 Cooper#493-96 Gaylords BARNEY M38 :22 Mt. Boy*#I 085-97 Pittmans HAMMER Ii] M39 :59 Abe *#1077 -98 KY Head Hunters ROCKO [1] M37 :40 WV Steve+
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE I I BILLY BOBS BLACK MOE HammondsRUFUS ROM HammondsVIOTO The Plumbers SIOUX HammondsVENO ChamblessNENO HammondsSELMA ChamblessLADY RAVERNBILLY BOBS BLACK MOE Battendorfs NIGGER OF GATOR Battendorfs MACHO OF NIG Battendorfs GYPSY OF NIGGER Battendorfs DUTCHESS OF NIG Battendorfs NIGGER OF GATOR Battendorfs ANGIE OF NIG Garners CALAMITY Bred by Kyle Martin from a straight Hammonds/Battendorf bloodline. A three time winner in the deep, deep South.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME JUDGE#793-97 Caprocks CORNBREAD t/2 M36 l:30 Terry#t483-91 Morgans B.B. M38 :35 Pessimist#46t-98 D.B.s SATCHMO M38Il2 1:48 Big G V.B.K.S BLACKY Cajuns BEOWOLF Wisemans GOZER Dragons BODACIA V.B.K.s CH HARVEY WALLBANGER Longs WERDO ROM Wildside Knls HONEYCOMB Garners RONNIEV.B.K.S BLACKY Gamers SPIKE Wisemans LITTLE GATOR Garners MISS MOLLY V.B.K.s POKITA Wisemans LITTLE GATOR V.B.K.s NEGRITA Garners DOLLY VARDEN A West Coast dog from East Coast breeding. Won his first while in the hands of Sudden Death Kennels. The went back to his breeder, V.B.K. and won two more and his championship.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME JUDGE#456-91 Richs HYMIE M4r :21 Captain *#1390-91 Mr Edsars WAR M41 :38 Captain *#l 036-98 Ross & Nickleodeons "911" M4l l:03 Cali Cartel*
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE 12 ICEPIGKS BOBBIE Gordons BUCK Gordons RIDDLER Gordons SARA LEE Tims RIDDLER Orrs BLUE EYES Bursins BIG SISSY Cals ROSAICEPICKS BOBBIE Eunices CRACKER JACK Troy P.s LITTLE BUDDY Mans RED GOLD Bursins V/ILD THANG Eunices CRACKER JACK Walkers MISS BOGEE ScoatesECLIPSE nrea Uy Gator Kennels of Florida and campaigned in very good competition in the Mid-West. A brindle bitch she lost her last time out in what was her loneest match at :55MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME JUDGE#252-96 Bo Didleys XHEENA [1] F3l Grizzly *#3tt-97 Templeton & lynchs BERNIE [] F3I :44 Slu *#224-98 Home Grown KennelsBLACK BITCH [] F33 :09 Ricketts *#880-98 LOST TO: Hooks GHETTO F32 :55 Slu * PORKOLABS BOY Van Herpens ACE Cunes IRON KID GarlaunisSUSY Szekas IRON TONY Van Herpens ACE Cunes IRON LANA GarlaunisSUSYPORKOLABS BOY Cunes IRON KID Szekas IRON TONY Cunes IRON LANA JuhosJENNY Zwettlers JEEP JuhosLETTA Zwettlers ROSE BOY is a black dog, bred and campaigned in Europe during the year 1998. Bred by T. Szekrenyesi.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#29#98 FanosTORO M64 :15 Istrran#984#98 Csepregls BOLO M62 :35 Lorincz#1 l0s#98 Meszaros MAX M6l 130 Lorincz
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE 13 S.T.D. KENNELS BRUNO Jesse Rods GR CH MIDNIGHT Jesse Rods MIDNIGHT BOY Indian MISSY Iberians CHULO Jesse Rods GR CH MIDNIGHT Iberians TIGRA Iberians CANDYS.T.D. KENNELS BRUNO Jesse Rods cR CH MIDNIGHT Iron Mans PEE WEE Iberians CANDY Iberians MARGAzuTA Inner Citys CH PATCH EYE PETE Iberians KAILA Iberians LUCY From the Dominican Republic. bred by Canon Estrella and owned by S.T.D. Kennels. Line bred on Jesse Rods GR. CH. MIDNIGHTMATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME JUDGE#1226-97 Miranda & Halls WALDITO M52 45 Freddie G#1451-97 Lucas & Iberians BONO M52 l:15 Freddie J#550-98 SaritoS RANDU M50 47 Canon Estrella PORKOLABS CH. BOY BELLON CLUBS ABLIZINS CH. BAD ROSEMARY CH. BALDY
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE 14 PIT BULL DYNASTYS BUCKSHGT HobbsBONES Curtiss.KINGFISH Kent Merritts STAR BELL D.W.D.s CANE RED HammondsANDY L HammondsSWEET MICHELLE Dawsons SWEET REDPIT BULL DYNASTYS BUCKSHOT SorrellsBUBBA BOE SorrellsCH RAISIN SorrellsTWO SHOES Pit BullDynastys FATAL Mad & Skips CH LJNCLE BUD SonellsFEMME FATALE SorrellsFLY OF PONCE Bred by Pit Bull Dynasty from a Sorrells/Hammonds cross. A three time winner in the Northeast.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#r58-97 The ? Kids SPIKE [] M36 l:14 Clambar Boy*#1630-97 Malchiens SHORTY M36 :35 T Mack*#1242-98 The FirmsROCCO [1] M35 :43 Zaza* LA FAMILIA KENNELS tsULLYSON AdamsGR CH ZEBO ROM ClemmonsNIGGER TOBY ClemmonsPEPPER Pattersons NIGGER TOBY II Reddicks HERMAN McClellans HONEY BoudreauxLISALA FAMILIA KENNELS BULLYSON Garners JACKSON Border Citys CH BITS GonzalezBROWNIE MartinezSUE B Duerlers LITTLE RAT MartinezBETSY K¡users BUCK LADY Bred, raised and campaigned by La Familia Kennels in the Southwest. a winner four times over credible competition. A 34-35 lb male whose Iongest was in :54MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX.TIME ruDGE#565-96 Guerreros CAPONE [] M34 :54 OG Posse +#272-97 Wises KING [Il M35 :38 OG Posse *#93-98 Wall Boys SPICE [] M35 :40 Short *Ht2r7-98 Geno & Jacksons LITTLE MAN M35 :20 Carlos
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE 15 DUCKS CARMEN SAN DIEGO Hood & Grieves CH TY B&B KennelsCH BLUE Bancrofts RED DARLIN Ducks MAC l0 Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM Garretts HONEYBUNCH Garretts BRIDGETDUCKS CARMEN SAN DIEGO Baileys MARINO Dockerys BLACK JACK Engletts BRANDY Ducks LEATHER Engletts BOOMER : . Dockerys SUGAR Engletts BUCKSKIN MISSY A little bitch (26-27 lbs), bred by Duck. His second win was in the hands of Hit man and all of his wins were over credible competition in 1996-97-98. A black bitch.MATCH# OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME JUDGE#221-96 Brewers SLASH [1] F26 ,^< Bootman *#489-97 Sho-N-Go Kennels SCRAPPER [l] F26ll2 :23 Iceman *#424-98 TN Bad BoysEDIE [] F27 47 Stringfellow* TOP HAT & LONGSHOTS CARTEL Woods BANDIT Bowlings LONER Woods LOLA J.C.s LITTLE LONER Bowlings LONER Slinkards JWZZABELLE Masons JACKIETOP HAT & LONGSHOTS CARTEL R SorrellsCH GATOR Reuvers FRANK Patricks MISS BOOMER Malcolms SALLY Fords LITTLE PETE PIANTS HI VOLTAGE BULLET FOTdS BLACKIE Has a win over a champion to his credit, his three wins were just south of the Mason-Dixon lineMATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#16r-96 Icepick & Co.s CH. JOHNNY JR [2] M43 l:06 Cab Driver#655-91 Masseys KROM M46 :28 Shinbone#r044-97 Mike D.s BOSS MAN M43 l:31 BigH*
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE 16 BELLON CLUBS CHATTANOOGA SorrellsCARTER SorrellsLUIGI SorrellsDAZZLE Bellon ClubsCH CHAMBOOGER Laras LUCKY Laras Candy II Laras SHEENAHBELLON CLUBSCHATTANOOGA Bellon ClubsEXTERMINATOR Bellon ClubsESCUDER Bellon ClubsFATA CIRCE Bellon ClubsZSA ZSA Bellon ClubsKEENAU BellonClubsGUELGUETZA BellonClubsFATAMARGANA - From Mexico, a black, 38 lb male dog that won all of his over good competition in Mexico. Bred, owned and campaigned by A. BellonMATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#343-98 Club Leones MANBU M38 :45 Hernandez#381-98 Miranda Clubs TERRI [] M38 :57 Victor#t 198-98 Miguel Angelos CHAPARO M38 :56 Victor DGN JLJANS GHERRY Baileys BINGO Kamakazee HUNTER RED ROM Marlowes PEACHES Pit Stop l(ennelsRED Baileys BINGO Locke & Baileys TWISTER Richardsons CREAMDON ruANS CHERRY T.CombsEAGLE II Pit Stop KnlsCHANEY SorrellsCRAZY SUE Pit Stop l{ennelsIZZY Winchester KennelsCH CHAKA Pit Stop KnlsBLAZE C&J KennelsALIA A big, red bitch bred by Pit Stop Kennels and campaigned in the Northeast. the shows she was entered in were good quality shows and judged by well known dog menMATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME JUDGE#288-91 winchester Knls & T.T.K.s SCARLET nl F50 :3 8 Preacher *#9t2-97 Funky Medinas FLY GIRL [1] F50 1:26 Yankee Geo*#783-98 Harper & Pierces MISS lvflSSY F50 :23 Redline Len*
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE 17 ¡r üALVATORES CHUCO LOCO Mountain Mans LIL BILL JR WeeksRASTUS DossGYPSY LEE Hunts TAW TAW MOCOOT Duhons PETER Hunts GATOR BEAUTY Duhons MISS BOOMERSALVATORES CHUCO LOCO Dutchs TIGER Hunts DOUBLE DUTCH Dutchs CLAUDINE Hunts SEIKO Hard Times KennelsERNIE Hunts ICE Marlowes YELLOW WIDOW Bred in the East, shown in the mid-west and won over credible competition, at weights ranging from 46 to 5l lbs.The bloodline has a little RED BOY, a little Cajun and some North Carolina blood.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-T]ME ruDGE#369-97 Kershners SWIG [] M51 :48 Mex-Tex*#1498-97 Juice & LouisMONEY [] M50 :26 Pete Greek*#302-98 Mailmans "C" M45 l:06 Mex-Tex*#1146-98 Chicago Bulls REX [1] M46 l:57 Johnny ROUGHNECKS GRAZY HammondsRUFUS ROM HammondsVITO The Plumbers SIOUX Lacys LEROY SofiakisBLACK BART Bambis JOE SofiakisBLACK DIAMONDROUGHNECKS CRAZY SorrellsSMACK Ponderosas BOLO SorrellsSNAP ON Lacys HOOKER Patricks LITTLE TATER Ponderosas MAXI Ponderosa BUTTER CUP A little bit of Hammonds, a little bit of Sofiakis, a little bit of Sorrells and a little bit of Patrick all add up to make CRAZY, a little dog that has more time in action than most, seven and a half hours, the last time in a losing cause. Won three in good competition way out West.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#971-96 Dr Rojas SANGUAL [] M35 2:10 Desert Rat*#2t5-97 Indian SINBAD [1] M40 2:22 Chainweight+#267-98 Dr Rojas CHIDITO [1] M38 l:30 Old Town K*$466-98 LOST TO: V.B.K.s CH. RED M38 l:31 Chainweight*
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE 18 M¡TLBUSTHRS DAMASEUS Halls CARLOS Halls NICE GUY Halls SUGAR Halls DAMIEN Halls SWAMPER Halls SWAMP PISTOL StevensNATIONAL VELVETMILLBU STER KENNELS DAMASCUS CORVINO BREEDING Halls CRYPT BITCH CORVINO BREEDING Bred by B.Hall. Woon his first with the Hoosier Connection. Then won his next two with the Millbusters over credible competition in the Northeast.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#641-96 Chain Mans LITTLE RED [] M39 :53 Paddy#916-97 Hard Times KennelsCHOKE [1] M38 :37 Blyn Kright*#7 01-98 Scratchliners LITTLE FROSTY [] M38ll2 :45 Hell on Earth* ATILA KENNELS DENDY Vukusas SPOOKY *t*o Radonjics COBRA Atita Kennelr, ario*)"t Vukusas SPOOKY Sovics MIMA Radonvics COBRAATILA KENNELS DENDY Radonvics GYPSY JIM Radonvics JO JO Bohachek,s roriuoonuics Country BoysTHOR Ljubomirs RED TINA Country BoysSPANKY Won three times in show that took place in Central EuropeMATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#1363-91 Cuba Kennels PHILL M52 :16 Spice#394-98 Hazard KennelsWHAM JR M55 :36 Misdin#813-98 Persias RICO M54 :48 Zineffi
    • YEARBOOK98 HORVATHS DIBO Bosses PISTON Auclairs CH TOM Bosses PEPSI Bosses T-BOY Payeurs MARANT Dugals SPOT IngrasBINGHORVATHS DIBO Heffners RED RINGO Dragens ALI ANGEL Heffhers MISS ALVIN Karadzies MAGI Heffners RED RINGO Dragens BELLA Heffners MISS ALVIN Won three times in shows that took place in Central EuropeMATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME JUDGE#1 35-98 Lenkas JACK M48 l:19 Rejzek#840-98 Stekels FREDY M48 45 Blazek#1396-98 Vaskos ROLF M49 30 Svedo FALGON KENNELS DINGO Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM Abneys JAMES Shady Hills CRICKET M.C.s LAZER Mountain Mans ABLE M.C.s HONEYDEW Wildside Kennels FRECKLESFALCON KENNELSDINGO Mountain Mans FRED Ferrazos FIDLER HargrovesMISS RUFUS Lucky AcesTHUMPER Ferrazos RANGER Courseys BABE Snakemans PAY DAY A buckskin dog, 49-50 Ibs., won three times in the Northeast over credible comoetition. Bred by Lucky Aces KennelsMATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME JUDGE#914-97 Kips STONE M50 :28 Latino Fam.*#t151 -91 Skippers WYATT [] M49 :36 Latino Fam.*#353-98 Yankee Boys TIGGER [l] M49 I:54 H.C.*
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE 20 M-M.M. & WALL BOYZERN:E Finleys CH BO ROM Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM CH HONEYBUNCH ROM SMILEY M.M.M.s Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM Orrs DOLLY Ybarras COGINAM.M.M. & WALL BOYZ ERNIE Gamers CHUCK Gradys CH RED MAN Gradys LITTLE GIRL Gradys SPECIAL Garners CHINAMAN ROM Gradys LITTLE GIRL Watson & Peelers MISS KITTY Bred by M.M.M. Kennels and shown by M.M.M. and WallBoyz. A winner in three shows in the Mid-west over credible competition, his longest :45. A black dog.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#483-97 Big O.s REX [l] M4l :42 W Short *#992-91 Shorts PONCHO [] M4l :45 Macho Man#l 085-98 Warrens ROJO M42 :22 W Short * BULLOCKS FANNY Patricks BULL BOY BOB ROM Thrifts CH BOBBY JR Patricks TUFFY Daves BLACK POISON Burtons GR CH HANK Hackmans MISS CHAMP ROM Captain Americas MISS BOOMERBULLOCKS FANNY GR CH CHEROKEE CHIEF ROM Lees CH RENO ROM BoylesDIRTY MARY ROM DavisMS SCOOT Hackmans SIR DOUGLAS Hackmans GIZMO Hackmans MISS CHAMP ROM From a pedigree full of Register of Merit producers, FANNY lost her first time out in :03, then came back to win in four shows. A 35-37 lb. bitch her loneest went..47 .MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#8-91 LOST TO: Canadians MOLLY F37 03 Cobalt Knl*#1301-97 Marshalls TOOT F37 39 J.R.*#290-98 L.B.C.s MARY F35 22 S.S.T.#1295-98 TN Combines SHELLY F35 47 Sarge
    • YEARBOOK9S PAGE22 ATILA KENNETSFREDY Hansens DANGER Ganjas BLACK MAGIC Country Boys BLACK PEARL Ruppes BUSTER Auclairs CH TOM Conigans CHARGAL GirouxROSIEATILA KENNELSFREDY BoudreauxPRETTY BOY Dennedys PADDY Boudreaux BONNIE Zinettis CH AZRA S.T.P.s GR CH BUCK ROM Marsonia Kennels PULLI Pavnes CH SLINKY Won his three in Central Europe. A 37 lb. buckskin dogMATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#1597-97 Spijuns BRONCO IÑ.f37 :56 Wermacht K#396-98 Brothers TOMISLAV Ild37 :55 Drasho#1204-98 Hazard KennelsBULLY M37 ll2 1:05 Muscuni MARIO & MEX-TEXGANCHO BassTRAMP RED BOY Baileys BINGO Marlowes FANNY W.C.C.s DEACON ROM Marlowes MR BULLDOG Marlowes PEACHES Marlowes BRANDY GIRLMARIO & MEX-TEXGANCHO Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM Garretts ROCK Crenshaws DOLLY Mex-TexNENA Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM Garretts BELLE Garretts KATE A straight JEEP/RED BOY cross which has been very successful in recent years. Won three times in credible competition in the Mid west. Bred by Mex-Tex, campaigned by Mex-Tex and Mario.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#929-95 Moes BUTKUS [] M42 :24 i Smith*tr | )+z-> t Masons BOOGALOO lll M4I tl Z-Mob#44-98 Scomian KennelsLEROY M40ll2 1:39 Pete Greek*
    • ( ( I YEARBOOK98 PAGE23 ( I MARSONIA KENNELS GA.. . I ( Skip & Mads CH JOE TESTIMENT I SorrellsCH UNCLE BUCK SorrellsCRAZY BLONDIE II I Marsonia Kennels AGA Sorrells ROADBLOCK I SorrellsELLIE MAE SorrellsCRAZY FIERA IMARSONIA KENNELSGARY Dennedys pADDy I Marsonia Kennels SPIRO Marsonias PULLI ( Marsonia KennelsZINA S.T.p.s GR CH BUCK ROM ( Marsonia Kennels PULLI paynes CH SLINKY , . ( Bred, raised and campaigned by Marsonia Kennels in Central Europe. Sorrells breeding crossed into I a Boudreaux/GR CH BUCK bloodline. A black doe. I I I aMATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE a#988-96 M.I.L.s CARLOS M40 l:02 Zeyko I a# 47-97 Brothers Kennels SARENKO M37 :45 E.T. I#569-98 Hazard KennelsJOCKER M42 l:16 Vinny R * I I I I t I I HIGH TECH KENNELSGRIP t I a CatesNIGERINO CatesCUJO CatesMISS KITTY I Wildside Kennels LUCIFER CatesNIGERINO I TownsendsBLACK WIDOW CatesPATCHES IHIGH TECH KENNELS GRIP HammondsPIG a Hammonds PARKSON HammondsRONNIE B a Bay States KennelsMISS PRANCE HammondsSARAH BELL McManusUSELESS Perrys MISS PACMAN t a Bred by Bat Stae from a cross of Cates and Hammonds bloodlines. Won three in the mid west. A red bitch t 40 -42 lbs. t I t IMATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE I#s79-97 Junes DIAMOND F40 1:10 Sant I I#r569-97 Walkers TOM BOY F42 :36 Mex-Tex * t#1019-98 Face 2 Face Kennels SPADE F41 :28 Scratchliner+ t t ! t t t t I I
    • YE,{R,BOOK98 PAGE24 Eil | IE COLLAR KENTFtS GR.UNT ¡rJ L¡ , Crenshaws CH RASCAL Mt. Mans CH HOMER ROM Marks MIDNIGHT Plumber Rons CH YO YO Byrds JAKE II 3D KennelsSHASTA ThurmondsMINDYBLUE COLLAR KENNELS GRUNT Plumber Rons CH yO yO Kennalds LUCIFER Salems WRINGER Kennards RED CHILE Rebel KennelsCH TURTLE ROM Rebel KennelsPEG Salems WRINGER GRLTNT won four times before being match into J.C.Shaws Grand Champion BLACK JACK, GRUNT lost in :45. A red dog that won four times in Florida his longest over another dog named BLACK JACK at catch weight, in l:26.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#1256-96 Y.s BRUISER M48 :42 Hard Times *#r43-97 Hard Times KennelsMAKO [] M48 :49 Trail Driver*#rr45-97 Martvs COCAINE M48 :30 Colored Bros*#r79-98 Kenny L.s BLACK JACK MCW l:26 ,|#1020-98 LOST TO: JC Shaws CH BLACK JACK M52 :45 McCluney SHARIFFS HAWKSHAW Sorrells SHOESHONE SorrellsHARD EYES Sorrells SISTER Sorrells CH. SAILOR SorrellsS.T.P. SorrellsBANDIT Sorrells B.J.SHAzuFFS HAWKSHAW SorrellsSHOESHONE SonellsROAD BLOCK SorrellsLIBERTY LADY Sorrells & Sha¡iffs COME HERE SorrellsJOHNNY WALKER RED SorrellsJ.B. Sorrells COTTON MOUTH A straight Sorrells bloodline. Shown by three deffernt kennels. His first with Running Bull Kennels, his second with Hi-Voltage Kennels before gaining his championship with Shariff. HAWKSIIAW was campaigned during 1993 to 1995. His championship was applied for three years after his career ended.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGENov-Dec93 P28 Clydes FAT BOY M5l l:22 wild BiilSeo-Oct94 P24 Skats RED ZONE M51 :58 Buckshot#592-95 Ronnies RUGER M48l/2 :59 N Wilson
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE 25 Reuvers FRANK AlmendarezGATOR BOY AlmendarezMISS DESS Sylvesters LIL FRANK Reuvers FRANK AlmendarezLfL BRENDA Callaways LIL BITL.A. DREAM TEAMS HERCULES Chargers LIL SON RED Duerlers P.D.Q. Duerlers BLACK MAGIS Hardys TRICKSIE Faulkners BLACK JACK M & RDs JACK OF HEARTS Duerlers FANCY PANTS four time winner from the West Coast, won over credible competition in 1997 and 1998. A buckskin and white dog bred by Zoeller and campaigned by the L.A. Dream Team.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME JUDCE#t224-97 C.M.B.s BLAZER [] M44 :45 Cat+#t304-97 Bomb Squads SNOOT [] M42 :27 Cubano Rick*#716-98 Mike & Co.s SMASH M44 l:30 Youngerest#1848-98 Dr Rojas TIGER [1] M45 :38 V,B.K.* MUSCLE THUNDERS HERCULES D Holcombs DUSTY HughesDUSTY II D Holcombs MISTY CrewsROCKY Cottinghams BOOMER Cottinghams SHEBA Cottinghams GINGERMUSCLE THUNDERS HERCULES Hammonds VITO Maynards LEROY Lemasters W.VA.BAMBI iO CrewsDIAMOND Tants GR CH YELLOW ROM CrewsSASSY LADY S.T.P.s CH SASSY A big dog bred by C. Crews and campaigned in the Great Lakes area by Muscle Thunder.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt.SEX-TIME ruDGE#1240-97 Chairman of the Boards PIRANHA M54 :34 Public Enemy#144s-97 Dens LOC MCW t2 Scurvy#349-98 "Q"s CORRUPT MCW :58 Big Jay
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE26 FTREMANS HILOJACK MErrittS CH BAD COMPANY Bamaavs KU Petersons LIZ Tottoris BLACK JACK Halls ROBERT Makepits HARD TIMES Halls SHARON GET A HOLTFIREMANS HILOJACK Reddicks HERMAN Boudreaux MAVERICK Boudreaux LIZA BoudreauxHAZEL BoudreauxBOSS Boudreaux BABETTE Boudreaux BRANDY Owned and bred by the Firernan from a B.[Iall x Eoudreaux bloodline. Won;three times in the Hawaii IslandsMATCH # OFPONENT V/tSEX-TfME ruDGE#1177-97 Azevedos REVTENGE ñf45 l:25 Hiloboy#1510-97 .A Azevodos POPEYE M45 J+ Hiloboy#30 l-98 Millers SLICK M45 :56 Hiloboy J.R.& D.IIAMS HOMELESS coRrARo parricks HMER RoM nti:1":".t-?3t:Blrs Patricks HOMER II Patricks HOWLER Patricks BOLIO BEAUTY Patricks RHONDAJ.R. & D.HAMS HOMELESS Lees CANDY MAN Sparks OCALA COWBOY Sparks CANDY GIRL McDaniels ELOISE Roberts TRUCK FLAP Roberts QUEEN Thurmonds RED GIRL Bred by G. McDaniels from a l/2 Patrick and l/2 Florida breeding, won three times in 1998.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#799-98 Cotter & Coffeys BLACKIE F36 :15 New Jack*#852-98 Pepper & Slim Woodys ROXIE F37 ,¿.) DHam*# 1 690-98 Scratchliners RUBY II ] F36 1:36 T Mack *
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE27 OCHOA KENNELSINDIA Kincaids ROLO Patricks LA BOMBA Patricks RED BABY ROM Patricks RICK RUDE Patricks BULL BOY BOB ROM Patricks CHERYL TIEGS Patricks TESSYOCHOA KENNELS INDIA Kincaids ROLO Patricks CHOMPS Patricks ROSE Patricks WONDER WOMAN Patricks ISLAND GIRL Bred by Pat Patrick. A red bitch campaigned in the West at 32-33 tbs.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX.TIME JUDGE# t) t-v I Lalos NEGRA F33 l:07 Marcos#lrt5-97 RamosMONA F32 :37 Carlos# 1095-98 Dr Ramos & Jeffes CINDY F32 l:23 Torasco PITMAI{S IRON MAI{ BassTRAMP RED BOY Baileys BINGO Marlowes FANNY Kamakazee Ifuls HUNTER RED ROM Marlowes MR BULLDOG Marlowes PEACHES Marlowes BRANDY GIRLPITMANS IRON MAN Tants GR CH YELLOW ROM Tants D.C. Tants GLADYS Trussells POLLY Tants GR CH YELLOW ROM Tants DOLLY Tants MISS JOCKO A RED BOY x TANT breeding and since GR CH YELLOW, R.O.M. is from a RED BOY/CH JOCKO bloodline, IRON MAN is very heaw in RED BOY breedins. Bred by A. Trussell.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#299-97 Dred Lok KennelsHULK [l] M39 l:15 Abe *#1122-97 Spiveys REX M39 :38 Dempsey#1793-98 Texas Petes JOHNNY M38 :44 Carlos
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE 28 HOGTOWI{ KENNEI,SUJ.J. Woods SNOOTY ROM MimsMR BREWER MimsMOXIE MimsCH ruDGE GirouxROCKY MimslCE GirouxCH STJNDAYHOGTOWNS J.J. Bices BUMPY Iron Workers BADGER Beebees SHUTTLE McDaniels RAT Walstons GORK Finchers MISS TANK Walstons SILVER KATIE Won his first in The Carolinas as G.M.s J.J., then went to Canada to become a Champion. Bred by G. McDaniels and campaigned to his championship by Hogtown Kennels.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#102-91 Hell on Earth KnlsROCKY [] M43 :43 Ward *#858-97 Stephens TONY M44l/2 :54 Little Dan *#36-98 Godfreys RHONDO M43 l:25 Barnes * RUFF RIDERS JUICE, Andres JOEY SappsLOBO Andres PEARL Vietnam KennelsROLL DOG Indian Eddies TOBY Vietnam Knls SHEILA Carver,s PERSONALITYRUFF RIDERS JUICE Indian Eddies TOBY Vietnam Knls MACK CUJO Carvers PERSONALITY Vietnam KennelsRATTLER Taylors NEMO WHITE BOY VietnamKennelsRASCAL Vietnam KennelsECHO If you go back far enough in the pedigree you will find that ruICE was bred fiom Carver breeding, Carvers PISTOL and MISS SPIKE. Bred by Vietnam Kennels and campaigned by Ruff Rider.MATCH# OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME JUDGE#t268-96 Home Grown KennelsTHOR [] M45 1:05 Vietnam K¡l*#481-97 M&R Kennels HITMAN M45 :44 J Boyles +#t637-97 Grinders BOWSER [1] M45 :23 Moody *
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE 29 SWIFTS KEE Lees CANDY MAN GillisGIZMO GillisTONKA B.Oreos LUG NUT SandaczWILLIE G Rodents RED REBEL Schmittleins SPECIAL NIKITASWIFTS KEE Halls CARLOS Halls BLACK CARLOS Halls MISS BOOBS Halls MISS RENEE Maloneys BERT Halls DEMPSEY Halls SUGAR Abig,43-44Ib brindle and white bitch, bred by B, Coburn from a B.Hall bloodline crossed into a MIDNIGHT COWBOY bloodline. Won two quick one before going 1:40 to win a championship.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#rrt3-97 Rawas PRINCESS F44 :28 Adam#304-98 Roosevelts MECCA F44 07 M.J.#1107-98 Kikos LIZZY GATOR F43 l:40 Tate YS KEYBUMP BoylesRIGHT HAND MAN Huúchesons JAZZjllAN Hutchesons POGO Deloachs BEATLE BAILEY Boyles CLYDE THE I-INDERTAKER Mans RED GOLD BoylesLUG NUTSOUTHERN GRADYS KEY BUMP Ramseys ARTEY Ramseys BUFORD Ramseys CHERRY Hunts APRIL Woods SLTNDANCE Hunts KIMSEY W Woods SHELLY Won over the same kennels, using the sáme judge three times . Bred by Bobby JonesMATCH # OPPoNENT :: i ruDGE " .t <#1352-97 Hooterville Boys DABO [] Il/4 n ¡t¡Tv .LJ Morgan *#r557-91 Hooterville Boys BUCK [l] M42 l:47 Morgan *#474-98 Hooterville Boys OUTLAW [] M42 :22 Morgan +
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE 30 BELLOI{ CLUESOKOCG Bellon ClubsPIOJO BellonClubsYOKOSHIWA BellonClubsYANGA Bellon ClubsVENAMO Villars POOL Bellon ClubsRUMBA Bellon ClubsMARAGASBELLON CLUBS KOCO Bellon Clubs SINELNIKOF Bellon ClubsCH COCOL Bellon ClubsMARAGAS Bellon ClubsBRUJA Bellon ClubsROMANO Bellon ClubsJUANA Bellon ClubsCHANCA Bred, raised, conditioned and campaigned in Mexico by the Bellon Club.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#788-97 Miranda & Andrades PAISANO [] M35l/2 l:17 B.I.V. +#377 -98 Miranda Clubs CHENQUE [ ] M35 :48 Saul *#1t97-98 Miguel Angels TIGER M38 :42 Victor UI{TOUCHABLES LEFTY Patricks LITTLE TATER S.T.P.s GR CH BUCK ROM Patricks RED LADY Ratliffs CH BUTKUS ROM Onellos SHERMAN THE TANK Ratliffs DAISY MAE ROM Onellos TWISTED SISTERUNTOUCHABLES LEFTY McGees PANTHER. DavisCH LIGHTNING McGees JILLY BUCK Ratliffs SPICE Garners CHINAMAN ROM Barnhills BAD MAMA Garners BAT LADY Bred by T. Ratliff by crossing a son of GRAND CHAMPION BUCK ínto a CHINAMAN/PANTHER bloodline. A black and white dog that has a ioss sandwiched in between his four wins. His longest match was :48, his shortest was :21.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#777-91 Taylors JIMN/IY BOY M43 :21 T.R.#rr62-97 Deepline K¡lsONYX M43 .48 Undertaker*#t509-97 Live Wire & R&Rs JOHNNY BROVO M42 34 Little Rob *#878-98 LOST TO: Milk, Incs V-MAN I|/.44 40 H.O.E.*#r402-98 Colored Brothers lv{AGIC tl M42 :38 Jump Master
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE 3I BIG BOYS LIGHTNING Stovers BULLBIG BOYSLIGHTNING HargrovesCH OUTLAW BOUNTY HUNTER LITTLE QUEENIE Smiths BITry Finleys CH BO ROM Dukes NEL!I_:_II NELLIE JO _ Cant tell much about the pedigree of this little 32-34 lb male, but he won several good matches over credible competition from 1993 to 1996. Bred by R. Stover.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME JUDGEMar-Apr93 pg27 Blakes MUGGS M32l/2 :58 Slick *#182-95 Boyd M.s CHICO [] M34 :59 Mr President*#684-96 WatkinsMOSES Ul M32 :27 Slick * AMERICANMADE LSLTZZY Finleys CH BO ROM Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM CH HONEYBUNCH ROM Longs WERDO ROM Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM Orrs DOLLY Ybanas COGINAAMERICAN MADE KNLS LTZZY Finleys CH BO ROM Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM CH HONEYBUNCH ROM Baileys TOOTSIE Crenshaws RASCAL JR Genes HONEY Crenshaws DOLLY From a double bred JEEP bloodline, bred by L. Bailey. LIZZY was first shown by L. Bailey and won over her future owners American Made Kennels, who went on to win three more with her and a championship.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#r347-96 American Made K¡lsSANDY Ul F35 :43 Leona¡d K*#288-98 Parker & Co.s SHASTA F33 :30 Leona¡d K*#902-98 Metre Toms BELLA F35 v2 :43 D.C.#1831-98 Dred Lok KnlsBAMA GIRL [] F34l/2 :47 Leonard K*
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE32 KURDAWG KE¡{I{ELSLOCO Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM Cochrans BUCKY Marlowes TABBY GIRL Hootervilies Boys RED MAN Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM Garretts TURBO Marlowes TABBY GIRLKUR DAWG KENNELS LOCO Hands HAPPY HACK Thurmonds CRACKER JACK Eunices PIGGY Hooterville Boys HOLLY Longs TIGER Banks BLACK PANTHER Harris & Weavers BLACK MAGIC Bred by the Hooterville Boys by breeding an inbred JEEP dog to a bitch from a MIDNIGHT COWBOY bloodline. Won three times in the deep, deep South. All of hid matches were short, tyhe longest going :28.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#900-97 Gator & Co.s CASH MONEY [] M40112 :18 Much *#1263-97 J Macks RASCAL M42 :25 Pepsi Kid#29r-98 Nazeries MONEY DOG M4l :28 J Boyles * S.T.P.ts LUKA f{E Chavis CH YELLOW JOHN ROM Tants GR CH YELLOW ROM Tants MISS JOCKO Southem KnlsGR CH MAY DAY Brownings YAZOO CODY Hollingsworths DOLLY ROM PatricK.s LADY IN REDS.T.P.S LUKANE Tants BOB Powerhouse Knl CH DEADLIFT Tants GLADYS Aycarts XUXA Havana BoysGR CH RODNEY Aycarts LUDIE S.T.P.s MINNIE LUKANE was bred by Southem Kennels and won his first two with South Down Kennels before winning his championship with S.T.P.. Basicall a RED BOY/JOCKO bloodline.MATCH# OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#648-9,1 Ha¡d Drive Kennels BLACK MCW l:18 Big Pit#1077-97 Super Kennels RED MAN [] M50 1:13 Trail Driver+# 13 5 1-98 Sarge Kennels POT PIE [1] M53 :38 Queen City*
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE 33 ABLEZINS LUTIIER Murphys OILER Cherokees OILER JR ROM Boyles BLACK GOLD S.T.P.s CH BLK PAZMANIAN Boyles CH BOLT ACTION ROM Mans LADY BUG Burchs CINDYABLIZANS LUTHER Patricks LITTLE TATER S.T.P.s GR CH BUCK ROM Patricks RED LADY FarmerBrown &ZebosCHCHINAGIRL BuftonsGRCHHANK Vinasros GINA BLUE EYES Greenwoods PEACHES A three time winner in Russia and voted DOG OF THE YEAR, 1997 by the Russian Magazine. Bred by F. Brown from a mostly Patrick?Boyles bloodline.MATCH# OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#921-97 BelmesGREGOR M49l/2 l:10 Babentsov#1339-9,1 Zinkovs JOCKER I¡"{46 2:01 Pavlenko#214-98 Rustams DEVIL M46 :49 Babentsov PURIST BOYSMEAT HEAI) -l BoudreauxBOSS Jons BUGGER MAN Boudreaux BRANDY Hobdys PETE R.C. & The Soso BoysGR CH FRITZ LaPierres ITTY BITTY R.C.s MAGNOLIAPUzuST BOYSMEAT HEAD Hydes HALF DEAD LaPierres NINJA Togias MISS MOLLY Hobdys MALTERA LaPierres SPIKE Togias MISS MOLLY LaPierres BASHFUL A four time winner, two of those wins against the same dog. Bred by H,Hubdy, campaigned in the Northwest.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt.SEX-TIME ruDGE#t4t-97 Tom C.s SONNY M40 :25 Ed Haskell+#896-9,7 Tom C.s SONNY M39 :51 Weeks#231-98 Eddie Haskells JEFF [l] M39 ;48 R.J.#161 8-98 OK Slims SNAKEY I|vl37 :J) RJ.
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE 34 IJF{CH KENNELS METSTER CummingsMIDAS Kellys TSMANIAN DEVIL CummingsTINKER Kellys YOTNG CHINA BOY Garners CHINAMAN ROM Kellys YOLTNG CHINA GIRL Garners YOLING CHINA GIRLKRUNCH KENNELS MEISTER Garners SPIKE Garners OTIS Garners BEAUTY T Moaks MABELINE Cottinghams COTTON Wildside Knls LITTLE CHERRY Garners WILD CHERRY Carolina breeding all the way. Won over good competition at 46-49 lbs. in the North.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#1464-97 Octagon Kennels CHEW [] M49 l:15 M. Kelly *#777-98 Team USAs LIVE WIRE [] M46 50 Blyn Knight*# l40 r -98 Carpenter &Pizzamans SAUSAGE [] M46 30 Mass Com* B-LIF{E KENIELS MS COWBOY HargrovesCH OUTLAW Hurleys BOBBY JACK Morgans PzuSSY B-Line Kennels CH COWBOY HargrovesCH OUTLAW B-Line Kennels LIL BITS Irish Jerrys JANIEB-LINE KENNELS MS COWBOY Hands HAPPY JACK Smiths DUSTY Lees CH COW GIRL Smith & B-Line ItulsMIDGET III Lees CANDY MAN B-Line KennelsMIDGET Lees CH COW GIRL Bred by B-line Kennels by breeding an inbred "MIDNIGHT COWBOY" bitch to a double bred CH. OUTLAW maleMATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#210-07 OutsidersAMBER F32 J) Barney Fife+#1 01 8-97 Bullocks TERRA It] F3l :40 Chaos#246-98 Dred Lok KennelsWIDOW [] fJJ I l6 W.VA.Steve*
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE 35 BALTIMORE RONS MISS GATOR Matsons CH FRED T Wilkersons T-BOY Wilkersons ICEPICK ANNIE Browns JANUARY Powell & Wilkersons CHAINy Januarys KIWI Wilkersons LIGHTHEAD LILBALTIMORE RONS MISS GATOR HughesGATOR Harveys DAKOTA JACK Mark,s VALIANT VINDY Harveys JACQUELINE CrumsJOE BOB Harveys CREAMIE CrumsCOMMOTION A big bitch 42-46 lbs. there was almost four years between her first and second match. A black bitch that was going on seven years of age for her last two. The bloodline is from the West but campaigned in the East MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME JUDGE SEP-OCT94 P23 Kips DOLLY F46 :21 O-Boy #95-98 Untouchables RED GIRL [1] F42 l:48 Milk, Inc* #563-98 Mikes DAISY F43 :24 James STONE CITY KENNELSMISS NICO S.T.P.s GR CH BUCK ROM KnlsJEDI Stone City S.T.p.s CH SASSY Stone City KnlsCH NICO Tants GR CH YELLOW ROM S.C.K. AWESOME BABY RoM Tant,s GoLDYSTONE CITY KENNELSMISS NICO Crenshaw,s CH JEEP ROM Abneys JEEP III Shady Hills CRICKEY stone city & Horsemans MISS JEEp crenshaws cH JEEP RoM Horsemans JINX Andersons BRANDY Bred, raised and campaigned in Puerto Rico by Stone City Kennels. A cross of two Grand Champions bred to a double bred JEEp bitch.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt.SEX-TIME ruDGE#t 177 -9s Diasaster Kennels ROSE Il] F38 :40 Jamie#635-96 Bushido Mikes LADY [1] F39 :51 Disaster *#1104-91 Beach Boy Kennels MUGRE F37 l:40 Metro Boy
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE 36 T.K.O.S MTSS T R SorrellsCH GATOR Reuvers FRANK Patricks MISS BOOMER TKO & Shaws EARL T Fords LITTLE PETE Plants HI VOLTAGE BULLET Fords BLACKYT.K.O.S MISS T Woods SMOKEY Woods RICO Eudys MISS SMOKE TKO & McDonalds AUTUMN Hydes BUCKSHOT Hydes GREMLIN Hydes SPADE A 38 lb, black bitch that won three short matches into good in the Northeast. "orj.r,r,on Bred, raised and campaigned by T.K.O.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#1197 -97 Queen City KennelsRED BITCH [] F38 :28 Pit Islandr#1513-97 Yankee BoysHI TEST [] F38 :22 Preacher *#468-98 Sids IRENE F38 34 Pit Island* T.K.O.tS MOUSE R SorrellsCH GATOR Reuvers FRANK Patricks MISS BOOMER TKO & Shaws EARL T Fords LITTLE PETE Plant HI VOLTAGE BULLET Fords BLACKYT.K.O.S MOUSE T.K.O.s MAX T.K.O.s TIGER BOY T.K.O.s BOMBER T.K.O.s BLACK FOLLY Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM Brodts ROXIE Brodts BANDIT A black, 37 lb bitch, bred, raised and campaigned by T.K.O. Two of her matches went over two hours.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#142-97 Winchester Kennels SANDY [1] F37 :36 Redline Len*#t106-91 Mikes ROSIE F37 2:05 Solo#605-98 Shady Days TRIXIE F37 2:12 Gator Boys*
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE 37 THE JUDGES MAUSER GRCH CHEROKEE CHIEF ROM Boyles CH BOLT ACTION ROM Boyles DIRTY MARY ROM Joses GR CH BULL Thrifts CH BUMPER Boyles LIMITED EDITION ROM BoylesMISS CHAIN SAWREDTHE JUDGES MAUSER Garners CHINAMAN ROM Woeqpels COBRA Woerpels SALLY Trod Busters GINA Gamers SPIKE Garne/s MISS HOLLYWOOD Garners MAGGIE II Bred by The Judge from a straight cross of two of the more popular bloodlines of the day. Boyles and Garner. A buckskin that won three in the midwest.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#t263-96 Bootnans JOSE [] M47 :38 Darkside#922-97 Cold Countrys JOWEONE I[d47 :50 Bandwason*#1600-97 Darkside Kennels GUNNER M48 :28 Anthony QUEEN CITY IR The ? Kids RECRUIT The ? Kid & Juans PETE The ? Kids TUFFY The ? Kid & Juans RED BOY S.T.P.s GR CH BUCK ROM Juans LADY BUCK S.T.P.s CH SASSYQUEEN CITY KENNELS OCKMIR ChavisCH YELLOW JOFIN ROM S.T.P.s CH TORO Greens SANDY Queen Citys STRAWBERRY DAIQUIRI Onellos BUTCHERBOY Q.T.s MISS BITCH Q.T.s KATIE A red dog bred by Queen City Kennels and campaigned by them in the top competition of the NortheastMATCH# OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#t92-97 Second to None KennelsBAD BOY Il] M43 l:10 The ? Kid+#9lr-97 The ? KIds B.J. [] M43 1:09 Clambar B.*#76-98 Capitol Punnishment & The Skippers OPIE [l] |M41l/2 :47 The ? Kid *
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE 38 HOCJTT & ABES FAIEtrA Indian BOLIO ROM Patricks EL DOS BITS Patricks DAISY Fatricks HOh4ER Roivi AdkinsBENNY Romeros CzuCKET AdkinsFREYJAHOCUTT & ABES PANDA Patricks ROHO GonzzlezKERMIT MorrisMURPHY Patricks PANDA II Patricks BOLIO JR GonzalezGR CH OJO AZUL patricks ANGEL FACE Bred by Pat Patrick and campaigned in the Mason-Dixon area. Won three times before losine to another champion in 1:55. Her three wins were all in under 40 minutes.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#4t0-96 Mountain Boys SISTER Il] F3t :38 Cobalt Knl*#324-98 Big Brads RONNIE F32 i5 I D.C.#506-98 Dog Mans CHERRY F3l 1/2 :39 J Sammy#1628-98 LOST TO: T.Earls CH WITCH HUNT F31 1:55 S Mason* THE HORSEMAF{S PATAGOhIIA Finleys CH BO ROM Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM CH HONEYBLINCH ROM Garretts HARLEY Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM Garrefts RAQUEL Crenshaws DOLLYHORSEMANS PATAGONIA WilliamsCH PALADIN Wests BLACK JACK Middletons BLACK BETTY Tristianis LAUzuE Garners CHINAMAN ROM Tristianis CH GAME JANE Garners ELLIE Shown in Ruerlo Rico in 1993 and again in 1996. a39-40Ib bitch was bred by Dr. Tristianiand campaigned by the Horseman. A cross of several very good bloodlines.MATCH # OPPONENT V/t-SEX-TIME ruDGEM-A93 Pg 26 RamosYANGUE F39 ll0 DonD+J-A93 Pg22 Cardura & The Metro Boys TINA F40l12 :40 Duende *#67 -96 Freddys TINA F39 :26 Don D*
    • I I YEARBOOK98 PAGE 39 I I ( SARGE KE,NNELS POPEYE ( I CrumsJOE BOB I CrumsCARIBOU CrumsCHUMAREE { Hollingsworths BULL Patricks LITTLE TATER I Patricks LADY IN RED Andersons ROSE (SARGE KENNELSPOPEYE Crums COPPERHEAD I Wasiks T.J. Blankenships MISS ETHEL ANN Sarge & Wasiks RAJA P&H kennelsCH ROCKY I Wasiks ROSIE Wasiks PRECIOUS ( ( After winning three, one of them in two hours, POPEYE lost his next time out in l:54. Bred, raised and ( campaigned by Sarge Kennels. All in the Noftheast. ( I I IMATCH # OPPONENT Wt.SEX-TIME JUDGE I#1384-96 Southern CT Bulldogs BEVIS M44 :33 Mahony I#5t3-9,7 Double D BovsCRUSTY M44 2:00 Uncle Fessie I I#r 00-98 Team USAs BLACK CEORGE [] M44 :49 P.B.Dynasty* I#tt71-98 LOST TO: Mass Combines PISTOL M43 l/2 1:54 Farmer I I I TEX-MEX ESPANAS PORFIRIO MoralesALACRAN YanezFUHRER MoralesNANARAS YanezINDIO MoralesHANDALL YanezCUCA MoralesPERKINSTEX-MEX ESPANAS PORFIRIO Morfins NINJA YanezCATO Morfins NO NAME YanezCHOCO MoralesHANDALL Morales HOLLANDIA MoralesPERKINS A big dog, 57 lbs, won in Europe. I dont recognize any of the dogs in this pedigreeMATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME JUDGE#t223-95 J.P.s NEGRO M57 :23 Samart *#129s-97 Eloys PIPO M57 :17 Juan#1602-97 Orion Kennels NESQUICK M57 :37 Jose
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE 40 WONDERBOVS P{JP PUP Patricks EL DOS BITS CORTARO FOOT 53s SUGAR Patricks ITTY BITS R Halls GR CH ANDY CAPP ROM Boyles CLYDE THE LrNDERTAKER 53s PENNY SUE BoylesCRANKSHAFTWONDER BOYS PUP PUP Boyles CH BOLT ACTION ROM CrewsRED OAK BoylesBLACK GOLD R&R KennelsTINY Winns RED NECK Bells DIINDEE Gershons TIMEX WON over some of the best in the Northeast. Bred by R&R Kennels from a predominately "Boyles" bloodline. His first was his toushest. he won ín2:45. A black doe with a white chest 36-37 lbs.MATCH# OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#r2s4-96 Latino Familys ENERGIZER [] M36 2:45 Fonze *#1397-97 Strickly Business Kennels SMOKIN JOE [] M37 :52 Gator Boyz*# I l 68-98 Hell on Earth KennelsLUNATIC [] M36112 :35 Latino Fam* KGRSAKENNELS IN MAN BoylesCH BOLT ACTION ROM W.C.C.s zuGHT HAND MAN BoylesBLACK GOLD B.B.K.s ERNIE Henry B.s CH MR ROGERS W.C.C.s TWIGGY Abrahams GR CH QUEEN OF HEARTSKORSA KENNELSRAIN MAN St Benedict KnlsJACK B.B,K.s TROOPER St Benedict Knls DOLLY B.B.K.s JENNY WellsSCALAWAG B.B.K. & Van Hootens YOYO St Benedicts KARMA Bred, raised and campaígn, in Europe by B.B,K. A cross of the Boyles bloodline and the St. Benedict Kennels bloodline.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#233-98 Donalds WHISKEY M49 :33 Mike#7ts-98 Dargo BoysGORDON M48 l:12 Nenard#tt24-98 T.F.s FLASH M49 v2 :45 Dargo Boys
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE 4I BELLON CLUBSRAYO Bellon Clubs SINELNICOF Bellon ClubsCH COCOL Bellon ClubsMORAGAS Bellon ClubsBURKS Bellon ClubsSTNELNICOF Bellon ClubsMORAGAS II Bellon ClubsMORAGAS BELLON CLUBSRAYO Koehlers C.B. Peterson RED MF Koehlers iOSIE Bellon ClubsGUERA Quintanillas ZEKE Quintanillas BROWN SUGAR BeyersZEBRA I I One of the smallest male dogs ever. A three time winner at27-28lbs. Bred by J. Viejo and campaigned ( by the Bellon Club in Mexico and Texas. I I I MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME JUDGE I I #1285-97 Big O.s SPUD [] M27 l:07 W Short* I #376-98 Mirandas LUCKY [] M28l/2 :48 Dr Garcia I I#r 155-98 Club Alemans PINGUINO M28l/2 l:40 Marcos I I I I GARI{ERS REBEL TOM Woods TROUBLE Garners CHINAMAN ROM Abemathys MOLLY Garners FRISCO Gamers CHINAMAN ROM Vinces CHINA GIRL HobbsTUFFYGARNERS REBEL TOM Hollingsworths BULL Hollingsworths PENCIL Hollingsworth,s ANGEL Gamers FAT BABY Garnerh CHINAMAN ROM Garners COOL CAT GHarners RUBY Bred by Tom Gamer from an inbred CHINAMAN bloodline. Won his first as Beach Bov Billv,s REBEL TOMMATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#1429-97 B.Boyss APACHE ld37 l:00 Over the Hill*#66-98 Heerslap & Shorrys DAPPER DAN .iy{37 l:00 New Jack*#789-98 Odd Couples ART [l] M37 l/2 :49 P.N.C.
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE 42 FEAD SERTOUS KENNELS REI} MAN McCools BULLY McCools SACK McCools VANNA Coys GR CH BANJO Thibodeaux DOUBLE TROUBLE HoskinsBETTY JO L.G.s MISS KIM ROMDEAD SEzuOUS KENNELSRED MAN Favres TIMEX L.G.S CH LITTLE MAN Thibodeaux SHEBA Dead Serious Kennels GR CH TINA ThibodeauxJIM BOB L.G.s MISS KIM ROM Currys ruMPER Both parents are Grand Champions. Bred by Dead Serious Kennels from a predominately "Thibodeau" bloodline.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#tt2-97 Guerreros CACHO [] M38 :52 M.A.D.*#618-97 Southside Kennels BLACKIE M39 :55 Bobo#305-98 G.C. & Spillers SAMPSON M40 l:06 Santos t I{ARD ROCK KE,I{I{ELS RED REX Sherwoods AL CAPONE Sherwoods GOLDEN BOY Sherwoods MS TREY WilliamsRED ROME Andersons RED BARON Robinsons BARONESS Hocutts GINGERHARD ROCK KENNELSRED REX Maloneys TEX Maloneys ANDY Maloneys TASSIE Sylvesters SHOESHINE GIRL A&Ss TEXAS RED Sylvesters BLACK WIDOW A&Ss BLACK LADY Bred by Sylvester and shown his first time by Flatliners Kennels and his second time as Caprocks A bie doe 6l-66 lbs. won in the Southwest.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#r20-96 Larrys CRAZY HORSE M6l :56 Rene#1344-91 Morsans JAKE M66 :37 Aik¡ui#669-98 Ners B.K. M65 :38 w.B.
    • ! Lnluvv 70 rAlrE ++ BILLY THE KTDS RINGER Loposays BUSTER ROM lrish Toms JUSTICE Morgans SANDY Busenbarks CH RATTLER ROM Woods SNOOTY ROM Busenbarks ROSY RED Brewers COPYBILLY THE KIDS RINGER Crenshaws RASCAL JR Mt. Mans CH HOMER ROM Marks MIDNIGHT Harringers SPIDER BITEM Carvers STOMPANATO BENNEttS BLACKIE FloresLADY A combínation bloodline made up of a lot of famous dogs. Bred by Busenbark.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME JUDGE#1204-96 Contractors CRYBABY II ] M45 :22 Rowdy Knls*#625-97 W.B.s DEMPSEY M45 ll2 l:33 w.A.#t422-97 W.A.s BULLET M451t2 ..54 R.D.M HORVATHS RITA Van HerpensACE Garlaunis DJANGO GoelzTINA Stevans BLACK KING GoelzFLAM GoelzTINA GoelzANTENITAHORVATHS RITA Auclairs CH TOM Bosses T-BOY Dugals SPOT Vlajkovs TINA Dragans ALI ANGEL Karadzics MAGI Dragans BELLA A white bitch with some black markings won her three in Central Europe. She apparently was bred in Europe by G. VlajkovMATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME JUDGE#136#98 Korchans SANDRA F5l 1/2 l3 Kubovcik#839#98 Martak Red Wamps KATY F5l r/2 :27 Blazek#1397#98 Toths DINGO F49 l0 Blazek
    • I tr.rItE UUA. Yó rAU¡,4) C&M KEI{NELSROSCOE B&Bs MAURICE Latin Horsemans ROCK Reuvers DAYTONA Latin Hbrsemans BONNIE Steinhoffs GRAY WOLF Steinhoffs CRAZY CARLA Finns M.B.C.,s BLACK ANGELC&M Kennels ROSCOE Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM Abneys JEEP III Shady HillK¡lsCRICKET C&M KennelsCOLD GIRL Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM Garretts RED GIRL Marlowes CUSTARD A buckskin dog, bred by The Latin Horseman in Puerto Rico from a dog from a Carver bloodline bred to a double bred JEEP bitch. Won his three in Puerto Rico, his first as Moores ROSCOE.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME JUDGE#787-96 Costas brindle [1] M37 :33 Disaster Knl*#1035-96 Stone City KennelsGOGO Il] M39 :52 Disaster Kll*#3-98 Cardura BovsMAGOO M39 :46 Disaster Knl* CANADIAN PETE & T.h[.T.S SADIE Coplins MAJOR LewisBANDIT Coplins CLEMENTINE LewisBEANS Kincaids BOGART Browns lylAIZE Maffies FLOSSIECanadian Pete &T.N.T.S SADIE Barretts MAD MAN Daves CH SIDNEY LewisLADY BONWELL ReynoldsRADICAL RITA Daves CH SIDNEY ReynoldsHOLLY FritzPANTHER From Canada and the Northwest. Bred by Joe Lewis. A black bitch won at 38 to 4l lbs.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#s21-96 Scrappers KANSAS F39 1:37 P Funk#1430-96 Hot Dogs BLACK ACE F38 l:20 Roscoe#1587-97 C.P.R-s GIRL F4l :51 Uphill Boys *
    • FF.rá BE]CKSHGES SASL#RPrt Sorrells BULLFFr SorrellsSHOESHONE SorrellsHARD EYES SorrellsCRAZY SNOOKIE DavisCFIIVOF BUCKSHOTS SAILOR SorrellsSISTER DavispIGGy SonellsCH GOOBERra Sonells S.T.P.PH SorrellsBANDIT Sorrells MISS ANN SorrellsJOHNNY WALKER REDt- Sor¡ells8.J. Beús COTTON MOUTHr!,r" A pure Sorrells bloodline, bred and owned by Sonells. His campaigning days were fairly long ago, 1990 to 1992, but his championship was just recently applied for.¡€??Pre MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE4 M-A90 pg 34 WadkinsTRAPPER M49l/2 1:15 Soso Boys*¡áFi S-O90 pg 23 Macks ROMPER M50 :36 Steve *4 J-A92 pg l8 Pecans FREDDY M50 l:10 Hi-Voltage-!á444444{€-€<t€€€44á€44€44 BABY FACE NELSONS SKOOTER4€4€4€414414
    • I -o¡!I-CJL/I YÓ PAAE 47 C&M KE¡{NELSSAM B&Bs MAURICE Latin Horsemans ROCK Reuvers DAYTONA Latin Horsemans BONNIE Steinhoffs GRAY WOLF Steinhoffs CRAZY CARLA Finn & M.B.C.s BLACK ANGELC&M KENNELSSAM Willia¡nsCH PALADIN Wests BLACK JACK Middletons BLACK BETTY Latin Horsemans LAURIE Garners CHINAMAN ROM Tristianis CH GAME JANE Garners ELLIE Bred by Latin Horseman in Puefto Rico and campaigned there in cridible competition.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME JUDGE#1024-95 Coatas SARI [l] M43 112 :32 Tony#702-91 Ponchitos PANCER M43 :29 Costa *# I 73 8-98 Costas CORRE CORRE fll M43 :45 Stone City* B.K.T. & I{.S SANDMAN ShieldsRASCO Spiveys PRETTY BOY Spiveys BOWNIE Carmacks BOOGER RED Carvers STOMPANATO Spiveys BOWNIE R Longs GEORGIA GIRLB.K.T,& H.S SANDMAN CatesNIGERINO CatesCUJO CatesMISS KITTY Hodges BLACK BEAUTY CatesNIGERINO TownsendsBLACK WIDOW McCartys PATCHES Bred by L. Hodges from a bitch double bred on the five time winner NIGERINO. Shown in ltaly three times in 1998. A big buckskin dog 59-60 lbs.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#693#98 Poma KennelsBLOCCO M60 zo F&R#1054#98 D.D.Kennels THUNDER M59 :56 Rock#1345#98 BampsROSCOE MCW :44 Mister KN
    • TtrAM BAD I{EWS SHOWDOWN Hands SMILINJACK HargrovesRUFUS Davis PIGGY HargrovesCROC-O-MOC Finleys CH BO ROM HargrovesABIGALE Finleys SATANTEAM BAD NEWS SHOWDOWN Woods SNOOTY ROM Garners SPIKE Middletons BLACK BETTY Ofters MAGGÍE MAE Clouses POISON Otters CAMI Clouses SWINGER A combination of a lot of good dogs from popular bloodlines in the South. Won three times over credible competition.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#rr68-97 Roush Cut & Gebes HAMMER M4l 45 Hargroves*#30-98 Chocolate Thunders RUSTY M40 :38 Hargroves*# 1013-98 Willie Nelsons JACK M40 l: l0 D. Ham* GARCIAS SMACK Finieys CH BO ROM RC/Soso CH MAGNUM ROI4 CaÍers CH DIXIE BELLE Smiths MAGNUS R.C.& Soso BoysGR CH FRITZ R.C.s MISS ROLEX Titos MISS MOLLYGARCIAS SMACK Finleys CH BO ROM RC/Soso CH MAGNUM ROM Carters CH DIXIE BELLE Smiths WHITEHEAD Marks T.C. HughesLIGHTNING Marks GIZMO Bred by T. Smith from a double bred CH. MAGNUM bloodline. Won at his first show with B-Line Kennels.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt.SEX-TIME ruDGE#345-9,7 Soivevs BUBBA M36 :27 Pitman *#1212-91 East Coast Combines PEDRO M34ll2 :45 Abe *#177-98 Lozas BITEM M3 5 l:17 Navano
    • ¡-¡JE ¿+) BALTIMORE ROIS SISTER SOULJAH Matsons CH FRED T Wilkersons T-BOY Wilkersons ICEPICK ANNIE Browns FEBRUARY W&Ps CHAINY Januarys KIWI Wilkelsons LIGHTHEAD LILBALTIMORE RONS SISTER SOULJAH HughesCRATER Harveys DAKOTA JACK Marks VALIANT VINDY Harveys JACQUELINE Crums JOE BOB Harveys CREAMIE Crums CREAMATOR Fronr a West Coast bloodline to a campaign in the East. Win, lose or draw none of SISTER SOULJAHS matches lasted very long. A big female 49-50 lbs.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME JUDGE#628-95 TN Dog Pounds MENO [] F50 :44 Fat Bill#946-9s Rickeys AFRO DOG F50 :ll D Ray#127-96 LOST TO: Danny & A.Z.s CHINA GIRL F50 :11 H,C.*#94-98 Marks BRAT F49 :10 Jud ICEPICKS SKTNIY BILL Garners AMOS Fat Bills STOMPER Fat Bills BLACK ROSE lcepicks STICKMAN Snakemans GR CH PEDRO ROM Fat Bills RTINT Snakemans SHELBYICEPICKS SKINNY BILL W.C.C.s RIGHT HAND MAN T.V.K.s ACE W,C.C.s TWIGGY Fat Bills STOMPIT Garners FRISCO ROM T.V.K.s RIPPER Fat Bills CH BOLERO Bred by T.V.K. and campaigned by lcepick, Has one Two Hour win to his credit.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME JUDGE#937-97 Beecho & Ramrods BONES Il] M39 l: l8 Slu*#145-98 B.J.s MEFKO M38 2:02 Cedarhill*#1624-98 B.C.C.s JONES M40 52 Bodidle *
    • ?¡á¡en BAffiY FACE ¡{EF-SÜroS SKGGEERtr Virgils BRUTUS¡tá HainesCHOPPER Virgil,s KIMBA Starrs OPAL RANT Dungans BUTCH CASSIDY¡4 v LopezCRYSTAL BABY Gonzdez,PEBBLES BABY FACE NELSONS sKoorERft Peters MAMMOTH Browns THUNDERBALL pereas piGP Raitz TIKAZ McKays CHILLI RED=t OQuinns PRINCESS4 Tangos LITTLEST TAUREe A big red dog from Texas. I dont know a thing about the ped igree.14444 MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE4 #1164-96 Billy Bobs SAURUS M5l l7 Caprock44 #683-97 Billy Bobs BLACK DRAGON M49 l:02 Terry4 #864-98 PesimisTURBO M49 l:05 Akoun€44444€ X-MET{S SMILEY44 HargrovesCH OUTLAW€ BANDIT Mountain Mans The Soso BoysMOLLy Wildside KennelsGUNTHER CatesNIGERINO€ CatesSASHA CatesMISS KITTY? X-MENS SMILEY HargrovesCH OUTLAW€ Mountain Mans BANDIT The Soso Boys MOLLyt Wildside KennelsMAQUATA Longs WERDO ROM€ WildsideKennelsFRECKLES Garners RONNIE€ A bucksl<in from Wildside Kennels. Double bred on Hargroves CH OUTLAW All his matches were€ relatively of short duration.4€44 MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE-J M39 Nate *4 #359-97 Bootmans NICK [] :22a #t028-97 Farmer Dredds GATOR [1] Mi8 l/2 :38 Hard Head t44 #l 164-98 Trigger Happy Knls CRL]NCHMAN M39 1/2 :28 Ben4444.7r14F
    • I trAIüJUUI1. YÜ PALjH ) I BOMB SQUADS SMOKIIT BOOTS Buftons GR CH HANK Hackmans SIR DOUGLAS Vinagros MISS BOOMER LA Dream Teams LITTLE HANK Burton,s GR CH HANK Hackmans MISS CHAMP ROM Vinagros MISS BOOMERBOMB SQUADSMOKINBOOTS Wilkersons T-BOY PrintersJIGABOO Januarys KIWI Bomb Squads DALLAS ALYCE Bailey & Carrs OKLAHOMA Baileys BLONDIE Gray,s SASHA Won his first time out as Old Time Kennels SMOKIN BOOTS and had a loss sandwiched in between his next to wins. Bred by Bomb Squad by breeding his bitch to a double bred GR. CH. HANK male.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt_SEX-TIME ruDGE#85-9s Tom G. & Carrells STINKY F40 :45 D.S#936-9s Chainweights FANCY Il ] F39 l:03 Youngstra *#745-96 LOST TO: Cali Cartels BAD BECKY F40 ? Youngstra#721-98 Cat & Co.s GLOCK [l] F37 112 1:05 Captain * ICEPICK & CO.S SMUGGLER CatesNIGERINO Halls SAMSON CatesMISS KITTY Hootens COOL HAND LUKE Mercers SPzuNGSON Hall & Hootens JAIL HOUSE Halls PRINCESSICEPICK & CO.S SMUGGLER Garners FzuSCO ROM Garners ROOT Garners PANDA Hootens MISS CHINAMAN Garners CHINAMAN ROM Garners PzuNCESS Middletons SMILEY A buckskin male bred by the late Norman Hooterr by combining two of the more popular bloodlines of the day, Hall and Garner. Campaigned by Icepick and Company.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME JUDGE#1502-97 Slus LIL DAN [] M43 :32 Ricketts *#144-98 Top Hats CHANCE M42 :34 Cedarhill *#646-98 Lexington Connections PAZ }¡{42 :49 Wood Hippie
    • .FACKSONS SI{AI{E GIRL Patricks BULL BOY BOB ROM Thrifts CH BOBBY JR Patricks MABEL Daves BLACK POISON Burtons GR CH HANK Hackmans MISS CHAMP ROM Vinagros MISS BOOMERJACKSONS SNAKE GIRL Mayhelds SNAKE ROM Bryants cR CH SNAKE JR O. StevensTHELMA LOU Jacksons COTTON MOUTH Hackmans SIR DOUGLAS Dave H.s CH MISS BOOMER Hackmans MISS CHAMP ROM Bred by J. Jackson and campaigned by J. Jackson. Going back one more generation in the pedigree would show that SNAKE GIRL is line bred on Burtons GR. CH. HANK. Lost his first tirne out.MATCH# OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME JUDGE#884-95 LOST TO: Dockerys BONNIE F3B :20 Everett#627-96 McGins STAR F35 :43 Slick#42-97 Browns CRIP F37 :45 Rudy#l 8s3-98 Terminos VICKIE F36 :50 Rudy BELLON CLUBSSOIJATA Bellon Clubs SINELIKOF Bellon ClubsCH COCOL Bellon ClubsMORAGAS Bellon ClubsBURKS Bellon Clubs SINELIKOF Bellon Clubs MORAGAS II Bellon ClubsMORAGASBELLON CLUBSSONJATA Abouds BUCK Mr. Grays CATFISH Mr. Grays MOLE Mr. Garys SONJA Andersons CH TONKA Mr. Grays MOLE Andersons BUMBLE BEE Bred and campaigned by Mr. Gray of the Bellon Club. Won in Mexico and the States at 27-21 l/2 lbs.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#rr66-9s Can Am Boys & Fla Mikes ZOWIE [1] fzt :22 Menudo *#649-96 Miranda & And¡ades FOCA [1] .41 F27 Diaz*#379-98 Miranda Clubs IUMA Il] F27 ll2 :43 Hernandez
    • ROLLING HILLS & ICEPICKS SPIDER Garners AMOS STOMPER Fat Bills Fat Bills BLACK ROSE Rolling Híll Knls CHTAZ Snakemans GR CH PEDRO ROM Knights BLONDIE Knight,s CHANCEROLLING HILL & ICEPICKS SPIDER Woods TROUBLE Game¡s CHINAMAN ROM Abernathys MOLLY Rolling Hill K¡rls SAPELO Fat Biils STOMPER Fat Bills BONNIE Fat Bill,s BLACK ROSE Bred by Rolling Hills Kennels, campaigned by Icepick and Company at a weight of between 3 I to 3 g lbs. Wt-SEX-TIME B.J.s LITTLE SIS#1454-91 Stricklands BUDWEISER Il] F38 :38 Beastie BoysPAC I BOMB SQUADS SMOKIN BOOTS X-MENS SMILEY
    • DEACON & OZARKJIMS T_I.]BBY Woods BILLY JACK Woods SARGE Woods SPOOK K¡oxCIIARLIE TWO STEP Woods BILLY JACK Woods DEE Woods SHEBADEACON & OZARK JIMS TUBBY Tants PONCHO Steel Fire KnlsPADDY Garetts CHARLOTTE Ozard Jims LUCY ROM Millers RED MAN Road Warriors BOOGER ROM Dyres SASSy Bred by Ozard Jim, campaigned by Ozark Jirn and the Deacon.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#s66-96 Blv BovsWARLOCK M44 JI Cox*#1614-97 John DanielsSLICK M49 :51 Deep South*#1049-98 Nicko Kennels INDO M49 112 :41 Rick PE,RRY CREE,K KENNELS Tf]FFY BassTRAMP RED BOY CH YELLOW JOHN ROM Whaleys RED FEATHER Tants GR CH YELLOW ROM Chavis,CH JOCKO Tants MISS JOCKO Tant,s ROSEPERRY CREEK I(ENNELS TUFFY Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM Genes LUG Genes HONEY Greens TUFF Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM Garretts BzuDGET Crenshaws DOLLY Bred by Stan G., by breeding a double crossed JEEP bitch to GR CH yELLOW.MATCH # OPPONENT V/t-SEX-TIME ruDGE#1300-97 Dred Loks DUSTY [1] M35 :11 Ring Neck#t268-98 Florida Teds ADAM [1] M35 :25 Roy J#1s96-98 Bie Bens HARLEY M36 .5n Spartacus
    • MR.. 7-.S TEIFFV Finleys CH BO ROM Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM CH HONEYBLINCH ROM WhitES TAB ROM Marlowes MR BULLDOG Marlowes TABBY GIRL Marlowes BRANDY GIRL MR. Z.S TUFFY Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM Genes LUG Genes HONEY Garretts RUBY Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM Garretts BzuDGET Crenshaws DOLLY Line bred on Crenshaws CH JEEP, R.O.M., with a touch of RED BOY breeding. Won three times in the Cajun country. A big buckskin dog bred by A. White. MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE #1604-97 Ronnies BAMA l¿{52 :25 Quintin #590-98 Doucets HURT Fl M54 :35 Dickie #1849-98 Doucets TEE MULE [] M541/2 1:05 Dickie CITY SLICKS TURBO Jersey BoysCH BLACL BUMPHUS Jersey BoysACE Boyles PEACHES Milkmans BAD BOY Muchs CH BEAUDASIOUS BoylesRED WINE BoylesBABYCITY SLICKS TURBO Lees CH RENO ROM Milkmans BOSSMAN W.C.C.,s AGGIE Milkmans FANCY Patrick,s LA BOMBA Patricks DOMINO Patricks ROSE II Bred and shown in his first by the Milkman. Sold to Cily Slick he won two more and his championship.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME JUDGE#t23-97 Rushs RED }vl45 :45 Boyz n Hood*#1396-97 ?s JOE M45 I:40 Swat Team*#7 I 0-98 O.G.Posses SAM [1] M45 :54 Killer Bees
    • YEARBOOK96 rAJD )O CASH MONEY BROTHERS STEEL Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM Garretts JOE Crenshaws KATE C.M.B. & The Irish Kids LITTLE BUCK Crowells MOONSHINE II Conjers RED GIRL R SorrellsDESERT FLOWERCASH MONEY BROTHERSSTEEL Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM Garretts JOE Crenshaws KATE C.M.B. & The Irish Kids GIZMO Solsberrys OTIS Paradises STONE Solsberrys TRAVELING NIGGER A buckskin bred, raised and campaigned by C.M.B.Won th¡ee times in the West.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#5r-97 Cat & Co.s BEEKO [1] M43 :55 Carlos#1225-97 Commission & Little Mans APOLLO M45 :44 Cat t#266-98 Bomb Squads BOOMERANG M45 :48 ,) CHAOS KENNELSSU BOY Irish Jerrys GR CH WEEHLINT GrossBUCK Gross SASSY Smiths BUCKWHEAT Irish Jerrys GR CH WEEHUNT GrossWEE BEE GrossSASSYCFIAOS KENNELSSU BOY Finteys CH BO ROM HargrovesCH OUTLAW Crenshaws POLLY B-Line KennelsLIL BITS lrish Jerrys GR CH WEEHTINT Irish Jerrys JANIE CH. HONEYBUNCH ROM A four time winner bred by B-Line kennels fiom a line bred from a Grand Champion WEEHIINT bloodline of Irish Jerrys. His ñrst two shows took place while he was owned by Dred Lok Kennels. A lone career - from 1994 to 1998.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGES-O94 Pg l8 Moxys SAW BLADE M38 l:02 Dun¡H1299-97 Lynch Mobs DAMIAN [1] M38ll2 :32 Jay Bird#273-98 Yard Pro Kennels CHUCKY M39 l:58 Perry#1078-98 Bama Als JAVILAN M39 l:15 Mt Boy*
    • CEHY SLTCKS SEJI{NY BÜY Reddicks HERMAN Boudreaux MAVERICK BoudreauxLIZA Cochrans MULE TRAIN Boudreaux SCOOTER Boudreaux TIFFANY BoudreauxITCITY SLICKS SLINNY BOY Hands HAPPY JACK Thurmonds LUMBER JACK Eunices PIGGY Morgans BzuTTLES Morgans CHARLIE Morgans BABBS Woods PIGGY III Bred by Morgan by breeding a bitch Íiom a MIDNIGHT COWBOY bloodline to a male of Boudreaux,. Since the MIDNIGHT COWBOY bloodline traces back to the Boudreaux bloodline, it is safe to say that SUNNY BOY was from a "Boudreaux" bloodline. Won all three times in less tMATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME JUDGE#416-91 Americas Most Wanted Knls JUNKYARD M47 :21 Swat Team*#t345-91 Dog Walkers CASHEST [1] M46 35 Suburb Paul *#263-98 Knuckles SCARFACE M46 28 True Colors* S&KKENNELST.J. ChavisCH JOCKO ChavisDOUBLETROUBLE ChavisROSE VoylesLITTLE JOHN ChavisYELLOW JOHN II VoylesSEXY ChavisRED LIGHTNINGS&K KENNELST.J. Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM Longs WERDO ROM Ors DOLLY Voyles T-CUP Snakernans CH RUSH Hiawassee K¡lsMISS ZIP Snakeman,s MERT D Bred by Soggy Bottom Kennels by breeding his bitch out of Longs wERDo, R.o.M. to a male of pure "Chavis" breeding. Won three in the deep, deep South.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#285-96 Montamzas LULA F34 l:01 Cuban Con+#572-91 Jimmy & Chucks GAL r:2. A :53 Stuart *#949-91 Tuming Point Kennels NINJA F34l/2 :28 Keith *
    • r EAIttlUUr! yó-rart4 T.WADES TATEtta MimsSHORTY Woods SNOOTY ROM MimsMOXIEá MimsSALTY Woods SNOOTY ROM{ MimsHALF PINT MimsHANNAH PATCHra T. WADES TATE Marlowes RATTLER4 Marlowes CH BzuTCHES Marlowes BRANDY GIRL4 MimsLITTLE AMBER Marlowes FANNY Marlowes VENOM Marlowes BRANDY GIRL4- Bred by C. Mims by crossing aRED BOY" bitch into his own bloodline. A win over a{ champion was the highlight of his career.-a4{{ MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGEr! #1295-95 Beards KATO lVI) J :) ) Hargroves + #451-96 D-BoysMECHANIC M52 l:10 Hargorves* #252-98 Ortegas CH TITAN [2] M53 :57 Falcon Knls* COLORE,D BROS & SUPER LS ??357?l Patricks LITTLE TATER S.T.P.s GR CH BUCK ROM Patricks RED LADY UntouchablesCH BUTKUS ROM Onellos SHERMAN THE TANK Untouchables DAISY MAE ROM Onellos TWISTED SISTER COLORED BROTHERS & SUPER KENNELS "357" Patricks LITTLE TATER S.T.P.s GR CH BUCK ROM Patricks RED LADY Undertaker KnlsMISS LEAKY ROM Onellos SHERMAN THE TANK Untouchables DAISY MAE ROM Onellos TWISTED SISTER Bred by Undertaker Kennels by breeding litter mates that were both Register of Merit dogs, and whose all four grand parents were Register of Merit dogs. His first match was with his breeder. Undertaker Kennels. MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME JUDGE #r2r1-96 Mikes BUCK M48 :21 Gun Man* #5 13-98 Biohazard Kennels TATER [ 1 ] M46 ll2 l:00 L.B.K.* #1216-98 Cuban Powers PAJARO f ll M4l l:47 Eric
    • D.O.A/S VIRGTL Colbys CONTENDER Tobys JACK FLASH Colbys CAJTIN QUEEN Shileys SCRATCH-N-RUFF Vans RUSSELL Tashas JILL FLASH Rouses MIDNIGHT ROBIND.O.A.S VIRGIL Bowlings LONER Weeks FIAMMER HEAD Longs IvIARGIE Pattersons MOLLY SUE Bowlings LONER Shileys C.J.LADY Longs PINKY A black dog bred and campaigned by D.O.A.s Kennel into credible competition, all in 1998.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#166-98 No Limit Knls CORRUPT [1] lv{47 :22 Professor*#430-98 Tants GERONIMO [] M41 :36 Professor*#1273-98 Home Grown KennelsBIG AL [1] M47 :55 P.D,K.* RTSII{G STAR KEINELS WHISKEY Finleys CH BO ROM Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM CH HONEYBLTNCH ROM ROM Longs WERDO Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM Ors DOLLY Ybarras COGINARISING STAR KENNELSWHISKEY Finleys CH BO ROM Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM CH HONEYBUNCH ROM Brodts LADY KATE Brodts DEMON Brodts KATIE Brodts COCOA Bred by Don B. from an inbred JEEP bloodline, campaigned in the deep South by Rising Star.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#t328-96 Money Mans KES M39 1:07 Don C#79-98 Larkins TIGER M39 :59 Jerry B.#390-98 Joe & Randalls SKTINK [1] M39 2:42 T-Pit +
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE 60 R&D KENNELSWILMA Hands HAPPY JACK Eunices CRACKER JACK Eunices pIGGy II Desperados CROSSROADS Halls ROBERT Halls DOUBLE SHOT Hall,s MISS BOOBSR&D KENNELSWILMA Garners RANGER Hofflrnans ROCKY TOP Hoffmans SOUTHERN QUEEN Hoffmans RED SANDY J StevensCEREBUS J StevensHONEY J Stevens SHIVER Won for three different kennels. Her first show was with Code Red & Back door Kennels, her second with T.K.K. and her championship show with R&D Kennels. Bred by T. Shaeffer, a brindle that won over good competition in the deep South.MATCH # OPPONENT V/t-SEX-TIME ruDGE#5 1 8-96 Airhead Kennels BILLY JO F33 :29 Tin Man*#I 56-98 Red Rons GzuT [] F34 l9#650-98 Cavemans FANCY [1] rJ¿} 49 Don D.* T.EARLS WITCH TIUIT R.C. & Soso BoysCH MAGNUM ROM WilkesLAZY BOY Carters DIXIE BELL Garcias cH SMACK R.c. & Soso BoyscH MAGNUM RoM Smiths WHITEHEAD Hughes,LIGHTNINGT. EARLSWITCH HUNT GrossBUCK SMithS BUCKWHEAT GrOSSWEE BEE B-Line KennelsCH SHIRLEY GrovesCH OUTLAW B-Line KennelsLIL BITS Irish Jerrys JANIE Bred by B-Line Kennels by breeding a bitch of Irish Jerry bloodline to a double crossed CH. MAGNUM male. Shown three times in 1998, in the South by T. Earls into good competition.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#218-98 Cobalt KemelsCH MISS ANN [2] F3t 29 Big Brad#1254-98 W, Va. Steves RHODA [1] F3l t9 S Mason *#1628-98 Hocutt & Abes CH PANDA t2l F31 t40 S Mason*
    • GARCIAS YAI{G YANG MimsPILOT MimsHARD TACK MimsMIDNITE M.A.D.s GR CH GABE Useltons KING SOLOMAN MimsCAROLINA FLO MimsSTEPPERGARCIAS YANG YANG Patricks POISON Patricks BUSHWACKER Patricks ISLAND GIRL M.A.D.s MISS GEORGIA Bairds SNOOTY Finchers BLOODY MARY BriStOIS MAKE UP A37-38 lb male that won in Texas in relativelv short times. Bred bv M.A.D.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME JUDGE#r102-97 GomezBANDIT }./{37 l0 Chewy#1204-97 RamariezMACHO M37 :19 E Ramariez#251-98 RamariezRAMBO M38 :38 E Ramariez From the Dominican Republic T. Wades TATE S.T.D.S BRLTNO
    • r -¿AI(jJ(J-.,N l:/>OMRDVARK. DeBoe YB96 BAT, Bobby P lll 11 BLAZE, Wichita tl 18 MRON, Carlos YB96 a BATMAN, Chamberlain I 34 BL-AZER, E.Adams I ¿óABBY. Russes YB98 o BAZRA, Pete GreeUMoe VFIOÁ 4 BLEEDER OYAMA, Ver. YB94 9ACES JA(X|E, Blanco & l.B.M YB98 6 BEAK, Robbie Il I BLINKY, H&S Knls IV ótAFRO, Falcon Knls YB97 4 BEAMER, Untouchables YB98 10 BLIZZARD, REP YB94 10AJAX, Miller I 5 BEAST, Lenny IV 4 BLONOIE, Yankee Boys YB96 14ALABAMA, TCB Ghuck IV o/ BEATLEJUICE, Can-Am YB97 6 BLONDIE, Havana Boys ill 49ALBOY. Mob Knls YB96 I BEAU, McNasty ilt 10 BLONDIE, Maüock tl 134ALBUELITA, Chain Gang I 131 BEAUDASIOUS, Much IV 35 BLONDIE, Tito & LB YB94 10ALEXIS, Cruse YB94 5 BECKY, Can-Am YB95 5 BLONDIE, Curry I 131ALl, McDonald tl I BECKY, Rocketman ill 33 BLUDD, Rustler YB96 14ALIEN, Al & Gary il 10 BEE, MaüocUH&H Knl ill 30 BLUE, B&B Knls tl 19ALLIGATOR. Plumbers I 20 BEEPER, Farmer Dred YB97 BLUE EYES, 2nd to None YB95 IALLIGATOR, King Limey lV 3 BEIá, Kekeljic YB96 12 BLUE SALLY, LRudy YB97 11 Tenn-TexAlvlOS, YB96 I BELLA, Bearin YB96 10 BLUE MONDAY, Winn I OJAMOS MOSES. So. Pride lll BELLE, Paydoux/Schwarz IV 36 BO. R,Johnson tl 21AMP, Gangbusters il 64 BEN, King YB97 7 BO, Finley I 123AMTRACK. Dr.Looez o/ BEN, Brousseau I 51 BO, Big Pat ll 20ANDY, Bud IV 67 BEN AIDE, Pete G & Moe YB95 5 BO, Denny & DLine YB95 9ANGEL. TX Exo & WB ill 50 BENJY, Fergy tl 14 BOB, Nallor YB95 IANGEL, Young YB97 4 BERNIE, Kingfish Kid YB93 5 BOBBIE, lcepick & Co YB98 13ANNIE, H&R Knls ill 40 BETW, WCC YB95 t¡ BOBBY MCGEE, Chance tl ¿¿ANTHONY, S&S IV 1 BEULAH, Otter IV 70 BOBBY JR, Thrift tl ¿JAPACHE, A.Anderson lt 11 BIDDY, Red B ill 42 BOBO, Houston I 78APACHE, B&B Knls YB97 4 BIG MOE, Perry ill 16 BOCEFUS, Jackson I 78APACHE, Dr-Lopez YB96 !, BIG LOU, Almond Joy ill 64 BODIDLY, Byrd YB97 11APPLEJACK, Bandwagon 145 BIG BAD RED REBEL ll 15 BODY SNATCHER. Ham YB94 11ARGO, Rast 57 BIG RED, Hard Core YB97 I BoLERo, Fat Bi[ ill 45ARMED & CRAZY FAT ALB 99 BIG JOHN, Waccamaw YB97 8 BOLT ACTION, BOYIES III zóARROW, Buns & Co. o¿ BIG IGNORANT, No Dog Pd YB96 1O BONE CRUSHER, G-MAN YB97 12ART, Big Tom YB94 o BIG GIRL, L.Nightmare YB95 6 BONES, Blk HawUCabin Knls YB97 11ARTEY, Cerullo Club YB98 T BIG BOY, Boyz-N-Pit YB97 7 BONNIE. STP III 31ASIA, Ma Combine & M Kom YB97 5 BIG RED, East Combine ill 93 BOOGER, Rogers I 77ASSASSIN, Big Pete I 93 BIG RED, G&M Knls YB96 11 BOOGER. Bonner ll 24ASSASSIN, Floyd YB98 7 BIG BOSSMAN, Hurricane IV 70 BOOGER, Skinner/Cap P YB96 15ASTRo, Pry I 97 BILL, G&G Combine YB93 5 BOOGIEMAN, GBusters lll 54AVIS, Bandwagon PBoy IV 34 BILLIE JO, Airhead Knls YB97 I tsOOGIEMAN, BC&HI Outprf YB97 12AZRA, Zinetti # YB97 5 BILLY RAY, T-Pit YB97 9 BOOKER T., Real Deal YB94 11 BILLY JACK, Fergy il t6 BOOKER T., Hudson I 48 B.8., STP IV 71 BILLY BROKEN TAIL IV 5 BOOMERSON, Boyz-N-Pit YB97 12 B.J., Buns & Ola YB94 b BILLY, Cruse YBg7 8 BOOTS,Wee Willie YB97 13 8.J., Pied Piper ill 15 BILLY, Northem Lads ill 25 BOSS, TKO tl 25 B.T., City Boy YB94 I BILLY BUCK, Roy C. YB98 10 BOSS, Carolina Knls lll 75 8-6, Tupper & Sly YB97 c BIMBO, Tex Mex Espano YB98 11 BOSS MAN. Seitz I 108 BABE, Mallard I 111 BINGO, T-PiUUnknown Knl YB97 9 BOSS MAN, Roadblock lV 37 BABBY, B-W Knls YB98 E ., BISHOP, Real Deal YB96 11 BOSS HAWG, GBusters lll t5 BABY, Ward YB94 BITS, Border City IV 71 BOUNCER, Springview lV 38 BAD ROSEMARY, Ablizin YB9E 8 BLACK BOY, DJ YB93 5 BoX CAR WlLLlE, Riley ll 26 BAD BUTCH, Strick Bus/A, YB97 6 BLACK CAT JR, B-Line YB98 11 BOY, Porkolab # YB98 13 BAD GIRL, Clark & Mayfld ill 70 BLACK JACK, Cooper I 42 BOY, Undertaker Knls YB96 15 BAD TUSK, Smith & W ill l0 BLACK BUMPHUS IV 5 BOZ, Maier lll 74 BAD BEN, Fox I 73 BLACKJACK,JCShaw YB97 10 BOZACK, Hard Core YB96 tb BAD COMPANY, Merritt I 118 BLACK MAN. Wreck Crew YB95 7 BOZO, Arkansas Knl ll 27 BAD GIRL, DB & Willie IV 34 BLACK JACK, Runyon I 47 BMMBLE, Gamedog lV 5 BAD RONNIE, Fowler I 38 BI-{CK JACK, Mann tl 17 BMNDY, Murray I 96 BAD FRANK, Dennis ill B9 BLACK GIRL, Casino YB93 6 BRASS MONKEY, Biohazard YB96 16 BAD BILLY, Smith & W I s2 BLACK jACK, Cricketts YB97 10 BRENDA, Yankee Boys ll 135 BAD BOY, Union Knight IV 68 BLACK BART, Troubles YB94 I BRICK, Deacon lV ll BALDY, Bellon Club YB98 a BLACK PMMANIAN, STP IV 36 BRITCHES, Kitten ll ZJ BAM BAM, Tried & True YB95 BLACK MOE, Billy Bobs YB98 12 BRONCO, Soso Boys ll 2n BAM BAM, Gamedog IV 69 BLACK BETTY, Pecanman YB96 12 BRONCO, Ganett lll 48 BANDIT, Die Hard IV 4 BLACK SHINE, Sview YB94 I BROWN SUGAR. R.Davis I 127 BANDIT, P&P Knls ill BLACK JACK, B.Williams I 144 BROWN TAIL, S&G Knls lV 38 BANDIT, D.Williams IV AO BLACK DIAMOND, WA ill 21 BROWNIE, Swat Tm/LRK YB96 BANDIT, A.R. IV BLACK PMMANIAN JR. YB96 13 BRUISER, Sprowl lV 72 BANG BANG JR, Dueseüe IV ?( BLACK LlZZlE, Rebel ll 133 BRUNO, STD YB98 14 BANJI, Dead Serious YB97 o BLACK ANNIE, Payne I l39 BRUNO, Wilkes YB97 BANKRUPT, Blackwell I 104 BLACK MAN, Lunsford YB96 13 BRUNO, TafS lll 68 BARACUDA, Tom/Steve IV 4 BLACK MAMBA, BBone Mt YB95 7 BRUNO, Bea Creat Knl IV 6 BARBARIAN, X-Men YB95 BLACK GIRL, Head On YB93 6 BRUTE, Hodgrs I 83 BAREFOOT, 187 Knl YB96 9 BLACKY, Vera Bros YB98 12 BRUTUS, Blanchard ll JJ BARKLY, Red Eye Knl YB98 9 BLADE, Gonzalez YB95 I BRUTUS. Shaw & White YB95 10 BARNEY, Marin Knls YB95 4 BLAKE, Fico IV 37 BRUTUS, Aboud/Curry ll J¿rBARNI. B.R. IV 70 BLAZE, D,Long I 14 BRUTUS, MexTex I I "4
    • BRYNNER, Sotis l?2 CHANCE, Bernado & Keith r YB97 tc CROCKET, Bully Bob IV 74 BUBBA, Steet City M 38 CHANCE, VC Knls YB96 CROW, Diamond Dog IV 40 BUBBA, Jones Bovs CHARGER, Newton I 124 I 39 CRUNCH, D&D Knls YB94 16 BUBBA, Rebet KnÉ BUCK, Fergy I tl 119 CHARLIE, Matsubara CHARLIE, Crenshaw YB97 qñ It) CRUSH, Bowery Boys IV I 38 I CRYSTAL, Shelstad I AA BUCK ROGERS, B.Wiiliam tl J5 unAKLttr.. tr.l<. ill CUBA, Falcons YB97 II BUCK, Newman yBg5 CHARLIE, OIA 11 YB93 10 CUJO, Big Al YB95 to BUCK, Mongoose John yBgs CHARLIE, Red B 11 ill CUJO, Red Knls IV 9 BUCKSHOT, pit Buil Dynasty yBgB 15 CHARLIE, Gilman I 5? CUR STOPPER, Yarakin YB94 16 BUCK HENRY, G.C.K¡d III CHATTANOOGA, Betton E2 YB98 t7 CUTI-ASS, Buffalo Batt YB96 26 BUCKEY, Kingfish Kid tV ?a CHEROKEE JACK, Deacon .a YB94 13 CYCLONE ll, Holt YB95 BUCKWHEAT, Choctaw ll 36 CHERRY, Don Juan YB98 17 BUD, RicUBuckshot ill CHESIER, Beech Nut DAGON, Rufl ta bD YB95 12 I BUDDA, D.Long yB94 12 CHESTNUT, B.Oreo IV DAHMER, High Pockets yB97 1B BUDDY, Star Man ill t1 CHEWY, TX Starman DAISY, Fredericks | 137 IV 39 BUDDY, King yB96 tt CHEWY, Untouchables YB94 14 DAMASCUS, Millbusters yBgg 19 BUDWEISER, Havana D lV o CHI CHl, Top Dawg/DLC YB96 DANCER, Tate M 74 22 BUG EYE, Swinson I 143 CHIEF, R.S./Deacon DANO, Yankee Boys flt 48 IV BULA,R.Williams yB96 18 CHINA ROSE, Pineappte I DARBY, Rebel Knls - ¡ 52 - -- BULL, Casino M 72 CHINA, Payne IV ill 39 27 DEADLIFT, - Powerhouse yB93 12 BULL MNTO, Btankenship lll DEECON, Doughtery BULL, Strongarm Knl yB97 85 CHINA DOLL, D.B. CHfNO, Super Gnat YB94 14 DEMON, Rebel Knls -. il54 53 14 II r30 BULL TRUCK MACK, Cambo yB97 14 CHINO, LA Dream Team YB96 22 DENDY, Atila Knts # YB98 19 BULL BOY BOB, Winterhwk yB97 14 CHIP, Coy & Licha YB95 12 DENO, Braswell | 15 BULL, Dinelle I lg CHOICE, Southern Knl YBSS 13 DfAMOND, Hell on Earth yBgS i7 BULLSHIT, Steve I 37 CHOLLY BOY, O.Stevens IV n DIAMOND, Mr Magoo VRoq i7 BULLY BOY, Boyz-n-pit yB94 il56 I CHOMPER, Tri Vattey YB94 DIAMOND JlM, Fitch 12 15 BULLY, Hopper I eO CHOPPER, Hale I 25 DIANNE lll, Doug tl 138 BULLY BOOTS, Ctam Dig | 111 CHUCO LOCO, Salvatore YB98 18 DIBO, Horvath # YB98 20 BULLYSON, LaFamilia yB98 15 CHUMP, Lee I DIE HARD, Crockidite YB94 17 I BULLYSON JR, Hail | 26 CISCO, Uptown Syndicate YEVb 24 DIGGER, W.Wilson tv 41 I BUMPER, Tf¡rift | 112 CISCO. Matsubara YB97 to DILLENGER, Detma vRoÁ t-l BUMPUS, Untouchables yB96 .lg CLAMP, Mt.Boys YB96 24 DlNcO, Falcon Knl YB98 20 I BUSTER, Work Knls yB97 15 CLANCY. STP ill 21 DINO, KT lv 10 I BUSTER, Uphilt Boys tV 6 CLAYTON, Keeping Cool ill 75 DIRTY BECKY, Jersev 41 BUSTER ll, Johnny yB96 19 CLEE, Gilman I 4-7 DIRTY BETTY, Produce ti 139 I BUSTER, STP II 40 CLEO, Lester oo DIXIE BELLE, Carter /J I BUSTER, Betveat ll 6i CLEO, c. O8. YB93 12 DOC FLOWERS, Tucker iv 76 BUSTER, Mandrack Jack yB96 19 CLEOPATRA, Wotf Pack YB97 16 DOLEMITE, Burroughs 142 I BUSTER, Brousseau I 97 CLOREX, AZ Steve YB94 15 DOMINO, Vietnam Knls YB97 lq (BUTCH, Shropshire/Sims | CLYDE, STP ltl DOOGIE, Hard Core YB94 17 66 92BUTCH, Ashton ll 41 CLYDE, Abraham ilt .t) DOOLEY, S&K Knls YB97 18 IBUTCH, Cal W. ilt 16 CLYDE, Doc/McCollum I 68 DORIS, Shay YB93 12 IBUTCH, Mosley ill 1.1 COBRA, Miller IV I DOT, Lammons IV 76BUTCHER BOY, Wright il 43 COBM, X-Men YB95 13 DOUGHBOY, Show Nuff Knl YB97 IY IBUTCHER, Stone fl 42 COBRA, DeBow YB97 17 DRAGON LADY,Southem YB95 18 IBUTCHER BOY, Hermes | 49 COCAINE. Marin Knls YB95 14 DRILLER, Doc/McCotlumBUTCHER BOY, Hooten I DRUMMER, Bway Jack 20 (BUTKUS, Untouchabtes yB93 I 9 coco, M&K lv 40 DUKE, Dog Patch ilBUTRISER, Big Daddy tV COCOL, Beilon Club tv8 DUKE, STP ll 57 cd (BUTTER CUP, S.Cowboy yB93 9 T COLEY, Sherwood tA2 DUSTY, WhitE I 117 I COLORADO RED, Atex 159 DUSry, L,G. YB96C.J.GARNETT COMMANCHE, D Wanior YB95 14 DUTCH BOY, C&C Knts IV 10 ICALAMIry JANE II 44 COOL BUCK, Sha Grady tv 73 DUTCH, Gold Eye ll 59 (CALVIN, Much YB96 20 COPPY, Lawman tv 75 DUTCHESS, D&Tripte J Knr YB97 19CAMILA, Bíohazard tV yB97 72 CORNBREAD, Farmer John YB95 15 DYNAMITE JIGGS, Show 95 (CAMPASINO, B.Smith 15 COSTELLO, Ktoos & Co YB96 25 DYNASry, LA Team IV 76 ICANDY, ll Watkin/Ghoppr yB94 AR COTTON, Puiley il4gCANDY, D.Adams 13 COTTON, Untouchables YB95 15 EARL, Bulldogs Inc YB93 ¡J {CANDY, L.Bass I ,tz COTTON EYE JOE, D.W. | 128 EBONY, Mike So 141 ICANDY, Airhead Knls I yB96 rt+ COWBOY, B-Line Knls YB96 25 I EL DIABLO NEGRO, Dead Ser yBgT rr YB9 19CANNONBALL RED, B W. 2 20 COWGIRL, Lee | 1ll ELLISON, Chavis YB93 ID ICAPTCRUNCH, DeerH ill 46 CRACKER JACK, tcepíck YB97 17 ELMO, Carpetbaggers YB94 18 (CARDIAC, R.C. 26 CRASH, Wilson 161 EMITT, Scooter YB97 21 YB93CARMEN SAN D|EGO,DucksyBgB CRAZY ANN, Gambler ilt 67 ERNIE, 3M & Wall Boy YB98 21 ICARROTT, Tx Ron 16 CRAZY, Roughneck Knl YB98 18 ESAW, Cisco/DOG Pound yBg3 15 lllCARTEL, Top Hat & LongshotyBgB 91 CRAZY JACKSON, Sorrell t43 ESSEX, Pablo/Soulman lV 41 ICASE, D,Canada 16 CRAZY GOOBER, Sonell 144 EVANDER, Real Deal YB96 28 ICASPER, Wright ll 47 CRAZY KESSLER, B.W. ¡¡ 51 EVERLAST, Collins yB96 ¿VCATFISH, Kewis I 140 CRAZY KATE, Vathaila l5s EVIL THIS WAY COMES II 60 ICEASAR, Swetman I 30 CREAh4ATOR, Long Rider lv 73 ICHAKA, Winchester Knl I 121 CRICKETT, Joyner | 145 FACE, Dogman Frank YB94 18CHAMBOOGER, Betton yB96 lll /o CRNOOKtE, Grahovic YB96 26 FANCY, John R YB96 ¿J ICHAMP, White Bovs yB93 21 CROC, Otter lv9 FANNY, Bullock YB98 21 I 10 CROCK, Groves tv 40 FANNY, V.Jackson I tt3 { I I I I I I I I
    • Yb,AKBUL)K IY95 PAGE 64 cUTTtrRBOy, Lifetaker lV 44 JACK, Buckshot ill ¿ó GYPSY. TKO Combine yB96 a1 JACK NASH, McCotlum ill 34 JACK, Roman ilf 82 HACKSAW. Chicago Buils yB94 23 JAGER, Wild Bunch ill HACKSAW. Bonzai Knla yBgS 20 JAKE, P&P Knl ñAtLtrx, Kawson ll OD ill 66 JAKE, Ray & Nelson HALF DEAD, B Johnson ll 67 tl 76 JAMES, Castro HAMtulER, Masons ll 68 ll 78 JAMES A, Worlds ill T3 HAMMER, Parson,s ilt 52 JANE, Ward & Deacon IV 80 HANDSOME, Ron,s tV t1 JAWS, Scott 86 HANDSOME, Latino Famitv yB97 21 I JAY JEEP, Caribbean Knl YB95 22 HANK, Crocadile Knls yB96 20 JED, No Kidding Knl ill 78 HAPPY JACK, Lloyd & GarneryBgT 22 JEEP, Crenshaw HARLEY, Cobra M 12 I 54 JEFFREY, Pro Sport YB97 25 HARVEYWALLBANGER YB95 20 JENNY, RFC & Hafton# YB96 1a HATCHETT, Lonesome Oakie yB97 22 JENNY, Marsonia K.n! YBqÁ HAWKSHAW, Shariff yB97 25 JERRY, Dan YB95 22 HEAD, Jarretts 114 JESS, Springview# yB94 24 HEART ATTACK, Armond tV 12 JESSIE JA¡"4ES,.A Dream T lV 13 HEARTBREAK, Undertaker yB97 22 JESSIE, Reddick HERC, C Johnson yB93 tV 49 70 JETHRO, B Holland yB93 17 HERCULES, LA Dream TeamyBg8 25 JILL, Wright tl 143 HERCULES, Muscle Thunder yBgg 25 HERMAN, TN Dog pound yB97 24 JIM JlM, Red Ron JIM YB96 DANDY, Rawson ill tc HERO, R Brown ll JIM SKNOOT 134 HICKORY, Gamer yB97 I JIMMY, Bloodliners YB94 25 HILOJACK, Fíremans yBgB 26 JINX, B Rod YB97 GABE JR, D&D Knt yB97 ZO HITLER, Payeur I 54 JITNEY, Villele ill 71 GAL, Highrollet 1 n4 HOLLY, Sweetman I 54 JOAN, Rob IV 80 GAMBLER, Yankee Boys yB94 20 HOMER, Mountain Man HOMER, Pecan Man ll 71 JOCKO, Chavis 57 GAME JANE, Tristiani lV 75 YB97 23 JODI, Steinberg GAME DAME, Chin Wreck yB97 21 HOMER, Von tV tó 55 JODI, Wright GANCHO, Mario & Mex Tex yBgB 23 HOMER JR,Miiler & p&p ill o¿ 115 JODI< Showalter 143 GARY, Lunsford HOMER, O Stevens lll 8 HOMELESS, JR & D Ham yBgB I 40 JOE TESTIMENT, Mad/Skip tl 79 GARY, Marsonia Knl# yBgg 24 ¿o JOE, Airhead Knl YB94 25 GASHOUSE DOG, H ofp yB93 16 HOMIE, Millbusters yB96 éz JOHN HENRY, McColtum lll ?,4 GATOR,RSorrells | HONDO, Werewolf# lll 90 44 JOHN WAYNE, Dixieline IV 80 GATOR, Clancy HONEY, Smith yBg3 a1 | 62 HONEY BUCKET, Tarver Il JOHNNY RED, Tx Exp YB94 zó GATOR, Rodriquez yB94 21 T¿ JOHNNY JR, Icepick YB97 25 GATOR, Balt Ron yB95 19 HONEYBUN, Mr President yB96 32 JOHNNY HANDSOME, V,R YB94 ¿o GEEK, Dr Doolitfle yB94 22 HONEYBUNCH, Hicks tV lz JOKER, Sims IV 45 GEM, Powerhouse Knl HONEYBUNCH, lrish Jerrv 1 lV 77 HONEYBUNCH, Bodidte yB96 31 JOKER, Capt America ll 80 GENERAL, Christy McC# IV 77 JOKER, B&W# HONKY, Payeur ltl 66 GlDEoN, Fitch il 63 1 19 JOSE, Wilcox & Lester GILLY,BHolland HOOKER, Busenbark yB97 138 | 109 HOOT-N-ANNtE, Tupper etal yB97 24 JOSH, Morman Jim ill GINA GIRL, Brown & Zebo lV 43 24 JOSIE, Springfield# HOPE, Mayfiefd IV 45 GINA, STP II 141 1 21 JUANITA, Skipper HOT SHOT, Stewart YB94 27 GINA, Professor lll 55 ll 71 JUANTEZ, Crazy Canuck IV HOT DOG, Jacobs 45 GINGER, Roberto # ilt 73 1 119 JUDAS, Highroller HUGH SANE, K,C. 84 GIROUX JR, Krketjic yB97 21 IV 78 JUDGE, Mims I IV 8l clRoUX, Krketjic# yB94 21 HUMPHREY, Joe Viking ¡ i 46 JUDGE ROY BEAN, Futter I 69 GLOVER,Jacoby&Lemm I HURRICANE, Tristiani tV i 60 79 JUGHEAD, Buzzard Creek yB94 aa GNASHER, Gold Eye# HURT, Crenshaw il 64 I 41 JUICE, Ruff Rider yBgB 28GOLDEN GIRL, Muilins lt 142 JUJU, Mississippi Matt yB95 IGOR, Bartley ill 23GOLDEN BOY, STP I 95 JULIUS, Mr K INCA, Bailey ilt tV 47GOMER, Gilman I j3 31 JUMPIN JACK FKASH, H.B. IV 47 lNDl, Yankee Boys IVGOMEZ, Waison ll 65 44 JUNIOR, Fat Boy & al lNDlA, Ochoa Knl YB98 a7 tV 81GOOD BOY, L-Wilson tV 77 JUNIOR, Tx Exp M lNDlAN, Two Punch Knl YB94 23 IJGOOSE, Alvardo | 6? JUNIOR, Norman ll lRlS, Moose# YB95 ó¿GRANNY, Hatl & Cross lV 44 ¿l IRON BOBCAT il 74GREASER, Yuebanks | 12 KANE, Hurricane Knls YB97 26 IRON WILL, Bazzte YB97 24GREB, Robeson I 25 KANcO, lronhead tl oz IRON MIKE, Garcia aaGREMLIN, Pirocz# yB96 30 IRON BEAR, Norrod ill KATIE, R Adams I 57cRlP, Hi TECH Knt yBgS 24 IRON BILLY, Pulido 146 KATIE, Sak Knls I 144GRIT, LV Gangster 29 lll 51 IRON MAN, Pittman 1 KAY, Dog Pound YB96 JbGRUNT, Blue Coltar Knls yB98 Zs YB98 27 KEE, Swift YB98 29 IRON MIKE, Fontenot IV 79GUARINO, McCoilum ill 65 KEY BUMP, Southern Gradv YB98 ¿Y IVANHOE, Creech tuGUERO, Fe & David yB93 16 I KILLER, Solo Knl 1 139GUNNER, Capt America lil 51 J J., Hogtown KING, Dixon YB93 l9GUNNER JR, Giroux YB98 28 | 51 J.R., S&G&R IV 46 KING DAVID JR, Abraham IV IJGUNNER, Giroux I 35 JACK, Boo&Sub Paul KING PlN, Capt America YB95 23GUNNER, Blankenship lil IV 46 KING SPOT, Harris Bros S3 JACK HAMMER, Fitch IV 47GUNNY, DeaEns Knl yB94 22 JACK, Hayward I 74 KlNKl, Otter YB93 19GUNSLINGER, Andy BC tl 75 tV jj JACK, Brian YB94 24 Knucklehead, Bullworker IV 48 KOCO, Bellon Ctub YB98 1n
    • ( I YEARBOOK 1998 PAGE 65 I IKONG, Sotile 1 82 MAGGIE, Havana Boys lll 28 NAILS, Knox ll 100 |KRUSHER, Krossbone Knl lV 14 MAGNUM, RC&Soso Boys ll 9l NAILUS, Butcher Boy lll 69 NAPOLEON, DC & Noonie I 113 |LADY, W BrownLADY STONE, Rastaman lV NASW, G&M Knl YB96 43 1 NASTY ll, Sack Town Mack YB97 )cLAGANA, Diamond Gang YB95 NATE, Trodbuster YB94 ¡ilLARGE MARGE, PowerhouseLARRY, MrLAZER, Mc & V KLMER, Bis Daddy C. YBg4 lll YB95 NED, Deane & Joe# NEGRA TOMASA, Bellon Neilson, Eastend# lV lV lll l? 24 1LEFTY, Untouchables YB98LEGGS, lrish Jerry lV NEKO, M Smith NELLIE, Boneyard Boys YB94 lll 2?l ctLENNOX, Soulman lV ¡ NEMO, Coy YB94 32 1LEO Blk River KnlLEROY, B.J. YB96 IV NERO, Buffalo Batt# NEW YORK NY. Buns NICK, Snakeman YB97 tl l.- -.- ?3, 80 . 1LEROY, PoneTEVER RED JR, Chan YB94 YB93LlL CHINA, Yankee Boys YB93 NlCKlE, DeVincezo NICKY, L White NICKY, Licon-- - lV YB94 ?), 33 1LIL MONA. L,G.LlL BILL. Miller YB96LlL RENO, Shutdown Knl YB96 lllLIGHTNIBG BUG, P,O.W. YB96 NICUTT, NIGGER, Knl NICO, Stone City Matlock Gaines YB94 lll Il i3 rs3 . |LIGHTNING, Big BoysLIGHTNING, M.A D. YB98 YB93 NIGGER, Wigwam NIKE. Black Hawk NINJA, Don B Boys# lV YB97 IV 13 5t . ILIGHTNING, Davis YB93 SonLILLY WHITE, Desert RatLITTLE BlT, LA Team YB93 lV NINJA, Soulman & NINO, Doc &Sonny Ziggy lV ll ?3, 115 . ?t. NIPPER, Paul & I aLITTLE JOHN, Waccamaw YB97 NOODLES, Milk, Inc YB97LITTLE MAN, L.G. IV NOONIE, Traxler llLITTLELITTLELITTLE GIRL, Vic/Adrian BOY, Sigmerson# TUFFY, Larry YB93 lV YB97 NOTORIOUS RUBY DEE NUBBIE, Magic Line Pits NUNGA, Cheeky K# IV YB93 YB9T 2Z 30aLITTLELITTLE CHIEF, Shire&Kelly lV SOSO, Spruill I NUT NUT, Parker YB93 c2 a qnLIfiLE JIMMY, Dave OAKIE, ValenzuelaLITTLE TlcER, Guerrero lV YB95 OAKIE DOKIE, Keeping Cool I lll 78 tLÍTTLE HOMER, Miller lll OCKMIR, Queen CitY Knl YB98 37 tLITTLE HEN, l-A Team YB93 OLD #7, Culkin AR tLITTLE SPIKE, Padgett OPIE, PR Joe YB96 43 t ILITTLE JoE, Andy B YB93 OSCAR, Black Knight YB93 26 Parsons OSO, Ernie YB93 zoLITTLE JOE,LITTLE MAMA, Tucker ll YB93 OTIS, Crenshaw I 38 tLITTLE GEORGE, Lee Ph¡I II OUTLA^/, BTTB OUTLAW, Crews IV 1 9 tLITTLE RED,LITTLE ANN, Jerry E ll YB94 OUTLAW, Hargroves YB94 ll J+ 103 tLITTLE SISTER, Tucker lV OUZOMAN, Pete GreeUMoe YB93 26 a R.J OZZIE, Texas Ron lV 52LITTLE BEAR,LITTLE SISTER, McC IV lV tLITTLE JEEP, Dean ill PADDY, Giroux Williams I 87 tLIVELY, P&P KnlsLIZZY, American Made ill YB98 PALADIN, J PANAMA RED, Panhandle I I 56 139 tLOBO, lrish Jerry I PANDA, Hocutt & Abe YB98 38 aLOCHEN, lrish Tim PANTHER, Chicago Scott YBg7 JILOCO, Kur Dawg Knl YB98 PANTHOL, M.M.M. IV 19 aLOUIE, Marin KnlsLUCA, Yankee Boys IV YB97 PARry TIME, R E P. PAT, Sugar Hill IV YB96 20 ILUCIFER, McClain ll PATAGONIA, Horseman YB98 38 aLUCIOUS, Magic Man Il PATCH EYE PETE, Inner City ll aLUCKY LADY, CorvetteLUGER. StoneLUKANE, S.T.P. Citv Geo ll lV YB98 PATCHES, Tyree PATCHY, B V. PAYDAY, Guccione lll III lV S! 2ilLUKE, JS&Goodtimes YB93 PEACHES, Wynn i25 | ¡LUNA, Mex-TexMCC YB95 25 PEANUT, M Lloyd lV 21LURCH, SteveLUTHER, Ablizin# IV YB98 Rl 33 MR TOAD, Bunce & Co ll 99 PEARL, Ratfiff PEDRO JR, Snakeman lV l¡l | :1 1LUTHER, Camp YB95 26 MR ROGERS, Henry B lll 62 PEE WEE, Líneman lV 53 GuYs |MAC, Kramer I 74 25 MR SHORTY, Good MS ANN, Cobatt Knl Knl YB95 YB98 109 2S PEE WEE, Young PENELOPE, S.T.P PENNY, Beat Down Knls YB95 IV ;ir 3:l ;rrMACHO, LW Knls YB93 MS COWBOY, B-Line 34 YB97MACHo, Miranda 16 MS GATOR, Baltimore Ron YB98 35 PENNY, Rebel Knl llMACK, Bario Kid 82 MUDDY, BC Boys YB96 41 PENNY, Zivkovic# YB96MAD ALBERT, Boyette IV 16 Club MUDDY, Bellon YB96 42 PEPPER, Guccione & Moran lV e5 l 56 lVMAD BLOOD, ParkerMAD MAX, Rushin KnlsMADONA, Hazcom Knls ilt il YB95 90 27 N¡URDER ONE, BtY HUNTER MURDOCK, Goode/lcePick MYSTIC, Hard Core YB96 YB94 50 4? 31 PEPPER, H&R knls PEPPY, OK Steve PETE, S.T P. lV lV III ür 17 1 a I I I I I
    • YEARBOOK I998 PAGE 66PETERBILT, Reddick I 4A RED NUGGETT, Clam Bar YB97 a1 SAMBO, Elder IVPETEY. B B ill 46 RED ROCKER, Short YB96 46 SAMMY, Conway Five ) Knl YB97 ^7 ?ÁPHAROAH, lrish Jerry I A1 RED MAN, Grady lV 23 SAMPSON, Hutcheson f 29PINBALL, Big Shane YB96 45 RED DOG, Queen City Knl YB97 33 SAMSON, Tuttle tl 115PINK FLOYD, Hughes ill 24 RED PIRATE, Joe D YB94 36 SAMSON, Griffie ill 19PlNfi, Hilttop Mike YB94 34 RED DOG, RED B III 39 SANDBLAST, Hunt & Ward tV 24PISTOL PETE, R Sorrells I 89 RED TERROR, Exterminator lll 28 SANDI, C&B Knls YB96 5lPISTOL PETE, Westside Knl tl 105 RED REX, Hard Rock Knl YB98 42 SANDMAN, BKT & H# YB98 47PISTOL. DeBow YB95 30 RED NOSE, Dr Check ll 158 SANDMAN, Rebel Knl tl 190PISTOL, Gangbusters IV 54 RED IRON, V Hall ll 109 SANTA ANNA, Lunsford ill 54POCKETS, Heell on Earth YB97 31 RED MAN, Hard Core Knl lV 55 SARGE, Jersey Boys YB95 35POISON, Stone City YB95 31 RED RUM, Texas Ron lV 55 SASSY, S.T-P. III 29POLLY, Doug W ll 157 REDDY, Stone Crty Knl YB94 36 SASSY, Texas Ron ll 165PONCHO, Ray IV 21 REFUND, Rafliff lV 56 SATAN, B Oreo lll 88PONCHO, Pratt YB95 31 REGGIE, Lightfoot YB96 47 SAVAGE SAM, Royer YB95 36POPCORN, Dísmukes I 53 REGIE, Scratch & Stitch YB93 30 SAVANAH, Frio Boys tV 25POPEYE, Sarge Knl YB98 39 REMY, Tried & True Knl YB96 47 SCHAEFFER, Frank tV 58POPEYE, Rebel Knl Itl o, RENO, Lee lV ¿J SCHLICK, Mr President YB95 JbPORFIRIO. Mex Tex Esoana YB98 JV REP, Krkeljic# YB96 48 SCHMELLIFINGER, Milk Inc YB96 4{POSSUM, Space Cowboy ill 58 REPETE, Quip Boys YB96 48 SCOOTER REDS, Payne I 142POSTMAN, Hardline Knl YB95 5¿ RERUN, T Whitely I 90 SCOOTER, Motor City Knt YB94 ?oPRECIOUS, Cal W ill REVENGE, R.J. YB96 49 SCOUT, Tucker YB96 52PRETTY fHlNG, Lee I 106 REX, McManus&Jimmy fl lll 40 SCUD, Uncle Bud YB95 37PRETTY BOY, Roberts I 108 RHINO, Rising Star Knl YB97 34 SECRETARIAT, M Jomes YB96 52PRETTY BOY FLOYD, B.B. ill RICO, Hilltop Mike YB94 37 SEEKER, Mr K lV 25PRETTY GIRL, Southem Knl YB93 )-7 RIDDICK BOWE, Notorius YB96 49 SEMORE, Greasy Cor Kid lll 11PRINCE, Big Brad I 21 RINGER, Billy the Kid YB98 44 SENATOR, B House I 121PRINCESS, Kincaid 17 RINGNECK, Metnam Knl YB97 34 SENOREATER, B.D.K.M. III 44PRINCESS, Godfather YB93 27 RITA, Horvath# YB98 44 SHACK, Blankenship lll 83PRISSY, DeBow YB96 45 ROAD WARRIOR, Bellon lV 86 SHADOW, Cuthbertson IPSYCHO, Young YB95 32 ROBERT T, Yankee Boys lll 39 SHADY LADFY, LA Team YB94PUGSLEY, Hard Head Knls YB97 32 ROBIN, Kermit lV 87 SHAKER, Southern Pride ll 116PUKI, Crazy Ron I 113 ROCCO, Frio Boys YB93 30 SHAKER, Holland I 79PULSAR, Gaines & Co YB94 ROCK, Hazcom Knl lV 56 SHANK, Oak Tree ll 117PUNCH, D Holcomb I t06 ROCK, TN Dog Pound YB97 34 SHASA, Bulldog Heaven ll 163PUP PUP; Wonder Boy YB98 40 ROCKO, Tant YB93 31 SHATON, RWilliams lll 59PYSCHO, Rickey B# tl 105 ROCKY, P&H Knl lll 59 SHEBA, Magic Line Pits YB96 q?QUEENIE, D Adams I 64 ROCKY ll, Oak Tree Knl ll 1r0 SHEENA, Latin Boys Knl lV 48 ROCKY, Nobody# lV 24 SHEENA, Good Times ll 166RADAR MAN, Marlowe ROCKY JR, P&H Knl lV 87 SHEENA, Pete Greek & Moe YB95 38 IV 21 ROCKY, Godfrey# lV 23 SHELLEY, Castillo YB94 40RADAR, Pecan Man Knls YB95 SHIRLEY, B-Line Knl ROCKY, Pulido Jó I 52 YB96 54MGIN. ROUGH, Adamo YB93 ROHO, Rowdy Knl ¿J SHOWDOWN, Team Bad NewsYB9S lV 56 48RAINBOW, Poole oo Williams ROLEX, LeFonze YB95 34 SHORTY, lll T2RAIN MAN, Korso Knl # YB98 SIDNEY, Dave 40 ROOSTER, LA DR Team lV 57 ll 1 18RAlSlN, Buckshot IV 22 SIMBA, Dooliftle & Garner ROSCOE, C&M Knl YB98 45 YB96 55RAJA, B Sonells 27 SINBAD, Magic Line Pib ROSCOE, Max I lV 24 lV 88RALPH, Pitts ill 18 112 SINBAD, Hanna ROSCOE, Dennis ll I 127RAMBO, Rickey B# IV 22RAMBO, Matsubara ROSE, Pact lll 37 SIR RED BARON, Murray I 120 YB97 32 ROSIE, J.D. ll 159 SlS, B J Tackett ilr JIRAMER, Dream Walker YB93 29 ROSITA, Bad Boy Knl YB94 37 SISSY, Lewis I 1(RAMROD, B.B. ROWDY RED, Mike & Co ill 80 YB96 50 SISSY, Ramey tl to/RANGER, Anüllano YB96 46 ROWDY, Coley YB97 35 SISSY, McPherson I 110RASCAL. Tucker IV 54 ROXY, Cisco Kid I ót SISSY, Westside Knl YB97 35RASCAL, J Payne ROXY, True Blood# 71 YB95 34 SISTER SOULJAH, Balt Ron YB98 49RASCAL, Crenshaw ROXY, Freaky D 41 lV 87 SISTER, L Jones ll 107RASCAL, Spider RUBY, Bunce & Co 103 ll 160 SKATE BOARD, Ringo# YB95 JóRASTUS, O Stevens RUBY, StePP 81 I 87 SKEETER, Lee il í AeRATTLER, Busenbark RUSH, Snakeman Itl 14 ll 113RAWHIDE, M Lloyd IV SKEETER JR, Ward YB94 40 22 RUSTY, Joe ll 114 SKINNY BILL, lcepick YB98 49RAYO, Beflon Club YB98 41 RUSTY HOOK, Bandwagon lll 42 SKOOTER, Baby Face NelsonYBgS 50RAZOR, Little Steve YB94 J5REB, Rebel Knl SKUNK, Runyon I oo 140 SLASHER, Maloney IREBA, chief YB95 11 SADIE, Wade lV i7 I 22REBEL TOM, Garner SADIE, Canadian Pete & TNT YB98 45 SLEDGE, Painter# YB94 41 YB98 41REBEL, Bulldog P SAILOR, Buckshot YB98 46 SLEEPY, S.T.P. tv 26 tl 108RED TEMPEST, Much YB93 SAL, Deacon YB94 38 SLICK, Latin Boys Knl YB97 JO 30RED MAN, Dead Serious YB98 SALINA, Helf on Eartr YB95 35 SLIM,Highroller ll 125RED MAN, Wilson IV 55 SALINE, C Johnson YB94 38 SLINKY, Payne lll J¿RED EAGLE, B Sorrells SALLY, Diamond Jim il 162 SLUGGO, Cox " Peek ll 119 98RED ROVER, Townsend IV 86 SALOON. Barefield 118 SLUT, Elec. Duke Wayne YB95 ?oRED DOG, K.G. & Co YB93 SALTY, Franklin YB96 50 SMACK, Big Pete ll 169 29RED, V.B.K. YB97 SAll. C&M Knl YB98 47 SMACK, Garcia YB98 48RED LADY, Brewer SA¡,{ANTHA, Phil & Mike ll 161 SMASH, Mr Little lV 88 110 SMASH, LA Team IRED DOG, P¡tts ill 19 SAllBO, Glenn lll 53 lV ¿o
    • PAGE 67 YEARBOOK 1998SutlrY, R Anderson ISMILEY, X-Men YB98SMOKER, AJones ISMOKEY, Viera Brothers YB97SMOKINJOE, Trail Driver YB94SMOKIN BOOTS, Bomb SquaYB9SSMUGGLER, King LimeY# llSMUGGLER, lcePick & Co YB98SNAKE GIRL, Jackson YB98SNAPPER, Jake lVSNOOKIE, Poor BoY llSNOOP DOG, Soul To Soul YB96SNOW, Cambo Knl YB97SNOW, SnakemanSNOW, C Hall SNUBBY, UPtown BoYs SOGA, Bellon Club YB95 SOLDIER, B.J. YB93 SOLDIERS BROTHER, YB96 SON, Young & L.G. YB95 SONIA, MontY IV SONJATA, Bellon Club YB98 SONNY, Shaun YB98 SOONER, Good GuYs I SOSO, War Paint Knl lil SOSO, B-Line Knl YB97 SOUL GIRL, R.E,P IV SPADE, Bancroft I SPANKY, Kingfish Kid IV SPANKY, G.C.Kid & ColeY YB97 SPANKY, LATeam YB95 SPANKY DAN, HillbillY IV SPARKY, Flowers ill SPEED, lcepick lll I SPICE, Untouchables YB96 SPIDER, Cane ValleY YB96 I SPIDER, lcePick & Co YB98 SPIKE, Brundridge IV SPIKE, B&W Knl IV SPIKE, Vietnam Knl YB96 SPIKE, Frederick I SPIKE, Bli?keig Knl YB95 SPIKE, RalPh lll SPIKE, Jansen I I SPIKE, Kilvin SPITFIRE, G&G Knl SPOOK, Ricketts YB97 SPOOK, Hargroves I SPOONER, Hurrican Knl lV SPROCKET,3-D Knl lll STING, Nico ll STINGER, lmmortal Knl YB96 STONE, Soso BoYs lV STORMINNORMAN,H.K. YB95 I dY lV ables YB95 TriPle J YB96 STRIDER, MaloneY I STRIKE, Marvin F I & D.J lll ions lV Knl YB97 t¿o YB98 35 SUGAR, C Hall 62 SUGAR BEAR, Wise lll 31 SUGAR CAINE Cr. Canuck lV
    • YEARBOOK 1998 PAGE.68YANG YANG, Garcia yBgB 61YARA, Rebel Knt lil 33YELTOW TORNADO, Hard T yB96 63YELLOW BUCK, Stone CityyBgS 47YELLOW JOHN, Chavis | 80YELLOWSTONE, Strongarm yB97 42YETA, Exterminator yB93 40YOGI, Scotsman# lV 64YOGI, Bomb Squad yB96 63YOYO, Plumber Ron lV 31YUGO, Space Cowboy ill 63Z-BOY, Magic Line Knt yB93 40ZEKE, Busenbark yB94 4gZERO, O Stevens ll 130ZEUS,RJohnson | .|28ZEUS, Outkast Knt yBgT 42ZjGGY, Rebel Knt ilt 41ZIPPER, Nelson I 17g SALS CHUCO LOCO i..,,j:iii,:, ..1 ,;; ,. j:(.: : ¡:ii :.:rrl:,...r: li :.: r |* 1. D.O.A.S VIRGIL t (. CHEEKY K.S NUNGA 1r :r QUEE CITYS RED DOG
    • YEARBOOK 1998 PAGE 69 : j:i::i, , :.:l:¡. :: :: .: :.,:: ,i..:ji . .1.:: .L:,:i l, il ,n ,, ¡1, iir, :: ,itiriKE,N AT-LENS DOUBLE GR-{ND CX{AMPION TORNADO
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE 70 GARCIAS GRAND CHAMPION BLACK JACK Medlins OUTLAW HOSEA Medlins Swinsons N.C.ROSE Medlin & B-Lines BLACK CAT Medlins OUTLAW Medlins ROSEBUD Swinsons N.C.ROSEGarcias GR CH BLACK JACK GrossBUCK . Smiths BUCKWHEAT CrossWEE BEE B-Line KennelsCH SHIRLEY Groves,CH OUTLAW B-Line KennelsLIL BITS Irish Jerrys JANIE BLACK JACK was bred by B-line Kennels. He won five times during 1996 - lggj - and 1998. F. Garcia owned BLACK JACK for all five shows and was shown at between 35 to 38 lbs. He had one Two Hour win to his credit, the last time he was shown.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME JUDGE#423-96 The Baileys HENRY [] M38 :39 Mt. Boy*#r358-96 Tacketts BAR NONE M36 ?? Pitman *#1t90-97 KY Head Hunters SUNDANCE [1] M35 l:33 Alvarez#1064-98 Mt. Boys CHAIN [] M36 :48 Pitman *#119r-98 Southern Pride Kennels HURNCANE Il] M36 2:04 Leonard K * SCRATCHLINERS GRAND CHAMPION BUDDY Havana Boys CH JUMPIN JACK FLASH Geists GRINGO Geists HONEY Fergusons JOEL Geists BAD BLOOD GEiStS VANITY S.T.P.S MS. RAGESCRATCHLINERS GR CH BUDDY O. StevenscR CH VIRCIL ROM O. StevensJINGLES O. Stevens,LOLA March or Sie KennelsCLEO O. StevensGR CH VIRGIL ROM O. StevensFREDA O. Stevens,MARY LOU A big red, red nose dog bred by March or Die Kennels, out of their pure O. Stevens bitch CLEO. Each one of BUDDYs matches got longer and longer, his first in :31 his 5th in 1:20. His competition was over credible competition, all in the Northeast between 1996-199g.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#602-96 Jazz Kennels JAZZ M54 :31 Virgil *#r381-96 Dre &Zazas CRIPPLE [t] M55 :37 AI#316-97 Falcon KennelsBIG SLIM Il] M55 :45 P.B.Dynasty* Beat Down Ken¡els CRAZY HORSE Il] Gator BoyzKOJ.{K Il]
    • I ¡ YEARBOOK98 PAGE 71 f t THE BAILEYS GRAND CHAMPION RAMBO I t Finleys CH BO ROM I Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM CH HONEYBUNCH ROM Whites TAB ROM Marlowes MR BULLDOG I Marlowes TABBY GIRL Marlowes BRANDY GIRL ITHE BAILEYS GR CH RAMBO Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM I Genes LUG Genes HONEY I Garreffs RUBY Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM I Garretts BRIDGET Orrs DOLLY I Bred by Al White from an inbred "JEEP" bloodline. Shown by the Bailey all five times in the I Carolinas between 1996 and 1998. His first three shows were done in short order, his last two I went over the Hour mark. GR .CH. RAMBO has a litter mate brother that is a chamoion. I MR. Z.s CH. TUFFY I IMATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE I I#1221-96 Cuba¡ Camales SPECKLE M43 :22 Pitman * I#219-91 Pitmans HITMAN [] M4l :36 Bullock * I I#rr86-97 Cerullo ClubsMATIDOR M4l 112 :36 McFarlalld t#924-98 Battle Cross KennelsCOWBOY JR M4l 1:06 S Mason* I I 590-98 Cerullo ClubsARTEY M40 B-Line Knl+#1 101 t I I I COLEYS GRAND CHAMPION ROWDY I CatesNIGERINO I CatesCUJO CatesMISS KITTY I Wildside Kennels LUCIFER CATESNIGEzuNO I Townsends BLACK WIDOW CatesPATCHES ICOLEYS GR CH ROWDY Perrys MULDI-INE I CummingsRED FOX Perrys FANNY I Ondorfs LIL Stacys BROWN BULL I Ondorfs TESS Terys TESSER BELL I Bred by C. Ondorf by breeding his bitch to a double bred Cates 5x winner, NIGERINO. Shown between I 1995 and 1998 at between 49 and 50 lbs. His first win was over his breeder. All five shorvs ended in I under an Hour, the longest :53, the shortest :18. I I IMATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE ( (#547-95 Buzzard Creek KennelsSMACKUS [1] M50 :53 Fred B * I#583-96 Big Dog KennelsJOE M49 :43 Black Beard I#20-91 Bells BULL MCW :23 G.C.Kid* I#49t-97 Julians ROWDY M50 :18 Sagasa Knl*#1249-98 Hillside & Busenbarks BLACKIE f ll M50 34 Steel City*
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE12 ALLEN & UIDERGROUND KEI{NELS GRAND CHAMPION SCOOPY Woods TROUBLE Garners CHINAMAN ROM Abernathys MOLLY Gamers FzuSCO ROM Garners CHINA GIRL Vinces CHINA GIRL HobbsTUFFYALLEN & LNDERGROLIND KNLSSCOOPY Kincaids ROLO Patricks CHOMPS Patricks ROSE Patricks SHOT PUT Patricks LABOMBA Patricks BROWNIE Patricks MOLLY BROWN Bred by J. Atlen by breeding a pure Patrick bitch to a highly rated Register of Merit producer, FzuSCO A five time winner in the Carolina during 1997 utd 1998. All of SCOOPYS shows were in under an Hour. the longest in:58 the shortest in :16.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#1266-97 Cobalt KennelsLITTLE ANNIE [] rJ4 42 S Mason*#3 I 5-98 Barnhill Kennels STELLA F33 I6 NY Ralf#723-98 Southern Pride KennelsCARRIE [1] rJz 34 Bronco Bill#1237-98 Steel Grip KennelsPUDDIN PIE fJ¿ 2l JR+#t525-98 Williams & Coopers SHORTY F33 :58 B-Line Itul* RISING STAR KENNELS GRAND CHAMPION SPARKY Boyles CH BOLT ACTION ROM BoylesRIGHT HAND MAN BoylesBLACK GOLD JAZZMAN Hutchesons Heikklias FIREMAN BoylesPOGO BoylesBLACK GOLDRISING STAR KENNELS GR CH SPARKY Cherokee KennelsOILER JR ROM STPs CH BLK PAZMANIAN Man,s LADY BUG Floyds FLAUNCY BoylesRIGHT HAND MAN LewisBLACK BETTY Codys LITTLE LUCY Bred by C. Floyd from a "Boyles" bloodline and was a winner in five shows, the first two were with Die Hard Kennels and his last three, his championship and grand championship with Rising Star Kennels at a weight of between 40-41 lbs, between 1996 to 1998.MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE#1144-96 Sherwood BoysBIG RED M40 43 Coleman#736-97 RussBUCKSAW [] M41 t48 T-Pit +#1368-97 RussRUCKUS [1] M4i 39 T-Pit*#t64-98 Duprees TzuGGERVIAN M4l 39 Junior#3r2-98 Joe & Randalls JOfER [1] M40 I l0 T-Pit *
    • YEARBOOK 98 PAGE 73 PANAMA KENI{ELS GRAND CHAMPTC¡{ STONE Sextons JERRY B&B KennelsMAURICE Reuvers DAKOTA Richards JtrllIOR Foxfires LUKE B&B KennelsGAME LEG Washburns SLEEPY PANAMA KENNELSGR CH STONE O. Stevens MUTT HawkinsTOOT Korberts DEE HawkinsTOOTHLESS CrumsJOE i Stacys LOLA CrumsCHUM I I Bred by Hawkins from a combination bloodline. Won all five in under 1:00 and has rvon over a I champion in his longest at :56. ¡ I I I MATCH # OPPONENT Wt-SEX-TIME ruDGE I #r348-96 AlvarezTOO M40l12 :25 B Ward I Bullock * I #537-91 Hocutt & Abes CHEWY [1] M40112 :30 I #610-91 Richardsons REBEL M40llz :37 Cooper I #214-98 Dred Lok Kennels REX [1] M40 :40 Nate I I #r022-98 Roy C.s CH. BILLY BUCK [2] M41 :56 Nate I t GRAI{D CHAMPION INDEX IACE Super Gnats 96 JACK. Jackie S 184 SPIKEY, Beach Boy Billy YB97 51 IAngus Stepps I 72 JERIMIAH, Plumber Ron 101 SPORT, Booney yB96 73ANDY CAPP, R HaI],s 96 JINX, Cat & Co YB94 74 STAN THE l!44N, Havana B & Roadbloc[Bg7 51 IART, Slrnson & Glovers I tf JOKER, House I 50 STREET SWEEPER, D & TRIPLE J KnlsYBgT 52ART, Yankee Boys IJ JOEY, R B B IV 101 STONE, Panama Kennels YB98 73 IgADGER, Bloodliners YB93 49 JOHNBOY,STP 185 TANK, Tom CaI ill 108 (tsAOG-R, Smrlh & Wallon YB93 46 JUBBLE, Wright 186 35 RushinKennels 1913ANJO Coy YB93 49 KING ARTHUR, Capl Amer¡ca YB94 74 TRIGGERMAN, Soulman YB94 77 I3:AR, Cornpone YB95 53 KRUEGER,JC &FredB YB93 49 VlRGlL, O Stevensa=AR -iRAP Old House Kennels 97 LEFTY. Bunce tl 83 WEEHUNT, l¡¡sh Jerry I 34 IalG FOOT Hr-Energy Knls YB93 47 LIONHEAD, Shankbone ill 103 YELLOW TANT tvJEISON, Jay & Hardline Knls 97 LITTLE JACK, FERGY 86 Y_ELLOW BUCK, Stone C¡ty Knts YB97 52 IA NGO Sunday 182 LITTLE ROY, Haney I 66 ZEBO Adams I 65 BLACK JACK, Garcias YB9B 70 LUCKY STRIKE, Steve & Co 187 B B RED, Coy YB93 49 I BO fu1AD YB93 47 MAY DAY, Southern Knls YB96 BELLA, Eastend Knls# ill 109 BOCEFUS, Gonzalez YB95 53 ¡,,4lDNiGHT, Jessie Rods ill IUJ CANDY, Hand I 106 I BOOGER, Jones & Holt I 75 MONGOOSE, Santa t02 CANOY, S T P 105 I BOOKER, Frank & Al ill 98 NAILOR, P&P Knls ilt 105 CANIBAL CANDY, N¡illbusters YB94 73:BOOMERANG. B Davis I 10 NATE, Trodbusters YB97 50 DAIST MAE, Boston Blacky ilt BRONSON, Laniers ONYX. M¡randa & Costa IV 102 DAISY l,4AE, Tra¡¡ Driver YB93 JU BRONSON, Raslaman 98 OUTRAGE, True Colors 103 DOUBLE TROUBLE, Produce,BUCK, S T P ll 188 P W , True Blood & Pineman # YB95 55 DUTCHESS, Ramrod IV 106BUDDy, Scratchl¡ner YB98 70 PEDRO, Snakeman I 100 HOPE, L Lewis I BUDDY, Slubblefield I tto RAMBO, The Ba¡leys YB98 71 LUPlfA. N¡r C & Super Knts YB 97 5-3 BULL Jose 98 RAMBO, Layne il 107 l¡lAMlüY, Yankee Boys BUSTER, Scfatch & Stitch ill 99 RED EAGLE, Baby Huey tv 103 IMISS RAGE, J.Johnson I 112 BUSTER BRowN, Strickly Business YB95 54 RED RIVER CURLEY, Bushwacker lt 188 IMS PANTHER, Diamond Dan YB-O 5 a5 CARLO, Giroux 111 RODNEY, Havana BoYs il 111 lN4YRA, Hunter# V 1C7 CHEROKEE CHIEF, J Holiand 81 ROSCoE, Cal W il 189 NlKKl, Rickey B # YS93 53 CHIEF, Magic Line Pits IV 99 ROWDY, Coleys YB98 71 AZO AZUL, Gonzalez 99 SAMSON, Rebel Knls tv 104 PEPPER, San Peur Knls YB93 5COUNTRY, P¡lls il 49 ,SAI¡SON. S T P lil 107 QUEEN OF HEARTS, Abraham ilt 1:CRAZYTURFMAN Mead I 105 SATAN, B L B tv 104 SABLE, Suburbanite Paul illDUKE, Docks # trl 100 SCOOPY. Allen & Underground YB98 72 SANDY Soulman YB93 5iDUKE, Legion of Doom ill 101 YB97 50 SCHOTZIE, Kamakazee Kennels yB94 7a SHEP, SonnyFLASH, Swat Team YB95 SINFUL SAILOR, P Johnson t36 SHADY LADY. Rebet Kennels 112FRITZ,RC &SosoBoys 100 SIR DOG, Crews YB94 75 SHOTZIE, Slingshot Knls & Hoosier ConryBgT 53GABE. M A D YB94 76 H&R KnlsSLICKHEAD lV 108 YB94 SIR THOI¡AS True Blood #HANK, Burton I to S¡,¡ILEY.MW&tR YB94 76 |SPOOKIE, Rebel Knls tl 1;1HELL BEN, Grits 100 SNAKE tsrabham r79 iTlNA, Dead Derious Knl yBgOHELLCAT, ¡,4 M M YB93 48 SNAKE JR , Bryan rB8 lrovuv oov, caribbean Knts vB96 75HURRICANE HUGO, Greenhorn YB93 48 SOLUTION fe¿d Hunter tv 105 IIROUBLE, J Allens tV 108lBM,lvlalik YB96 71 SPARKY R srnE Star rinls YB98 72 DOUBLE GRAND CHAN¡PION TORNADO
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE 75 REGISTER OF fuTER¡T R. HALLS GR. GH. ANDY CAPP I I I Indian BOLIO ROM I EL DOS BITS CORTARO Patricks DAISY 53s SUGAMOOT Patricks COMMANDER WHITEHEAD I Patricks ITTY BITS Patricks KOKO IR.I{ALLS GR.CH.ANDY CAPP Thrifts CH BOBBY JR I CLYDE THE UNDERTAKER BoylesDIRTY MARY ROM I 53s PENNY SUE GR CH CHEROKEE CHIEF ROM I BoylesCRANKSHAFT BoylesDIRTY MARY ROM I I IGR. CH. ANDY CAPP has four Register of Merit points. When bred to Mans CRAZY TIPPI he {produced two champions: R.E.P.IBLIZZARD and Desert Warriors COMMANCHE. When bred to (R. Halls SLICK he produced B&B Kennels APACHE, and when bred to R&R Kennels TINY he Iproduced Wonder Boys PUP PUP. ANDY CAPP was bred by P. Singletary from a Pat Patrick x R. (Boyles cross. However many of the dogs from the Boyles bloodline go back to the Patrick bloodline. I ( I I I I I REGISTER OF MERIT I ( THE UNTOUGHABLES CH. BUTKUS ( I I Patricks BULL BOY BOB ROM Patricks LITTLE TATER Patricks RED BABY ROM S.T.P.s GR CH BUCK ROM Indian BOLIO ROM Patricks RED LADY Patricks SCARLETLTNTOUCHABLESCH. BUTKUS S.T.P.s CH. TORO Onello SHERMAN THE TANK Colli¡rsRED ALERT UntouchablesDAISY MAE ROM S.T.P.s CH. TORO Onellos TMSTED SISTER CollinsRED ALERTChampion BUTKUS has five Register of Merit points, he produced five champions each one of themout of a different female. When bred to Gastons TOMMY he produced C.M.B.s SANDI. When bredto The Untouchables TRUDY he produced The Untouchables BUMPHUS. When bred to Ratliff sSPICE he produced The UntouchablesLEFTY. When bred to Reeds LULU he produced TheUntouchables BEAMER and when bred to Undertaker Kennels MISS LEAKEY he produced TheColored Brothers & Super Kennels "357" . CH. BUTKUS was bred by the Untouchables by breedingtwo Register of Merit producers.
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE 76 REGISTER OF MERIT MASONS SMILEY Loposays DUBS Finleys CH BO ROM Loposays DOT Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM Wallingss BULLYSON CH HONEYBUNCH ROM Caryers AMBERMASONS SMILEY Finleys CH BO ROM Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM CH HONEYBUNCH ROM Orrs DOLLY Crenshaws CH OTIS ROM Ybarras COGINA CH HONEYBLTNCH ROMMasons SMILEY has five Register of Merit points. When bred to Masons MISS K. he producedM.M.M.s PANTHOL and the Grand Champion M.M.M.s HELLCAT. When bred to Masons DONNAhe produced Youngs PEE WEE and when bred to Gradys SPECIAL he produced M.M.M. & Wall Boy,sERNIE. SMILEY was bred by R. On and is double bred on the highest ranking Register of Merit dog,Crenshaws CH JEEP R.O.M. REGISTER OF MERIT WHITES TAB Loposays DUBS Finleys CH BO ROM Loposays DOT Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM Wallinss BULLYSON CH HONEYBIINCH ROM Carvers AMBERWHITES TAB BassTRAMP RED BOY Marlowes MR BULLDOG Marlowe,s BRANDY GIRL Marlowes TABBY GIRL BassTRAMP RED BOY Marlowes BRANDY GIRL Bass,CLEOWhites TAB has five Register of Merit points. When bred to Garretts IRENE he produced twochampions, Crenshaw & Whites BRUTUS and Crenshads CH GATOR. When bred to Garretts RUBYhe produced a champion and a grand champion, the champion was Mt. Z.s TUFFY, the grand championis The Baileys RAMBO. TAB was bred by K. Marlowe by breeding her double bred "RED BOy" bitch,TABBY GIRL to Crenshaws CH JEEP R.O.M.
    • I I YEARBOOK98 PAGET7 { I REGISTER GF ¡VIER¡T I I LONGS WERDO I I I I I Loposays DUBS Finleys CH BO ROM Loposays DOT I Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM Wallings BULLYSON ( CH HONEYBUNCH ROM Carvers AMBER ILONGS WERDO Finleys CH BO ROM ( Crenshaws CH JEEP ROM CH HONEYBUNCH ROM I Orrs DOLLY Crenshaws CH OTIS ROM Ybarras COGINA CH HONEYBUNCH I I ILongs WERDO has five Register of Merit points. He has produced five champions from five Idifferent bitches. When bred to Hard Core Kennels BREAKER he produced Hard Core Kennels IDOOGIE. When bred to Gamers RONNIE he produced Hurricane Kemels STORMINNORMAN. IWhen bred to Baileys TOOTSIE he produced American Made Kennels LIZZY and when bred to IBrodts LADY KATE he produced Rising Star Kennels WHISKEY. WERDO is a full brother to IMasons SMILEY and the third son of Crenshaws CH JEEP. R.O.M. to make the Resister of Merit Ilist in the vear of 1998. I ( I REGISTER OF MERIT B-L¡NE KENNELS LIL BITS Loposays DUBS Finleys CH BO ROM Loposays DOT HargrovesCH OUTLAW Crenshaws CH RASCAL Crenshaws POLLY CH HONEYBUNCH ROMB-LINE KENNELSLIL BITS Irish Jerrys TzuM MOODY Irish Jerrvs GR CH WEEHUNT CH HONEYBUNCH ROM lrish Jerrys JANIE Woods OSO NEGRO GrossSASSY CH HONEYBUNCH ROMB-Lines LIL BITS has three Register of Merit points. She was bred to Jones BOBBY JACK to produceB-Line Kennels COWBOY. She produced two champions whenbred to Smiths BUCKWHEAT, B-LineKennels SHIRLEY and Chaos Kennels SU BOY. Three of LIL BITS grand dams was the same bitch.CH HONEBUNCH R.O.M. She was bred by Irish Jerry by breeding his double bred HONEYBLTNCHbitch to Harsroves CH OUTLAW.
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE 78 OZARK KENNELSLUCY Super Gnats BOOTS Tants PONCHO Tants WIGGLES Steel Fires PADDY Crenshaws CH JEEP RPM Garetts CHARLOTTE Crenshaws KATE OZARK KENNELS.LUCY BASSTRAMP RED BOY MAN Millers RED BassCAT Road Warriors BOOGER ROM Honeycutts BARNEY Dryes SISSY Marks JENNY OzarkKennelsLUCY has three Register of Merit points. She produced three champions when bred to two different stid dogs. When bred to Ozark KennelsBANDIT she produced Ozark Kennels MAXX and Tuppers HOOT-N-ANNIE. She was bred to K¡ox CHARLIE TWO STEP to produce The Deacons &, Ozark Jims TUBBY. Bred By R. Hoffman by breeding his Register of Merit bitch, BOOGER to Steel Fires PADDY. A mostlv "RED BOY" bloodline. REGISTER OF MERIT INDEX t¡l 117 bH HONEYEUNCH | 161Crenshaws CH JEEP 19 200 Rebel Kennels CH TURTLE YB98 77 Stons City KennelsAVVESOME BABYTañts GR CH YELLOW 13 tl 203 Longs wERDO YB93 55 tl ZU Road Wario/s BOOGERGamersFRlsco YB96 77 AdAñs. GR CH ZEBO ¡v 12: t1 t13 R Halls GR CH ANOY CAPP YB96 7s BoylesLIMITEDEDITIONSTPsGRCHBUCK | 16r Stinson & Glove/s GR CH ART ii- IG¡.ou¡BoocER 7 112 YB96 oR YBSs 57F¡nloys CH BO 7 I 159 Sni¡th ¿ Waltons GR CH BADGER | 16 163Patdcks TOMBSToNE 7 153 lhdian BOLIO ilt 12 t55All6ñs BUTCH vag¡ 54 GkouiGR CH CARLO YB95Mountain Mans CH HOMER ilf 117 Hollands GR CH CHERoKEE CHIEF ¡tl I 1f 59Patncks HOMER , 116 caine/s CHINAMAN 11{ Wrights CH JILL 21W&PS LITTLE BOOTS 117 cirouxcH GUNNER I 158 Boyleg.LADYUNDERTAKER ii,L GS CH LITTLE MAN YBS6 77 G@iagas GARIBALOI 115 LA Ore6ñ faams CH LITTLE,BIT YB93 55King Limeys NELIS # tl 201 O StevensCH l.lOMER il 198 McCollu¡ñs LYOA ill 12Crenshaiüs CH OTIS 160 Phils CH LITTLE GEoRGE 111 Un¿¿naXer Knts MtSs LEAKY Y897Snakemans GR CH PEDRO ill 117 MayfEtds ÑlcGER I 156 O Stevéns RAMONA YB93 tl rEl YB95 60 Cherokée Kennels OILER JR 3. YB9€ 78 YB95 LAFON S KEU EU NQANCEi Y69? - 58 HaÉ Cori Kennéls CH REO MAN a YB97 tV: 12 ViRGtLi , ilt .: 1Lq Smith & wlllismsi REUBEÑ- ,, . ll lVr^,chair cH YFuow JoHN r 203 Meyfeld! SNAKE Wooiji SNOOTY :" i, ¡. :i.i 4 ,,1 t, .YB9€ lt.; 79Botaes CH BOL:[ ACTION : . . 112 , 3 jrlReb€l Kénn€ls BUBBA ill 118 úr. K.s TE( ; :1 ¡lv .3Untoudtable¡f GH BUTKUS 5 YSgE . smfi & Waltons CH BAO BlLl-Y illLoposays BUSTER YB93 54 PatrÉk! BULL 8OY BOB : ,3 . ,tv Yg9A YB97W GCs OEACON YB96 Jó H"rrisELl lll II Th¡bodeauEMILE Y898 t8 YB97Kemakaz€ Knl HUNTER REDLA DEarh Teams cH JESSIE JAMES YE}94 R SorelL5GAToRSON 3 vR.C & Soso BoyscH MAGNUM II 9t Rand/s GONNER 116. . lFitchs MEAN JOLEEN: : : tl 20HámmondJ RUFUS 164 Nffi¡ds lRoN SPIKE ll r99 lHa*tnáñFMISSCHAMP YB94 79Masons SMILEY 5 I YB9E MccoumsJESSlE JR ill t 19 Wnils MISS POOL HALII REO I 16whiies TAB YB98 RedBs RED DoG ill 12O Patricls REO BABY 16Ono/s CH TONKA BEAR 5 YB96 78 BSm|ls RED JERRY t t6 Giraux REO Pll,lKY I 16BrislalÉ CH THOR 5 II 202 HárgffiSPAIKY ill t2O Tonislcs SPIDER tl 21Ca3l¡l¡os TROLL YA93 vá3o<* s TRUCK ill 117
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE 79 WTNIqER.S AF{D T-,GSERS OF 1998 WINNERS HANDLER LOSERS SW REFEREE NUI/BI TIME "38", Gunmans fl/A DCs MONGO M45 :56 Sty 42S-98 M50 :21 RW 1355_9 M47 1.47 Eric 1276_9 M465 1:00 L.BK - 513-9B M42 :45 ?? 217_gg M42 1:00 ? 1SS_98 M35 :11 Don D 47b-98 hlCW lúf Uniouched 497_98 lr.4r MCW :46 Po¡e * 1457_S M43 1:03 Dudloy M- ZB2_S8 F35 38 Pitstack Krd 1719# F40 l:28 Road Wanior * 899_9g F40 :20 SIM * 107_98 M50 1:32 Nate - 406_9S M60 :30 M George. 321-99 M51 1:00 Devine - 1116-9 F36 :25 Mass Combine * 944_99 M46 :35 Bobby 63t98 M46 :33 Btack KnLghl- 1424-9 F34 1.30 Lon Road Knl* 1697-9 F42 .23 R,Green 197-9& l439 :38 Collins iS0B_9 M44 :57 Juju jl14q F38 5 :10 Stibkman /6b-98 M51 :50 lcepick * 1770-S M50 :35 Burns. 671_98 M34 :44 Alvarez 129_9 .l M46 :52 R tslick 515-98 M45 :Zg ?n jfiS_g M34 1:12 Price 1481_9 A¡IDREY, fvatshenho,s F32 .42 Bama Red* 1754-9 lvanchenko Krylo/sSplDER M48 2:26 Komarov 486_98 ANGEL, Midwest Expressi fUA Back SheefsBLACK GIRL F33 :50 Steej C¡ty- 342-S8 ANGLE, Hartzels NiA Missouri KnlsLITTLE t,¡r F34 .26 lceman * S0S_98 ANGLE, Harhelfs MA llooks JUICER F3+ 34 Sho [,,te Boy- 384^98 ANGUS, Gametight Kennels, N/A Maddens 0 T. M42 :45 C&C Combine 1092-9 ANGUS, Omega Boys Druid Dalton Gangs FLOyD lv{49 1;58 Cubeno 1055.9 M55 :40 L¡rnrd Skynr:d * ANGUS, Wags DA. Barys LEFT EyE ANNA,TC.&H0Fs N/A Florida Boyd MtSSy F3l 1:45 BC 6b4-98 ANNIE MAg Uplown Syndicatee 7jB,9O Curtjs C.Bs BELL F35 5 :35 ??? 1762-9ANNIE, N E CS ñ/A Jokers GANDy F4f :f6 City Boy f4g3#{ANNIE, Wflrd Walke/s Rorneo Donnies RUlvlP SHAKER F33 1:30 Tant-APOCALYPSE, Backwood Kennels N/A 990€8 Backyard Kennels CORRUpT lU52 :11 lr,4erter 11TO-gARON, Savics N/A Twíns JEEp M37 1:27 tutisko 1647#(ARTEY, Cerullo Clubs liUA KOpossasTySON M37.5 r34 Booth 628.98ARTEY, Cerullo Club¡ N/A Agees SpIKE M37 :25 City Knls Juan B5Z-98ARTEY, Cerullo Clubrs IUA Jamaica lllt Teams IIOMER M38 5 :27 Moralee j039-9ARTHUR, Piroczkis Andiassy Sziegls SpEED M48 :33 Putzfai 50-S8ASSASSIN, Floyds N/A Br"ooks SHOTGUN M49 :19 Green g63-93ATTITUDE Suger Beais N1A Abatis DIAMQND F46 :24 Tony 966-38Angus. Rons N/A Erakas WISHBONE M48 :52 lcsmaarl * 248-9gB,F, Sneakys Mke B Bushw¡cke/s FOXy M54 ???? Ptow Boy 7 b-98BABY GIRL, Srniths N/A JRS JEWELLS F38 :46 El Jay 659:99BABY RUTH, S.T ps N/A Farme/s PR|NCESS F41 :41 Carnp * 9g€BBABY, Amerioan lMade Kbnnels, N/A Const¡nzab PELIGRO F33 1:22 Baddie ZTZ-ggBABY, Lerehs Loggin Men TN Bad Bols RED DOG F42 :4V Carter 15O6-9BABY, Padíllais Il/A KamusJllLy GRL F3& 1:06 Fireman 300-gBBAtsY, Serbsss N/A New Kids BOOF MF40 :40 Richo j54#tBAD BOY, B O.Ps f!/A Benji & Shawnrs MONEy MCW :30 [/ob KntsBAD HABIT BB & NO Dpg pound 792-98 ñO Dog pound Locát BoysTR1GGER F32 :36 L RÍvorsBAD MAN,Coates NiA Batte Cráss Knts OTTER M43 .57 J Fitman * f671_9 1453-9 Kennots N/ABAD MOTHER, Cjty Juniois HOLLy F30 :00 J Peny fBAD NEWS, Glen,s 17ZT-S NiA Batte Cross Knls WRECKER [439 1:00 Canadien 361-98BAD ROSEMARY CH , Abtizin,s N/A Kisels BESSY F51 :11 Pavlenko .1 .f 1 9.9
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE 80 ] WINNERS HA¡IDLER LOSERS SW TIME REFEREE NUMBI BAD ROSEMARY, Abtizins N/A ZsfikoV Mtl BADGER, Hemlock Kennels Hemlock Ultimate Gr BADGER; Hemlock Kennels Hemlock Old Bor/s E BALDY, Bellon Clubs Antonio Sentanior BANDI] , Airhead Kennelb N/A Doo BANDIT, Back Bay Knls Back Bay Wav MNDIT, D.Ls N/A D.O. M46 :57 TNf Ke¡nels 5g2_9A tsANDlT, FrontLine Kennels F¡ont Line Goodsons M45 5 :16 Kwin K 342.9g BANDIT, Regulatois N/A Moxrets spool( M44 r:06 Fitnan. 1.r28-g BANDITA, Billy 8obs Billy Bbb Morgan,s TMMp FtA :45 Big G 963:99 IS9ERANN Garden City Knts N/A trtitoh & Co.,s RED F39 :33 Danny j299€ BARGAIN, Black Jacks N/A James & Pacmans KASE rr¡áó s l,¿o Delta Force Ml - 149s-9 BAR(LY, Red Eye Kennols| Rod Eye Regrs sHAe .41 Bird Man r,t47 5 g32_g& BARLEY, Belmesl N/A Ablizin:s BUSTER M50.5 :40 pavlonko g71#gt BARI{ABUS; canadians N/A Nortrside conn s TIGER M47 :34 Leonard K. ts5$9 BARNEY, Challanger Kennete NiA Stoet Gr:ip Knte TOTO M44 1:35 Ny Ratf 1238_9 BARNEY, Hocutt&Abes fUA L.RC.,SSHORTY M41 :39 DOA I25_SB MRNEY, Ringls N/A Boots MAX MSg 4l ???? 1494#i MRSEY, WestTaxasKannela N/A ?qG|NGER F34 :S3 Joe 1A17_9 BAT EARS, Gusneros N/A Salüllo.Boys,cHloulrA F32 .zi casas 160&9 BAITLE BOY, Missouri Kennols N/A Bootrnans EONER M31 :40 Trigger Happy 969_9g BATTLE CHARGE, Mlssouri Kenne N/A STNATOR M41 :04 Mark 1g67:9 BATTLE SHIP, Florida Boys N/A s TADpOLE M3B :Zt Dirty Mouh B9a_98 BAULDER, L,A.Dream Team,s R.p. iness BIG RED MCW i:03 N,|aá Oog 859_gg BHN, Queen citys N/A BertÍmore Rons RED MAN t¡42 :50 The ? Kid - 1840-s BEAR, c-Ham. Gamer & TVKs N/A v.B Ks TENNESSEE M42 1:42 skinny Ed 1b23-9 BEAR, D Hams N/A New Jack,s MUTT M41,5 .59 J.R * Z9B-98 lEl!fr, Tex Mex Espanas N/A BEBEL, Batde cross Kenners Josh Fínkle winkles BB MINDY panama Knls MTTLER F35.5 :50 Junkyard 4uz#g( M34 :35 D.o A Knls 1343_9 BEEPER,FarmerDredds FarmerDredd HardHeadscATFlsH M49 1:08 BELGLADE, B&JR B¡d Knls N/A ???????? 1390_9 Bunk Houses IKE RED [439 1:02 Hunicane Knl. 1635-9 BELL GLADE, Hittem & B&B Kenne Byrd B y.D.,s CHAMp M39 ..28 Biohazard Knl. 1088_9 BELL, Bootlegger Kannets G Ham cedar Hills KNlsLlLLy BELLA, M&M Kennels F3l t:0b lcepick. 423-98 NiA ceruilo OubsTARGETA F32 1:20 Rodriquez 629-98 BELLA, Pit lsland Knls N/A Muscle Jack,s LOLA F39 1:19 yankeo Boys- 154g_9 BELLESTARR,JacksoncreekKnl N/A oldschool KnIsBADNEWS F42 l:36 oddCouple 413-98 BENDER, Marquis N/A poop & co coMMANcHE M38 ??? Diehard Knr 832_98 BENNY BLANCO, Brick House Knl A.Z. HargrovesZ-DOG M46 5 1:35 Ggator Boyz, 103-98 9!lIlE, Mana & Papas N/A Never Quit KennelsBlNGo M45 .37 Red williams. 531-98 BERT, Bisa Kennels IuA Eightrray KennelsRED M? ..25 centa p44_g BETA, Ludis N/A Rock & Roils,pLAMENKA F3B b :45 Zinetti 571#9{ BETSY, Long Road Kennels N/A ReRons JosEy wELLS F3b :59 E.z! 367_9g BETSY, Long Road Kennels coo che¡okee & Sandman,s MoTHER- F35 2..10 ????? 1002_9 BETW BooP ll, west rexas Knls Bad Billy p.,s cowpATTlE ll Lo F37 :37 Acora 9i+98 BIAS, Wadas N/A WiiliamscRUTCH M44 .54 ?? 12-ge !19 IInEIFINGER, Bis Boys sparky sykes BLACK crGAR F41 :48 The Judse * 1370_s BIG COUNTRY, B.coopeis B.cooper A.Tuckers cuN sMoKE lr,icw :39 J.B. 154_98 BIG IGNOMNT, Tombsbr/BadbyiN N/A Booy Kamp ctick,sASSlsslN M4.t ..n J.Erbyles- 2g1_sg BIG JAKE. cruses cruse onginar Georgia Boysols M3g :48 srick. 1272-9 BIG MIKE S.S-S He N/A True Colo/s STANKY LANKIN ¡,A42 :l8 Absolute Knt- 1640-9 BIG RED, Foxxy Kennels N/A Cooper.s COUNTRY MCW j:33 Cox . BBB-9B BIG RED, Horseman Kennels NiA Doubte Js MO,BETTER MCW i.43 R.w. 1111_9 BIG RED, Mass Combine & octagc N/A Dasüc lmpacf s DlccER M43.b 1;00 Krunch Knls . 1s21-g BIG RED, Mr Zs N/A Cti¡ts GATOR [¡39 :19 R,R. gB7_98 BILLY BUCK, Roy c-s N/A G.wiiliamsTURTLE ¡,A4? :58 w V.steve í2+98 BILLY THE KlD, Pee Dee Kennels Pee Dee soutfr ofthe Border ZEKE M43 2:08 professor. 148-98 BILLY. J Js N/A B Lents FRED M46 2:42 Stewart BILLY, Pebies Jamie Head on Knrs LrrrLE GUS M3z 1.54 Jumpmaster 726_98 1763-9BILLY, swat raam N/A Derta Force & Fred cocAIN M39 :23 R,B B.- 71-98BILLY, SwatTeams N/A Marks BULL M41 :22 ?????? 1460_9 CH Tex-l,lex Eapanas Rafa Rojo,s BUCK l,l,42 :24 TatachoPlM90 172t#l.B|MBO, Tex lr,4eEspanas N/A Finkle winkle DoLLysoN M4l s .2/ Junkyard 4g,f _98B|NGO, ChernoVs tiovojenin VotkoVs BOLT M4B5.Zl Nikolay 14tl9#{BISCUII, Buck Bay Kennels Danrels Jacksons BABy F33 ..41 M George - 150_ggB|SHOB, J R Matics N/A Dudes HOOD M4l ..26 Goodwench 600_98BlsHoP, Junior Maf as rriA Back Bay Knls LEROy t,146 :24 Hargroves - 16zs_9BITCH, Playor Hater & Grinderriai i.irA Sagasa Knls BLAOK GIRL F32 3s Ricketrs "BtAcK ACID DEVII, comp,Knr&Ri fr,,A 1076_9 lr,,luiclehead,s yELLA F42 :55 slobo zz5_g8BLACK BABY, A+ Kennets i a Texas Als ROSEANNE F37 5 :39 John 1S5Z-9
    • I YEARBOOK98 PAGE 8I IWINNERS HANDLER LOSERS SW TIMEREFEREE NUMBI tBLACK BETTY, Left Field Boys Sagasa Rude Dog KnisANGEL F31 .12 Show Me Boy* 432-98 F34 :55 Cox* IBLACK BITCH. West Texas Kennel N/A Cofiee & HussSTORMY 1248-9BLACK 80, Ricketts NiA BroadwaY(Mike)CH ROWDYRED M50 :40 Slu- 30398 IBLACK CAT, P&S. &Line & Medlin P&S KY Head Hunte/s ROCKO M37 :40 WV Steve* 1077-9 IBLACK CAT, R JS N/A Tomisanos JUMP START M37 5 :43 Mike S 521-98BLACK FLY, Boach BoY Kennels N/A North Knls.CHABELA F3B 12 Meho BoysHenry 248-98 IBLACK FOOT, T&M Konnels N/A Blackwood KnlsMEMO MCW :38 I [¡.K.* 1369-9 IBLACK JACK. CH. J C.Shaws Shaw Blue Colar Kennels CH GRUNT M52 :45 McCluney 1020-9 M34 :46 Sundown 389-98 IBLACKJACK,B0Ps N/A Undergrounds FIVE-O Garoias Mt Boys CHAIN M36 .48 Pitman - 1064-9 I M36 2:04 Leonard K -BLACK JACK, CH N/ABLACK JACK, CH Garcias N/A Soutrorn Prides HURRICANE 1791-9 IBLACK JACK, Lving Nightmares N/A Riohios BRUN0 M53 .42 Mac 11 608-98BLACK JACK, Nickos N/A ?s WIPA SttlPA M43 1:02 Sarge 284-98 IBLACK JACK, Nickos N/A ThrowEm Down Knls STARGIN M45 1.07 SJ , 1134-9 IBLACK JACK, Steaknrans N/A Millonare Kennels ALI M45 1.40 J Adams 572-98BLACK JACK, Steakmans N/A Wilsons MRON M43 :31 Joncat* 814-98 (BLACK LADY, Eastidges N/A Rebel Reds [/OTT F40 40 Russ 1800-9 IBLACK MAMA, Poop & Cos N/A MarquisRED GIRL F45 :31 Diehard Knl 833-98 M38.5 1.48 Big G (BLACK MOE, Billy Bobs N/A D Bs SATCHMO 461-98BLACK OAK, Hog Town Kennels N/A Butches TIGER M47 1:39 Grubbs 37-98 I Te N/A Gfenns EVIL ED M31 1:49 Halstart 1323-9 M41 1.34 Watkins *BLACK PUNCH, Darryl (BLACK ROWDY, Hicks N/A Crocs CAIN 55+98BLACK SlS. Ricketts NiA J&Js KIZY F37 :26 Road Wanior 900-98 (BLACK SMOKE, Rockey Ridge Ker 3M Knls Baok Roads Knls PRETTY F35 5 :23 Bart Southyard 949-98 IBLACK SONJA,0, Georgia BoYs N/A Sams NIGGER F30 :55 Canoll 1755-9BLACK W|DOW, Hard Core Knl & F N/A Bald Heads SAW SAW F39 .52 RK* 1731-9 IBLACK WIDOW, Prime Time Kennt N/A Dees LITTLE LUKE F36 1:33Turner 206-98 IBLACK WIDOW, R.Js N/A RandY Macs GRINDER F33 .17 Mike S 522-98BLACK, Boyd Ms N/A Litue Mans DIAMOND F46 1:26 Raybut 577-98 IBLACK, Counhy Boys & L T s L.T Don Bs ??? F 42 .21 Ben¿rd 1?79-9 I,BLACK, Game Tights TobY Trauma Center, at als MAX M44 ,35 Sama 1642-9 M51 1:18 Stuart IBLACKFOOT, T M.S M.R White & Co.s RUDOPLH 661-98 Boss Hog Bens RUFFIO M44 :39 Triple D 803-98 I M41 1:03 Cali Cartel *BLACKIE, Boss HogsBLACKY, Viera Brohore Cubano Rick K-Rass & Nicklelodeons 911 1036-9 I Knls Sasas BEAN I142 :19 Dejo 404#9tBLACKY, Montenegro N/A Dee Nevar Quit Knls CLEANER M45 ;10 Old Gold - 1538-9 IBLAZE, Loonay Toons WeeBLAZE. Shickland, Rebel & Brians Rebel Kennels Georgia Gato/s HAMMER M36 :59 J Boyles 362-98 (BLAZE, Tanos N/A HadleY & UbiPPs 800 M37 :30 Perry 596-98BLME, Tonys N/A MississiPPis PETE M50 .48 Davis 1605-9 IBLEKO, Horvaths Siangel RejzeksTHOR M54 .28 Cichra 137#9t IBLEKO, Horvahs Stangel Capitans ROLF M56 ;45 Robo 1398#!BLITZ, Beach Boy Billys BBB Wiloys BROWNIE F31 :19 Hot Rod 1649-9 I BLOCKHEAD, TN Dog Pounds N/A Heavy Equip EMMITT SMITH M53 52 Wsasel 109-98 I BLONDIE, Moores T Moore Lebbys PANHANDLE F33 2:15 C McC 41 1#9{ BLONDIE. No Fear & N2 DeeP Ken N/A JonesDUCKMAN M48 5 32 ????? 643-98 5 :30 * Kennols Gunslingeis BLACK BITCH F32 Chaxez 478-98 1:12 Delta Force * ELONDIE, Too Too N/A BLONDIE, Westside Whoride & R E Sir Charles Muscle Thunde/s LUCY F38 500-98 BLOOD SHOT RED. J R.J Kennels Jam¡e Tittos LUIE LUIE MCW :28 Musician 23-98 BLOODY MARY, The Canadian N/A LilesLUCY F36 .32 Leonard K * 1788-9 BLOODY SALLY, Upper CilY & Co N/A Tenn.Bad Boys NASTY GIRL F36 :36 Ark-La Comb- 27-98 BLU ROWDY, T-N-TS Dynamite Kishs CONGO M5B .23 Mooso 1084-9 BLU TROUBLE, T-N-TS Dynomite WaYnes SADAT M62 .20 Moosa 853-98 BLU TROUBLE, TNT Kennels Dynamite Mauldins RED M62 :40 Moose 547-98 BLUE B0Y, CallowaYs N/A R B.Penimans MARVIN M39 :41 L Peniman 1069-9 1 BLUE BOY, Laborer & Indo Canadi Laborer D W.GIZMO M41 1:03 BJ 1860-9 B0 JACKSON, RJacobs N/A N J & Cos HELTER SKELTOR M45 31 Tim S 1100-9 BO, Hills N/A B StePheneys ZEP M41 :16 Curiel 911-98 BO. Pointer & Wades N/A old Schools SCREWDRIVER tvf4l .23 Odd Couple. 1300-9 BO, Southem Pride Kennels N/A Violato/s ANDY M36 :40 Big Time 1186-9 BOB, Untouchables N/A Colored Brotrers STUMP M34 44 Head 0n Knl 1403-9 BOBBIE, lcepick & Cos N/A Home GrownKnBLACK BITCH F33 :09 Ricketts 224-98 BOBBY SON, Roscoes N/A Sharugas BEASTIE M49 14 C N R. 1837-9 BOBBY, Bulldog Sanctuarys bDog Sanctuar Rusue/s TOAD M34 1:38 Dr Death8 58#9t BOBBY, OsipoVs Osipov PugacheVs SLOPE M51 :19 Chernov 1490#( BOBBY, Sc¡atch Time Kennels N/A Bama Als BIG CHUCK M42 25 Coats 12Btg BOB0, Chavez N/A Hectols PRISSY F31 .23 Crizwal 1515-9 N/A M&M KennelsLASSIE F32 5 :50 J l4eadows 326-98 8080, Chavez BOBO, J,JS Rickets Chuckies BANDIT M49 1;40 Sagasa " 12BB-9 B0BSY, Reids Reid Dorseys LADY BUG F36 1,12 lrishJerry 133-98 BODIE N/A :c:rlers TEE M44 :15 T-P¡t 392-98
    • bF-t YEARBOOK98 PAGE 82ft-t WINNERS BOILER, G Malos HANDLER N/A LOSERS SW TIME Rigaide KnlsCHESTER M43 :45 V.B.K. REFEREE NUMBI 1855-97 BOJACK, Joe & Randalls Rising Sfar Knl GA Powewr Boys HAMMER M48 1:40 Indiana Jones 1130-9 BOLT ACTION, Loner & Heavy EqL N/A Bama Joes ZINA7? BONER,CoTn&C,Es N/A BON| RONI, Boneleld &C¡azo Del N/A F36.5 :28 lcepick BellonClubsGARNELLA M52 1:40 DeadSerious 558-98 Bow Down KennelsSNOOP M43 t40 Lil Dinamite G 1772-S 991-S8 F38 1:08 Hard Core Benny - 1710-9? BONN|E, Foot Hill Konnels Foothill Over he Hill BLACK GIRL BONNIE, Haslings Brian Tonys MARY JANE F38 :40 J-Bird 1239-9?4 BO0, H V & Pit Bull Dynastys N/A BOO-J, Bam Bam Kennels Bam Bam Mob KnlsGINA No Love Knls RUBY F42 :59 Falcon Knle. 1448-9 F47 :32 Kingfish Kid 125-98 B00GA, Fauls N/A Soutlt Side Knls DOMINO l¡i47 1:15 Lockdown Rudy* 38-984 BOOGERMAN, B&C & High Output N/A Roundfees GEORGE M45 2:03 High Dollar Knl 410-984 B00M BOOM, NWO Wolfpack N/A Laondas RED DAD M46 5 1:09 Mr Bill 0H - 1786-9 BOOMER, C&M Hallowells N/A DesrameauxJAZZ, ¡¡35 :48 P T P4 B00TS, J,R.s N/A J Rods KILROY M50 :46 Snakeman 310-98 408-984 BOOTZILLA,WestCoastKennelsN/A BigLou&GoorgesFOSSEL 1,t44 :31 C&CChainsaw 917-984 BOSCO, Woodtick Kennels N/A TITO Alchemists M? .57 Mr Big 1339-9 BOSCO, Woodtick Kennels N/A RobsZEKE M53 1.14 Terry 193-984 B0SS LADY, Capital Punishments Capitol Pnsmnl Body Snatche/sCUTlE PIE F35.5 1:05 Clam Bar Boys* 22-984 B0SS, N W Os BOSTON< MilkMans N/A N/A McCain & Roots SHADEY M43 5 :36 D Ham Jason & Buckshots ENDY M465 .22 Too Sweet 1859-9 1695-94 BOUNCER, Buck Bbay Kennels Daniels Michaels COPENHAGEN ¡144 :30 D Ham - 151-984 BOXHEAD, Butcher Boys BOY DUCE, Double J Kennels N/A Butcher Boy Gamo Ralated KnlsBUCKSKIN M44 :23 Chainman* 1087-9 Acres Home KnlsN0 NAME M46 .17 Lester4 BOY GEROGE, Bo¡a-N-Pitz Anlhony D-N-As SWIZER F44 55 Pit Bull Jeff 1357-9 169-984 BOY Porkolabs BOY, Coolibahs Porkolab Cseprogis BOLO N/A Cheeky Ks FRED M62 .35 Lorincz M39,5 :42 S 0 S 984#9t4 BOY, Mille/s N/A Otas SNAKE M50 :45 Fireman 689#9t 299-984 BOY, Porkolabs Porkalab FanosTORRO M64 :15 lshran 29-98 BOY, Porkolabs Porkolab Mezaros MAX M61 1.30 Lorincz4 BMMASON, Captain Americas Sinister Marvol KennelsKANO M50 35 Farmer* 105-9 1 57-9819 BMNDI, High Plains Konnels N/A A&M Kennels DALLAS F43 .22 lceman * 750-984 BMNDY, Circle of Fear Kennels N/A BMNDY, Golden Bullets N/A Roughneck KnlsMISERY F43 ??? R Williams 657-98 Tommy Ps MAMA.--.. F3B 5 :42 Raging Bull 4 BMNDY, Kur Dawg Kennels SVeat Dawg lVississippi Hots BOSS IADY F37 :55 Slick 1806-9 133-9 14 BRANDY, Kur Dawg Kennels N/A Robbys SABITH BMVEHEART MIKEY, Dead Serio Junkyard Dog Sentes L.L JR F38 :20 Gatof ¡n42 :53 Hockeyman 1052-9 286-984 BRIM, Matts N/A CurtisMMPAGE t1,42 .13 Redneck 1408-94 BRIMSTONE, Jeffs BRISTLE, Busanba¡ks Hargroves Hall of FamoLITTLE ANDY M4U 1:20 Dudley * N/A lr4 334-98 King Hinoies -tLlLlE F41 23 Taylor 1781-9 BRITTANY, Waynes N/A Geralds EASY M0NEY F37 4 Mr Kilroy 819-984 BROD|E, Westside Kennols N/A 1 :1 Texas Mans JUNGLE HEAD M51 1:33 WV Steve - 1405-94 BRONCO, Zero Cools BRONSON, Kilo Overtowns N/A N/A Gator Boyz & LODs LITTLE MAN M33 ??? New Wanior 759-98 45 Steet Kennels CUJO M52 :38 Sweet Cakes 1265-94 BRONSON, Kifo Overtowns N/A Candy tulans Spotted M53 .32 Hunicane Knls* 1774-94 BROWNIE, D M Ds BRUCE, C&B Combinss N/A N/A Team USAs SHEBA F45 :56 Bktyn Knight 1033-9 BreakEm Down Knls CASTRO M36 5 t27 Hanis Bros #24 BRUJO,WaII Boys N/A BIgOsCONSCCO M41 1:32 WShort* 699-98 652-984 BRUJO, Wall Boys BRUMBY, Goldflashs R S, tl/A LaFamilias RED A P K.s STEEL M41.5 :45 Short* M37 :45 Colton 92-984 BRUNO BOY, Chicos N/A Cubas RED 47-98 F37 1:10 Big Applo Rob 1528-94 BRUNO, Harlem Killer Kennels Mario Kent Konsintatjon Camps CODY M55 .25 Merter 1829-9 BRUNO, Little Creek Kennels N/A Flatwood/Odel GATEKEEPER 1 47 :50 Logan 119-98 BRUNO, Suazoe N/A Saritos MNDU M50 .47 Canon Eshella 550#9tAA BRUTUS. Hubbards N/A Masseys TERMINATOR M46 :49 Gunman 550-984 BRUTUS, Pascal & Faussas N/A BRUTUS, Rude Dogs Jenl LUGER M38 5 1:43 ????? 1321-9 M46 :47 Cox4 BUBA, Wea¡e/s Johnny Weavor Foxxy Kennels CUBE T-Bone Knls EXECUTI0NER M45 20 Roostor 1250-9 117 4-g4 BUBBA, Scooter & Hoss N/A Bull Skull Knls HANIBAL MCW 1:27 Steve 1413-94 BUBBA, True Spirit Kennels True Spiril Odd CouplesBUDDY M45 :53 Savage * 881-98 BUCK,2020 Kennels 20/20 knls Lynrd Skynrds J D M32 :52 Mike 655-984 BUCK, Adams lüA American Made Kn JENNY M44 1:35 Loonard K 289-98 BUCK, Butcher Bols4 BUCK, Laüno Familys N/A Turnefs Q DOG Laüno Family Fet Biil & DOAs ELVIS M43 :38 Hoosier Conn* 804-98 M48 1:14 Latin Rascal 1531-94 BUCK, Litte Man ll/A Daves BLACKY M45 :28 Big Chris 578-98*1 BUCK, Pompano & All St¡r Knls N/A Keith & Bernados JUSTICE ¡r43 .24 Hunicane Knl * 453-98 BUCK, Prosperous Knls iliA M39 :28 Hockeyman 1252-94 BUCK, Seós A.tev. Swat Taams cMNDPAW Twins BUDDY M45 :35 Area 83#98rA BUCK, Serbsss i.ér W&R BARNEY M46 1:19 Richo 1547-9 BUCK, The Baileys4 :iiA Williams & Coopeis SPAIlKY M43 1:30 B-Line Kennels 1128-9441-
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE 83 WINNERS HANDLER LOSERS SW TIMEREFEREE NUI4BI BUCKET HEAD, K&K Kennels N/A coin Kennels TRIGGER t¡37 .49 RusUer * 1313-9 BUOKET, soe Ruff Boyz N/A lielms BULLET MSO 5 :54 Boss Man 467-98 BUCKLES, B D C Ks N/A X-Mens HOBO M3g 12 Ark-La 1005-9 BUcKSHor, Pit Bull Dynastys N/A The Flrms R0cc0 M3s ,43 zaza* 1242-9 BUCKSHOT, T-N-Ts Dynamite Kieths HURRI0ANE M6o .25 Moose 1427-s BUOKSKiN BlTcH, J R.& co,s J,R. Black Magic KnlsSTAR F29 :58 Mike D * 1051-9 BUCKSKIN BUNCH, Dawnrests NiA lr¿ladhatter lls SQUAW F40 l:28 Bet & Co j226-g BUCKY, candy Man Kennels Boog wayne KnleROy M45 :39 smurf 1598-9 BUCKY, candy Mans N/A Robenson KennelsRED MAN M45 1s Buckwheat 10sb-9 BUCKY, Stoels N/A iuans HELLMISER M4B 1 47 l,^ C 31-99 BUCXY, Steels N/A Marvets RENO M4B .ZS M C 1650-9 BUD, Jimmys N/A Q Dogs POUCHO MCW :,16 G W Knt ZS1-SB BUDA, King Kennels & Reyes N/A Leroy & Mikes BLUE M4s 136 LaFamilia * 828-98 BUDDAH, Plow Boys N/A swat reams MR cRUNcH li,144 .32 Hockey Man . l4z3-9 BUDDAH, Plowboys N/A Lifesave/s RED M43.5 :40 school reachar* 18-98 BUDDY cH, scratchline/s N/A Gator Boyz KoJAC M54.5 1:20 Latino Family . 958-98 BUDDY RED, carolina Kennels N/A Overtown Knls LUKE l¡44 .2s Indian Konny 473-98 BUDDY, Blus coliar Kennels Bill B Georges OURLY M44 5 :27 Andy 1 1459-9 BUDDY, BIue collar Kennels N/A Dewaynes oREO M44 1:56 Big sbong 359-99 BUDDY,overthoTopKennels N/A Hi PockefsOLEO M44 1:02 Gilbert 444-98 BUDDY,CH,, scratohliners N/A Break emDown cMzy HORSE M56 l:19 chambers- 33s-98 BUDWEISER wayco Kannels N/A Ruff Ride/s BUCK M3z 2:03 J Boyles* 205-98 BUFORD, Bourkes Bourke Nailo/s cH B0B tr/48 5 :55 Ricky B * 412#gt. BUFORD, Trees N/A cherokee KnlssMOKE M3B :18 cartwright- 1365-9 BUGGIE, Martinets Nathalio B Ss MAUDE F41 .17 Gerard 603#-9 BULL BOY B0B CH , Hi Energy Ke N/A Grips BUSTER M48 .33 Ruggs I j2g1-gBULL, G M.K.s N/A PugacheVs CHOMPER ¡/S0 :45 Chemov 606#9t IBULL, Thrill Hill Kennels N/A The Fauls btack M4l :31 ???? i277-gBULL, Thrill Hill Kennels Thrill Hill Pistol Line WILLY I 1u142 .45 Primo Tima 1795-9BULL, Thrill Hill Knls R c H Mims & Decons BUDDY M42 2:06 Lutrer 147s-sBULLDOZER, Davis Tx Express Blkmans LTTTLE JOE M? 1.4i ????? 1471-9BULLDOZER, P,N.G.Kennels NiA Dogman KennelsMZOR M44 :40 outaw John 1o4l-gBULLET, Lll Norm and Youngstois u/A Vince R & Co.s BLACK DOG M39 1:13 Swamp Knls 663-98BULLET, Litua Norms N/A Chainsaws JIGS M39 2:29 V B K r BZ4-ggBULLET, ReKennols Red Konnels Jays wILLY M40 1:48 Dr Death 355#9tBULLWHIP, Buggys N/A Chorokee KntsFL|NT M43 .32 Tin Man - 1372-9BULLY, LaFamilias N/A Wall BoysSPICE IrI35 :40 Short, 93-98BULLY, Parke/s N/A cartwrights LONESOME M4i .s2 s tvlason 12b5-9BULLYSON CH , LaFamilia LaFamilia Geno, Camboa & Jacksons LITTLI M35 .20 Ca¡los* i21l-gBUMBLE BEE, B.A. & R.J,s R.J. Jimmy Ds ROLLIE [/37 1:14 Solis * 1706-9BURTON, Viking Boys N/A Doad Game Knls TOMMY JR lril50,5 :25 Genstic 1b64#(BUSBOY,RuffRiders Hollywood WindWalkersOGRE M48 1:10 Tant. 976-98BUSHMNGER NED, Assassins Aussie sheare/s CAJUN l,¡i47 1:01 Millman 970#9tBUSTA, Jamaica Hit Squads t{/A Bonzai Kennels CODY M40 :52 Estes 763-98BUSTER BROWN, Gunslingers Mike Mob Kennels PETEY M4Z :08 G" 1 1131-9BUSTER BRowN, Tim Ms Tim M Timmons sroNEY M50 :19 Busenbark * 916-98BUSTER, Ablizins N/A BabentsoVs LUCKY M51 :57 Chuykin 215-98BUSTER, Black Magic Kennals Dreade StutosSCUD M38 :40 Labay 10b0-9BUSTER, Papafransis N/A Nikos SPEED M47 :14 Lourias 770#9tBUSTER, Rays Ray Dentons B0 M42 1:12 J,R. 1723-9BUSTER, Tonys NiA Albsrts BLAZE M42 :35 Luis 1341-9BUSTER, Williams Williams Betfast Fat Boys [4lCK M38 2:12 Farmor Boy 695#9tBUSTER. Tonys N/A LiusSPIKE M42 :56 Denny 1045-9BUTCH, Spankys N/A Normans brindle M36 1:11 ?????? 1038-9BUZZ, Blackhawks Green Beret Blanco KennelsTHUMPER M38 :29 Farmer * 1330-9C-BO, Supper Friends Kennels Hardhead Mike Back Sbeets BOOMER M43 :30 Steel City* 605-9BC,J, Triple J Kennels NiA Linner KennelsMS BONE F? t48 M J. 525-98C.J., Good to Go Kennels Randy Hood Kennels MAYA F43 5 :28 V B.K Wolfgangt 534-98C O., Mr Ts Shenett Mr Js DEUTERONOMY MCW :55 Beans 1492#lC.P , Wacoamaw Kennels Waccamaw Brad & Davids LUCY F35 :35 lrish Jerry - 1842-9C.P., Waccamaw Konnels N/A FacesPSYCHO F35 :22 Brad 704-98CACHE, Fawdt Kennels N/A Nightmares PENNY F37 :27 Sandman 1127-9CAINE, L.Kellys N/A FourAlarm KennelsBLAZE M? 1:17 Tzudiker 1053-9CAJUN, Hocke¡,rnan, etc Hockeyman Smokeys DERIREE F35 :53 Hammerdcwn 1412-SCALI,20/20 Kennels N/A Souhern Gradys CINDERELLA F34 .54 Cool Weter 1445-9CALI, B Scruggs Scruggs kentucky Johns [/ONA F37 ???? Viet Nam * 1470-9CALVIN, Pompeno Kennels N/A Lockdown Kennals G-[1AN M42 2 02 Saint 11 10-9CANA, Antohins N/A bluggys l,1lSS MUGGY F295 137 NSK Dejan 1645HCANDI GIRL Bisa Kennels N/A Bostwrck & Readyto Rumbles RA( F? :21 Centa 1243-9
    • t¿Fttsh YEARBOOK98 PAGE 84l-t-H WINNERS HANDLER LU¡trKJ SW TIME REFEREE NUMBI CANDY RED, Miami Boys Kennels Tony Hitem up Knls JODY F29 :18 Biohazard 327-98¡á CANNIBAL, Kentucky Head Hunter N/A Underground Kn MSCAL M38 :43 Boddie 315-98I CAPTAIN, Slaughterhouse Knls A J Nunos BEE BEE M49 :58 Fon¿|-l CAPULINA, Miguol Angels N/A Bellon Clubs RITA F26 1:41 Miami Tony* 1159-9 140-98F¡ CARLA.SuddenlmpactKennels N/A PiotTowns??? F38 1:21 DCn 808-98I CARMEN SAN DIEGO, Ducks Trigger Happy TN Bad BotsEDIE F27 .47 Sfingfellow 424-98 CARMEN, Big Fooi Kennels N/A O,G.Posses LITTLE KIM F34 1.40 Kingfish Kid * 549-98F? CARPENTER, Ruff Ride/s Cognac Kid G&C Combines TATTOO M30 :35 Vietnam Bones * 1767-9Frrl CARRIE, Bud Dompseys N/A CASEY, Keep it Roal Konnels N/A CASEY, Ride or Die Kennels N/A CASINO,0TS, Cheos KennelsJANIE F37 2:24 Hodges Jay & Sids MVEN Pound 4 Pounds DIABLOOUE F34 1:25 Keep it Real LitteBuddy TK0sBULLYBART M43 1:07 YankeeGoorge* 276-98 ¡/45 :34 ??? 1527-9 F36 3:00 Sbickly Business 583-98 1550-9lJ CASPER, Backwood Kennels Topcat Inorcity Bulldogs BO 1487-9nI CASTOR TROY, DirV Souürs O-45 CATFISH, D.0 A,s N/A fhe Alledons FANG M45 1:58 Ro Gaior Boyz HANKY PANKY F33 :33 Yankoe Boys 1147 -9 * 388-98f- No LimitsLADY REDS F40 .29 Mr KihoyI CE CE, Harbor City Boys Bill Aint 1644-9 CEBO, Pistol Line Kennels N/A Gootys fOO POC MCW :38 Trailert-I CECIL, Texas Boys N/A Lil Ds BO M50 .30 Ed 319-98nIqI CEECEE, Roberts CENTELLA, HarborBoys FootSoldíereLADYRED F40 29 MrKihoy C&M Killer Kennels N/A Dieastor Knl BAD GIRL F32 .28 Cambo Kennols 6-98 815-98 1689-9I CESAR, Big Bens Varga Margos DOSER N/A Ura Clubs MOFUSCI M51 1.12 Atfonso F40 1.01 Navano 1m7# CHA CHA, RaulsI-l CHABLISS,DragonFlyKennels DragonFly TeamUSA&SHADYDAYsLITTLE M36 1517-9 1:44 PitBullDynasty* 1751-9f-"l-t CHAD, D¡rty South Kennels Gago PerezSHOTGUN ¡/44 .22 O Tip 1040-9 v CHAMP, Adams Familys Big Ride Scratchline Kennels CUERVO M38 1:26 Dog Walkar 1017-95l CHAMP, B Y.D, Kennels N/A Cand;Tnans BROWN DOG M38 :48 Biohazard Knl 639-98 tr-l CHANEL, Raging Bull & S.Ks Raging Bull Blackfoot Kn|sPOLLOCK F40 :23 Mr.B¡lf 19-98 CHARLEY, Roy C,s N/A Bonzai Kennels KITTY F43 :47 B Ward 762-98!€ CHARLIE BELL, Punchlina Knls N/A CHARLIE, Laborels N/A Scratchin outs MICKEY Finishe/s BRUTUS JR M37 5 :27 Sho Nuff Knl M44 5 1.05 Uphill Boys 163S-94 CHARLIE, Milleis N/A Armstongs BUCK M54 :39 Tanner 1607-9 1338-94 CHARMER, Cedarbrook & Rodriqur Axle CHATO, Missionero Kennels Rick Francos OMBREE Jim Bobs CRAZY lvl48 1:03 Poroz M50 .41 BMW * 1532 1485-9dl CHATO, Missioneros Rick Marcos HERSHEY M49 1:06 Birdman 740-98 CHATTANOOGA, Bellon Club Bellon Miranda Club TERRI M38 .57 Victor 381-98= CHATTANOOGA, Bellon Clubs Antonio Club Leonos MAMBU M38 :45 Hernandez 343-98 CHATTANOOGA, Bellon Clubs N/A Migual Angels CHAPARO M38 :56 Victor= CHAVEZ, friple H Kennels fl/A UntouchablesCI-AY l,¡47 :55 7?? 1198-9 1614-9= CHECKERS, Pappas & Beors N/A Mapulas FTACO F31 :33 BMW * 1389-9- CHERRY, Don Juans N/A Harper & Piercss MISS MISSY F50 :23 Redline Len 783-98 CHERRY, X-Mens Tough Time Housemans LITTLE SISTER F35 1:20 Nate-á CHESTER, East Coast Combines N/A Big Bens ROCKAFELLER M45 1:34 Leonard K . 120-98 1653-9É- CHESTER, Navanos N/A Cuban Carnales SPUNKY M35 1:02 D.O A 15-98 CHESTER, Southside Kennels N/A No Way Out KnlsJACK M45 .4A J,Bo 1463-9 CHI CHI CH , Top Dawg & Dixieline Top Dog Bartender Joes TOKEN F44 .26 Mass Combine 610-98=I CHICO, Kentucky Johns N/A Bushays SUNNY M41 :50 Tant- 978-98 CHIHUAHUA, Pizza Man & 0K Joh Pizzaman Knockouts LONER l,/57 :06 Yankee Greg - 450-98- CHIKA, Tuggs Kennels Tugg Anthonys ¡/S LADY BUG F38 :32 Chilamgo f094-9ó CHIMALE, Baltienas N/A Cab¡eras RODOLFO M3B ;55 0 P,K.* 1149-9 CHIN, Big Ernie & Elis Big Emie Jasons VIPER M52 3:17 V B K - 165-98- CHINA DOLL, Grey City Kennels N/A Cambo KennelsBAMBI F39 1:10 Disaster Kennels 1210-9 CHINO, L 0 T,G & Tanks N/A Shawns ROCCO MCW :48 Lil Jeñ 1216-9= CHOCOLqTA, Bellon Clubs Mickoy Mouse Mirandas Clubs TOMASA F39 :06 Hemandez 344-98 CHOCOLATA, Bellon Clubs Mr Gray Club Nezas GARR F40 2:57 Miami Tony= CHOCOLATE MAN, L T & Counhy N/A Bougiuss BAD TIMES M46 :19 TNT 1161-9 1794-9= CHOKER, Hopalong & Pepsis C&C Combine Shepard Hills BLACK CEASAR M41 5 1,02 Vietnam Knls 1325-9 CHOPPER, Big Bens N/A Rahims TOJO M52 :23 MtBoy= CHOPSAW, Weasel & Kentucky Jo Toot Harvales HECTOR [/51 1:30 Viotnam Knls * 1584-9 1326-9=I CHRISSY, Sbck Boys N/A Boasons FOOTS F35 :35 ?? 212-98 CHUCK, Beach Boys Kennels N/A Stone City Knls CHICTRIX M44.5 :49 Cambo Knls * 662-98I CHUCKY DUKE, Outside/s Fabulous Franr Browns HOOTCH M49 .32 Krunch Knls 926-98+3 CHUCKY DUKES, Lewtown Kennel Lawtown Marks MALLEE CHUCO LOCO CH., Sals N/A Chicago Bulldogs REX M49 1:17 Krunch Knls * [/46 1:57 Johnny 1097-9 1146-9 CHUCO 10C0, Sals N/A Mailmans "C" ¡/45 1 06 Mex Tex. 302-984 CIBU, lmpersonatos CIELLO, J&Js NiA Kulis SACI Johnny Boy Basic Instincts CONAN l462 :39 Puxtai M? :31 Forengi 1867-91 CINDERELLA,20/20 Kennels Rowdy Gator & Cos TAMMY 776-98 F33 2.26 Cool Water Kid 187-981 CLEO, Mr Kilroys Big D Tri State Knls HEAVEN F31 .27 Falcon Knls * 700-98 CLEO Undercover Knls N/A Scoote/s FOXY BROWN F43 33 Juice4 502-98114-I
    • I YEARBOOK98 PAGE 85 I IWINNERS HANDLER LCSERS SW TIME REFEREE iCLICK, Gena Boys N/A G-Boys & Dr Lopez RECOlrl [433 2.56 Millbuster * 1486-9 ICLYDE, Chinook Brothers Milt Mi¡anda & Andrades CHE M34 :54 Miami Tony 1157-9CLYDE, Hastings Brian B A Ks TOBY M41 .58 Ray Earl I 1240-9CLYDE, Joe & Randalls N/A Upper Ciiy & Blk RMe/s P.AY N/A 1:42 Don B 860-98 ICLYDE, Looney Toons Wee Dee Tin Can Knls TIM M44 :45 Old Gold 1537-9CLYDE, Psycho Kennels N/A Dow Low Knls ROCKY lV44 .24 London I 728-99CLYDE, Square Big Kn & Copperm N/A Ts CONAN M46 5 27 TatsrTate- 1-98 ICLYDE,Winchester&TT,Ks N/A KnockoutsD|LLENGER MCW:32 RedlineLen* 3-98 ICOBM, Horvaths N/A Kevezsdas LAJKA F43 :50 Bohem 841-98COBM, OId Badge/s N/A Red Headed Shangers THOR M? 1:05 Milkman * 1666-9 ICOBM, Serbs Robert HosasNUGA F37 :36 Area 84#98 (COBRA, Serbs N/A Bob & Micks HONEY F37 34 Greg 497-98COBM, Serbsss Alex John & Kiwis WHITE GIRL F38 :41 Greg 1544-9 ICOCHISE, Gravestone Kennels N/A Bulldog Mike LITTLE BOY l/r47 :26 2 Dot Hardin 536-98 ICOCO Uptown Syndicaies Curtis WillisMISS COCO F42 :45 ??? 1761-9 Boes Sic Wid lt Knls HONEYBUN F43 .19 Popper Steve * (C0C0A, Unpredict¿ble Kennels N/A 1263-9CODY, &Line Kennels Jorge American Made Knls LUCY F33 1.00 Chaos Knls - 11 13-9 ICONGO, Gunslingers N/A Quintens NINE M45 :16 Desmond 722-SB ICONGO, Moody & Big Als NUA Yaktown KnlsCHAMP M45 :42 Grim Reaper* 9-98COOKIE, Blackwells N/A Bsst of Besf s SILKY F 41 .21 Casoy 1573-9 ICOOK|E, Double 00 Kennels N/A X-Mens brindle F31 .21 Butler 1420-9 {COPPER, J.P s P-Funk D W s RINGO M49 -33 Uphill Boys * 989-98COPPERTOP, Kokomo Kids Kokomo Kid Hog Towns VIRGIL M47 :20 Grubbs 1 I 17 44-gCORI, Tanacos Guillermo Tex-Mex Espanas PORFIRIA F47 30 Tono 1721#l ICORY, Coley & Greasy Corner Kid N/A No, Louisiana Combines SASSY F49 .17 B Fuller 1212-9 ICOSMO, Pepper & J R s N/A Untouchables LOBO M32 .41 D Ham* 1691-9COTTON, Dereks N/A Baóou/s RED M42 :36 i¿lalcolm 1082-9 ICOTTON, Dereks NiA Crieis SCARFACE M42 .42 Ger2en 1352-9 aCOVER GIRL, D Hams N/A McCain & Roots CREAM F40 .20 J R. 1693-9COV|E, Triple J Kennels N/A Linner KennelsDAISY F? .38 lU J 526-98 aCOWBOY, Maa Circles Bodasious B M Ws CUERVITO M41 1:41 V B K - 1854-9 ICOWBOY, Scottys N/A Tonys TILLER MCW .40 Richard 703-98CMCKER, Black Hawks Green Beret Octagon Kennels ROSE F34 :23 Farmer 622-98 ICMCKER, Scream City Kennels McCree O.Ds SHAMR0CK M44 1:08 V B.K . 683-98 ICMZY ACE, Gator Boyz N/A G-Boys & Dr Lopez CUJO M32 .32 Hard Core Knl 674-98CMZY, Gator Boyz N/A Capt Americas SMOKING JOE M32 :39 Green Beret a 760-98CMZY, Roughnecks N/A Dr,Rojas CHIDITO M38 1.30 Old Town Knls. 267-98 ICRAZY Hitts N/A SimsROCK M39 :39 Big E 673-98 ICRICKET, Juniois N/A RiokettsMISS WILLIE F26 :31 ??? 1810-9CRNA, Pletman Teams N/A Lucky KennelsLOKY F33 .42 Sakic 1379#! ICROCKET, Soul for Real Kennels Big Ed Englands SPIKE M45 :48 Ward 1444-9 M45 :58 Stono City Knls - ¡CROKET, Disaster Kennels N/A Kill or get Killeds LOCO JR 1209-3CRONIC, T&T & Winchester Knls N/A Kids at Plays GIDGET F35 :30 Redline Len 782gg ICROOK, Menace & Most Hated Ke menace Knls Hell Raise/s MENACE M47 1:31 Bill C 1258-9 ICROOK, Menace & Most Hated Ke N/A PA Hihnans FIXER M48 :37 Lifetaker 637-98CROOK, Menace & Most Hated Kn Lance N2Deeps SANDY M47 .52 Mau Mau* 1670-9 ¡GROW, T W Fudds N/A Camelot Kennels PETEY M39 1:15 Nobody 947-98CRUNCH, Aggressive Kennels N/A lndo Canadians BOOGER M43 l:16 TNT 364-98CRYBABY,OmaTT&DeadZonelN/A DG&J/sDElvlON M51 :23 MrKim- 1012-9CRY BABY, Omar T & Dead Zones Dead Zone Over the Tops RED M53 .49 Mr Kim - 1601-9CRYSTAL, Casso & FatTonys FatTony Brown BrosCRUSHER F46 1:41 Bad Mother D 575-98CUBANA, Andys N/A V C Kennels MITIE F38 1.47 Frank 161-98CUBE, Foxxy Kennels Little Stevie Big Jenys JUNIOR M48 :50 C¿x- 962-98CUERRUTO, B M.W,s N/A Rowdy KnlsCYCLONE M41 :52 Old Gold Knls- 823-98CUJO, Grimes Grimes Reggies DMZ Msl 1:45 Pit Bull Rick. 623-98CUJO, Sling Blade Knls N/A Magic Line HEAD M52 :16 Gangbusters* 1864-9CUJO, The Young Ones Young One Stick Boys COOTER M54 :31 Needle Nose 512-98CULCHIE, Ricky B & Stapeltons Stapelton Haide & Davy Bs GREMLIN F30.5 1:10 T Jordan 1080-9CULCHIE, Ricky Bs Ricky B Denis Ks CELINE F30,5 :16 Jordan 690#9tCYCLONE, V B Ks Cubano Rick K Rass KennelsCHUCKY M42 .44 Capiain LA * 1260-9Cinnamon BLU Dynamite lr,lauldins DINGLEBERRY F50 :35 ft4oose 795-98DA BMT, Going Hard & Bulldog Al N/A LetEm Gos SONJA F35 :26 Preacher Boy 1410-9DA BMT, Going Hard Kennels N/A Soutr Kennels LEXUS F36 :23 Ole Charlie 1662-9DA BMT, Going Hard Knls etc Twin 2 Church Boys MIA F37 :19 Solo 490-98DAISY, Gator Boys NUA D 0 As CATFISH F34 1 54 Hardline Knls * 1594-9 DAISY, Gator Boyz Jose D K fl Ys AMY F30 ??? Props Up Kennel - 584-98 DAKOTA, Marsellis Il/A Delucas TORNADO M53 2:15 D G R 369#9t DAKOTA,QueenCityKennels i!/A WIKsMIDNIGHTTP.AIN M42 1:54 The?Kid 365-98 DALLAS, BreakEm Down/DeathRr Death Ror- ilillliai-ns CRUSHER fü€ .43 JC Riles 872-98
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE 86 WINNERS HANDLER LOSERS SW TIME REFEREE NUMBIDAM F0OL, crana sbeet Kennels N/A 23rd sheet Knls sLlcK M38 :30 R W 1623-9DAMASCUS, Millbustors PitArtist Scratchliners LITTLE FROSry i/38,5 :45 Hell on Earth. 701-98 DAMIEN, Tumbles Tumbles New one & Moosee MUFASA M46 :35 Bouncer 862#9{ DANOER, sudden lmpaot Kennels Francois LilesJR M43 1:15 Dangher 1zg9-9 DANGER BOY, Ochoa & Morfins O,Chavsz Ruiz FMNY M40 1:04 perez 1733_9 DANGEROUS, Dr Mengolos N/A winchaste/s BUD M42 :28 Raging Bull . ls8l-g DANGEROUS, Dr Mengeles NiA storm Kennets DEMoN M43 .29 Redline Len. 238-98 DANNY BoY, ftag Pit connections lüA East LA Knte HORTENSE M36 :45 oK steve - 772-gB DANNY BOY, Woodtick Kennels N/A Det-Ma/s ABE M? :3S Mr Big 1340_9 DANNY oF YORK, Triados N/A BarnosBlG frÍAC MCW :53 Bed Mother D 576-98 DAPHNE D,S.T.F.g N/A H.MsBUFFY F44.5.23 J,K. 90S#9t DEACON, Eli Kids El¡ K¡d Big Daddys FACE M40 :54 True colors* 116-sB DEATH ROW, True Color & Mastor N/A Lon Road Knls NAY NAY F3l :45 ?? 10-98 DEATH ROW, White & Co & Bens N/A AlexSCAR M51 :43 Jerry 3bB-98 DEE, Mudholes N/A Menace Kennels fvlANN M45 1:03 Mannie v s79-99 DEEBO, Dirty Dovils N/A cub Run KnlsRED DoG MCW :t 4 Red Mule* z7l -gB DELILA, vargas N/A Hekto/s BOMBA FsO :48 Hanibal i025#( DELILAH, steel cityKennols lJiA Raal Deal KnlscLEo F45 1:10 BillyGoat" 3s1-98 DELTA, sudden lmpact Kennels N/A canadians JOLIE F3s ? Danaher 360-99 DENDY cH , Atila Kennels N/A Buceks Hos MCW .17 ptetrnan 1378#( DENDY, Atila Kennols N/A Persias RICO M54 :48 Zinetti .1205#(DENDY, Atila Kennels N/A Hazard KnlsWHAM JR M55 :36 Mladen 394#9tDENDY, Atilas N/A Ros ROCKY M5S :42 Zinetti 873#9tDENNY, T.B.K N/A AogCHIVAS M41 :45 Tata 849#9{DESTRUOTO THE clowN, omeg NiA womack clans wtDow MAKER M42 1;04 M K 109,1-9DEUCE, Bleedwate/s N/A Miranda & Andrades KOSTER M41 :50 Mr Gray i 15g-9DEUCE, lr,lanns N/A Mitchells PEANUT M4Z :22 Vick 1211-9DEWIT, Budweiser Kennels NUA Milk, Incs TRoUT M44 .47 Beach Boy Biilf 787-98D|ABL|TO, Guonoros Beer & Co Team Serapes GITANO M31.b :26 ????? 682-98DIABLO, West Coast Waniois N/A Logans TIGER M4g :35 Brad 1777-9DIAMOND DAN, chicken Pietetal southener Moatloafs SADDAM Msl :47 Tralnar 16sB#(DIAMOND JACK, Demon Kennols N/A Riviera Bch Knls BRICK M46 .92 S&K. 660-98DIAMOND, Long Road Kennels N/A High Tjme Kennels HAPPY M4D 2:20 Delt¡ Force - 1000-9DIAMOND, Team usA A.K, upstae Knts& Danny NANA M46 1:12 p.B Dynasty. 101-98DIAMOND, Uphill Boys & Matts N/A Westside HittersSPARKY F30 5 :34 Eddie Haskell 707-gBDIAMOND, uphill Boys & Matfs uphill Boys Purist BoyscRooK F30 5 :40 R.J. 1861-9DIANA, Phillips N/A LopezLUPITA F37 5 ,32 Garcia 151s-9DIANNE, stono Life Kennels K-9 south sido Knls Hor sHoT F3B :46 Bill 686-98DIANNE, stone Life Kennels N/A crown KntsRoBtN HooD F3B 5 :24 ??? 1668-9DlBo JR, Doad Game Kennels N/A Phockie JAZ Mbl :3s Blazek 1s61#(DlBo, A,P.Rs N/A Grave Diggers sAMpsoN M48 :26 s Hunt z0B-98DlBo, Horvaths N/A Lenkas JAGK M4B 1:19 Rejzek 135#9tDlBo, Horvabs N/A Sjekets FREDy M4B :45 Blazek 840-98DlBo, Horvahs Ambros Vaskos ROLF [¡49 :30 svedo 1396#{DlcKEY, Thrse wise Mens N/A foscos cLAyMoRE M3b :49 Tennessean - s16-98DIE HARD, A P Rs N/A Big worms BAD Msi t:26 Grave Digger 1686-9DIESEL, waycns N/A spollmans MUTT MsO :20 Rufi Rider 1266-9DlNGo, Falcon Kennels N/A Yankee BoysTIGGER M49 1:54 H.c. * 353-98DINKY, Gangbusters Daniels M.L P,s sPLoucH F34 :14 Mississippi Ron 372-98DINO, Chino & Hughs Hugh Just Us KennelsDUKE M48 1:37 Brooklyn Knight. 1004-9DINO, Krazy Side Kennels El Jay Grindermans HALL BOY M46,5 :27 Alabama Redman 745-9gDINO, Pimczkis Attila Btazeks YANKEE JR l¡lcw :30 Amcha Bs0#9tDlNo, stone cold Kennele "T Safe Guard Kn NASHVILLE MsO :50 Randv B. z4s-s}DlPsTlcK, Frfty Nine connections N/A Dog Mans wHlTEy M43 :30 Dickerson 308-98DlPSTlcK, Ricky & D & 59 connect N/A cenosilvrocking crews DRE M4z :1g cad lsgs-gDlPSTlcK, Ricky & D & 59 conneci N1A Jímmys DIRTY RED M43 :19 ca¡l i84b-9DlsH MG, Harpors N/A canadiansBRowNlE F36 1:30 Franz 1sb4-9DlXlE, Dogwood Kennels N/A Kuruption KnlsNUT F36.5 :28 Living Nightrnare 1732-9DlXlE, Dogwoods super J conupt Knls NUTSO F37 :2g Livi n Mare 17gz-gDlXlE, Riley & Bo Rookies Riley l/tountain swamps cocoA F3s .41 T-pitr 480-98DIZZY, D Incs N/A swamp Mans BABY clRL F35 :26 Antrony 1612-9DOC, Mountain High Kennels N/A P O Ws CADILLAC IVSO :42 Big Chunk 630_98DONKY, Grubisics N/A Wateras LUDWIG M45 :08 Sakic 1377#(DONNA, Bognars N/A Hanibas JULA F38 :32 Varga 1020#{DOOM, Brickhouse Kennels AZ Fancy BoysCARLITOS M46 1:1S Green Beret. 619-98DoRlS, Mt Bots N/A Garcias LTLLY F34 1:00 wV steve 106b-9DorrlE, Ricketts N/A Soggy Bottoms SALLy F36 :36 Road wanior. 901-98DOUGLAS, 4U2NVg Lawman Traine/s TYSON M47 5 1:38 Southener 906#9tDOZER, cartwrights N/A show Down KnlspETE M43 :49 s Mason 868-98
    • I YEARBOOK98 PAGE 87 { IWINNERS HANDTER LOSERS SW TIME REFEREE NUMBt IDOZER, Marvel Kennels ShaCe Keeper Harper & Pie¡cesABSOLUT M54 ? Dr Mangele 11 B-98 IDREAMER, J&J Kennels N/A Slobos P0LLY F38 :39 Bread Bov- 1006-9DREAMER, J&J Kennels Fedex Competition Knls TRIXIE F39 1:08 Meathead 1735-9 IDUCE, J J.S fUA Johnnies SPUD M45 .25 Danny 990-98 (DUESE, Kennel Brohers NiA Eastside ConnactionsSATAN M49 :40 Scratchline Knls* 98f-98DUKE ll, Captain Amerioas N/A Mingman & JuliosBONFANO M39 .32 Redline Len 239-98 IDUKE, Rain Mans N/A Violato/s CAIN M47 1:18 B^[ine Kennels 1007-9 IDUKE, TM Kennels N/A Arizona Boys SLUGGO M47 :37 Bernardo 1280-9DUNN, R R.Kennels N/A Hidden Hollow KnlsJED M45 :32 S.E A.R.K. 1042-9 IDURBY, Dorondovas levy Rose City Miliohs HORRON M48 5 :35 Samenovski 1679#f I KnlsDUSTY, Hidden Hollow N/A Clambar BoysJUBILEE F34 :38 Lonosome Oakie 1479-9DUTCHMAN, Bramatis lcco Fiorentinos HOT SHOT M48 5 :57 L.B, 173#9r. IDYLAN, Aggressive Kennels N/A Travele/s DRIGGS M46 :43 Norhern Expres 532-98 IDYNAMITE PINTA, Solid Squad Kn Joshe Mefo Boys COCA F38 :16 Disaster Knl. 1736-9 IE HO DA PUTA, Back steet Truez N/A Trigger Happy Knls LUKE M36 5 l:27 Steel City 1348-9 KennelsE MAN, City Slick N/A Pookeys HAMMER M42 :26 Nate* 265-98 (ED, Rusflars N/A War Dog Incs KEEPER M37 :34 * ReKnls 766#9t {EDEGEE Square QuestKnls Riok Red Rums BEAUry F38 :15 Jeff 147-98EEBO, TN Dog Pounds N/A Cumberland KnlsJAKE M51 1:05 Soortsman 110-98 IEEBO, TN Dog Pounds N/A Ronzos PONCHO M48 :30 Gunslinger* 477 -98 IEIGHT BALL, Bankmans Bankman Pistol Line OLD MAN M49 :52 R.A 1 08-98EIGHT BALL, Duke Boys I Reid No B S.KnlsSLEEPY M39 :40 Cue Ball Chuck. 1699-9ELBA, Mountaineer & Havana Boys Big A Yagos LITTLE MAMA F45 :20 Jason 1 386-9 (ELl, Rough Houses Skip Dalton & O GA, Boys SHOTGUN M51 :37 Hound Dog 1620-9ELl. Warlock Kennels I N/A Stone Cold KnlsROLY M40 1:05 Exterminator 1464-9ELISHA, Grimes Grimes Double Cross Knls J.D M47 1:08 JCShaw 132-98 IELIZAH, Krazyside Kennels Krazyside LA & Arts BETTY D00 F35 :26 Gamble 433-98 IELVIA, Ochoa & Moronos Morena Maganae CHINA F40 2:09 El Buki 173+SELVIS,DL.C.&Cohens Gambler Work Kennels DOT M48 :47 Redzone 1 67-98 IEMBER, Willards N/A Englishmens BLACK ROSE F34 :35 Rosco 530-98 IERNIE, M M.M, & Wall Boyz N/A Wanene ROJO M42 :22 W. Short* 1085-9 Comeback Kids BRITTANY F42 :43 Nortfrern Exp IETHEL, Steve & B C. Boys Steve 705-98EVLIS, Gator Boyz Jose Big Boy KennelsBULLET M38 1:50 Jossie Rods * 581-98 IFACE, Bad Boys of Ocalas N/A Danos SWITCHBLADE M40 :45 JR* 1016-9 IFANNY, Bullocks N/A L B.Cs MARY F35 :22 SST 29G98FANNY, Bullocke N/A TN Cor¡bines SHELLY F35 :47 Sarge 1295-9 IFANTAMA, Cuidad Aztecas N/A G¡ubbsTABASCO M36.5 :59 Alex 378-98 IFARGO, Masseys N/A Ura ClubsMUCHO M41 :56 Garoia 1 497-9FELONY, Rasc!s N/A RowdyKennelsCLASSYLADY F45 ????Stickboy 1368-9 IFERIS, Riot Squad Kennels wA Wnchsf&Tried&True ABLE MCW :20 Redline Len* 236-98 IFIORIIA, papahanas¡s N/A Salonica Knls S0NITO M49 1:30 Lourias 769#9{FIRE, High Level Kennels N McCafis BLACL ?? :30 J&J 1010-9FLAKER, Mapula6 N/A Rowdy Kennels NlK0 F31 :31 V B,K. 822-98FLAME, Rockey Ridge Kennele Bird Back Roads Knls MISS UGLY F31 :50 Bart Soutryard 950-98FLASH, Mountain Man & Hollifields N/A J.Ws B0SS M40 .44 Plyler 111-98FLAVOR, Tombstone & Bad Boys Tombstone Boot Kamp Clicks LOONEY t? :45 Mardi Gras 294-98FLINT, Sandmans EZ Low KennelsBUDDY M46 1:57 JR 76+98FLOYDJR., Bud Dempsey N/A Westside Posses BUCKY M38 .30 R Nate 9 1 8-98FLOYD JR,, Bud Dempseys N/A Home Team KnlsJUMBO M38 :38 Boy. ML 636-98FLOYD Jr Bud Dempsays N/A Coates CHOPPER M37 .27 Nate 1096-9FLY GIRL, Dead Serious Kennelg N/A Soulhem Storm Kn PATCH F37 :25 BcotOampClick* 307-98FLYNN. Flanders Field BoYs LuckY Tamifords HATCHER M43 :26 Brownie 1500#FOUR P|AY, Sho-N-Go Knls N/A Chain Mans LITTLE RED F31 .20 Sawtooth f 698-9FOX, Limey Kennels Bis D Deflefs HOLLY F40 l:14 Finkle Winkje* 818#91FOXY BROWN, Team U.S.As D-Fresh Falcon KnlsNASTY F34 :34 Gator Boys 1752-9FMNK, Bart Southyards NiA Poor BoysJETHRO M40 1:50 Sagasa. 538-98FMNKIE, North C¿astCombine&C N/A Lynch Mobs RED M32 :20 Butch 61 1-98FMNKIE, Peace Kennels N/A Domes JASSY :45 ¡,154 Piroczki 52-98FREAKY, AcreHome Kennels N/A Dogman KennelsMS BRINDLE F40 :22 House 0fConecüor 983-98FRED, Little Wayne & Scotts Scott Buckwilds DALIAS M47 :35 City Slick - 1429-9FRED, Underdog Kennels N/A B.B.& Fussies SIMBA M43 :28 Finkle Winkle 529#9tFREDY, Aüla Kennols NiA Hazard Kennels BULLY 1i437.5 1:05Muscian 1204#FREDY, Aüla Knls N/A Brohers TOMISLAV M37 :55 Drasko 396#9{FRIDA, Tex Mex Espanas N/A Carmonas CUBANA F31 .24 Calleja 11-98 -FRITZ, Boys-N-Hoods N/A Too Sweet Knls MIKE M49 :29 Milk Man 1813-9FROSTED JACK, LynchMobs CoreY Loc-Tite KnlsPACMAN M55 :53 BLB 1225-9FUJI, Death Row Kennels Jerry Hvper KennelsHYPER M43 .27 Tried & True 677-98FUJI, Foxxy Kennels NUA Bushwecker & Shannon MEMPHIS M42 :34Cox 1602-9G-MONEY. Smitrs N/A Eric & OConno/s DANGEROUS M36 1:21 Kraxv Sde 1801-9
    • Vrtrt!t YEARBOOK98 PAGE 88ft f/II]NERS kennels HANDTER LUütrñ¡ SW REFEREE TIME M45 :28 JunkYard NUMBIr- 3ABBER, Underdog Rons N/A Chips RED 1677#r F42 1:15 BemelP 3AL. li,lississippi N/A Stone Colds PIGGIE 421-98 3Al.iCHO, Mario & Mex Texs N/A Scorpian KnlsLER0Y M40 5 1:3€ Pete Greek* 44-98 3At.i6g1p*, Miss.Hots & Logan M Hots GatssB0SS HOG M48 1.47 Cruse 58-98 aAi.GOL-A, Mebo Boys N/A RamoeNINO M? :50 Cambo Knle 1423-9-, 3{,4.v, lr.4arsonia Kennels N/A Haza¡d KnlsJOCKER M42 1:16 Vinnyt 569#9{-tI -.¡P,Y, Trigger Happy Kennels N/A B D,C K,s SMARry M31 5 1:48 Blackwell 1759-9I Coolibahs-t 3.¿T3R. ::ll,liht Knls N/A Pete/s HENRY M41 1:50 S O S. F36 :56 Tzudiker 688#9{fnI Srnall Soldiers -1=[{jlll War Dog Kennels N/A Swift Retuges CARt-4 GLine KennelsSAMMY M42 l:08 Tate 1509-9L.t- llril 0n The Top Kennols 3=i,;l Cn Top Kennels Bubba No Limit KnlsRED tvlAN M45 :47 Mariy 1106-9 190-98Frt- 3Iil E -ri; Iiine Connections N/A N/A Junkyards HAMMER Southem Storm Kn QUEENIE M46 2:14 Nate F32 :30 Santost 544-98fn -j-l.fl ,lr"os 719 Stickbo/s ZIMA F40 1:15 ScatterBreeder 306-98 668-98l-r 3rEl3, 3rCSr ¡ook s Kennels N/A lcepick & Cos CH BOBBIE F32 :55 Slu 880-98 Sicne Lle N/A Crown KnlsSPOT F35 5 :38 ???f- G¡OST Stone Life Knls N/A SSSHs B0UT lT F36 .21 Lock & Load 1667-9 1253-93 G¡CST Uncle Pauls Goodfellas K N/A Gi¡iGER Busenberks Winchesters DARK MAN M57 1:30 Redline F40 :20 Walker Len 240-984 GlliGER, ljuss & Coffees N/A N/A Randy Jaimes PATTY Davrd & Gerq/s GINGER F47 :31 Busebark* 741-gB 34G984 clNGER, R de or Die &oadways Kennels NiA Gator Boyz MAHOGANEY F37 .25 Body Snatcher F45 5 :46 Sagasa 1552-94 G|RL. GIRL, Tombstone Kennels N/A Rob Littol Lunsfords BLONDIE Bloodsport KnlsALE F43 :29 Rick 72-98 130-984 GITTA, Tokes N/A TBK.sER|CA F42 1:20 Tata 847#9t F51 5 :53 Bubbles4 GLORY, Knight Train Boys G0 G0, L T & Counhy Kennels Big N/A William Bucks PATCHES Wadells COC0A F35,5:20 TNT 296-98 1797-94 GOLDIE,STPs John Funky Medinas C0COA F44.5 :36 Mass Combine * 555-984 GOLDIE, Westsido Whoride & R B. Poppa GOLDY, N2Deep, No Fear & Deop No Fear Tension Turfs JIMMY Goodtimes??? M42 1:12 F35 :20 Banwagon JessieRodst 501-984 GOMEZ,B0P,a N/A Ready to Dies RUlt/P M43 :38 Baltimore Lee 1740-9 1632-94 GOOBER R&R Kennels GOOD GIRL, X-Mons N/A Truitts BLACKIE M? :55 Peo Deo F35 .30 Houseman Knl 163-984 GOOD LUCK, A Js l.UA N/A Greasy Cor Kids bibh Living Nightrnares JUICE F41 .25 Break Down 121-95 1688-9él GORING, We¡macht Kennols N/A Plefnan Teams JEJTAN M43 :51 Zinetti 1374#. Kennels N/A M34 :58 Gator Boyz4 GOTT|, CominHard GOTT|, Deep Souh Kennels N/A Wonder BoysALVIN Lorys MAN M43 :15 Wiskey Riva Joe 1231-9 638-984 GMCIE,SLC Boys Scurvys N/A Donkey Kong & Stickboy CHEWY F44 .34 Raggamuffin 954-98 GMDY, Scurvy J Bs BONE M51 :31 Black Cat 511-98- GMND MAN, SwatTeams N/A Factory Rats MOJ0E M39 1:17 Peppers 496-98- GMNDY, Slingshot Kennols N/A Chain Mans CHIN0 M35 :28 Broad Boy * 139-98 GMVE YARD, Born Ready Kennel Juice Bout lt Kennels K.D M45 ? Julio 1784-9- GREEN tRKO, Gamer & Osipovs N/A Milics SHIBA F48 .34 Paseshnik 484-98- GRINCH, Joe & Randalls N/A Watsons WAR PIG M37 ,37 Rising Star 1617-9a GRINGO, Gator Boyz & headbange Headbanger HitSquads DOUGHBOY M33 28 Fonz 141-98 Kennels GRIP, High Tech N/A Face 2 Face KennelsSPADE F41 .25 Scratchline Ben - 101S-9 GRIZ, Gunslinge/s M40 :5l Viebram Knls 1327-g=á Knls GRIZZLEY, Circle of Fear N/A Mike Rolling Deep Combines ZAP Amaye Ehothers RED DOG M47 1:15 V B K. 1856-9 GRIZZLY, Grapes of Wrah Kennelr N/A Sudden Death KnlsOZ|E M32 :56 LA Captain 565-98- GRIZZLY. Grapes of Wrah Kennol, Graoes of Wral Swamo Knls WISHBONE M33 5 :29 Robert 945-98- GRUNT. Blue Coilar Konnels Hit Man Konny Ls BLACK JACK MCW 1:26 ? 179-98 GRUNT, D-Mobs Grasshoooer DeltaForcesDYNAMITE M45 :58 Boo 996-98- GTO, Milk lnc.s N/A Untouchablos GATOR M45 :35 Hell on Earth 879-S8 GUNNER, A&GS N/A Penimans LOCH NESS M43 .27 P Solis* 1068-9= GUNS, Bernardo & Keiths N/A Super KonnolsGUNNER M43 1:20 lron Maidon * 1282-9= GUS, Mennys Lakeman Estern Knls.TROUBLE M50 l:17 Fr M 331-98- GYPSY, B-Line Ksnnels NiA Counby Gentlemens SISSY F31 .36 C Weaver* 1467-9 GYPSY, B-Line Kennels IUA Low KennelsTITA F31 1:23 Braswell 1684-9= GYPSY, B AS N/A Buddy Le POLECAT F33 .27 Seb 598-98= GYPSY, Kinnard & Cs P¡t S&K KennelsCANIBAL F 42 :47 Hunicane Knls * 1233-9 14 GYPSY, Pletman Teams Gradys Leikauff Silvios WINDY F34 :57 Zinetti 1380-94 HABENA, Southern HACKSAW, Ricketis N/A N/A Pitts BAILEY Rodneys TMVIS F27 .28 Hootervillo M33 :23 Bama Red " 1446-9 1809-9J- HADIE, Super Friends Kennels Billy Goat Bogarts CINDY F36 :33 Hard Head - 383-984 HALF PINT, Game Dog Kennels Game Dog Dirty Mouths PREACHER M46 5 .33 Murdock 922-98 Violators l!f46 1.02 Hodgos+ HAMMER, HANA, Untouchables N/A N/A FL, Teds ROBO Top Dawgs RENA 1024-9 F30 :30 Bob the Slob- 936-981 HANA, Untouchables Kennels IUA Top Dawgs BEBE F32 :43 Beach Boy Billy 1208-9 M44 .52 Pepper Dave 1029-94 HANK CH , Crocadile HARD HEAD, lvlasseys N/A Jimbo American Mades TIMEX AlvarezTURKEY M34 .52 Rodriquez 858-984114Ft-
    • I I YEARBOOK 98 PAGE 89 I (WINNERS HAI.JDLER LOSERS SW REFEREE TltvlE NUMBI (HARD TIME, Lawrences N/A Acres Home Knls BAt4 BAM M51 :27 H O E.. 1816-9HARD TIMES. Lawrences N/A Crane Sbeet SOLDIER BOY M50 22 James 1356-9 IHARK ROCK, R Gs N/A D&Bs CRITTER M37 5 1:46 Matt H 1099-9 (HARLEY, Shenits N/A WiggensGRITW M41 1:30 Wild Bill 1136-9HARLEY, Shonitts N/A Max LEX M41 :48 Judge B 1392-9 IHARLEY, Speights N/A L&Ls MOLLY F36 5 :34 Wildfre 1176-9 IHARLEY, Taylor Made Kennels George McDaniels RED PAZ M47 147 ?????????? ,1061-9 IHARLEY, Weavers NyA Curts CHECKERS M44 :20 Big Dog 138-98HARLEY, Woavofs N/A Clanc/s MGE M39 5:27 Big Dog 1418-9 (HARRIET, Viera Brothers Old Gold Mario ReWilliamsNORMA JEAN F35 .42 Roughneck * 631-98 IHAUNCH, Big Apple Bulldogs Zero Cool Winchoster KnlsABLE M61 55 Gator Boys- 1626-9HAWK, Basement Flovors Tony Wnchsh&Tried&True TRUCK M53 :52 Redline Len* 237-98 (HAWK, Casinos Cesino Plumber Rons LITTLE MAN M37 :47 Don D.- 649-98 IHAZEL, Mason Dixon Kennels Thunder Road Browns BONNIE F39 :27 Caveman* 830-98HEAD, Doucets N/A ChrisBAMA l,l42 :38 Dickis 15í3-9 1HEAVY D, Summers N/A Mexican Comb.RlEGO M35 5 .36 LaFamilia- 323-98 IHEELS, Mishy Mans N/A V Zs SHEVAR M47 5 :53 Sigmerson 1104#( IHEIST, Skimask Kennels Cutrnan Don Diegos CELIA F32 1:02 Hawk 1213.9HELEN M.s Semenovskis Semenovski DubovikoVs ZOJA F45 :16 D Chinaman 1678#t IHELL MZOR, T-Doge NiA Boe-Yas KennelsO J M50 .32 Jessio Rods 507-98 IHELLIEN, Rated X Ksnnels N/A NY Johns WILLOW F41 20 D.S.- 1824-9HERCULES, Bamey Fifes Barney Fife D Hams HOME GIRL F32 1:01 Big Mike- I 63-98HERCULES, CH., Dream Team & ( Big Ran Dr RojasTIGER M45 :38 VBK* 1848-9 IHERCULES, LA Dream Teams N/A llike & Cos SMASH M44 Youngerest 1;30 716-98 IHERCULES, Musclo Thunds/s N/A Qs C0RRUPT MCW :58 Big Jay 349-98HERCULES, Muscle Thunders N/A Hot Rods KEYS MCW :20 True Colore " 618-98 IHERCULES, Russells N/A Fat Cats POKEY M43 :35 Rochester Combine 1267-9 IHERMAN CH, TN Dog Pounds N/A Tommys JAKE M54 ??? Henry Vietnam 479-98HERSHEY, Big Dawgs RC Roger K.s BAD BOB M40 :53 Deacon 1510-9 IHERSHEY, R B.B & Westside Whc Lon Al & Moodys CO-BALL M37 :28 Abraham - 1566-9 IHERSHFI, Vinces R.C l,lississippi Hots BLACK DoG M37 :38 Lockdown Rudy* 1125-9HILFIGER, Yellas Yella Ts DREAI4ER M3B 38 Bemardo - 968-98 IHILFIGER, Ysllas N/A Rated X kennelsJAKE M38 30 D S. 1823-9 (HILOJACK, Firemans N/A Mille/s SLICK ¡/45 :56 Hiloboy 301-98HIT GIRL, Savies N/A Bajecs EMA F29.5 2:38 Nelkic 1646#{ IHOLIDAY, Doa$r Row Kennels Jafry Dirty Steves PIMPLES M46 i30 . Tried & True 678-98 IHOLLY, TheBaileys N/A Violato/s BEAUTY F39 :34 Hodges 1008-9 ( D.HamsHOMELESS, J.R & N/A Scratchlineis RUBY F36 1:36 T Mack 1690-9HOMELESS, J,Rs N/A Cootor & Coffeee BLACKIE F36 :15 New Jack - 799-98 (HOMELESS, J RS JR. Pepper & Slim Woodys ROXIE F37 :25 D Ham 852-98 (H0OT, Stinsons Jessie S Marcoidas RED M38 1:00 Jimenez 382-98HORSE, Heartland & Youngs Bandwagon Rock Crushr Kn CRUSHER M60 :57 Dardside 253-98 IHoSPITAL,Billys N/A Turne/s HEMAN M39 1:17 Casino 207-gB IHOSS Time Travale/s N/A Slobos LAZARUS M50 1:20 Englishman 202-SBHOT DAMN. Bar None Kennols N/A Tonys ZULU Kid 1,i.47 1:38 Kingfish 337-98 IHOUND DOG, J.JS Steves MULE M46 .42 Sagasa * 1395-9 IHOUSE PET, J-Bnds r;. T As IKE M40 5 1:12 Poison Clan 1194-9HOUSE PET, J-Birds J-Bird tulikes P0NCHO M39 2.12 D A. 1431-9 KennelsH0USE, Stoel Real Steel Real Heros LOW KEY [/40 .28 Son ny 131-98HOWLER, Bud Dempseys N/A Bonzai Knls BITTY F37 1:20 Leonard K - 1652-9HUCKLEBERRY Thomas Pit Dog L B.Ks CH SLICK M50 :48 Tant- 609-98HUGH PEI,4BERTON, Hazcom Ken N/A Steel City Kennels MAX M48 :40 Show Me Boy - 999-98HUGO, Hubbards N/A U Cs BERNARD M44 :48 Braswell 524-98HUG0. Rickys N/A No Name Knls CLUEMANATI M44 1:17 Wee Willy 418-98HUGS, Peg Legs Tough Love WheeliesBOY M44 :39 Triple D 801-98HUI4PMAN, Boyz-N-Pits N/A Poison Clans PINKY tvl39 5 :37 David 1293-9 CrooneisHUi/VEE, N/A Sebastanis L0LLAPAL0 0ZA F37 :46 R.J 520-98HURKETTE, Wards NiA Mr Freezes DIXIE F42 :45 Gamo Keeper * 1780-9HURRICANE, Georgia Powers Fargo C Bs LIZA F45 5 .50 John 241-gBHURT, Doucets N/A Boot Camps BLK PREACHER [,152 .35 Stevie 151 1-9HYENA, S&K Kennels N/A ReKennelsSTINKY M37 :31 Plumber Ron 1506-9HYPO, Teds N/A P Bs JETHRO lr¡38 :36 Tow Truck Driver l44O#(HYPO, Teds N/A Blooms ? lvl40 Boy 1:16 P 1704#{ICEMAN, 23rd Steat Knls NiA Crane Streets MANSON tvl50:55 R.W 1672-9lCEl"|AN, Triple H Kennels N/A UntouchablesJESSIE [/41 :58 ??? 1616-9IDEGEE, Square Quest Kennels Rick !!esiside KnlsDINA F39 ?? Preacher * 932-98lKE, M&M Kennels l,,larcos Willie s TIGER N438 :1 1 Chi Town 1623-9lNDlA, Ochoa Kennels iluscian Dr Rarnos & Jeffes CINDY F32 1:23 Tarasco 1095-9lNDlO, Coronados N/A ei os CiDO M42 .07 Equigua 1 1 150-S
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE 90 WINNERS HANDLER LOSERS SW REFEREE TIME NUMBI INDY, Sonells N/A Cracker BoysGRIM M47 :24 Paul R 106-98 INFMRED, Skimask Konnsls Blade M.Ms SONEE CEZA M38 1:14 Hawk 1215-9 IRENE, Chucky Sid Redzones NETTIE F38 32 Professor * i 6g-99 IRISH REBEL, original Qulp Boys euip Boys Amenca Most Wanted AMOS M40 :36 O Stevens. 548-98 IRON KELLA, Mandrichenkos N/A Ablizins CHAPA F40 :57 Sergey 974#gf. IRON tulAN, Pitnans N/A Cartwrights MONEy M40 l:27 Hodges 738-98 IRON MAN, Pitrnans Il/A Texas Petes JOHNNY M38 :44 Carios 1793-9 IRONHEAD, Greasy Comer Kids Greasy Cor Kid Sanford & Tenys KEMO M50 r15 M&M i534-9 lRONlt/AN, Pitrnans N/A Spive/s REX M39 :38 Dempsey 11ZZ-g IRVIN, Funky Medinas N/A Krunch KennelsLEXUS F39 .25 SmilinBudda 1037-9 J J., Hog Towns NiA Godfreys RONDO M43 Bames 1:27 36-98 JJ,PoeMans Joliet Johnny X-Clans BEAR [/38 :42 The Judge 1529-9 Kennels J,R , L.T, & Thrill Hill N/A Bama Boye & Ronnies ? M37.5 19 T-P¡t * : 127 4-g JACK FLASH, Cartwrighfs N/A Coats ABLE M43 :45 S Mason 1629-9 JA Ph¡l ls N|KKI F43 :26 Vietnam i705-g JA anctu Bdog Sanctuar M45 1.24 lan 5BS#9{ JA D.Smitr Boys,OTlS M38 :49 Stick * 1139-9 JA Knls Falcon RED M3l :30 Gator Boys. 1812-9 JA N/A M40,29 D,S, 1419-9 JAKE, West Combines N/A Ear Dogs SCOUT M34 :48 Red Knls- 1560#( JAlr¡lA, Firms Shorty Scratchline/s REBEL F37 1:20 Zaza 1681-9 JAMBO, N2Deep, No Fear & Deep No Fear True Games,GlN F45 :40 Pookie 1741-9 JAfr4ES T0NEY, Falcon Kennels NiA Navy Seals WHISKEY M45 .47 Capitol Pnsmnt- 21-98 JAM[4ER. The Firms Shorty Scratchllne/s REBEL F37 .20 Zaza 1 17 48-g JANE, Joses N/A Big C.s MtNy F39 1:00 Hammerdown 141i-9 Paul F34 5 :36 Casino * JASMIN, Paul & Jodies Janetts FUZZy BBb-98 JASMIN, Paul Cs N/A Prime Time Knls BLK WIDOW F355.22 GTumer* 1850-9 JASON, l/oaks N/A Xrazy Kanes JADE F36 :31 Krunch Knls b93-98 JM, Fast Pace Kennels Fast Pace Intimadator KnlsLEGS F33 .07 Buck Bay 1712-9 JAZZ, P¡roczkia Atflla Bujnas DANCER M47 .32 Blazek B4B#9t JAZZ, Punchline Kennels N/A R&G konnelsRED F33 :14 lrish Jerry. 44?-98 JED, Hardrock Kennels N/A PCPsCH|CO M3B 1:09 Sarge 1576-9 JED, Mississippi Ron & Sags pee Doe Wee Willv-& Marcus,R|NGO M41 1 48 Danny 780-98 JED, Mississippi Ron & Sags pee Dee Biq Daveís SCRAppy M41 1:31 D Holsum 69-98 JEE GUN LEMON, Albizins N/A Alekscenko KINT0 M47.5 3:12 Savich 1Z1S#fJEFFREY DAHMAR, Dueseftes N/A Mount Leos MR CISCO li42 :25 Shorty 1333-9JEFFROW, T-PitS N/A Rising Sta/s TRAMp M47 :10 Russ 752-98JEFFROW, T.PitS lüA gainesCIGAR M47 :46 Knls Boot Camp 1798-9JESSE, Untouchables N/A Head On KnlsCLEATUS M42 :48 Junkmaster B7S-98JESSE, Untouchables NiA Pee Dee KnlsBRUNO M41 1:52 Jason 1206-9JESSIE GIRL, Danna & Mikos N/A Nowas MAlr/A F35 :15 Ramon Z4Z-BJESSIE JAMES, Sarge Kennels Sarge TKO, TOMMY GUN M49 :48 Pit lsland , 17 4Z-gJESSIE, Chn€. Chaz BodidlesSPIKE M46 :46 Tyrae 415-98JESSIE, Dana & Mikes Candy Man Four HorsemensANNET F36 :13 ????? 1409-9JESSIE, Untouchables N/A Undertaker Knls HlTlrlAN M4l 5 :31 Tant 68-98JESSIE, Untouchablos N/A R&R KennetsLITTLE MAN M42 :40 Litfle Rob 509-98JETHR0, Po-Mans N/A Fros BUSTER BROWN M45 ?? Darkside 255-98JETHRO, Wiley-N-Gulls IUA J.J,s ARTIE MCW 1:32 HotRod 1834-9JETT, Mississippí Rons Dee Pee Big Daves SCMppy DOG M41 :35 lrish Jerry * 1 152-98JEWELLS, Savo Kennels Chad Game Related KennelsKAyA F36 :38 Chainman 614-98JIGGER, J,J J, & Crooks J.J,J Bad Boy Ocalas cMNGER M41 :55 Airhead Knls - 385-98JIGSAW, Junkyard Kennels Mike RebsDOC M50 :50 Butch 816-98J0 J0, Church Boys Kennels N/A Minute Mans SAM M34 :34 GHK Twin 2 489-98JOCKER JR. Montenegno Knls tUA Djindjas JEEP M42 :13 Slobo Bingo 403-98JOCKO, Georges N/A Pavlenkos KID M44 1:20 Albizin 1716HJODY ll, lans lan lebbys LENA F31.5 2:03 RickyB 696#9fJOE, Jerry E.s N/A Big Ralphs SPANKY M43 :27 Kimbro 8Z-96JOEY, Bruce G,s Bruce Kenwood KennelsTWISTER M46 :44 Long Rider 1031-9JOEY, Hocutt & Abes N/A Garcias MS SMACK F37 1:28 Pil¡nan* 1123-9JOHNNY ROTTEN JR, O G.Posse N/A Westside Kennels MAKAVELLI M45 :58 Westside Whoride* 1072€JOJO, Church Boy Kennels N/A MillsMENACE M34 :40 Charlie Old 1661-9JOJO, Church Boys NiA LopozCMCKER M34 2 1:05 GHK Twin 1415-9JOOP, Finkla Winkles N/A Tanimfords HATCHER M38 :,10 Junk Yard 838#9tJOOP. Finkle Winkles N/A Smekke KennslsrySON M38 :50 Big D 171+9JOOP, Philv A No Shame Knls No Shame Clock Works ZllvlA F43 :34 Body Snatcher 793-98JOSEY WALES, R Johnsons N/A East Coast Gombines BULLIT M37 :¿18 JR 1187-9JUBILEE, Clambar Boys N/A Union Knighis/H0E B00TStE F34 :14 Gator Boyz * 171-99JUDA, M A S N/A Szabos TANGO fú40 :35 Zsolt 844#9{JUDGE DRED, Sbaight & Nanows NiA Coopers BUDDY M475 1:04 J.B 887-98
    • PAGE 9I I YEARBOOK98 IW NNERS HANDLER LOSERS SW TIfulE REFEREE IJUICE, Boot Camp Knls Joey Dead Zone & l(&S knls M43 5 :51 RA Fails * 1BS8-S IJUMP BOY ROCKO, Rakonjacs N/A Vasics EDY llt425 .18 Nenad v 260-98 (JUMPINJACK, BesUBest & Collins Wood Hipple Kkeih Ts JAZZ M38 :56 Baby Face 691-98JUNIOR, Rioks Rick Lynch [,4obs PEACE M50 :20 Pit Bull Rick 1ZZ3-g IJUNIOR, Tripla H Kennels N/A UntouchablosCLEO M45 12 ??? 1615-9 IJUSTICE, Loves N/A Deboit Conn.s RED BITCH F39 :15 B Williams 92i-98JUSTICE, Shawn & Andy Bad Co.s Shawn Reds PUSHROD lA42 2.22 O Stevens . 1839-9 IJUSTICE, Shawn B & Bad Compan N/A Can Am BoysHONDO M41 1:08 Grubbs 34-98 IJugeel Vendeüa Kennels Mike Zaube/s ILMAR lll47 :34 KomarovK.W, Codarhill Konnels N/A D.N.D.s JOE M39 :39 Weaver 831-98 648-98 IKAISER SOISA, B M.C.s N/A Limey Kennels TERROR M50 1:35 Finkle Winkle - 1201#( IKAISER, Golden Bullets N/A Storm KennelsBUCK M37.5 :41 Mr Bill-NY- 1807-9 IKANE, Lock Down Kennels N/A D Walke/s SNOOTY M41 .23 Woaver* 1465-9MNO, L,B K,s N/A Super KannelsRED M? 1:36 Jorry 281-98 IKAOS ll, Jesses Jesse Recardos HASH [¡59 .23 Mad Dog . 940-98 IKATIE, P&S Kennels N/A omo Teams PUGSLY F38 1 09 Carbs 1 165-9 IKATO, Womack Clans N/A t Druid Omega Boys KRYPTO M37 1:23 Mustafa 1090-9KAYMAN, Sudden Death Konnele A C Bos DEBO M50 :31 V B K - 341-98 IKEE, Swift Kennels N/A Roosovelts MECCA M? :07 M J 304-98 IKEE, Swifts N/A Kikos LIZZY GATOR F43 :40 Tate 1 1107 -9KEKE LOVE, True Colo/s N/A S S S H s PRETry clRL F36 :19 Mac Man 1145-9 IKELLY GIRL, Helms N/A NuhinNices BMNDY F38 13 Arish Jerry 624-98 IKELLY,Jumpmaste/s Troy UntouchablesBOOBOO F34 1:05 LitteRob" 1765-9KEVIN MATHIS, Soulman & Sons N/A Padron BrothersLUCKY M38 :12 Carlos 1028-9 tKEY BUMP, Souhern Gradys N/A Hootorville Boys OUTLAW M42 :22 Morgan 474-98 IKICHYO, Untouchablos N/A Ras Valleys AUNT BEA F39 :30 Bob the Slob* 935-98KILLIEN, Bari Souhyerds N/A Dions CAVEMAN M42 :42 B R - 243-98 IKILO, DMabs Menace Houee of Pain Knls THUMPER l¡44 1.25 Nate * 1843-9 IKILO, D-Mobs N/A Swamp Boys MMBO M46 ?? Head Hunter 297-98 IKILROY, Mountaineer & Havana & Big A Bull Skull KnlsCOCKY M46 .40 Airhead Knls - 667-98KING JOKER, Dees N/A Janett & Bills DMCULA M? 2:08 Scotty 199-98 IKING SOLOMAN, Show Nutf Kenn( Quickman Tony Bad Boys CHAINSAW M49 1:10 J C Knls 755-98 IKING SOLOMAN, Whites N/A Raygans B0SS MAN MCW ;35 Kingsman 856-98KING, Dunns IUA B Rs BASHFUL M42 25 Naie 1193 IKING, Dunns N/A FL. Tads BUSTER M41 ,44 Junior 1589-9 IKING, P.N C Kennels N/A Sideline Kennels KILLER M42 :23 Dogman Knls 1046-9 (KINGPIN, Wards NiA POWs SIR M48 1:00 Johnny Capone 1257-9KLEOPATM, Atila Kennels N/A Mad Dog KennelsGYPSY F42 1;15 Zinetti 1381#t IKNEE DEEP, Whito Boys N/A Ruff Ride/s IBU M48 :45 Big John 1329-9 (KOKO, Bellon Club Bellon Miranda Club CHENEQUE M35 :48 Saul 377-98KOKO, Bellon Club Anionio Miguel Angels TIGER M38 .42 Victor 1197#{ (KOO DEE GMS, Sfeet Sweeper I N/A Short Dogs PALEFACE M47 :15 Thad 182-98 4KOO DEE GMS, Sbeet Swoopers Tone Dog Raymonds BIRD DOG M46 :35 Easy 797-98KMKER, Zolo N/A MisFy Mans DlDl F35 1:05 Sigmerson 985-98 (KRIPP, SmokinJoe Kennels N/A Souh ofthe Border SYCO M43 1:16 Big Mike - 541-98 IKRISS KROSS, N B R.,lncs N/A Hard Rock Knls APACHE M47 .29 W B 209-98 (KURUPTED, Kings N/A Balls LITTLE HEAW M48 1:05 ?? 13-98LL WACO, Chi Towns Vinnie M&M Kennels VENUS F39 1:29 Armando 1621-9LACY, Wilhichs Art Sanchos MOMMA F33 .47 Black Knight- 1425-9LADY BEAR, Willard & C.R Ps N/A Shong Hold Knls BEAUTY T F43 :38 Rosc,o 1235-9LADY BOMB, Birdman & Chinamar Bhdman UntouchablesK C. F43 :18 Beach Boy tsilly- 1648-9LADYJOEY,R.BBs LongRoadKnl TrueColo/SDEATHROW FzB 1:06 OGPosse 368-98LADY, Crazy Cajun Kennels N/A Jr. Fauls LADIE F3B .17 Jim L 658-98LADY, Uniteds N/A Zoros KMKER F35 1:07 Rick 1103#fLADY, Upstate Boys Upstate Boys Flower Boys TAR F? ,55 BKlyn Knight - 1665-9LARRY, Westsido Whoride & R B E NiA Pitts SLUG M39 1:30 Mike 499-98LAYLA, B C Combinos N/A Krakkens REROSE F45 .23 Mannie V 58G98LAYIA, B C Combines N/A lrish Jerry & Quip Boys FANTASIA F45 :25 Manny 1259-9LEE HANEY, Nsw Crew Kennels Papa Hardlino KnlsCOWBOY lvlOW 2.14 Clockwork 811-98LEFry CH., Untouchablos N/A Colored BrotherslvlAGlC IÁ42 :38 Jump Mastor 1402-9LEO, Game/s N/A PugacheVs BEST MCW :42 Chernov 483#9{LEO, Mount¡in Mamas l,rlountain Mam Fast EddySHIFTY HARRY M49.5 1:34 Sigmerson 338-98LEONARDO, Black lce Knls N/A Brick Citys LYE M56 .42 K.Nice 1722-9LERXUS COUPE, Rufineck & Quer N/A Falcon Kn|sPANTHRO M47 l:28 Capitol Pnsmnt 20-98LEVI, Smiths N/A Greenhoms BUBBA M45.5 1 47 Pinkerton " 172-98I-EXUS, Over tfre Top Kennels N/A Toms BLACK GAL F40 1:43 M Slim 446-98LEXUS, True Game Kennels N/A tulau lvlau Knls MARY F35 1:07 Chad 458-98LEXUS. Westside Whoridos N/A Whomans BLONDIE F34 :16 Buckwild Tom- 1428-9LlL ACE, Bob As N/A Shams fllGHT TRAIN M45 5 ??? D G 107+9LlL B 8.. Gee Had Kennels N/A CDS liennels SASHA F33 .27 Balümore Lee 1638-9
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE 92 WINNERS HANDLER LOSERS SW REFEREE TIME NUMBI Hollifelds LlL GIRL, N/A H/P KennelsSISTA F4A :28 RJ 930-99 LIt HICKORY, Homo Grown Kennt N/A Chads GRINDSTONE M38 .44 G Tumar 1393-9 LlL JESSIE, Fents N/A Cleghorns SPERM M37 2:49 Earl 819.98 LlL KlM, Gator Boyz N/A Untouchables LITTLE CHEWY F27 .37 Hard Core Knl 675-98 LlL MAMA, Danyl & Cos N/A Poop & Cos MGEDY F28 1.15 Die Hard Knls 836-98 LlL MAN, Old Gold & Ringside Knls Jamie Sliok & RivalsPAYASO M36 :57 VBK* 1536-9 LlL RED Matt & Bob A.s N/A P SolisGUARTAS F37 :36 ????? 1322-9 LlL WEASOL. Buok Wilds Tom Jerome & Co BOUT lT M42 :43 Big Ralph * 492-98 LIGHTNING BITER, Dangerous Ke N/A Big Ralphs BLACK M40 1:50 Dog Lord 1480-9 LIGHTNING BUG, Pepsi &Associa Pepsi Hanells TWUGGY F39 :17 Much 1262-9 L|GHTN|NG, Missouri Konnols N/A Big Jeffs ANGEL F38 :42 lceman 749-98 r-f LLY, Mr Freeze & Millbuster Knls N/A Men in Blacks MOLLY F39 :23 Steve 1779-9 IITTLE BOBBIE, Dr Hardons Chris Backbone Mts BI-ACK BERRY F32 5 :40 Mr Kim * 1517-9 LITTLE CINDY, Buffalo Bills N/A D&Ms BECKY F31 :13 Miller 712-gB LÍÍTLE FROSTY, Scratchliner Kenr N/A T,Mack&HudsonVlly BUDDY M40 :49 Zaza 336-98 LITTIE GIRL, P V K.s Juan CPK,s MENNIE F35 :51 Marco 1634-9 LITTLE GIRL, Poncho Vilfa Kennels N/A Chads MINNIE F35 :51 Marco 1606-9 LITTLE GYPSY, B-Lina Kennels N/A Lynch Mobs CHI F31 :06 Supa Gnat* 1043-9 LITTLE JACK,Goodsons N/A R Mille/s BUSTER M51 :51 Burkes 287-98LITTLE JOE, G W,Kennels N/A Joey & Petes BANDIT MCW :08 Jimmy H 1118-9LITTLE JOE, G W Kennels N/A Oklahoma Mikes DRASTIC MCW :17 BrotrerOarlus 256-98LITTLE MAMA, Krunch Down Knls Krunch Down Bar None KnlsMSHEDA F40 .23 Kingfsh Kid 401-98LITTIE MAN, T.Pits N/A Daylys TIP M36 5 :28 L T. 1278-9LITTLE NEGRITA, Viera Brothers Greassr Pedrazos MISERY F37 25 Old Town Knls 632-98LITTLE NlccER, Mouth OMishtys N/A Marin Kennels MULLATO M35 ?7? MS Ron t 543-98LIITLE RED, Harley Kennels Jake J. Roys RUGER M37 ???? Pepsi 1261-9 BeesLITTLE RED Kíller N/A 0 G,Posse & lúob Knls SOLDIER M38 1:58 R.BB 1071-9LITTLE RED. Saw Tooths N/A Dalton & Boobnans CRICKET F3j .57 Chainman 672-98LITTLE ROCKER, Long Road Kenr L.A. Newmans MAGGIE F32 1:l1 Cherokee Knls* 1001-9LITTLE SAMH, Pahiots Pahiot Cat & Co SALLY F3B :35 C* 464-98LITTLE TAG, Bilty the Kids N/A Shearels CMIG M44.5 :56 Kaigor 634-98LITTLE TORO, Andrijins N/A Batas ACA M44 l:40 Slobodan 46-98LITTLE TORO, Andrijins N/A Stosics IRON M44 ;49 Vujic Sase 897#9tLITTLE WlLLlE, P L.K & Pepper N/A Joseas HOT PEPPER M44 :43 Porky 1449-9LITTLES, Long Road Kennels N/A J. MoesWHO F32 1:10 City Slick 366-98LIZZY, American Made Kennels N/A Parker & Co,s SHASTA F33 :30 Leonard K 288-98LIZZY, American Made Knls l,UA Mebo Toms BELLA F355:43 DC 902-98LIUY, CH American Made Knls N/A Drelok KnlsBAMA GIRL F345 :47 Leonard K * 1831-9LOBO, T V KS Bird Man Joe Ms OSO M38 2:05 Marco 333-98LOCCAS, El Toro Kennels N/A Miguols PEPPER F36 :38 Perez ttre Dog 1587-9LOCO, Kur Dawg Kennele SweaI NazeriesMONEY DOG M4l .28 J.Boyles* 291-98LOCO, On Top Kennels N/A Junk Yard Knls RIP M51 .22 Butch 817-98LOCO, Over he Top Knls Bubba 187 KennelsCROCKET M49 ,17 Tony 1724-9LOCO, S&K Kennels N/A Ft Laud. Keiths BUSTER M43 1:02 Pompano Knls 1505-9LOKIE, Cuban Camales N/A Garcias ANGIL F30 1:02 S Mason 16-98LOKIE, Cuban Cornales N/A Crafunans FACE F30 :30 J Dempsey 731-gBLOU, Richcos N/A MarquisRED MAN M43 .12 Diehard Knls 834-98LOWJACK, Weighhnans Woighfnan Cedarhill Kennels LlL GRIZ M39 t38 lcepick * 647-98 RonsLUCA BMSI, Balümore N/A B&D KnlsSAM M42 :21 Shame 96-98 PedrosLUCAS, Saul & Saul Grupo Leon Wongs CODY M53 :50 Bellon * 375-98LUCAS, Stubbs NiA NY John & Big Joes ZEUS M50 :57 Doug 1281-9LUCKY JR, Burial Grounds Kennek K C Yappys THUG MCW:lB JD 865-98LUCKY, BurialGrounds N/A Southland KnlsRACHET M4B ??? fodd 767-98LUCKY, Cuban Camales N/A PorezAMIGO M40 :43 Loza 174-98LUCKY, De La Cruz N/A V C KonnslsSOMBI M3552:07 MPeeler* 1437-9LUCKY, K.W.Kennels N/A DouglasPATCHES F31.5 :44 ??? 191-98LUCKY, Pound for Pound Knls N/A Latino Fam & CWs BONES tu137 :33 H.C - 1579-9LUCKY, Tuco & pd for pds Tuco Keep lt Reals BLACKIE M36 ???? Sbickly Business 670-98LUCY GIRL, Cartwrights N/A Gambino Connsciione TERRY F35 1:09 N,Y Ralf 1630-9LUGY, Alberts N/A Tonys QUEEN LATIFA F32 1:10 Luis 134?-9LUCY, Mult-Dimens¡onals Eric Low Down KnlsSHEBA F38 .47 Rick 129-98LUDI, Zineftis N/A G¡obniks TIGAR M37 .n Valkovich 122#9fLUDI, Zinettis N/A Zeljikos WOLF M39 :18 Baco 1383#!LUIGI THE WOP, Drty Bs N/A The Judges KUR DAWG JOSE ¡/55 .21 Blade Runnef 1519-9LUKANE,CH.,STPS JOnn The ? Kid & Wise Guys MM ¡/52 :45 Queen City 1836-9LUKANE, S T Ps N/A Sarge Knls POT PIE t453 :38 Queen City - 1351-9LUKE, Joe & Randalls IUA 20/20 Kennels ROCKY [¡43 2.47 r-Pit 391-98LUKE, Stinsons Jessie CortesBOOK lV49 1 45 Bellon 1310-9LUKE, The Baileys NiA Parker & Co.s M0NEY tv135 40 Pibnan 925-98LUKE, Top of the Hill & Gamekeepr N/A 24 HoursSUPERMAN I"!40 21 Coming Hard 1256-9
    • YEARBOOK93 PAGE 93W NNERS HANDLER TOSERS SW TIME REFEREE NUMBI LUMBERJACK, Steves tt/A Reans MENACE I145 1:48 Mardi Gras 493-98 LUMPY D, Milk, lncs N/A UntouchablesMOSEBY M39 1:32 Top Dawg * 934-98 LUNA, Dutchess N/A Ky Head Hunte/s MS FIT F38 :45 R Cox 627-98 LUN¡TIC, Old School Kennels N/A PNCS NOODLES [/50 :22 Hargroves * 1703-9 LUTHER, Ablizins Ablizin Rustams DEVIL M46 :49 Babentsov 214-98 I LYNCHMOB, ltafian Connections N/A Bulldog Ps STORMY F35 .29 Millman 892-98 I LYNUS, Mad Mans lt/ad Man Old Town KnlsSOX M48 1:29 Roughneck - 1804-9Loner, Knockouts N/A Winchsh/kidaplay PHILLY [/57 .40 Redline Len* I 2-98MA BARKER, R&B Kennels R&B Queen Citys FATE F41 .32 The ? Kid 1758-9 IMAC JEFF, Ed Haskell & OK Slims Ed Haskell T C.s BUSTER M43 :43 B Lee 186-98 IMAC JEFF, Eddie Haskells Eddie Haskell Anthony Panttrer M41 5 1:35 B Lee 965-98MACHO, Dr Rojas N/A l-5 Combines SCMP lr/32 5 :51 Alvarez 1178-9 IIrilACK, Slobodans Warga Karolys JEEP [,155 :31 Stipic 435#9t Itr4ACK, Tenys N/A Sandhills BART M40 1:10 Moxley 279-98llAFlA, Brooklyn Knights N/A Shickly Business & Als iüISSY F44 :50 H C * ( 617-98[,1AGG|E, Grovas N/A Untouchables KICHYO F39 :34 D Ham 510-98 F41 2:26 Odd Couple - IMAGGIE, Groves N/A Back Yards CAROLINA 805-98[4AG|C, Long Road Kennels J Capital Punishments BOSS LADY F35 1:11 Full Force Knls* 1003-9 IMAGIVAR, Krunch Kennels Krunch Smilin Buddas LITTLE GUY M35 ???? Funky Medina 1399-9 IMAGIVER, Krunch Kennels Yard Dog Santa & Hearbreak Kids DRILLER ñ/35 .24 Law Town 946-98 IMAGNUM, Mikes N/A Big Daddys LEROY M45 :29 Big B,B 904-98MAGNUi/, Tates N/A Archies ROSCOE ¡/51 :30 Brad 1337-9 IMAIN MAN, Benji & Shawns N/A B O Ps TONKA M58 :58 Ganett 791-98 IMAJOR. Ouhan Kennels N/A Sarge KennelsRED RUM M52 1:15 Pizzaman " 65l-98MAKAY, Mariano Boys Mariano Boys Dredlocks HOME BOY M46 1:00 Wee Wilty- 419-98 IMALICA, McCain & Roots N/A Lil Jimis WILDFIRE F38 .17 D Ham * 1694-9 IMAMA JUANA, Elmeis Elmer TVKRED BITCH F38 :53 Sam 1775-9MAMA SAN, Porkys N/A Omega Boys & Druid SHIPWRECK F39 :55 M K I 1059-9MANN, Parker & Co,s N/A City KennelsOP|E M40 :46 J.Brad 1726-9 IMARCUS, Banys N/A S Ss LEVI M39 i51 Orig GA Boy 373 98 IMARICON Little Jeff s N/A Parke/s FAT NIGGA MCW :35 Smitty 1520-9MARTEL, Blocker & lcepick & Co s lcepick Funk s DUMAS M50 :55 Cedarhill Knls . 1 642-98 IMARTHA, D Hams N/A Woody & Antnans JENNY F45 :15 J.R- 800-98 IMARY JANE, Aint No Limit Knls N/A Steelsides CAMAY F33 :43 Mr Kikoy 1407-9li4ASE, Church Boy Kennels N/A South Combines SOCKS M44 1:00 GHK Twin 2 1660-9 IMASE, Church Boys Kennels fUA never Part Knls THUNDER M45 :23 GHK Twin 2 - 488-98 IlvfASE, Church Boys NiA letEm Go knlsO,J M45 :50 Minute Man 1414-9MATT, Original Georgia Boy & out¿ N/A Cub KennelsBILLY M47 21 W D.W 567-98 IlvlATTlE, M&M Kennels N/A Sho-N-Gos ??? F36 :28 Alabama Rodman 740-98 IMAULER RED, Die Hard Kennels N/A Poop & Cos TROUBLE M40 .37 Richco 835-98lvlAX, Elm Sheots Freddie Kruegr HooksNICKLES M? :54 Show Me Boy* 1353-9 IMM, Graveyard Kennels Otjs Underground Knls BUCK BOY M49 :52 B Hines 1819-9lVtAX, The ? Kid & Wise Guys lüA No Shame Knl SONNY BOY M? :34 Lonsome OKie 75-98MAY MAY, Bangem out Knls N/A Works LADY F42 :30 Chambers * 1830-9MAY,WB&S.Ts N/A DeadSer&HighRhNASTY F365:27 MA.D* 41-98MAYBE, Rocky Ridge Kennls N/A OConnors KELLY F36 47 Phil Good 1803-9MEAN JEAN, Full Metal Jackats N/A Young Blood & P B Dynasty NINA F37 :29 Konnsington 1447-9MEAT HEAD, PuristBoys N/A Eddie HaskellsJEFF M39 :48 RJ 231-98MEATHEAD, 0 G.Posses Rastamon Headbange/s BUSTER M42 1:14 True Colors * 398-98MEATHEAD, Purist Boys NiA OK Slims SNAKEY M37 35 R J. 1618-9MECCA, Buffalo Bills N/A Stans FREJA F28 .40 Coleman 711-98MEGABITE, Joses Jose Killer Instinct BAT lr,lAN M? :18 Mortal Kombat* 463-98MERMAID. Westside Whorides N/A Bernado/True Colors SHADY F32 .36 R B B . 438-98MEM, Kuznetsoüs N/A JacoleVs GHIG l,Á42 1.08 Muravieva 485#9tMICHAEL MYERS, Firms NiA Ja/s YOGI M65 1:54 Dusty 1680-9MICKEY, Gladiato/s N/A Japanacs MELISA M40 :55 Blazek 1562#(MlCKlE, Foxxy Kennels N/A Randys BOLO M48 1.42 Cox 533-SBMIDEVIAL, Smih & Balistic Kennsk Mr Goodwrencl Lockjaw Kennels BERTHA F38 1:11 M George 1021-9t4lDNlGHT,JohnWayneKennels JohnWayna BackSbeetTruzY0Y0 F37 :52 SteelCity 79+98MIESTER, Kruncfr Kennels NiA Corporation Pizzaman SAUSAGE lvl46 :30 Mass Combine - 1401-9MIESTER. Krunch Kennels Krunch Kennelr Team U S A s LIVE WIRE M? :50 Brooklyn Knight 777 -SBI¡IGHTY MOUSE, The Firm & True Mr Rogers Pokeys PRltr,tETlME M35 5 :34 Shownuff Knls 1 140-9MIKE, Thunder Kennels N/A 0 WilliameREMAMA ?36 :28 Cooper 1851-9MIKE, Val Kennels NiA Eastend WRECKLASS Ir/34 5 49 K&K 1314IMILES DAVIS. Mau Mau Kennels NiA Viet Nam Knls RED DOG M42 :43 B Hines* 456-98MINCHKIN. Pocket Marine & Stitchr Pocket lrlarine Cu¡ Sioooeis BABY F33 1:22 Pit Bull Dynasty. 1753-SMINNIE RED, Thunder Kennel Mikt N/A N4cCollums JANE F36 33 Redline 1578-9lvllNNIE RED, Thunder Kennels Mif fl/A 3 Pauls LADY F35 23 P Mag 1 138,9túlNNlE, Druid & Omega Boys N/A Fio¡ida Petes HOTTIE F36 :50 t¡ K 1089-9
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE 94 WINNERS HANDLER LOSERS SW TIME REFEREE NUMBIMlNI,JY, Crazy Coop Kennels N/A Solo Knls SWEET PEA F35 1:03 Rush 810-98MIRA A P Ks APK Bronco KnlsJUICE F41 l:16 Toxic Avenger 49-98t{isS BARNEY, li,larin Kennsls Pit Bull Rick lrlateaza BoysC0OKlE F38 1:12 Wee Willy- 420-98¡J|SS COWBOY, Stone City Kennel N/A Meho Boys DIXIE F43 :46 Disaster Knl 1737 -9V|SS DAIIGER, Never say Nover l< Charles Jersey Boys BABY F37 5 1:05 - Latno Ray 1232-9¡l:SS GATOR, Baltimore Rons N/A UntouchableeRED GIRL F 42 1:48 lnc* Milk, 95-98r,4lSS GAÍOR Baltimore Rons N/A Mikes DAISY F43 :24 James 563-98t SS JINKS, R Goodsons N/A Johneons ANGLE F32 N Biil 1501-9 r"trSS IUCKY, Double J Kennols N/A Southside KnlsZIGGY F38 .32 R.W. 1112-9 r,SS fliRil4AlD Indian Gary N/A Masterminds WEASY F38 .32 oPK. 775-98 tl SS Il:P,VÁlD, Indian Garys N/A Big Ralphs CRO0KED TAIL F38 :36 Ken 88-98 r.r,SS PAIN House of Pain Knls N/A Munays ANKLES F30 :18 DaMd 1540-9 VSS RAGE, Chubrocks Slick Man o Wars PATSY CLINE F46 .12 Biggi Smalls 1048-9 r SS SHEBA L,finte/s N/A Kennys LADY F45 :15 Mooso 393-98 li!iSS SHEBA, Minte/s Dynamite Fat Rate MAGGIE F45 :39 Moose 931-98 bliSS SHEBA, [4inyels Dynamite Maggies MOO COW F45 :32 Moose 1426-9 MISS SPIDER BUCK, R J S N/A Bryants SELMA F39 :39 P Solis * 1067-9 IIISST,TKOS N/A Sids IRENE F38 :34 Pit lsland * 468-98 t,1iSS goose, Winchester Kennels Mr Bill American Standard KnlsCHRONIC F41 :19 Skinny I 109-9 MISSY, BMW Clubs Ramon Whisskay Berts CHI CHI F33 .18 El Mexicano * 1 1387-9 MISSY. Parker & Co.s N/A M&M KennelsSASHA F36 :48 City Kennels 1286-9 tr.4lSSY, Slingshot Kennels Snako Hoosier Conn & Savo Knls BRON; F40 1:05 Sawtooth 1011-9 MISTY, Pistol Line Kennels N/A Anthonys QUEEN FCW1:04 Trailer 320-98 M0 M0NEY, Marie Laveaux Florida Miko Ha¡dtime Kennels BLACK M42 1:30 Devine * 1115-3 t,10CC4, Desrameaux N/A Hallowells BERTIE F40 1:57 P.T.P 409-98 MOJO, Bushrod Kennels Ray Walls Braws BULLET M52 1:16 General 1828-9 MOJ0, Dangorous Knle N/A Big Ralphs NAPOLEON M46 1:45 Mr Kim - 1862 [40J0 Matts N/A S.Deans GUNNER M45 :46 Psny 595-98 MOKLES, Julios Julio Fat Alberts ROSCO M42 .21 Chi Town 1622-9 II/OLLY,GBYBs Wayne Ps LADY F35 .37 Piy Bull Joff 1294-9 M0LLY, M&M Kennels N/A Militia Bobs HELDA F 42 .43 S Mason * 919-98 MOLLY, Pine Crsok Konnelb N/A Paname KennelsNEDINA F34 1:07 D 0.A Knls 1344-9 MONA, Ablizins N/A Vs CHILY F45.5 .17 ????? 1296#! MONA, CH., Airhead Kennels Ltl D J B 0s SUGAR F42 .32 R A.Faul * 727-98 MONA, Kentucky Johns John Music City KnlsBUTTER F37 1.20 lcepick- 285-98 MONGOOSE JR, Havana Boys N/A Hell on Earhs PEANUT M42 2.57 Latjno Ray * 589-98 MONK, M L.P.S New Jack Moutr-O.Mighty LITTLE NIGGER M35 1:48 Danny 779-SB MONKEY DOG, Mau Mau,Ready tc N/A Big Boys KORUPT MCW :29 True Game 459-98 MONKEY ft/AN, Alkebuan & Ready N/A Ruff Ride/s DUKE M55 :25 Bandwagon * 1328-9 MONSTER. L O.P. & Sharpshooter N/A Steves black dog M50 .50 Joe 1315-9 MONSTER, WestTexas Kennels N/A Foxxy KennelsRASHID M50 57 Cox* 1246-9 MOOK, Mr Kiho/s N/A Baltimore Rone RED BITCH F37 :39 Pit Artist 820-98 MOON, 0 P.K E.#1s Zaza Work Kennels KISSY F35 44 ????? 1309-9 MOOSE, Caprock Kennols N/A B.B,s CONCRETE M51 38 ??? 948-98 MORENA, Gator Boyz Gator Boyz CaptAmericas MUMBLES F41 .47 Green Beret* 761-98 MOUNT, Ablizins N/A BarbontsoVs DODGE Ms4 42 Srkynnik 972#9Í M0UNT, Marvins ¡¡/A Ateel City Kennels M38.5 1:07 Cox * 1603-9 MOUSE, T.K O & Pitlsland Kennel Pi lsland Knl Shady Days TRIXIE F37 212 Getor Boyz 605-98 MR CAUTION, Lees NiA Baltimore Ron LUCA BMSSI M42 .20 Don King 564-98 MR NICO, Mefo Boys NiA New Comer BoysSPOT M? :59 Stone City * 1637-9 lvlR PSYCHOTIC Rastamon Stone Knls ELMO M37 .20 Lock & Load 399-98 MR MBBITT, G M K.s Vladimh ?,s FRED M45 1:05 K 607#9r MRS CMZY, Mississippi Hot & Sm Smitty C Mims KATIE F43.5 .27 Loggin Man 1503-9 MS CLAUDIE, Miliüa Bobs Nails Head Hunte/s REESE F41 5 :45 R Nate 961-98 MS COWBOY, B-Line Kennels N/A D¡od Lok Knle WIDOW F33 1:16 WV Steve 246-98 [/S HOMER, Tenazas N/A Heredias JILL F35 :26 odessa Mark 1477-9 li4UDD, No Doubt Kennels N/A Comeback Kids J0SIE F? :31 TNT 11BB-9 MUELA, Guenero & Bee/s N/A Saltillo BoysMUNECA F36 .17 Casas 1609-9 MUFFIN, J.Bos N/A ailers üt5 | trK 5r5 EK If | F34 .12 Lookdown Rudy* 247-98 MUGSY, Gator Boyz N/A Cuban Combines TRIGGA M48 2:48 HeedbangaMark* 758-98 MUNCHKIN, Team USA T Mack Gator Boyz MANDY F34 :42 PB,Dynasty* 102-98 I¡URDOCK, Soggy Bottoms J Campbell Dons MOHAMAD M48 2:09 Bama Red - 1808-9 MUSCLE, Bernmdo & Keiths N/A Pones SMOKEY M36 :38 S&K Knls - 1303-9 MYSTERY D0G, Mississippi Hois Hots Dan & Bens TWEETY F37 :48 Cruse" 60-98 Manson Marks lUA Joeys ROCK M43 1:18 Dickie 1015-9 NAILOR, 20/20 Kennels N/A Yogfs SNO0PY M39 :58 RK* 1783-9 Shickfand & J Boyles Thad Sempra Fis BILLY M38 136 Skeet. 517-98r NAILOR, NAILS, Crews N/A TN Dog Pounds EEBO M47 1:15 Tant. 977-98 Crews NiA Ruff Ride/s BUS BOY M48 2:06 lcepick - 1768-9iNAlLS,
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE 95WINNERS HANDLER LOSERS A^/ RFFFRFF TIITF NUMBI NALA, B,R K. & P,D PS Spike Mikes BAD EAR F31 .21 Danny 1443-9 NASTY, Violato/s N/A Morgan & Co.s BOE M45 1:24 Fline Knls. 15m-9 NAUGHTY, Original Deep Souhe N/A Boot Camp Knls PHENE F42 :38 The Deacon - 702-98 NED,Teds N/A STs CUBE M49 2:55 Rick Flair 1441# NEE NEE, B 0 Ps N/A Benji & Shawns CHINA GIRL F43 :18 Mob Knls 790-98 NEEDLE NOSE, Contactor & Gum N/A Hard Rock KnlsPAM F41 :51 Donkey Kong 953-98 NEGM, Chain Gangs Padraza Three Fingers COPPER F42 VBK* 1113-9 NELLIE, Lynrd Skynrds N/A Wilsone MOLLY F38 "29 Mc0luney* 1:19 556-98 NELSON, Ricos N/A Latjno Familys FIDEL M40 :34 Yankee Boys. 1811-9NENE, J C.Kennels tn Knuckles MISS CLEMENTINE F44 :10 Big Shorty 756-98NERO, Blue Dragons NUA City Boys CMSH M50.5 :59 l.l E C, 1190#tNERVIE, D&Bs N/A G-BoysK0KO F34 :34 Seb 599-98NERVIE, Mardi Gras Konnols N/A Tombstone Knls MISSY F32 :27 Boot Camp Cliok * 1129-9NICK, Azevedos N/A Gorges DINGO M52 :22 Fireman 633-98NIGGER, Violato/s N/A Cartwrights EASY M44 :13 Mountain Boy- 198-98NIGHT FLIGHT, Blow Torch & Daw N/A Clevelands MING MING F44 :49 Buckeye 1224-9NIGHT WOLF, Out Back Kennols Lius Game to he Bones EGORE M43 :31 Mox-Tex 1757-9NIGLE, Pancho Vllla Kennels N/A Rancheritas UNCLE BUCK M40 ,47 El lr4exicano 615-98NILA, Gails N/A Byrds MMINE F52 :22 J Hitt 665-98NINE, Chuckie & Lynch Mobs Chuckio Humptys MAJOR PAIN M51 :42 Mex Tex . 1 1030-9NINO, Krazy SideKennels N/A Elliote RED DEVIL M45 :18 #M Kennel- 1802-9NINO, Krazysíde Kennals N/A Redman Knls BOL0 M45 :06 OConnor 1597-9NIPPER, Eastend Konnels N/A Bulldog Sanc/K&K SUZIE F34,5 1:38Rusljar 356#9tNIPPER, Eastend Knls N/A LiverladsCOOKIE F34 5 ;34 K&K 1558#(NITRO, P&CS N/A Quite Storm KnlsSNOOTY M43 r4B Savage * 882-98NITRO, Pee Dee Kennels Pe¿ Dee Poison Klans PEE WEE M33 :35 J B¡Íd 149-98NO LlMlT, West Side Knls Vernon Big Foot KnlsD|NGO M? .20 Rastamon 1360-9NO NAME, Woodück Knl N/A Del-MaKnls ALIEN M45 49 Mr Big 104-98NO0DLES, Stone Cold Kennels Pee Dee Knls Barnhills JENNY F32 :32 Hard Cors 894-98NOSE, Piroczkis Attila Buckos SHAKE F34 28 Blazek 851#9tNOTORIOUS B.l G., Dangerous Ke N/A NW0&ffi Grays TORNAD0 M48 2:12 Dog Lord 730-98NOTORIOUS BlG, Bonilla & P4PKI Bonilla Kid Carpenters BUCKWHEAT M42.5 .47 Strckly Bus 422-98N0T0R|0US BIG, Pound 4 Pound Pound 4 Pounr Beat Down Knls MYDELL M43 :56 Sbickly Bus * 1822-9NOTORIOUS SPOOK, T-N-Ts Dynamite Rameys CHEVROLET F45 .47 Slick * 796-98NUTHIN NICE, Nuthin Nice Kennelr Waccamaw Kn lvlr Reids BIG BROKE M51 2:16 M Miller 115-98NUTLESS JACK Pocket Marine/Süi N/A Grunt KnleMAX M445 12 M Kelly- 870-98NUTTY BUDDY, Cedarbrook Knls ReDog Raging Bull Knls BUD M53 1.45 MrBill 414-98NWO, MiIIS N/A Doctors SIKE M40 :55 Solo 1659-90 HENRY, Rivers l,liA Danells BILLY JOE M32 :02 Stephon 827-980.J , Mr Fudds N/A Absolute Knls PLAYER M37 :36 R.B B * 1143-9OCKMIR, Queen City Knls N/A SkippelCap Punish OPIE lV43 :49 ? 76-98OGLALA GIRL, Farouqs N/A Curiels MEG F36 :21 B Stepheney 910-98OGLALA GIRL, Hi-Energy Konnels l,i/A Grips CANDY F37 :48 Ruggs 1291-9OJOE, Canadian Mados N/A Sliprocks SAMMY M37 Englisman* 1:1 1 203-98OKLAHOMA, Old Gold Kennels Chicano Ma¡io Ci¡cle of Fea/s STARDUST F35 .41 VBK* 876-98OLD MAN, Big Boys N/A Hubbas MM M45 1:05 Vietnam Bones* 1771-90LlVA, Atila Knls N/A Grobniks BELA F39 5 Mladen 1:42 395-98OLIVE, Deep Connoctrom & No Fot No Fear Knl Trodbusters ??? F37 :22 Road Wonier 1739-9OMEGA, Phil Good Kannels N/A Tatwerface & Co LEROY M44 :47 B R. 244-98ONE EYE, Pinkstons N/A Rock Steady KonnelsDINO M53 .44 Dave 1 108-9ONYX, Funky Msdina & Deeplina K N/A AUasLUCKY M46 1:12 Hampton 1207-9ONYX Funky Medinas Funky Grunt KennalsMAX M46 ??? Krunch Kennels * 927-980RE0, Mardi Gras Kennels N/A Dead SeriousCH BANJI F38 1:30 Boot Camp 574-980SCAR, Sesame SfeetKennels N/A Tough Loves COLBY M48 1:49 friple D 802-98OSCAR, Sz J.s Sz.J Holys SZIKE M52 .34 Jani 845#9t0SO, Fifty Nine Connectjons N/A Lawronces BUSTER M41 :42 Bleedwate¡* 309-98OSUEZY, No Reheat Kennes N/A Suddon lmpact Knls BONER F40 2:05 S Mason * 920-98OTIS, Nagys Nagy Csongradls MIRNIX M40 1.22 Zoli 53-98OTIS, Original Georgia Boys&Ouua 0r, Georgia Bo Mississippi Hot, HOG M39 :51 FatAss 566-98OUTLAW. Poncho Villa Kennels N/A BMW Clubs ELI :59 El Moxicano* M40 5 268-9802, Chaos Kennels & Roy Cs N/A Ky Head Hunte/s JOE M39 :40 Mountain Boy. 928-9802, Chaos Kennols Nl/A Hocutt & Abes [4ANN M40 :18 Spartan 270-98P FLOYD, Skipper & Executiono/a Skipper New Wanio/s RED M45 1 :40 Hanis Bro #2* 1844-9P D Elmeis Eddy Reygosas MONEY MILLER M46 :39 Malo 1776-3PAINT, Ricketts& BJs lUA lcepick & Cos RED DOG M40 .28 - Cedaóill 645-98PANCH0, C&M Killer Kennels N/A Beach Boys WHITY M45 :50 Diesater Knls 1422-9PANCHOLO, Cambo Kennels IUA Willies PREDATOR M53 :50 C&M Killer knl 5-98PANCHOLO, Cambo Kennels N/A Harfaces SOLIMAN M51 :53 Don Tito- 1421-9PANCO, Chambers Chambers Creem of Crop KAVORKIAN M46 .41 Míngman - 1570-9
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE 96WINNERS HANDLER LOSERS SW TIME REFEREE NUMBI AbesPAliDA, Hocutt & N/A Big BradeBONNIE F32 :37 D.C. 324-98 Hocutt&Abes N/A?.t¡lDA, Dog Mans CHERRY F31.5 :39 J Sammy 506-98tAiliHo, The Familys N/A S S S Hs TYSON M42 :32 True Colors- f 144-9ráQUiTO,GatorBoyz GreonEyes BreakEmDownSSUSPECT M42 1:24 YankeeGeorge 679-98tllR¡, 0 KP E #1s Zaza Rough Necks SALLY F42.5 1:06 Falcon 1747-9tA,:¡.IEWMAN,BDR.&PDPs Spike JulianSBIGRED M4951:33 Wesley- 942-98t¿.,|A Helms McCluney True Grit Knls DALLAS F32 :43 Wileon - 13+98ii,lA lelms N/A FaulksSASSY F32 :18 Joncat* 812-98ivisC Slick & Rival Knls N/A V B.Ks PINGU M36 ??? Captain 871-98=qyASO Siander Brothers N/A Garcias PHANTOMAS M36.5 :58 ltuóide. 1154.9r=¡.liúT, Ohunk 0 Funks Chunk Union Knights J.D lt44 :51 Skeet 482-987:E W-= Burhams Miner Smihs ONE EYE MCW .22 Redneck Hippie 1331-9?=: rVEE, Bumhams Miner Wildeides TWO TONE M4B :32 Redneck Hippie 890-983=E WEE The Baileys N/A Violato/s TOMMY M35 1:43 Hodges 1591-9EEL H tss N/A Cals BO JR M33 1:10 D,G 1073-9PliLER, llicks N/A Gilberts FEO M46 1:19 Jose 1458-9-tlcROSA El [,lexicanos N/A Old Town Knls ANGEL F3l :29 Whiskey Burt. 269-98PENNY, Backwood Kennels Buckhom T-KennelsSUNNY F55 :20 Merter 1169-9PERRC. Hard Faces N/A Norto KonnelsMACO M45 :53 Don Tito * 680-98PETA, Beach Boy Billys N/A FootsBONNIE F40 :14 Undertaker Knl* 370-98PETE, Big Junes Big June Young Jags CISCO M42 :16 Shownuñ Knls 1141-9PETE, Bob As Matt SolisBRONCO M46 :34 &oussard 1708-9PETEY, Big 0 s N/A Three Wiso mens CYMORE M40 :58 Joe W 1438-9PETEY, hed Lok Ksnnels N/A Perry Bro,s SHILOH M38 :¿13 Leonard K 1790-9PETIE, Trees Tree Southern Bulldogs CISCO 41 1:00 Hi Dollar 1117-9PFYLO, Bent Mountain Knls Salley UntouchablesBEAST lú34 :42 B-Line Knls 1818-9PHANTOI4 Aries Kennels N/A V C,Kennels MOUSEY M37 1:20 Smiley 1700-9PHOBE, Headbangeis Headbanger G&Ts TINA TURNER F39 1:12 Show Nufi Knl 837-98PHYSCHO, Sarge Kennels Sarge Pizza Mans ASSASSIN M46.5 :57 Gator Boys 1743-9PHYSCHO Sargo Kennels Sarge Mingman & Julios BMIN M45 :32 Dr Mengeler 1035-9PIGMY, Powe & Dawnrests N/A Medinas DIGGER F38 ??? Krunch Knle 594-98PIN HEAD, Del Mar Kennels N/A Alchomisfs TlT0 M54 :29 Mr Big 44198PIN HEAD, Mt, Boys N/A Canadians POKEY M36 :21 Dangler 1582-9PINHEAD, Mountain Boys N/A CanadiansSHAKER M38 1:11 Leonard K 806-98PINKY, Wards N/A Fryes PASSION SPICE GIRL F38 :06 Milk, lnc 1725-9PINT, Game Dog Kennels N/A Dirty Mouürs PREACHER M46 5 :35 Murdock 1135-9PISTOL, Bull Skulls N/A Ruthless KnlsSPOOK MCW :21 JR * 1302-9PISTOL, Dr, Bills N/A Franks SHEENA MFGV :34 Bama Boy 941-98PISTOL, Mass Combines N/A Balümore Boys DOG M42 :38 Bklyn Knight- 877-98PISTOL, Mass Combines N/A Sarge Kennels CH POPEYE M43 5 1;54 Farmer 11719PISTOL, Rolling Hills & lcepick N/A Mike & Cos RUSTY M35 :51 Slu 1625-9PISTOL, The Judges Poncho Diamond Gang&Chi Towns TINKY F38 :36 Mex-Te* 1756-9POISON, Ramos Ruben Morenos MINA F34 :58 Musician 24-98POKEY, Platanos Platano Mikes JAKE lV49 :31 Steve B. 451-98POKIE, Steel Grip Kennels N/A Constanzas ELVIM F30 :53 Cold Taco 1191-9POLKA, Bellon Club Young Jessie Club Leones CHATA F30 5 2:55 Hemandez 380-98PONCHO, Azevedos N/A Firemans BANGKOK M45 1:36 Hiloboy 29&98PONCHO, Equivias N/A Salazars FREDDY li433 5 :37 Odessa Plains 1476-9PONCHO, Powwer Sboke Knls N/A B AdamsRT M50 :24 Viet Nam 1469-9POPCORN, Styles N/A Sudden lmpacts BIG TOM M48 :57 Danaher 807-98POPEYE, Sarge Kennels S -re Team USA, BLACK GEORGE M46 :49 Pibull Dynasty 100-98POPEYE, Supar Konnels ,rc Pompano Knls DEW JR M41 5 1:51 Hunicane Knls* 452-98POPPA SMURF, Mouth OMighV Mississippi Ror Romes BUBBA M47 1:55 Big Mike * 542-98POPY, Morenos Moreno Ramos CHARLIE M40 .47 Musician 25-98PORKY, B B Z. Kennels N/A Play Time Knls BUSTER M48 :53 B Bailey 724-98POSSUM HEAD, R GOOr;ON N/A Mille/s BABY GIRL F36 :40 Burse 1502-9PRETTY MAMA. Goinr ,iard Knls t Twin 2 Minute Mans MISTY F43 :26 Solo 491-98PRETTY MAMA, Go ,g Hard Knls Twin 2 South Combine SERIOUS F43 1:26 Ole Charlie 1663-9PRETTY MOMA. roing Hard & Bd, N/A Let Em gos MIDNIGHT F43 I :26 Solo 1417 -9PRlKKl, Gringcs N/A N.E.C/s JIMMY M46 :53 City Boy 182#lPRINCESS ZOE, Psycho Mikes N/A Coles SURE SHOT F46 :06 ??? 1319-9PRINCESS, lrlfass Combines Octagon Drasüc lmpacts SAlr/ F41 :30 Krunch Knls * 1522-9PROZAC, Pit Bull Dynastys Jerry Get Paid Knls RODEO F39 38 Shickly Business- 1571-9 PSYCHO ROSE, Mas Dogs Mad Dog Bobs MEANIF -F36 .33 lnjun Adam 938-98 PSYCHO, C&B Kennels N/A Marvin Gs DUTCHESS F34 :07 T Green * 16549 PSYCHO, Lil Steves N/A Mr Y.s BLACK M42 :45 Dickie 854-98 PSYCHO, Pompano Kennels N/A Super KnlsMANSON M46 5 :25 R&D knls 447-98 PUDDIN HEAD, Dog Walke/s N/A X-Clans II/IANDY F34 .26 Mex Tex * 1018-9 PUMKIN HEAD, L&T Kennels Bulldog K H L M.s GEORGE M43 :51 The Pope 45-98 PUMPKIN HEAD, 187 Kennels Butch No LimitKnlsTAN F46 1:30 Bubba 189-98
    • I PAGE 97 YEARBOOK98 I ( IIAI.IDLER LOSERS SW TIME REFEREE NUMBIWINNERS Perry Rcck U KennelsREBEL M41 1:19 cox- 346-98 tPUMPKIN HEAD, Bis Ps Big N/A Hell on Earhs LUNATIC M36 5 35 Latino FamilY. 1168-9 tPUP PUP, Wondor BoYs N/A C Johnsons KINGPIN ¡¡47 1:19 Bodiddle. 1572-9PUP, Blackwells M42 5 1:07 Grubbs 35-98 I M36 1:00 Doad Serious o 559-98PUSHRoD, Reds N/A Bosses JUSTICEPYTHON, Game Tight Konnels N/A Bellon Clubs RED IR.C BONE, True Grit Knls & Tants TrueG¡it l4ike Roscoe [¡? :59 JH 545-98 IMGE, Bunk House Bucks Buck Coon KnlsROXIE F43 :08 Hunicane Knls 1456-9 fMGE, Show Time Knls Spud King KennelsMARY F39 :56 Eric 1820-9 I N/A 1,A44 :30 TriPle T 28-98MlD, StY & Wildsides Mikes WIZZO I White & Co, & Durans CLASS M45 1:11 Jerry 781-98RAIDEN,LBK &BiohazardKnls N/A IMIDEN, L.B.K,s N/A Byrd KnlsJOEY JR M? :39 Havana DannY* 280-98 M45 5 :45 Dargo BoYs 1124#. IMIN MAN, Korsa Kennels N/A TLC.S FLASH Korsa Kennals N/A Donalds WHISKEY M49 :33 Mike 233#9tMIN MAN. M48 1:12 Nennard 715-98 IMIN MAN, Korsa Kennels N/A Dargo BoysGORDOiI Soutlrern Storm Kennels N/A Panchos THUG M42 :35 OoPs Man 219-98 IRALPFiIE, David Batue Croes COWBOY JR M41 l:06 S Mason* 924-98MMBO CH , Tho Baileys N/A M40 1:01 B-Line Knls * 1590-9 IMMBO CH., The Baileys Cerullo Clubs ARTEY M45 .32 Rochester Combine 1435-9 IMSCAL, Gee Had Kennels N/A Shanes RED Lee M46 ,40 1631-9MSCAL, Gee Had Kennels N/A American Made Knls DILLON Baltimore IMSCAL, M&M Kennels NiA ReRoosie/s WITCHATA t42 :36 Sagasa 539-98 M46 :20 Rickett 363-98 IMSCAL, McOrorys Scratchmaster Mike & Cos DOMINO N/A l/43 1:20 Hodges- 1 185-9 IMSTA, Garcias Tear Down Kennels KRUEGER M35 .51 BaileY I 451 -9RASTUS, Perry Creek Kennels Serb Balümore Boys HOMERMT, Stone City & Phase tls NiA Cambo Knls CANDLA F? :39 Disaster Knl- 1636-9 a M47 :15 Tad 735-98 IRATbHET Bliúkreeg Kennels N/A DJs GAUGE N/A F31 .21 Two Tall 1543-9MVEN, Busenbarks MYe/s MAGGIE I Sid F37 .23 Pit lsland " - 1593-9MVEN, Sids T K Os RED HOT MYDELL< Beat Down Knls Lenny Work KnlsVICK M43 1:53 Clambar John 78-98 I M3B5:25 ShadYGradY- 1533-9 MYFORD,GreasyCornerKid&CGreasyCorKidM&WLunsfordsBUTCHERBOY M28 5 :48 Garcia Dr 376-98 I RAYO, BellonClubs Mickey Mouse Mtramda Club LUCKY M28.5 1:40 Marcos 1 155-9 I MYO, Bellon Clubs Mickey li4ouse Glub Alemans PINGUINO N/A M42 2:05 T-Pit 1454-9 I MZOR, Copperheads Russ BIG JOHN * N/A l/39 5 :35 Pedraza 1434-9 RMOR, Edgais ChuYs LlL GREASER I Two Two M47 5 :23 HeavY EquiPment 1349-3 MZOR, FeJerations Boyz-N-PitsCH BIG BOY N/A M51 25 lce 183-98 I MZOR, Loes Asian Knights KILLER N/A M46 :50 Carlucci 1586-9 MZOR, LoPez & Lees El Toro KnlsBULL I M35 2:10 Rush 809-98 READY RED, Tombstone Kennols N/A Good Time KnlsSTRIKES F29 28 HC- 354-98 I READY, Smiling Buddahs Cold Creek Kid Laüno Fam¡ly FRANKIE tl/A F32 :46 ?? 14-98 REALITY, King & Wades DouglasBROWN GIRL I N/A C Ks SNAKE M41 .41 Lockdown RudY- 1152-g REAPER, Alvins REBELTOM,BBB &Garneis BBB Heerslap/ShortY DAPPER DA M37 1:00 New Jack 66-98 ( REBEL TOM, Beach Boy Billy & Ge Beach Boy Bil[ Odd Couples ART :49 PNC M37 5 789-98 ( N/A M34 :59 B-Line Knls 1 184-9 REBEL YANKEE, Medlin & Co.s WilliamsTURBIN REBEL, Battle Cross Kennels N/A L B Cs DUSTY M34 Pete 1:30 Texas 923^98 i N/A UntouchablesMORSBY M3B :53 TroY 13479 REBEL, Beach Boy Billy & Gameis N/A N¡48 35 RA 216-98 REBEL, Pauls Earls SATAN REBITCH, H O Cs N/A Garys WHITE GIRL F40 .25 RP 1074-9 Ptrn acF R R 7s N/A B L Ts BO0 BOO M56 1:18 Austjn BoY 1283-9 N/A M56 :30 Mr Burns 1575-9 RED BONE, Tants Cedarbrooks NUTTY BUDDY N/A M44 :58 BB 12oo-9 RED BUSTER, Mikes Didos RONNY Knls Webb Dawg CM B RED NOSE l,¡t42 .26 Bread BoY. 70-98 RED DAWG, One Man Gang N/A Bryans"57 M44 .26 Snake Man 1060-9 RED DEVIL, Kings N/A WilliamsBANDIT M45 :36 Snake lr/an 1177-9 RED DEVIL, Kings A Js JOHNSOI| M47 1:10 lMr Big 442-98 RED DOG, Alchemist Kennels N/A RED DOG, Buck Wild Kannels N/A Papa&OCsBMNDY F39 1:20 Or BountY Huntef 997-98 RED DOG, Buck Wiid Toms Tom Rens TEVA F37 57 Big Shorty 1367-9 F30 .48 Sealer 230-98 M44 1 10 Big Tom 457-98 M4O :10 Yardman- 417-98 l¡t42 2.46 Tn Dog Pound 1350-9 M40 1 06 Santos* 305-98 M37 2 25 JimmY 528-98 M52 .44 Demon Knight 687-98 M44 1.47 Big G 964-98 M40 4:14 Sandman Paul 77-58 F39 .34 Muscle Thuncier 573-98 t465 :38 .NB 669-98 M54 .52 Tant * 975-98 Nl43 .24 Texas Ron* 26-98 Ni? 1.52 Mau Mau Knl- 460-98
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE 98 r/iilNERS HANDLER LOSERS SW TIMEREFEREE NUMBT =:iD SEVEf,i, Bryans N/A J R,s PRESSURE M40 .32 Budda Smilin 97-98 SPIKE, Mississippi Hots lr4s Hots Goorgia BoysCRAZY M43 .33 Cruse* 59-98 =J IHUG, Clevelands N/A :-t Telano BoysWlLLlE MCW :47 2 Dot Hardin 535-98 tr--¡ÉJHITE HEAD, Scarpone Kenr Big Doug M Tuckels MUGDY l441 1:50 John R - 15398 :=-- C¡i , V B K,s Cubana Rick Rouqhnecks CH CMZY M3B 1:31 Chain Woight 466-98 ?-l !.ise11s N/A Ablizins POLKAN M42 :30 Nesinofi 973#9{ :jD Oid School kennels N/A Dog In Rings GATOR M55 :56 Odd Couple - 1301-9 r:3 -rp Gun Kennels N/A P C Ps JAZZ F37 .22 Scatterbred 1577 -9 riDTV,L, Kings N/A Andersons SPRING M44 1:05 Snakeman 1655-9 tDV¡li iR ABE & Ganobusters Ganobuster Dredds SLUG M45 1.22 Loc 498-98 :!l,,fY Gena Boys Frex Hell on Earhs SHADOW F42 1:04 Millbuster 784-98 D.!l l5É, Balbmore Rons Leo Buzzys CASHAT F32 :52 Clyde 1075-9 iiiili Rons B¿lfimore Ron Redline KnlsSMACKY F32- 1:00 Rob 1815-9;5i]0. Al:iances Grunge Moose & Cos BOESMAN M45 .32 Cape Fear 1172-9?.EliO Carera Club N/A Texacoons RAZ lt¡39 2:03 Corona 387-98RENO, D lncs N/A Swamp Iilans BOSS MAN M35 :23 Anthony 161 1-9RHINO, Rhomp & Stomp Knls N/A Dead Lock PETEY I1147 1:26 Double D Knls 1852-9RlllGO, Farmer Boys lan Williams BUSTER M385 1:13 BulldogSanctuary 1041#(RlP, Boot Legger Kennels Cedar Hill Ruff Riders JOJO M47 :35 Vietnam Bonos* 1769-9 CombinesRlP, Easi Coast N/A Boss Hoggs DEVIL DOG M36 .52 Abe 1181-9RITA, Horvaths Horvath Korchans SANDM F51.5.13 Kubovcik 136#9{RITA, Horvahs N/A lr,4artak Red Wamps KATY F51 5 :27 Blazek 839-98RITA, Horvaths Horvath Toths DINGO F49 1:10 Blazek 1397#(ROCK STEADY, Mississippi Hots & Coon Cruses YELLOW M39 ,21 Holland " 1504-9ROCK, Black Chef Kennels N/A Hardline KnlsJ0KER M44,5 :36 Lonesome Oakie* 1229-9ROCK, Hubbards N/A P S B.s BUCK THE RIPPER M44 1:01 Beach BoyBilly- 192-98ROCK, Lituo Als N/A Herberfs CAIN M46 ,28 Williams B 283-98ROCKET, Fast Break Kennels N/A Curtis & Chainsaws GATOR l¡41 .52 Capiain 717-98ROCKET, Old Gold Knls & V.B Ks Jaime Montys HO0TIE M40 42 Mr E 684-98ROCK0, Bestof the Best Knls Hippie Guy Ss BUSTER M50 :30 Keih T 397-98ROCKY, City Boys lA Junkyard KnlsTOMMY M47 .11 NEC 1196#{R0CKY, Kens Ken Heide & DaW B RED DEVIL M39 5 :54 T L,- 42-98ROCKY, Kens NSK ONiell & Farmer Boys SPIDER M41,5 .22 T L, 1081-9R0CKY, Peppor Steves Steve Fast Lane Knls BULL lr/46 1 :18 Hammerdown 1410-9ROHO EL DIABLO, 0 G Posses N/A Let"em Gos BATMAN M37 ??? Lee Baltimore 1633-9ROLAN STO|{E, T Man Kennols NiA Phil Goods BUCK M44 :03 Green Giant 1 1610-9ROMAN. Areosol Kennels Aerosol Big BoysGATOR M37 1:30 Hell on Earth* 582-98ROMEO, Menace kennels Lance Helhaiseds PUP PUP M42 :35 Brothers Beware* 1669-9ROMEO, N0 Bad Boy & NO Dos P, N/A Mr ?s ELVIS M49 1:30 D S,K." 829-98ROi4ERO, Menace Kennels Menace Hi-Performanco KRISS KROS M42 :40 Brothors Beware 180-98RONNIE, Vikings N/A Eastend KnlsHAVOC M42 :33 K&K 1559#(ROOSTER. Schliprocks N/A Pete the [¡echanics PETIE 43 .44 Canadian Mado - 1236-9ROOSTER, Sharugas Schliprock Canadian Mades VICTOR M425 1:05 Roscoe 1838-9ROSCO, Game Grip Konnels N/A Berserko¡ Knls CAMMEO lvl37 :38 Black 1439-9ROSCOE, C&M KillerKennols NiA Griduro BoysMAG0O M39 40 Disaster Knl* 4-98R0SC0E, Ganette N/A Capt Bens GINGUS l¡40 1:14 BLB* 91-98R0SCOE, lllini Kennels Tim Kubotas MICKEY M52 :40 APCJ 691#9{ROSE, Soggy Bottom Kennels B¡ll Missouri Kennels HANNAH F38 :53 Bootrnan - 1093-9ROSIE RED, Black Chef Kennels NiA Rone LITTLE SUF F35 :42 Big Lou 1228-9ROSIE, P.D.P & B.D RS PDP Steve & Larrys brindle F34 :18 -Spike 943-98ROWDY CH , Greasy Corner Kid &, Greasy Cor Kid Hillside & Busenbarks BLACKIE M50 .34 City Steel 1249-9ROWDY, Sparkys N/A Backyard Boogies BUSH fi436 42 BoyBig 1371-9ROWDY, Sparkys N/A JuliusEWOK M36 .47 Cox 1604-9ROMNN, Uptown Syndicates Curtis Tats RED GIRL F40 :25 ??? 1760-9ROXIE, Foxxy Kennels N/A CortezSKEEZER F42 :42 J B. 886-98ROXIE, Foxxy Kennels N/A Busenbarks GINGER F42 :58 Cox 1247 -9ROXY, Foxxy Kennels IYA Byte KennelsALONA F42 :37 Cox. 348-98ROXY, Steves N/A Busenbarks¡od F41 :57 Joe 1316-9ROY JONES JUNl0R, Bulf Skull Kn N/A Game Tight Knls OUTCAST M34 .29 Hard Core Knls- 1346-9ROYS TOY. Customize Kennels N/A Odd CouplesMIGHTY MAX M38 .27 Freddie Mac 1364-9 KennelsRUBY, Hill Billy NUA Blue Collar Knls BISCUIT M40 :46 Tom 159-98RUBY, Soratchliners N/A Skippe/e BEE F36 :30 2nd to None 960-98RUBY, Sho Nuff& Puton Floo/s N/A Dodge Citys WILLIE 1v152 48 Shut Em Down 1833-9RUDY, 20/20 Kennels N/A Joes PET|E M39 .45 Sweat Dog 562-38RUDY, Pinky & The Brains N/A Bossee WHISKEY M37 1:47 Grubbs 33-98RUG MT, Familys Latino N/A Ortagas BUCKSHOT M43 40 Yankee Boys* 31 1-98RUGAR, Soutr City Kennels Big J Lanys j0E M41 :55 V.B K * 1363-9RUMBLE, Roy Cs NiA Westside KnlsSPUNKY M42 :48 J Carlos 1404-9RUMP, B More & Ready to Die Knl¡ ltl/A Hilltop SHOWGUN M? 1.05 LetEm go Knls 1218-5RUSTY,CHam&TVKe N/A Ace of Spades LOOCH M44 49 JR- 1696-9
    • YEARBOOK 98 PAGE 1O]WINNERS HANDLER LOSERS SW TIME REFEREE NUMBS¡¡OKEY, Pinkertons N/A Jacks DELIGHT N¡36 2.10 JC Shaw 1814-9SlvlOKEY, T Earls N/A Nlasseys NUT NUT M44 .45 WV Steve - 1009-9StvfOKlNBOOTS, Bomb Squads Ram Cat & Cos GLOCK F37 5 1:05 Ceptain * 721-98SI/OKINJOE, Captain Americas NiA Fat Anthonys ROCKY [/29 :30 ?? 194-gBSMUGGLER, lcepick & Cos N/A Top Hats CHANCE l,¡t42 34 Cedar Hill 144-98S[,f UGGLER, lcepick & Cos lcepick Lexington Connections PAZ 1V,42 .49 Wood Hippie 646-98SMURF, Mississippi Rons Ron Big f s 213 M49 :55 Fat Stan 1221-9SNAKE GIRL, Jacksons N/A Terminos VICKIE F36 :50 Rudy 1853-9SNAKE, Southern Pride Kennels NiA Chicken Goorges LUCKY M45 .42 Roy J 1269-9SNAKE, Wild Rooster Kennels Tommy Arish Jenys RED APE M40 :43 li4cCluney. 625-9BSNAPPER, Ruthless Kennels Chain Weight Never Quit Knls RED M47 5 :45 Williams 742-98SNAPS, Steve & Tho B,C.Boys Tom Northern Express SHACK Iü52 .24 Comeback Kid 1203-9SNOOP DOG,CH , Soul to Soul Knl N/A Easiside Jeffs SARGE M35 .37 Grim Reaper* B-98SNOOTY, Hoer Slaps BBB lr4ason/Dixons BELFAST M4B .52 D Ham- 65-98SNOOTY, Jackson Craek & B B B, Beach Boy Bil Undertaker Knl THUNDER M48 .42 Odd Couple- 454-98SNOWMAN, PA Hitrnan Kennels Hitman The Firms RIZZA M52 1.15 Brothers Beware 912-98SOCK lT, Over tire Top Kennels N/A Gilberts BAM BAM M41 2:01 R Robort 445-98SOCKS, Knockoufs NiA TNT & TTKs LUCY F46 :19 T K 0 - 604-98SOCMTES, Scherps Luigi Devil Dog Knls DINAMYÍE MCW 1:18 DiGregorio 113#9t5010, Canadians N/A Sudden lmpacts BIGGIE M48 .42 Leonard K - 1583-9SON, Scorpions Sigmersons Uniteds I/AGWA M43 :52 Kudu 866#9{SONJA, Peace Kennels N/A Lacys MOLLY F38 ;18 Piroczki 54-98SONJATE, BeLlon Club Mt Gray Miranda Club WUMA F27 5 .43 Hernandez 379-98SONNY BOY, Sagasa & Woodman Sagasa J Js SAM M43 .48 Connie Y - 743-98SONNY BOY, Shawns N/A GeosPATCH M46 :31 Highsubtag 162-98SONNY, Boyd Ms N/A Cedarhill Knls MAMA F42 1 49 Weaver 644-98SONNY, Cedar Hill Kennsls N/A Counhy Gentlemans EAGLE M31 1 10 lrish Jerry- 142-98SONNY, Macks N/A Hippies MICKEY M35 40 Chainman 613-98SORR|O, BMW Clubs Lionel Dr Rojas REX [¡38 .37 Ramon 1388 ISORTYROCK,RagingBull Knls PoundforPour HavanaBoy&lmmortalsPEANUT F31 5 .22 LatinoRay* 1580-9S0SO, CH &Line Kennels N/A Fiorida Teds PRISSY F34 :4i Garcia 1787-9SOUTHERN BELL, E T & The Dea N/A Mikes BAD MAltlA F48 22 T J 1450-9SOX, Lucky Daves Pepsi Go Zones JESSEE F46 .36 Little John 1361-9SPADE, New Jack Kennels N/A Ras Valleys N¡AGGIE F36 .46 Gator BoyzJose* 64-98SPANKY, Boys-N-Pitz N/A Kens CHARLIE M38 :30 lrish Jerry - 170-98SPANKY, Mass Combine & Comba N/A Baystate kennolsWARLOCK M50 :43 FeTmer * 621-98SPANKY, Souhe¡n Pride Kennels N/A Panama Knls MR CROWLEY M36 1:19 D O A 1023-9SPARKY CH,, Rising Star Knls N/A Duprees TRIGGERMAN M41 ,39 Junior 164-98SPARKY, Balistic & Live Wire Konn N/A J R Matics GEEKSTER M37 :20 Hot Rod 601-98SPARKY, Live & Learn Konnels Livo & Learn Over the Hills HUNTER M? .55 B-Boys 884-98SPARKY,CH,Rising Star Konnels N/A Joe & RandallsJOMER M40 1.10 T-Pit 312-98SPAWN, Armagedon Knls Stetch Coasüine KnlsANGUS M50 .25 Grunga 1865#{SPIDER, Rolling Hills & lcepick N/A Beastie Boys PAC F37 :38 Curtjs M 1729-9SPIKE JR, Pokes Loggin Man Daniels BLOODY M54 47 Mississippi Hots- 1555-9SPIKE, Restinas Pit Bull Teams NiA Panos MAX M4B .07 Lourias 1825-9SPIKEY, Lone/s N/A Trainers SWAMPER l,,l47 1:38 New One 222-98SPIKEY, Peace Kennels NiA Olahs SCALLYWAG [/46 2.00 Varga 51-98SPIKEY, Steamroller Kennels N/A Big Ernies CHIN li¡52 37 K&T 11 14-9SPlRlT, Mad Dog Killer Type Knls N/A Stickboys WILLARD M43 .53 Ernie 952-98SP00K, CH , Ricketts NiA Slicks FOOLER t435 1:27 Slu 98-98SPOOK, Rough Cut Kennels N/A Shady Groves FIREBALL lv1? :53 Over the Hill* 883-98SPOOK, Roughcut Kennels Roughcut PNCs NITRO [/43 1.00 Hargrove . 1702-9SPOOK, Virginia Slims NiA Home Grown Knls FESTUS lü53 ??) ????? 719-98SPOOKY, G Williams GW BK Kennels SOLO lÁ42 .00 Abe 1 180-9 1SPOT, Genos DeaZone Pats HEAW M40 :51 X-lr4en * 561-98SPOT, Underground Kennels N/A Bubbas TONKA GIRL F33 47 J B 271-98SPUD, Eashidges N/A Reds BLACK JACK [¡36 40 T-P¡f 1799-9STACIA, Connie & Cos N/A 4U2NVs RUBY F46 32 Trarner 352#9¡STAND UP, TN Dog Pounds Jessy Home Grown Knls BLACK F34 1:20 Tant 979-98STAPLE HEAD, Southland Kennels N/A Big Boys REX ¡/48 53 Tad 734-98STEEL WATER, Elm Sfeefs Sparks K G &Cos BULLET M? .26 lceman* 1354-9STEEL, C lt/.Bs N/A Bomb Squad Kn BOOMEMNG M? :45 ?? 266-98STELLA, Pepper Steves N/A End of Chain SUGAR BROWN F43 30 School Teecher* 330-98STERLING, Wall Boyz Wall Boy Baileys BENNY [/39 :45 Carlos 1230-9STEROID, SwatTeems N/A llconie & Brians JEFP ¡131 2.56 Goat Roper 495-98STICKMAN, Old Gold Kennels Jaime Amava Brothers BANJI F41 5 44 ???? 641-98STICKMAN, Ringside Kennels Jamie B lvl W, s KII/BO ltl41 5 37 Malo 1847-9STINKY, Red Kennels N/A CutThrcat Knls WALLY M36 :40 | K - N4 181-98STOG|E, Bernardo & Keiths iiiA iviexican Jimnrys LUCK/ [/41 .47 Dog Man Frank - 9BB-98STONE CH.. Panama Kennels l.ilA Rov Cs BILLY BUCK 1M41 56 Na[e 102?-3
    • {-Da YEARBOOK98 PAGE 102a HANDLER SW TIME REFEREE NUMBIa ^/I¡INERS Firms Zaza LOSERS B B Ks WHISKY M4B :31 Scratchliner * 1749-9 M? :42 Ricketis - STONE COLD, The1 STONE, Mike & Cos N/A Smihs MDAR l¡41 1:01 Vince- 527-98rl STONE, Missionero Ksnnels Rick FreitasBART Dred Lok Kennels REX M41 :40 Nate 1162-9 274-98 STCNE.CH . D 0.A.& Panama Knls N/AI STCRtr4, Brooklyn Knights N/A Dales BLACK GIRL F43 5 :34 Latino Family- 616-98 N/A F345 1:20 PRodríguez*1 STORMY, Coffees STF.ESSTEST,LA Curts BigDaddy Busenbarks CH HOOKER Boyz-N-PitsCHOCOLATE F43 .42 Captain t 204-98 992-98I S-iRlCKER, City Boys N/A NECsBERTJE M35 1:43 B,M C. 557-984 Sl-P.iKER, City Boys N/A NorfreastConns BERTJE M38 1:53 B M,C. 895#9t BoDiddle N¡39 l:20 Chaz1t STR.IPPER MountainWaniorKnls STU Garcias N/A TyreesBUTTS Ura ClubsLONER F35 1:55 Pope 469-98 178-981t STUBBY CH , lvlau Mau Kennels N/A Ricks BLACK DOG l¡42 1:47 B Hines 455-98 Kennels M39 1:15 ML Boy.4 SUBOY CH, Chaos Kennels SUBOY Chaos N/A IUA Bama Als JAVELIN Yard Pro Knls CHUCKY M39 1:58 Perry 1078-9 273-98I SUE,APKs N/A Goldfashs MINI BEAR F30 :40 Colton 48-984 SUGAR BABY, T K 0, Combines N/A Black Wanio/s PIA F4B 43 Pit lsland M47 2:08 Cubano 706-98{t SUGAR MY, Omega Boys & Druid IVA SUGAR Si4ACK, Clock work & B Fr Clock Work D Tains ROCK Baltimore Rons GIRLY F32 :50 Big Robert 1056-9 1430-94 SUNNY BOY, City Slick Slicks Kennels N/A Knuckles SCARFACE M46 28 True Colors* M46 5 1:19 Lil Freddy 263-98 427-98€ SUNNY BOY, City Incs SUNNY, Milk, IUA Milk D Mobs BENNY BLADES Wards BEAUTY QUEEN F36 :13 Bob the Slob - 1713-94 SUNNY, R Williams NiA Panish Bross DOOGIE M35 .20 Leonard K 386-98qt SUNSHINE, Junior Mafia Kennels N/A Hargrove & Cunys BLACK GIRL F40 1:10 Three H Knls * 1676-9 SUZEE, Bulcher & Cos Cap Punishme Brickhouse Knls HOCUS F34 5 :45 Green Beret 620-984 SWEET PEA, Mountaineer Kennels Big A House of Pains WHITE PAW F2B 5 :31 Airhead * 1385-94 SWITCHBLADE, dANOS N/A Low Knls PRTME TIME M40 .46 Airhead Knls. 328-98 SYCO BLACK, The Firms Taza Falcons QUOTY PIE F32 :58 Labno Ray 1304-94 SYKE, Blackwell & OG Posses N/A lmmortals STRIPPER M39 ??? CJohnson 157+94 School Girl, Mingman N/A Dirty Steves PEPSI F45 :35 Redlins Len * 1569-9 T-REX, Action Pack Kennels N/A Lowes MOE MAN M32 :39 Alabama Redman 747-984 T-Rola, Ruff RiderKenn€le N/A Wayco KennelsGRINDER M41 1:45 J Boyles 552-984 T BEAR, Citv Slick Kennols N/A Waynes THUMP M49 :31 Swat Team M45 1:08 V B K 264-984 TJ,RowdyKennels T.J , S&K Kennels BM, N/A Guillermo El Malos BOILER Red Rons DAISY MAE F35 :50 ? 821-98 157-984 T.J., S&K Kennels N/A Plumber Rons JOSIE F35 :50 Stuart 470-984 TABBY, Laüno Connections N/A Goopeis BEBA F40 :29 HeadbangerMark 1664-9 TADPOLE, A&J Kennels R.J BayouSMILEY M43 .27 ard Brouse 518-984 TAILS, Mc0ain & Roots N/A Hanis Boys SUGAR F32 :49 Slim Woody 1692-9{t TAMALE FLO, Blood Bros & Soulm N/A TANGO, Taylor Made Kennels Taylor Paul & CarlosCHARRO Pound for Pounds CHAOS M43.5 :34 Gomez 1,t147 .28 H,C. 825-98 1062-94 TANG0, Zivics N/A Purger BoysTANGO M40 .41 Zinetti 1375#!{t TANK GIRL, Piroczzkis TANK, Andrew & Bar H Kennsls Bar H N/A Hackers SLEEPY F48 3:28 Roberto M37 .55 BootCamp 846#St4 TANK, Andrews & Bar H Kennels NYA N0 Dog Pound & Bad Boy SPEED ?s TERMITE M36.5 1:18 L.T. 1373-9 218-984 TANK, O.T.CKennels Smurl Akeem & Deop So Knls SATIN M36 :34 Biohazard - 1599-9 Kennels M36 :40 S&K Steve *{ TANK, Off the Chain TANMAN, LA Boys N/A Pones CROWFACE M47 :40 Rudy* 1298-9rt TANMAN, LA Boys Kennels N/A N/A Crucial Roots RUSSEL Conbact KnlsTM JR M46 :42 M52 :18 Lockdown Lockdown ??? Rudy 40-98 1151-94 TARZCN, Backwood TARZANA, Sebastanis N/A N/A Little Bombers M0TT Croone/s DOODLES F34 1:08 koussard 1488-9 519-98I TATE, T.Wadss Hargroves ortegasCH.TITAN M53 :57 Falcon Knls 252-984 TATT0O, Pelons TAURUS, War Dog Kennels tl/A NiA Orange Cnuntys MAGNUM Bucks RED DOG M39 1:05 VBK- M47 .25 Sugar Bear 1455-9 720-981 TAYN, ChernoVs Derishev Gorbachieüs BRIX MCW 1:20 Adjunin 1491#(I Forces TAZ, Delia N/A Easteide Jeffs MMBO M3B :32 * Muscle Thunder 1384-9 TM, House of Pain Knls F29 :17 R.J.4 TEAR DOWN, Souf Brohers Joe N/A Cals VICKIE R Williams WILLIE M46 :16 LeonardK 1542-9 387-981 TEE MULE, Douoet N/A Lfl Stevee BONES M54 :33 Diokie 1512-91 TENGO, Ordog Jocos OrdogJoco MikulesNEPPER MCW :25 KiU<a 1318#( TENGO, Ordog Jocos N/A Csongradis SZLED MCW :35 Porkolab 1866#(1 ]ENNESSEE, V B.K,S Old Gold Jamie Gams/s WICKED M42 l:02 ReWilliams - 416-984 TEQUILA SUNRISE. T-N-Ts Dvnamite Kiebs MISS NUTS F45 :22 Moose 1083-9 TERM, East Coast Combinoe N/A Stans SISSY F35 1.44 Hodges 733-981 TERROR, Limey Kennels t{/A Dike KennelsBOOGER M49.5 1:47 Finkle Winkle* 249-984 TMNOS. X-Clans Il/A C,M.B & Genos SLEDGE M36 :49 M36 :30 E.Duko Beast Wayne 316-98 1600-94 THO, Walts THOR, CidS N/A NiA Maynards MINGO lmmortal Knls SANDMAN M50 :38 General 1827 -9-1 THUNDER, Marie Laveaux Florida Mike Danos SEPAMTOR M36 :34 Devine * 1366-94 THUNDER, Sigmersons N/A Brick Layo/s ONIX F42 :31 UnitsHunter 986#9{ TICO RED, Awesome RealitYs Brian Nortr Coasts SHAKY M46 114 Rick 127-9844-a-af2
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE IO3WINNERS HANDLER LOSERS SW REFEREE TIME NUI¡BITIGER, Judges N/A Po-Man KennelsSAGE M44 :25 Bfialo Soldier 25+98TIGER Judges Bordeiline Genos HARD ASS M43 :49 R.O.o 909-98TIGER, L.T.& Counfy Boy Kennels N/A Home Grown Knls BLACKIE M50 1:20 G Tumer 1394-9TIGER, Lil Dinomites ll/A GoodümesLOBO M36 1:17 N O. Dog Pound 843-98TIGER. New Craw Kennels N/A Junnies SIX PACK M46 1:11Popa 227-98TILLY, No Remorse Kennele Cuo Ball Chucf Toms CYBER F34 :16 Hill Choker 993-98TIMEX, Hit Squads Litüe Eddie P.M B.s BLADE M47 1;00 Loco 591-98TIN CAN TIM GiI& EdE Ralph H L.Me JOKER M43 .44 The Popa 786-98TIN MAN, i,{r Kilroys Irtr Kilroy Baltimo¡e Bad BoysREDS M38 :48 Clyde 1643-9TIN MAN, lvlr Kihoys N/A Baltimore Rons DNICE M36 :19 ReNeck 698-98TINA TURNER, G&T Kennels NUA Tag & True Colors SALLY F39 ??? Absolute Knl 437-98TINA, No Way Out Kennels N/A Masons UGLY DOG F37 :42 M Fauls. 1462-9TINA, Pefovice N/A Medo BoyslDA F40 :30 Radkonjac 261-98TÍNY TlM, Kokomo Kid & Co.s Muscle Thund¿ Joes MBBITT M39 ,28 Bread Boy * 1745-9TIPPY, Juniois N/A D Mobs DIAMOND LIL F28 :50 Delta Force 428-98TISH, Krunch Down Knls Krunoh Down 0 G.Posses RAJA FCW :36 Goobel 402-98TITA, Lo Kennels N/A Fla Combines ANDAWAN F31 :18 JR 425-98TOBY, D.N.AS N/A X-Mens????? M45 :22 C Weaver o 1466-9T0BY, lllountain Boye N/A Dashons ANÍMAL M34 :47 S,Mason 196-98TOBY, Wild Rooster Kennels Thomas Taterfaces WILLIE M38 1:52 Tennessean 540-98TOEPANGA, Yankao Boys N/A Campe TEFLON F34 :30 Latino Ray * 1592-9TOJO, Amarican Made Knls N/A Willis SHARK MAN M35 :38 Bailey t 1832-9TOJO, Lynch Mobs l.l/A Parke/s CHANCE M39 :36 Nate 1270-STOKKEN, D.W,E N/A Clarks PEPPERMINT F42 :26 Buddah 1773-9TOM BOY, M&M Kennels N/A Parke/s JUICE M44 :3l City Kennels 1287-9TOM CAT, KlisanicsN/A IUA Kozina KnlsGUN M45 :29 Sakic 1376#(TOM GIRL,Maseenburghs N/A Cartwrights EIGHT BALL F34 1:10 Bailey* 1182-9TOM TOM, Pompano Kennels Plumber Ron Blue Collar Knls JASON M46 :26 R&D Knl 448-98TOM TOM, Uhippe N/A S W.A. KennelsLINK M42 :29 Perry 597-98TOMBST0NE, Clay Hill Kennels N/A Emies HIT ltíAN M49 :36 Eastwood 1782-9TONKA, West Texas Konnels Pspho Gringo Caprock & TRRYSSWEET PEA F41 1:04 Donald 213-98T0O SHORT, TN Bad Boys l.UA John Pauls LlL LEE M39 :35 Dog Lord 1835-9T0O SOON. Full Nalson Knle N/A Caflish Kids PEACHES F46.5 :38 Weed Killer 1474-9TOO TOO. Unbuchables T.J. Head On KennelsTINA F35 :32 Jumpmaster 1766-9TOOTHLESS, Mountain Boys N/A City Boy Kennels HANK M36 :57 Mexican Hosea 739-98TOOTSIE ROLL N Tense Kennels N/A Pats YELLOW GIRL F39 :38 Faul * 146-98TOP SIDE, Buck Wild Kennels Tom True Colors SLOW DEVOTION M? 1:22 Show Nuff 903-98TOPPER, Canadians N/A Cuban ComalesATTICA M37 :20 Dempsey J 732-98T0PSIDE, Buckwilds Tom Coleman & Snakes JUICE M48.5 :36 Big Ralph - 1641-9TOR, Morfins N/A Miranda & Andrades TIGM M48.5 1:05 Bellon 1199-9TORO, D&BS N/A R.G.&J.B.s BRUTE M32 2:27 Mafr,H 1098-9T0RO, Serbs N/A Roberts S|ATE M41 :57 ? 85#98TMCY, Bulldog P.s N/A Conway Five 0 Knl LISA F? 1:00 ?? 195-98TMMP, Prime Time Kennols Rising Star Knl T-Pits POLECAT F44 :25 Russ 653-98TMMP, Smoke/s t{/A B-DogsJEREMIAH M41 :38 Pepper Steva * I 132-9TMMP, Smokeys N/A Juices PETEY M37 :28 lcaman * 1472-9TRICK, Bout lt Kennels tVA New Crew & Born Ready RUTH F44 :43 Julio 1785-9TRICK, Hollowells N/A orime Time Knls ROCKY M41 1:16 Arcadia Tim 407-98TRIFLES. Untouohobles N/A Junkmasteis BABY F32 :28 Litre Rob 87+98TRIGGER, Miami Kennels Tony Pompano KnlsBONE M38 :42 l.M.K * 160-98TR|TON. Larry Rs N/A G B.S. BUTCH M51 1:32 T Wade * 99+98TRlXlE, Goldie Wildride Kennols NiA Ounch Bunchs SHENA F37 :10 Judge- 318-98TROLLOP, Untouchables tUA Baltimore Rons GIDGET F32 .21 Milk,lnc.* 228-98TROUBLE, Airhead Kennels Lil D Tumeds MMBO M42:45 ????? 1173-9TROUBLE, Nuhin Nice Kennels Waccamaw Kn Liffie Creeks AMBER F38 1:02 Howe 612-98TROUBLE, Nutrin Nice Knle Waccamaw Litfla Oeek INDY F39 :47 DD 1841-9TROUBLE, Pascoes N/A Pickings VOODOO F49 :20 Tod 357-98TROUBLE, Pascpes N/A Tokas L.B F? :¿18 Cheeky K 1484#{TROUBLEMAN, Sho Nufi & Smokir N/A Scratohin0uts SHANE M46 .14 Punchy 158-98TROUBLESOME, CH, N2DFg NiA Chicago BullsTROUBLE M40 :50 Teddy- 123-98TRUCK, Speights IUA Weissmans ARGIE M43 :56 Sparks 1175-9TRUMP, B.D.C.K. N/A J&M KnlsCRONIC M35 :35 Big Ralph 89-98TUBBY. Norü Coast Knls Ga¡v Multi-Dmenüonal FERROUS M44 1:10 Hinos 126-98TUBBY. Deacon & Ozark Jims Gilbsrt Nicko KennelsINDO M49.5 :41 Rbk 1049-9TUFFY, Lynch Mobs N/A Florida Teds ADAM M35 :25 RoyJ 1268-9TUFFY, Mikes lüA John W.s GIRL FRIEND F43 :56 M S. 295-98TUFFY, lllr Zs IUA Doucets TEE MULE M54.5 l:05 Dickie 1849-9
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE IO4 WINNERS HANDLER LOSERS SW TIME REFEREE NUMBT TUFFY, Mr.Zs M¡7 Doucets HURT M54 :35 Dickey 590-98 IJFFY, Parry Creek Kennele N/A Big Bens HARLEY M36 :50 Spartacus 1596-9 TUFFY, Uniouchablee N/A Colored Bros WHITE GIRLF41 :15 Litüe Rob 508-98 TUFFI. Pit lslands Pate Desperados BUCKY F46 :47 Gator Boyz 676-98 TULSA, Walewrae N/A Mad Dog KennelsBOLERO F39 :11 Plotman 1382#{ TUMPEY, C.Hame tl/A Woody & Anhnans BULLET M45 :1 1 Lil Rob 152+9 TURBO, Nobodys N/A Dusty & Sückboys FRIDAY M49 .22 ????? 967-98 TURBO, Sity Slicks City Slick O.G Posses SAM M45 :54 Killer Bees 710-98 - TURK, KY Haad Huntars N/A M&M Kennels GOOSE M38 .32 J Green 1432-9 TURK, Ky Hoad Hunte/s N/A Mountain Boys RODNEY M38 1:10 S Mason 626-98 TWF-AKER, TVKs. Chuy Santanas MANIACO l/.42 :24 Bulldog K 1 335-9 TWEET TWEET, Ming Man & Julio N/A N/A Mandellas HORROR F42 :56 Redline Len 235-98I TWIST, Work Kennels TWtqT Wn¡l¿ Kannalo N/A tl/^ Ming Mans BUSTER tl42 1:05 Mortal Kombat 1 126-9 TWISTED, Trevis Henry Hanis Four Horsemens TINY HEAD M40.5 1:20 Smurf I 468-9 TWISTER, Dark Citys N/A Hell on Earh & UJards BUTTER M40 :40 Millbuster 785-98 TWO FACE, War Dog Knls Swift Bayfront Mafas SAL ti? :27 M.J 112-98 TWO PAK, V C.Kennels N/A Cd. JuarezTERROR M37 :30 Smiley Frank 1701-9 TWO TONE, No Limit Gangsters Big Rome Ohio PlayersVEGAS tn47 .37 Layne 778-98 TY COBB, Rolling Deep Combines Uncle Toe Budweiseis DEWIT M46 :13 Vieham Knls 132+9 TYEESHA, Harford Countys N/A Canol Countys LISA F39 :28 C.L 1 290-9 WSON, Asian Knighfs N/A MarquezMONEY M60 :51 Young Bfood r8+98 WSON, Hattons Troy Jordans VINCENT M38 5 2:49 Grahams 1362#! TYSON, The Preache/s Teddy Bear Sigmersons CH.LITTLE BOY M48.5 2:18 Unitad Hunter 339-98 UGLY MAMA, Sho Nufi Konnels N/A keamays black F31 :31 Bread Boy 1826-9 UGLY. TT &ohers N/A Rock & Roll konls HARRY M40 :¿18 Vinny. 568#9r UNDERDOG, El Topatio & Tin Can Ralf Three M Kennels DUDE M35 2:05 R. Williams 656-98 UNO. Perez tl/A MoralesPELIGRO M45 ??? Gucia 175-98 VADAR, Brickhouse Kennels A.Z Outlaw P.E.Knls ROCKMIND M46 :50 Latino Family 322-98 VAN GOGH, Prestamos N/A Camargos ZORRO MCW :39 Ohio Player Kid 1 148-9 VANITY, O.G Poss€s Rastamon Shockhead Cliques ZAIRE F42 :17 Big Sub 400-98 VEGAS, Piroczkis N/A Romanian BoysBRINDLE MCW :20 ?? 56-98 VESLIA, Highline Kennels Maraf¡on Man Baystares BLACK F34 :28 Green Beret 1685-9 VESPERS, Barney Fifes Hots James VICE GRIP F41 .28 Bob The Slob 62-98 VICTOR, Canadian Mades N/A Timo TravelerSBABY BOY M43 1:00 Englisman 201-98 VICTORY. Miss.HotE & Gillenünes Hots Dan & LowisTERMINATORF M38 5 1:¡E Cruse 61-98 VIEJO. Wanior West & Arts N/A P.S. PHAROAH M39 :41 Victor 1627-9 VILLIAN, Pookies N/A Top of he Hills ROOTS M51 :36 John W 771-W VINCENT, Haides Haide Quinns BART M38 :59 Ricky B. 43-98 VlRGlL, D,O.A. Konnels Gambler No Limit Knls CORRUPT M4l :22 Professor * 1 66-98 VlRGlL. D,O.A,g Gambler Tants GERONIMO M47 :36 hofsssor * 430-98 VlRGlL, D,0.4.s Gambler Home Growns BIG AL M47 :55 P D K. * 1273-9 VlXlN, Al Nighbnare Kennels Al M&J KnlsGYPSY F48.5 :29 Trail Driver* ¿¿J.Jó VlXlN, Al Nighbnare Kennals Al M&J KnlsGYPSY F48 5 .29 Trail hiver* 223-98 VODKA, El Toro Kennels Diamond Back Lopez ROACH M49 :37 Carlucci 1585-9 VOGUMS, TN Dog Pounds N/A Too Toos JEROME PETTIS M36 2:05 Gunslinger 476-98 VOLCHA, O.G Posses Rastamon Marks SASHA F? :26 Wright Man 1359-9 WANDA, Game Chickens N/A Roge/s BELLA F37 5 :28 Selle 10r4#{ WAR, X-Clans N/A Hard Heads CAPTAIN M38 2:15 E.Duke Wayne 317-98 WARLOCK, Bull Boy Kennels NiA Outaw P E.ls MOUD M39 1:20 Falcon Kns* 32 1 -98 WARRIOR HAWK, TNT Kennels Dynamite Yarbus RUSTY MCW :30 Fat Rat 546-98 WATCHMAN, Mountaineer Knls Big A J.P.s LITTLE MAN M34 :44 Ahhead Knls 66G98 WHARF, Cane Velloys N/A Wallie & Co.s SANDMAN M53 :24 Teneion Turf Slim 1271-S WHIPPET, Boot Camp Knls Public Enemy TN Bad BoysROY JONES JR M31 5 :50 Shady Grady. 1 857-9 WHISKEY, Rising Star Kennels Rising Star Joe & Randalls SKUNK M39 2:42 T-Pit 390-98 WHISKEY, Rieing Sta/s N/A Larkine TIGER M39 :59 Jerry B 79-98 WHISKEY, Tims N/A Rockem Storehard HANIBAL M42 1:42 Forengi 90-98 WHISKY, Fisheie l¡/A Lonzg Haul kennelsMGE F36 .4? Mike 1 195-9 WHITE GIRL, Restinas Pit Bull Tee N/A Glyfadas MAGIE F40 :48 Louriae 768#9{ WHITE TOE, AAA Ksnnols tl/A White & Co.s JEKILL M51 :30 Stuart 262-98 WHITE TOE, MAs N/A White & Cos JEFFREY M51 ??? Saint 1507-9 WHITEFOOT, lronclad Kennols N/A L Kellys CAIN M39 l:19 Tzudiker 15 1 4-9 WHITEHEAD, Beat Down Kennels Llenny Gator Boyz CMZY ACE M33 :30 Cuban Cowboy* 1400-9 WICKED WITCH, Dawnrest N/A Steves BLK BEAUTY F34 :46 Bad Company 1227-9 WICKED, Back SteetTruez N/A TenelUShannons OUEENIE F37 2:00 Steel City. 350-98 WILCHILD RED, Reynards N/A Knapps SNOOP M4l 1:06 Big D 86-98 WILD BILL, Joes l.l/A Tyree DYNMIMITE M34 .21 R.J 1541-9 WILDFIRE, U.S.M.Coras N/A UntouchablesKELLY F38 :38 D Ham - 1 499-9 WILLIAM WALLACE, B B Knls N/A Connections GATOR M43 1:38 Junk Yard 713-98 WlLLlE, Plow Boys lüA Readyto Rumble SPARKPLUG M36 :33 School Teacher 32s98
    • YEARBOOK98 PAGE I05 WINNERS HA.NDLER LOSERS SW TIME REFEREE NUMBI WILMA,BA &Matts tulatt Founts JUNE BUG F45 1:32 Solis 1707-s WILMA, R&D Kennels Reggie Cavemans FANCY F34 5 :49 Don D - 650 98 WlLt,lA, T K K.s Tin Man Red Rons GRIT F34 :19 ? 1 56-98 WINO, Bonzai Kennels N/A East Coast Combines CHAMp M52 .41 Leonard K * 1651-9 I WITCH HUNT, T,Ea¡l N/A Hucutt & Abes CH PANDA F31 1:55 S Mason - 1 628-9 WITCH HUNT, T.Earls N/A W VA. Stoves RHODA F31 :17 S Mason * 1254-9 I WITCHUNT, T Earls N/A Cobalt KnICH MS ANN F31 :29 Big Brad 278-98 I WIZARD,TeamUSA.s N/A DM Ds SID M49 55 Bklyn Knight - 1 032-9 WOLD BILL, N-B O. Lance P Petoys OSO I M47 2:18 Herbie 1241-9 W0LVERINE, X-Men N/A Rough House KnlsJEFF l/31 .37 Mr Kim * 449-98 I W0LVERINE, X-Men N/A Arkansas Express ?? M31 :37 Dog Lord 855-98 W0LVERINE, X-Mens I N/A Pacmans TIGER WOOD M325 .54 Mr Kim. 1 63-9 1 WMNcLER, T W.Fudds N/A Manuels BUDDY M50 1.05 ??? 955-98 I WMNGLER, T W.Fudds N/A Foxxy KonnelsCUE M445 24 Cox. 1251-9 WMNGLER, Tims N/A Caprocks MTTLER M46 :57 Accorns 211-58 1 WRECKLESS, Family Posses Hippie Ha¡dline Kennels FLASH M39 l:57 Skeet- 898-98 I WYNONIA, R CS Big Dawg Erics TENACIOUS F37 .32 T-Pit - 796-9 X-MAN, Milk lnc.s N/A UntouchablesCH LEFTY l,/144 .40 Hell on Earth - 1 878-98 MLIMERO, Ustasa KennelsN/A Underdog KennelsFRED M43 :35 Finkle Winkte * 1202#. MLIMERO, Ustassa Kennels N/A Bad Boys DANCEN M42 5 1:05 Pit Magic " 43449l. XUM, &oussard & Collettes N/A R.J & Tanos SHINE 132 1:39 Mike T 523-98 YANG YANG, Garcias N/A RamariezRAMBO M3B :38 E.Ramiez 251-98YANKEE, Mouth O Mightys N/A Dredloks NINJA M4B :13 lr4ark 640-98YARD BOY, Dawnrest & Lynch Mol Hanis North Hill Kennels MR MOUTH M44 1:18 Jonny Hatt | ¿¿¿-JYARDBOY, Dawnrest& Lynch Mob Lynch Mob SkillinssTYSON M42 .24 Bet & Co 1 549-9YELLOW GIRL, Action Pack Kenne N/A Stewarfs COCO FCW :16 JR 553-98YELLOW GIRL A.P.Ks N/A Pooros BIG MAMA FCW :14 Debeny 86t -98YELLOW REBEL, Blanco Knls etc Astrna Townlines RUFUS M42 ?? Bay State o 1846-9YELLOW ZIKA, Rakonnjacs N/A Kraggujevao BoysKY M40 5 :28 Dimihijevic 258-98YELLOW, A¡vKennels N/A Pompano KnlsCASPER M54 3:18 Stuart 472-98YOGI, Lukes ¡l/A Louies DIRTY DICK M63 :55 L Fields 1245-9YUMA, Cuban Power Kennels Mao Keihs DMGAN M39 1 :10 lron Maiden * 1234-9YU[/A, Cuban Poweds Mao The Horsomens WHITE DOG [438 1:01 Havana Danny* 1 683-9ZAC, Meics N/A SantosSONY M35 :27 T Kor 1719#(ZACK, Andreis N/A Pavlenkos BELYI M38 1:30 Atbizin. 17 17#(ZACK, Tombstone Knls Down & Dirty ShutEm Downs BATMAN M50 ,32 Hines 1 28-98ZAPPA, Arizona & Chinamans Arizona Kid DibblesJUNIOR M44 2:07 Dogman Frank. 131 t-9ZEDM, Farmer Dreds Farmer Dred Super Friends SCHEISTY F31 :42 Bread BOy. 503-98ZEDM, Farmer ftedds Farmer Drodd T L,s BMNDY F31 :23 ???????? 1391-9ZEKE, Rubios N/A Valeras BIG J0SE M48 .37 Las Vegas Mike 1?97-9ZEM, B&B Kennels N/A Finkle WinkleDELTA M45 :58 Bonse 250-98ZEUS, B&G Kennols N/A Game Keepers CASINO M36 :26 Comming Hard Knl 1778-SZEUS, Random Task Kennols N/A Yogis JACK M50 :40 Gus 908-98ZIIú4, Clock Works Clook Work Night Trains SHONTA M? 1:15 Popeye 32-98ZIMA, Hollis N/A Fred & Jr s COOLGAL F35 :39 H B 1 101-9ZIMA, Stickboys N/A Nobodys CHIOUITA F41 :25 ??? 951-98ZIPPER, W¡ld Rooster Kennels Thomas Kur Dawg KnlsBISCUIT M? :27 J Boyles - 1284-9ZIRA, Wayco Kennels Todd Rickeys MAD0NNA F40 1:06 Hard Core Benny* 1711-g KnlsZLUNJO, New Villages N/A Mirkos KAN M40 :40 Vlado 405#9tZULA, Doad Game Kennels N/A Bs TINA ??? 1 565#!ZULU, Show Nuff & Put um on thel Nate Dodge Citys WILLIE M52 .42 Rick 1821.9