A Certain Tone of Action - Folksy Summer School August 2013

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I was invited to give a talk on brands and ideas at the inaugural Folksy Summer School in Sheffield over the weekend 10/11th August 2013. …

I was invited to give a talk on brands and ideas at the inaugural Folksy Summer School in Sheffield over the weekend 10/11th August 2013.

There's a video up here now you can watch of the whole talk - http://smithery.co/making/forget-tone-of-voice-find-a-certain-tone-of-action/

Besides the Folksy gang being brilliant (so I just couldn't say no), this was an opportunity to take a lot of the new thinking and ideas I've been formulating this year into a different kind of presentation - instead of thinking from large brand down, it made me think from indiviudal designer-maker up.

In hindsight though, it's probably as applicable to big, established brands too. And anyone who tries to communicate what they're trying to achieve through their work.

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  • 1. “work of” “goods made” http://rivetin.gs/artefact
  • 2. two types of principle workbut just one
  • 3. http://rivetin.gs/sennett
  • 4. what if there are dialectic and dialogic structures & cultures too?
  • 5. modern economics: the value of a thing is determined by what one is willing to give up to obtain the thing
  • 6. The labour theory of value the value of something is determined by the labour that went into its production
  • 7. perhaps there’s a labour theory of brand value* *it might need a better name, mind
  • 8. Field Notes
  • 9. £0.99 £3.33 per padper pad
  • 10. “marketing is world building. With unlimited bandwidth we can now show you the world.” @TobyBarnes
  • 11. We’d rather buy this world...
  • 12. ...thanthis world
  • 13. big brands find factory hollow this hard because of their
  • 14. make brand vaguely interesting & buy loads of media make product very efficiently
  • 15. Marx was half right...
  • 16. it’s not about the meansof production http://rivetin.gs/sneveoslo
  • 17. it’s about the meaningin production
  • 18. Labour theory of brand value: you have to make everything with the infinite canvas of the internet in mind http://rivetin.gs/legoinside
  • 19. I’m really interested in the making of ‘it’ -where the making is part of the story of the ‘it’... thomas heatherwick “ ” http://rivetin.gs/heatherwick
  • 20. four ways to break apart dialectic brandsand make them actually useful in a year that doesn’t start with 19..
  • 21. “It’s not research and development, but persistence of vision...” Stuart Wood Head of innovation Heatherwick studio
  • 22. thank you john v willshire http://smithery.co @willsh john@smithery.co artefact Cards http://shop.smithery.co