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2010 Build Business
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2010 Build Business

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Dana Galvin, CPSM and Donna Jakubowicz, CPSM present results of social media implementation at construction firm Barton Malow Company.

Dana Galvin, CPSM and Donna Jakubowicz, CPSM present results of social media implementation at construction firm Barton Malow Company.

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  • Donna (1 minute) - Introduce
  • Donna (1 minute) - Introduce Topics for Discussion
  • Donna (10 minute) -Timeline & Main Process Items Research – Assigned Section/Topics of Research to 5 Individuals who reported back on findings Policy Drafted by 3 Individuals – encourage them to look up other policies online; Plan also drafted to include goals and set of metrics - Platforms were in development for viewing during approval process but were not publically viewable online - Leadership Approval received March 2009 (talk about in detail on next page) - Policy Finalized – incorporated into electronic communications policy and also communicated to employees through email, employee newsletter, and employee intranet - First set of metrics determined at end of BMC quarter to show we were on task; since then we have blown away all goals and metrics - BMC Blogger Training – 25 Official bloggers determined based on market, location, industry knowledge, willingness/ableness – same employees we would send out to talk to clients, peers, industry events, etc. - Employee Training on Specific Platforms begin – focused on LinkedIn - Encourage Workplan or Schedule similar to marketing or branding campaign
  • Donna (5 minute) How did we get approval - What drove the yes decision Stress our preparedness and comprehensive research that was done prior - Use our implementation plan as an example
  • Dana (5 minute) Talk about the need for a policy (protect your business, clients, relationships, contractual obligations) Company Sponsored Platforms – this covers what our platforms are and what we are using them for Disclosure Requirements – This section talks about a BMC Blogger’s participation using these sites and interacting on platforms on behalf of Barton Malow - Non-Company Sanctioned Outreach – protects the company – covers personal use of social media and the Barton Malow brand - Media Inquiries resulting from social media outreach – how it will be handled and by whom - Legal Liability
  • Dana (15 minute) Its very important when doing your research to identify what your company wants to accomplish and then build your goals/metrics around those accomplishments Goals – PR/Branding/Thought Leadership – When someone searches for Barton Malow what else do they find besides our homepage. We wanted to build an array of formats for information seekers to find using our social media platforms. Using these platforms we communicated weekly key messages, media releases and company news. It was important that these platforms had a consistent brand and that we were consistently churning out information. The more updates and activity the better. In addition we wanted our information to generate speaking engagements and press activities. - Recruiting – While recruiting may not be on everyone’s priority list right now it surely will be in the next couple years with the vast prediction of a building boom. How do millennials do their research and gain information – the Internet of course. More than ever experiences are posted on the Internet and the comments can make or break a company. - Improve Google Statistics – Increase referring site traffic, increase the number of website hits, and overall increase our presense on the internet
  • Dana (CONTINUED 15 minute) - Number of Applications to our Internship Program – called LEAPS - Number of Fans on Facebook/Number of Followers on Twitter - Number of Media Inquiries - Number of Speaking Engagements - Improve Google Statistics/Referring Site Traffic - Metrics are tracked quarterly and reported to upper management
  • Dana (15 minute) - Facebook LEAPs Page - Engage Potential Interns – who eventually become full-time employees - Target future participants - Share the LEAPS Experiences Includes Videos, pictures, information about program, testimonials from past participants, links to our applying online
  • Dana (CONTINUED 15 minute) - Example of Feedback Donna will share more about our exciting results
  • Dana (CONTINUED 15 minute) - Facebook Fan Page - Approved Project Photos, Links to Website, Project Information, Company Events, Announcements, Press Releases, Videos, Happenings, etc.
  • Dana (CONTINUED 15 minute) - Example of Feedback
  • Dana (CONTINUED 15 minute) - Welcome Twitter-verse - Used for PR, Branding, Timely news releases, conversation with industry leaders/professionals - Connecting with thought leaders in various markets as well as our clients and peer professionals - Purpose of Twitter is to be part of the conversation so we make a point to converse with our followers as well as other individuals rather than just spewing information - Our Facebook Pages are linked to our Twitter Account
  • Dana (CONTINUED 15 minute) - LinkedIn is used on a more personal level - We do have our company profile up and an employees only group (share internal news, some exciting public information, employee discussion, etc.) - Trained employees on using it for research and building their own personal networks - Dana tell Ryan VP story
  • Dana (CONTINUED 15 minute) - Flickr is utilized as a photo storage unit where we are able to upload albums to other social media platforms like Facebook - We are also able to store photos for shared use amongst offices thereby not using up network space.
  • Dana (CONTINUED 15 minute) - YouTube is used for video upload and storage - Videos include testimonials, project case studies, commercials, discussions, BIM presentations - All videos have tags associated with them so that if people do a look up for Gwinnett Stadium or Coolray Field or even baseball our video will show up in search results
  • Dana (5 minutes) - Training conducted at different levels depending on usage Highest Level – BMC Bloggers – given detailed instructions and walked through various platforms and components; taught how to maximize their participation and discussion of BMC Goals/Metrics - Sales Personnel – taught how to network using social media as well as research for future opportunities/insight into organizations
  • Dana (CONTINUED 5 minutes) If you build it, it doesn’t mean they will come. - Using other mediums is necessary for driving traffic to your social media platforms - Includes Newsletters, website, your email signature, your postcard programs, word of mouth, speaking engagements, etc.
  • Donna (5 minutes) Results - Successful in all metrics/goals set - some instances increases were vast Deemed successful – challenge is new set of metrics - Working on integration with other marketing activities such as events, community outreach, customer satisfaction, market research, etc.


  • 1. Implementing a Social Media Policy & Plan in the Real World Dana Galvin, CPSM Donna Jakubowicz, CPSM
  • 2. Topics for Discussion
    • The Process for Development & Implementation
    • Getting Leadership Buy-in
    • Social Media Policy Topics
    • Developing Metrics
    • Launching Platforms
    • Training
    • Results
    • Questions & Answers
  • 3. Our Process Dec ‘08 Feb ‘09 Research Policy Drafted Platform Development Begins Apr ‘09 Policy Finalized Platforms Launched Jun ‘09 First Set of Metrics Show Success March 2009 - BMC Leadership Approves Policy & Plan! Aug ‘09 BMC Blogger Training Dec ‘09 Employee Training Begins
  • 4. Leadership Buy-in I’m not convinced of the appropriateness of social networking. How can we measure the value of social networking? I don’t want our company to be involved with dating services. I don’t want more uninvited spam!
  • 5. Social Media Policy Topics
    • Company Sponsored Platforms
    • Participation Disclosure Requirements
    • Non-Company Sanctioned Outreach
    • Media Inquiries
    • Legal Liability
    http://www.intel.com/sites/sitewide/en_US/social-media.htm http://www.ibm.com/blogs/zz/en/guidelines.html
  • 6. Developing Goals & Metrics PR/Branding/Thought Leadership Recruiting Improve Google Statistics
  • 7. Developing Goals & Metrics
  • 8. Our Platforms
  • 9. Feedback
  • 10. Our Platforms
  • 11. Facebook Page
  • 12.  
  • 13.  
  • 14.  
  • 15.  
  • 16.  
  • 17.  
  • 18. GOAL Result Incorporate Social Media Policy into Employee Electronic Communications Policy COMPLETE Appoint authorized employees to represent company using approved platforms and train them on platforms. COMPLETE Improve Google Statistics for Barton Malow DONE! Search Engine Traffic up by 12% Communicate Key Messages, Event, Media Releases and News through Platforms DONE! 5 Press Inquiries Generated Develop an Online Following of 300 People DONE! 400+ Twitter Followers 300+ Facebook Fans Increase FY10 LEAPS Applications by 10% 65% INCREASE from 2009 to 2010 Generate 3 Speaking Engagements DONE! 5 Total – 3 National/2 Regional
  • 19. Questions & Answers