English fairy tellers


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at school we don`t learn much about famous english writers. that`s why my pupils decided to read about fairy tellers and to make this ppt and to r

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English fairy tellers

  1. 1. English fairy tellers English tales
  2. 2. Beatrix Potter Helen Beatrix Potter Was born on the 28 of July in Kensington, London. A great writer, illustrator, scientist. Loved natural world. Published 23 books. The most notable is Peter Rabbit
  3. 3.                          Peter Rabbit A white Rabbit                                                
  4. 4. Roald Dahl Dahl was born in1916 in Cardiff, Wales. A great novelist, poet, screenwriter. Wrote children`s literature, horror, mystery, fantasy. Died in 1990 in Oxford.
  5. 5. Alan Alexander Milne Alan Alexander Milne was born in London on January 18, 1882 in the family of a schoolmaster. In 1926 he wrote the tale Winnie- the-Pooh and devoted it to his son. He was a great novelist, playwright and poet. Died in 1953.
  6. 6. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson Pen- name – Lewis Carroll Born in1832 in Cheshire, England Author, mathematician, artist Wrote : Children` literature Fantasy Logic Notable works: Alice in Wonderland The hunting of the shark
  7. 7. Daniel Defoe Daniel Defoe was born in 1660 in London, England. He became a merchant. He was also a prolific political pamphleteer. Later he turned his pen to fiction and wrote Robinson Crusoe, one of the most widely read and influential novels of all time. Defoe died in 1731.
  8. 8. Joseph Rudyard Kipling Kipling was born in1865 in Bombey India. A great English writer, poet, novelist. Got the Nobel prize in 1907. The most famous book “ Jungle Book” was written in1894. Died in1936 in London.
  9. 9. Oscar WildOscar Wild was born inDublinNorthern Ireland in 1854-1900.He studied in a royalschool in DublinWild graduated fromTrinitycollege andCambridge university.The most notable tales:Happy PrinceA Star boy
  10. 10. Donald Bassett Bassett was born in 1910 in England. He wrote stories for children for TV and radio programs. He was an actor and sounded his tales himself. The most popular are:
  11. 11. Mr. Milaca, Lazy Jack,The lost birthday.A girl and a dragon.Mice on the Moon
  12. 12. Pamela Travers British author P. L. Travers (1899–1996). She was best known for her book Mary Poppins and its sequels. This fantasy, about a nanny with magical powers, became one of the great publishing successes of the twentieth century.
  13. 13. Charles Dickens Charles Dickens is one of the best English writers. He was born on 7 February 1812. His masterpieces are: "Oliver Twist", "David Copperfield", "Little Dorritt". All his writings, whether sad or happy, serious or gay are about ordinary people whose life he knew very well.
  14. 14. James Barry 1890-1937 Was born in Scotland in a poor family of a weaver. Graduated from Edinburgh university. A great Scottish playwright and novelist. The author of the tale Peter Pan ( 1904)
  15. 15. Jonathan Swift 1667-1745 Was born in Ireland, Dublin. Was the dean in Saint Patrick Cathedral. A great satirical writer. Interested in politics . The most famous book for children was Gulliver`s Travels
  16. 16. John Ronald Tolkien 1892-1973 Graduated from Oxford university. Worked as a professor in the university. A great writer, linguist, philologist. Notable works: The Lord of the rings (1954-1955) The Hobbit (1937) The main characters: elves, dwarves, trolls, goblins.
  17. 17. Eleanor Farjeon 1881-1968 Her father was a writer. She got H.Ch. Anderson`prize For her book “A small library” Popular tales: The tale of Tom Tiddler Nut and May The 7th princess The glass slipper
  18. 18. English folk tales• The three little pigs• Jack and the beansteak• Lazy Jack• The fish and the ring• The cock, the Mouse and the little Red Hen• Robin Hood• Red Riding Hood• Silly Jack• Many of them were translated by a Russian poet Marshak