About me!!!!!~ by haley ballard
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About me!!!!!~ by haley ballard



Haley Ballard

Haley Ballard



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About me!!!!!~ by haley ballard About me!!!!!~ by haley ballard Presentation Transcript

  • My favorite color is Hot Pink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why I like the color hot pink is because it is a really cool color to like.
  • My favorite teachers are Mr.Councle & Ms.Choi because they get me excited and all that stuff. P.s. I also think Mr.D. Swanson and Mr.Laboto is cool.
  • What I like to do is play baseball and play the violin. I also like to play on the computer. But my number 1 favorite is to ride DIRT BIKES!!!!!
  • My biggest thing that I have done before fifteen is that I got adopted. So my last name is Ballard now and not Burke. I got adopted on Aug. 6th 2008.
  • Important things about me are I love school, my b- day is July 4th 1997, and I love playing the violin.
  • My favorite subjects in school are math and reading!!!
  • The twilight saga and the Harry potter books.
  • What I want to be when grow is a professional violinist that helps people play the violin and a dolphin researcher.
  • My favorite football team is the VIKINGS. My uncle and my youngest sister Riley got me into liking the VIKINGS.
  • I am important because I was made by god and that I am my own me.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And because I can make a fool of myself when I want to.
  • My family is a cool family to hang out with. I have four sisters and only sisters NOT brothers. I think having a brother would suck really bad. My oldest sister is Mikala and she is 16, Karrah is 14, then there is me, my sister Briana who is 11 and goes to this school, than there is Riley and she 10.