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Chat final 2

  1. 1. ForeverEurope Comenius Project STUDENTS CHAT FRIDAY, 29 TH NOVEMBER 2013 – 10 O’CLOCK, C.E.T. Finland LovisaTourYouTube · 3:01 · 23 months agoLov is a... tour by Beniamino Borghi. Finland joined the chat 39 minutes ago Portugal 1 joined the chat 29 minutes ago Portugal 2 joined the chat 27 minutes ago Barón Rojo joined the chat 26 minutes ago Portugal 1: Good Morning Finland , Good Morning Mrs. Vesa! Portugal 1: Good Morning Croatia, Good Morning Mrs. Zlata! Finland: Sorry our teacher Vesa is a mister Portugal 1: GoodMorningSpain - Santiago, Buenos dias Sr. Pepe Bicos de las nenas! Finland: Good morning Hyvää huomenta in finnish God morgon in swedish cause we are bilingual Portugal 3 joined the chat 21 minutes ago Finland 2 joined the chat 20 minutes ago Barón Rojo: goooood mooooorrrninnggggggggggggggggggggg from Spain Croatia: Good morning from Croatia Portugal 2: Good morning from Portugal ! Portugal 3: good morning from portugal Portugal 1: Good Morning from Portugal Barón Rojo: helllooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww from 25 studentssssssssssssssss. Portugal Antonio joined the chat 17 minutes ago Finland: Hello we are Algot and Fredrik 14 years old Portugal 1: We are just 10 students Finland 2: Hello! we are Vanessa and Hanna from Loviisa we are 14 years old. Portugal 2: how are you? Barón Rojo: hello im guille my favourite singer macklemore Portugal 2: how are you? Portugal 1: Our names are: Ana Rita, Mariana and Luis Barón Rojo joined the chat 15 minutes ago Portugal 3: We are Cláudia and Liliana we are 13 years old Croatia: Hello, you're talking to two stundent's from Đakovo, Luka and Luka. We are both 15 years old Portugal 2: We are Mafalda and Mónica we are 13 years old Finland: What are the names of our cities? Portugal Antonio joined the chat 14 minutes ago
  2. 2. Croatia: We realy liked your video,Finland Portugal 3: we are from Portalegre Finland: thank you! Portugal 1: Portalegre Barón Rojo: im rosalia i am 13 years old.i am from spain. Poland Lodz joined the chat 13 minutes ago Barón Rojo: Mafalda, are you from Argentina Portugal 1: Good Morning in my language it is said " Bom Dia " Portugal Antonio joined the chat 13 minutes ago Portugal 2: in my town it´s sunny but cold Poland Lodz: Good morning everyone! Portugal 3: HelloPoland Portugal 1: HelloPoland! Barón Rojo: mafalda what isyour favorite food? Portugal António joined the chat 12 minutes ago Finland: do you have any snow? Croatia: Hello Antonio,greatings from Zlata and Danica Barón Rojo: Bom día, António. I'm Pepe. Portugal António: GOOD MORNING FOREVER EUROPE ECO SCHOOLS!... Portugal 2: my favourite food is roast turkey and your? Poland Lodz: In few moments two Polish students from the third grade will intrudce themselves. Portugal António: THE CHAT WILL WORK BETWEEN 10-11 O’CLOCK, CENTRAL EUROPEAN TIME. Portugal António: GOOD MORNING AGAIN ECO STUDENTS!... Poland Lodz: So it's starting right now! Portugal António: I WISH YOU AN AMAZING ECO CHAT! Portugal António: I WILL ASK YOU SOME QUESTIONS AND YOU ALSO WILL BE ABLE TO ASK SOME QUESTIONS TO OTHER STUDENTS. Portugal António: MY NAME IS ANTÓNIO AND I’M FROM PORTUGAL. Portugal 2: do you walk to school or do you travel by car, train or bus ? Portugal 3: Do you enjoy Eco-Activities? Portugal António: PLEASE TELL US YOUR NAME, AGE AND NATIONALITY. Portugal 1: Poland how do you say " Good Morning " in your language? Finland: we travel by bus Portugal António: HOW DO YOU SAY “GOOD MORNING” IN YOUR LANGUAGE? Poland Lodz: Thank you, Antonio, I have to go back to teacjing, my students will take over. Have fun everyone! Rafał Finland: hyvää huomenta Portugal 3: Bom dia Finland 2: we travel by bus or walking Portugal António: GoodWorkRafal! Finland 2: god morgon Croatia: We are Luka & Luka,.We are both 15 years old and we are Croatians ! Croatia: dobro jutro Portugal 2: we are mafaldaand mónica Portugal António: WHERE DO YOU LIVE? WHAT IS YOUR TOWN, VILLAGE!
  3. 3. Portugal 1: We are Ana Rita , Mariana and Luis. We are 13 years old Portugal António: ? Finland: Lovisa Finland 2: Loviisa Croatia: We live in Đakovo Croatia Portugal 3: i'm Manuel and i have 13 years old. Croatia joined the chat 6 minutes ago Portugal 3: Liliana live in Caia and Manuel live in Reguengo Poland Lodz: hi i'm Wojtek i've 14 years old Barón Rojo: hi, i´m Carmen Manuel, are in you in love from some girl in your classroom? Portugal António: I'mfrom Alegrete Portugal António: HOW IS THE WEATHER TODAY IN YOUR TOWN? WHAT IS THE TEMPERATURE? Barón Rojo: In Santiago we have got 9º Poland Lodz: no definetley not Finland: cloudy and 2 degrees Poland Lodz: Croatia: In Đakovo it's about -3C Portugal 1: It´s cold 14 º max Portugal 2: in portalegre we have got 14 º Poland Lodz: i Lodz it's about +2 Portugal 2: Portugal António Alentejo Tempo para ser Feliz - Alentejo Time To BeHappyYouTube · 6:41 · 9 monthsago"Alentejo, tempo para ser feliz", o spot mostra, em cerca de seis minutos, as emoções que os turistas podem viver no Alentejo, através dos protagonistas de u... Portugal 3: The weather today is 14 degrees Portugal António: DO YOU WALK TO SCHOOL OR DO YOU TRAVEL BY CAR, TRAIN OR BUS? Finland LovisaTourYouTube · 3:01 · 23 months agoLov is a... tour by Beniamino Borghi. Portugal 3: Liliana and Manuel travel by bus and Cláudia travel by car Croatia
  4. 4. ĐAKOVO SRCE SLAVONIJE - Đakovo gradeYouTube · 4:30 · 11 months agoĐAKOVO SRCE SLAVONIJE - Đakovo grade : službeni video spot. Režija: MarioŠulinaProdukcija Nova © 2012. produkcijanovahr@gmail.comPjesmasnimana u studiju... here is a video/song about đakovo and in the video you can see the most beautiful parts of Đakovo Barón Rojo: I´m Nacho. I go to school by bus Poland Lodz: me too Portugal 2: rodrigo and carolina go to school by car, madalda go to school on foot and mónica go to school by bus Barón Rojo: Nacho: how many km do you run everyday? Poland Lodz: about 3 km Finland 2: nice video Portugal Croatia: One Luka is walking to school ,and one is going by bus Portugal 2: 15 km Croatia: I agree with Finland 2 Croatia: abut 4 km Portugal 1: we go to school by car Poland Lodz: how in your language is good morning ?? Portugal 2: Croatia: dobro jutro Portugal 3: Cláudia do 2 km, Manuel do 7 km and Liliana do 10 km Portugal 2: bom dia Portugal António: DO YOU ENJOY ECO-ACTIVITIES? Portugal 1: Good Morning is " Bom Dia" Finland: nice city and a wonderful fountain, Croatia Poland Lodz: in our is "dzień dobry" Portugal António: TELL US SOME ECO/ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIVITIES YOU DID IN THE PAST/PRESENT YEARS Portugal 3: Yes, we enjoy Portugal 2: we recicle Croatia: Thank you Portugal 1: Already planted a tree and we recicle Barón Rojo: Duarte:In Spain we say:buenos días Finland: we have been working in a comenius project and we had a project about recycling Poland Lodz: we recycle trash Portugal 3: We planted trees, also recicle and we have a kitchen garden Barón Rojo: Toño: We have not planted a tree because we are on a midle forrest. Croatia: We recicle and we have loads of tree's around our school. We're not in a project right now but when project days during the whole year(planting trees,recicleing etc..) Italy joined the chat Barón Rojo: Buono giornooooooooooooooooooooooooo Portugal António: WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO IN YOUR FREE TIME?
  5. 5. Finland: welcome italy! Portugal 1: Hi Italy!! Croatia: Hello neighbour,Italy Italy: Hi to you Portugal António: Welcome Florence! Portugal 3: Good Morning Italy Poland Lodz: hi Finland 2: different sports and music Portugal 2: hello Italy ) Finland: we like sporting, listening to music and chilling with friends Portugal António: buonGiorno Itália! Croatia: What part of italy are you ? Italy: thank you friends Portugal 1: Ana Rita : Playing computer and swimming Barón Rojo: Cesar: we playing football i my free time spain 2 joined the chat Italy: We leave near Florence in the middle of Tuscany Poland Lodz: we like difrend types of music Portugal 2: we listening to music, draw and play football Finland 2: Vanessa and Hanna: we love football !! Portugal 1: Mariana: Spend time with my friends Portugal 2: Portugal 1: Luis: parkour Croatia: In our free time Luka 1 like's to ride a bike,play games etc.. and Luka 2 likes to play football.. we both like spending time with our friends Italy: Alessandro e Mattia. we also love football! Finland: nice luis! spain 2: we are Carmen,Silvia and Rosalía. Portugal 1: thanks Finland: we love orienteering Portugal 2: how old are you? Italy: hiCarmenSilvia e Rosalia Croatia: Hello spain Portugal 1: welcome Spain !! Finland: 14 yers old Finland 2: 14 years old Italy: 10 years old Croatia: Both Luka's are 15 years old spain 2: hello Portugal 3: Liliana like to sleep, Manuel like play fotball and he think Benfica is the best Cláudia like listen to music Portugal António: WHAT KIND OF MUSIC DO YOU LIKE? Poland Lodz: we especially listening house, metal, rap, dub step and drum'n'base Portugal 2: we are boys or girls ? Portugal 3: Hello Spain Barón Rojo: maria:in spain we can organice a match
  6. 6. Croatia: We like our traditional croatian music,pop,rock ... Portugal 1: Ana Rita : POP Barón Rojo: ... a football match, I mean. Finland: two boys Portugal 1: Mariana : Rap Portugal 3: We like pop Portugal 1: Luis:hard rock Finland 2: Vanessa and Hanna op, rap and counrty music Finland 2: two girls Portugal 2: we are three girls and one boy Portugal 2: pop Portugal António: Gonçalo and António alsolikecounrymusic spain 2: We don like ra Portugal 1: We are two girl's and one boy Poland Lodz: we are two boys Portugal António: and Fado, do youknowfado? Portugal 3: we are two girls and one boy Finland: do you like skateing on ice? Portugal 2: Finland: you can do it in finland Poland Lodz: yes ! Portugal 1: Yes we love it Portugal 3: we never skateing on ice but we would like to try Croatia: We do ! Portugal 2: we don´t have ice in portalegre Italy: We like rock music and italian song spain 2: We don´t like rap S, R and C Croatia: send us some video's from your cities Portugal António Ana Moura - DesfadoYouTube · 2:53 · 10 monthsagoVoirtouteslesvidéosdu Live : Ana Moura interprète "Desfado" pourLeLive, l'émissionmusicaleduFigaro. Croatia: orvillage Portugal 2: Finland: fficial&channel=fflb&biw=1024&bih=631&tbm=isch&tbnid=L0DBjUq_gBglaM:&imgrefurl=htt p:// ad)%252B58778.jpg&w=600&h=400&ei=EFKYUrzWHSo4gSFsoGICw&zoom=1&ved=1t:3588,r:4,s:0,i:91&iact=rc&page=1&tbnh=183&tbnw=275&st art=0&ndsp=12&tx=172&ty=118" target="_BLANK"> Finland joined the chat spain 2: Did any have facebook?
  7. 7. Finland: yes we have Barón Rojo: Toño : Do you have a Tuenti , Facebook or Skipe Finland 2: Yes we have Barón Rojo: Toño : What ? Finland 2: should we create a group on facebook? Poland Lodz: spain 2: Whatś your name finland 2? Portugal 2 MeuFadoMeuYouTube · 3:21 · 7 years agoThis is the videoclip of Mariza Meu Fado Meu which is the title of the first single released in Portugal of the album Transparente. Portugal 3: Our favorite singer is Michael Jackson, but our favourite portuguese singer is David Carreira Portugal 1 Bo tem mel by Diogo Morgado e Rui UnasYouTube · 1:45 · 15 daysagoMomento entre gravações da novela Sol de Inverno. This is two portugueses actores Italy: we aren't in Facebook but there are our parents Barón Rojo: Toño : Ok Very goog Finland 2: Vanessa Sandvik and Hanna-Maria Boberg Barón Rojo: ok Portugal 3 David Carreira - Esta Noite - Videoclip OficialYouTube · 4:15 · 2 yearsagoVideoclip Oficial "Esta Noite" de David Carreira, do álbum Nº1. Portugal António: WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE SINGER? spain 2: ok Poland Lodz: Ozzy Osbourne ! Portugal 3: Manuel and Cláudia have everything and Liliana have facebook Finland Robin - ErilaisetYouTube · 3:42 · 44 days agoRobinin Nenäpäivä-sinkku Erilaiset saatavana nyt K-Citymarketeista ja Anttiloista! ▷ ▷ Lataa Boom Kah iTunesista:
  8. 8. Barón Rojo: Toño : My fovourite singer is Melendi Portugal 2: carolina: like one direction spain 2: do you have e-mail Portugal António: do you have a video of Melendi? Portugal 1: Ana Rita : my favourite singer is Ellie Goulding and One Direction Barón Rojo: i'm Inés:I love one direction and Melendi Poland Lodz: Someone like playing piantball ? Portugal 3: yes, we have e-mail Finland 2: Hanna: I like one direction too Portugal 2: Poland Lodz: someone like Bf 4 ? Portugal 1 Aranhas gigantes em Lisboa!YouTube · 1:09 · 16 daysagoParece incrível mas é real!! Aranhas gigantes filmadas durante uma reportagem em directo no jornal da tarde! Este vídeo é dedicado a todos os nossos crowdfun... BarónRojo: Toño : My name on Facebook is Toño Nieves Portugal 2: yes i love paintball Italy Retrieving video description... Italy: Eros ramazzotti spain 2: hugo: my e-mail is Poland Lodz: You playing speed ball or woodsball ? spain 2: my name in facebook is: Carmen Pombo Lopez Finland: what is speed ball? Portugal António: WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE GAME? Portugal 1 Retrieving video description... Barón Rojo: my name in facebook is pablo hermida in tuenti is pablo hermida Portugal 1: It is our town Barón Rojo: and in twitter @hijo_deL_vago
  9. 9. Finland: ice hockey spain 2: speed ball Portugal 2: Poland Lodz: speedball is faster type of paitball on the field with blowed obstacle Portugal António: WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE ATHLETE? Poland Lodz: are you enjoy MMA ? Portugal 2: Rodrigo Moreno spain 2: Jenifer Pareja Finland: teemuselänne an ice hockey player Barón Rojo: Duarte:My facebook is Duarte Prieto Moure ,my twitter is @DuartePrietoMou Portugal 2: my favourite player is Messi and ronaldo Portugal 1: Our'sfacebook'sare : Ana Rita Belo and Mariana Delicado Portugal 2: my favourite player is Messi and ronaldo Portugal 3 Cristiano Ronaldo - The Best / HD 2012YouTube · 4:05 · 2 years agoRonaldo vs. Arsenal, Ronaldo vs. Aston Villa,Ronaldo vs. Blackburn Rovers, Ronaldo vs. Birmingham City, Ronaldo vs. Bolton, Ronaldo vs. Chelsea, Ronaldo vs. ... our favorite athlete is Cristiano Ronaldo Barón Rojo: my facebook is gabriel bouzas iglesias. Poland Lodz: Cain Velasques Finland: we made a closed group an facebook Italy Germania-Italia 1-2 - Euro 2012 - Balotelli - RiccardoCucchi e Francesco Repice @Radio1RaiYouTube · 5:32 · 17 monthsagoFONTE - FACEBOOK - TWITTER!/Radiouno_Ra... Portugal 2: ourfacebook´sare : carolina augusto, Mónica Pereira, Rodrigo Cordeiro e Mafalda Maniés Italy: Balotelli Marioooooo! Portugal 1: Our twitter are : Ana Rita Belo and Luis Miguel Santos Finland: the name is comenius forever europe 2013-2015 students Portugal 1 Evora sets triple jump national recordYouTube · 1:04 · 6 years agoNelson Evora of Portugal represented his country for the first time as a World Championships finalist, winning
  10. 10. the triple jump gold medal. Theformerjunior ... Portugal 3: wealsolike Eusébio Portugal 2: Portugal António RTP2 Desporto 2 - 2012-11-3 - Resumo 1º dia Baja Portalegre 500YouTube · 12:45 · 11 monthsagoEste e muitos mais conteúdos exclusivos em: Facebook: Site oficial: Barón Rojo: we are alba and ines : Do you like One Direction and 5SOS? Finland: please give your names so that you can join our groupe Portugal António: Portalegre Baja! spain 2: Good bye. Portugal 1: this is our favourite athlete : Nelsón Evóra Portugal 2: spain 2: Portugal 2: good bye spain 2 Poland Lodz: Spain come back pls ! Portugal António: AdiosGalicia! Portugal 3: Bye Spain we like to talk with you Portugal António: adeus BarónRojo: PEPE: THANKS A LOT FOR YOUR TALKINGGGGGGGGG BUT... UNFORTUNATELY WE HAVE TO CLOSE. HAVE A GOOOD MORNINGGGGGGGGG. GRACIAS. Portugal 1: Good bye Spain 2 !! Portugal António: WE loved to have you Portugal António: gracinhas Portugal António: abraços Portugal 1: Adeus Croatia joined the chat Finland: check the groupe!! on face book Portugal 3: Claudia Candeias, Manuel Brandão and Liliana Morais is our facebook Poland Lodz: Hi ! Italy: Adios amigos! Portugal António: HOW DO YOU SAY “CHRISTMAS” IN YOUR LANGUAGE? Portugal 3: Natal Poland Lodz: święta Finland: Jul or joulu Croatia: Hi Luka 1,2 is back we had a break Croatia: Božić Portugal 2: carolina augusto, Mónica Pereira, Rodrigo Cordeiro e Mafalda Maniés Poland Lodz: Boże Narodzenie Italy: Claudia mazzocchi and Ilaria Dini are our mothers on Facebook! Portugal António: WHAT ACTIVITIES ARE YOU DOING TO CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS?
  11. 11. Portugal 2: Italy: IN our language Christmas is NATALE Finland 2: we eat food and celebrate with our families Italy: BUON NATALE A TUTTI Portugal 1: In your is Natal Portugal António: PLEASE TELL US THE NAME OF YOUR FAVORITE CHRISTMAS FOOD? Portugal 2: in our is "natal" Croatia: we go to church, decorate our hous and christmas tree Poland Lodz: we often cook together with our famiielis Christmas meals Portugal 1: Ana Rita : my favourite food is cod Italy: WE EAT WITH OUR FAMILY AND WE make the Christmas tree Finland: we have a christmas tree too! Portugal 3: To celebrate the christmas we do the christimas tree, the crib and decorete the house Poland Lodz: ginger bread Italy: Panettone and Pandoro cakes Portugal 3: Our favourite food of christimas is turkey Croatia: Sarma on Croatian,that's basicly meat with rice inside of lettuce leaves Portugal 2: Portugal 1: Mariana: My favourite food is cod Portugal António: PLEASE TELL US THE NAME/VERSES (IN YOUR LANGUAGE) OF ONE SONG YOU LIKE TO SING IN CHRISTMAS. (SILENT NIGHT) Portugal 1: Luis: my favorite food is turkey Finland: we have been eating ginger bread today! .) Italy: and also Panforte a typical Tuscany's cake Poland Lodz joined the chat Italy: Astro del ciel Portugal 3: " Toca o sino " Italy: pargol divin Italy: mite agnello Finland: stilla natt Poland Lodz: We love poppy-seed cake and karp Italy: redentor.... Portugal António Pequenos Cantores do Conservatório de Lisboa - Presente de Natal (VIDEOCLIP OFICIAL).movYouTube · 3:29 · 12 monthsagoO single "Presente de Natal" é um presente que os Pequenos Cantores do Conservatório de Lisboa dão às crianças e às famílias portuguesas. É oferecido com a c... PolandLodz: cichanoc PolandLodz: Wśródnocnejciszy... Portugal 1
  12. 12. PINHEIRINHO - NATAL ANIMADO - Editora Nova EducaçãoYouTube · 0:45 · 3 yearsagoPINHEIRINHO - NATAL ANIMADO - Editora Nova Educação Site: Portugal 2 joined the chat Croatia Djetešce nam se rodilo - the baby has been born Djetescenam se rodiloYouTube · 2:47 · 2 years agoBy Krunoslav-Kico Slabinac. Portugal 3: the santa claus leave Finland ? Croatia: how do you celebrate new years eve ? And with who? Poland Lodz WśródNocnejCiszyYouTube · 3:48 · 5 years agoKolęda "Wśród Nocnej Ciszy" Portugal 2: Finland: yes he does im glad that you knew that!! Portugal 3: we celebrate in home we our family Portugal António: HOW DO YOU CELEBRATE NEW YEAR? Finland: he lives in the northern part of Finland Finland 2: we have fireworks and we celebrate with our friends or family Croatia: How do you say santa claus in your language ? Poland Lodz: we blow up fireworks t Italy: Dear friend we are sorry but we have to say goodbye. it was great fun to meet you in chat and hope to meet you soon and repeat this wonderful experience! Poland Lodz: the night Croatia: we celebrate it with our family and we go to church Croatia: Goodbye Italy Finland 2: joulupukki or julgubbe Portugal 3: " Pai Natal " Italy: Poland Lodz: we are sorry but we must go Portugal 3: good bye Italy :$ Poland Lodz: bye Portugal 2: Last night of the year my family and our friends meet all together and celebrate the new year Croatia: Good by italy
  13. 13. Croatia: and poland Portugal António: Good bye Poland, Good Italy! Portugal 3: Bye Poland :$ Portugal 1: Finland, did the Santa already went out of Finland PolandLodz: Bye... Portugal 1: ? Portugal 2: beyitaly Portugal António: we Loved to have you with us! Portugal 1: adeus Italy: Bye... Portugal António: adio Italy: Ciao!!! Portugal António: adieux Portugal António: goodbye Portugal 3: Ciao Finland 2: no he leaves 24.12 Portugal 1: ahaha thank's Poland Lodz joined the chat Portugal 2: Finland: welcome back Portugal António: DID YOU ALREADY VISITED OTHER EUROPEAN COUNTRY? Croatia: Dobrodošli Portugal 3: Yes, Spain Portugal 2: Spain Finland: we have been in poland in konskie Finland: last christmas Finland 2: vanessa and hanna: we were in Spain in April Croatia: Yes, Germany, Austria, Netherlands. Portugal 1: Yes, we visited Spain but we loved to visit another eurepean country Portugal António: WHERE (WHICH COUNTRY) WOULD YOU LIKE TO GO NEXT? Portugal 3: we would like to go Finland and U.K Croatia: To Italy and Portugal Finland: We have been in Sweden, Norway, Estonia ,Denmark, Germany, France,UK, Cyprus Portugal 1: Ana Rita : I liked to visit U.K Portugal 2: We would like to visit England or Filand Portugal António: WeloveCroatia! Portugal António: Pleasevisitus! Finland: oh nice! Portugal 1: Mariana: I loved to visited England Finland 2: Hanna: I have visited sweden, deutch, italy, estonia and spain Vanessa: spain, England, portugal, sweden, estonia Portugal 1: Luis: I liked to visit germany Portugal 2: oh nice Finland: We would like to go to croatia Finland 2: it would be nice to visit portugal Portugal 2:
  14. 14. Croatia: But it's too bad we didn't get founds for traveling from the EU,but if we find some sponsor's we could go traveling. We stll hope we'll get the found's till 31.12 :$ Portugal 1: Vanessa, wich city have you visited in portugal?? Finland 2: I was in Azorit Croatia: We would be glad to take you to us county Croatia: our* Portugal António: Please visit us! Finland: check the facebook group we made1 Portugal António: Azores? Portugal António: Açores! Croatia: whats the name of the group ? Finland: comenius forever europe 2013-2015 students Finland 2: yes, exactly Portugal 2: We would like to meet you some day Portugal António AzoresYouTube · 8:01 · 2 yearsagoSivas a viajar a las Azores, no te pierdas este video para tener toda la informacion de las islas. Portugal 1: in Portugal we have two islands : Açores and Madeira Portugal 2: good bye Finland: we have a thousand of islands Portugal António: DO YOU KNOW THE NAME OF THE CAPITAL OF PORTUGAL? Finland: lissabon Croatia: lissabon Portugal 1: Good bye, thanks Portugal António: AND WHAT’S THE CAPITAL OF SPAIN? Croatia: bye Finland: madrid Portugal 1: thanks for talking whit us Croatia: madrid Croatia: Thank you Portugal António: AND WHAT’S THE CAPITAL OF ENGLAND /UK? Finland: london Croatia: London Portugal 2: Portugal António: GoodbyeCroatia! Portugal 1: London Portugal 2: bye Portugal António: we loved to have you with us! Portugal 3: GoodBye:c Portugal António: Pleasevisit Portugal! Portugal António: We also have to go Croatia: is it the end allready ?
  15. 15. Portugal António: Croatia: of the chat Finland: welcome to finland in february Finland: bye Finland 2: Bye everyone Portugal António: Dear friends from Filand, Croatia, and all countries Portugal António: ENJOY YOUR ACTIVITIES AND HAVE AN AMAZING CHRISTMAS /NEW YEAR TIME!... Croatia: It was nice talking to you bye and have a nice day Portugal António: THANK YOU FOR THIS AMAZING CHAT. Finland: Thankyou! Croatia: thank you Portugal António: BE EUROPEAN ECO STUDENTS, Portugal António: BE HAPPY EUROPEAN ECO STUDENTS!... Portugal António: THANK YOU TO ALL!... Croatia: We hope to visit Portugal,and Finland someday ! Portugal António: YOU ARE INVITED! Portugal António: we hope to have Finland here in March Croatia: Thank you for your invitation Portugal António: UNTIL THE NEXT TIME!... Portugal António: GOODBYE. Portugal António: ADEUS. Croatiajoinedthechat Portugal António: