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Your leading business partner for motor
stampings & transformer laminations.

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Galaxy stamping pvt ltd

  2. 2. Galaxy Stamping Pvt. Ltd. was found in 2002 by Mr. Chintan Sitapara atRajkot, the central hub of submersible pumps. Thanks to an unfailing spirit of sacrifices, and persevering efforts of itsfounder, which continues today, Galaxy Stamping Pvt. Ltd. has become one ofthe leader in the manufacturing of laminations for electric motors andtransformers, as well as in design and manufacture of high precision stampingdiesWe earned our domestic reputation through our technical expertise in highprecision tooling developments, our highest consideration and dedication tocustomers, together with our continuous obsession to meeting their always moredemanding quality expectation.
  3. 3.  To exceed our customers expectations in terms of quality, service and technology as a mindset driving continuous improvement in all areas of our processes. In achieving so, we can continue to deserve the confidence of our existing clients and enhance our reputation to earn recognition and trust of future partners. While securing our growth and our profitability for a fair share with our employees, we will maintain the pride of our people to be part of the Galaxy Stamping Pvt. Ltd. community. We emphasize the efficiency and justice. We devote to offer an open, sincere, respecting each other, paying attention to the enterprise ethics, studying continuously HAPPY TO WORK working environment which is with our key ability and well operation to create the competition advantage.
  4. 4.  OUR PEOPLE AT THE FOUNDATION OF OUR SUCCESS A key duty is to create a community environment through active support, respect, trust and training. CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT At Galaxy Stamping , everyone has 2 jobs: doing the daily work and improving the processes we work with. CUSTOMERS ABOVE ALL Keeping customers in mind at every step of our processes in order to exceed their expectations.  
  5. 5.  Accuracy Responsiveness Timeliness Customer relationship and focus Employee relationships and involvement Process improvement Measurement and tracking Supplier relationships Creation of support infrastructure
  6. 6.  Galaxy Stamping Pvt. Ltd. is one of the market leader in the production and catering of magnetic steel rotor and stator laminations, stacks along with die casting for the electric motor & pump industries. Technical expertise in diverse range of laminations, high precision stamping dies, our products and services aim at serving the automotive, pumps, alternators, fans, induction motors, generator, servo motor and transformer industries. In-house amenities like slitting line, hi–equipped tool room, D carbonization plants, Alum. Die casting plants, welding, cleating and riveting establish us as a pioneer supplier of laminations. we offer a unique and efficient production base. As a partner, we pride ourselves in our flexibility, the high added value, the quality of products and services and in the competitive prices we provide. We offer customers a unique portfolio of complete solutions supported by an integrated supply chain – from steel to die cast rotors, from tool construction to finished components.
  7. 7.  Our products are only manufactured with raw materials that meet the requirements agreed with the customer, i.e. qualified materials delivered from approved suppliers and released by Galaxy Stamping Pvt. Ltd. All materials used at Galaxy Stamping Pvt. Ltd. conform to the relevant standards. Both indigenous and imported CRNGO & CRCA electrical steel is used as our raw material. We have direct contracts with the steel mills for prime material and seamless supplies for all the grades. We analyze the acquired materials on a random basis, so as to measure and assess the performance of its various suppliers and to determine the relevant measures to be taken with these suppliers. Special attention will be paid to the thickness of the strip, composition, the shape of the cross profile and the material hardness.
  8. 8.  Manufacturing plant is located in the Metoda GIDC, Rajkot having full constructed area of 8000 Sq. Meter. All the indispensable & advance machineries are incorporated in the plant to achieve flawless & constituent production. Capacity of annual production is 8,000 M ton of finished material. We specialize in the production of stamping, tools and die casting moulds. Our range of services does not only include technical consulting for our customers, development and design activities as well as the tool and mould production, but also the testing and handover of the deliverables to our external and internal customers. In order to ensure the effective implementation of all tasks assigned to us, we can make use of a tool production system that focuses on success factors such as quality, costs and time. In order to produce the required components and assemblies, we rely on the most advanced manufacturing technologies that are regularly examined and revised. The experience of our staff guarantees the proper and workmanlike execution of all purchase orders received.
  9. 9.  Our state of the art production center represents high speed progression punching presses having capacity of 125 to 250 Ton. High precise twin loop slitting line of 1250 MM ensures the flawless supply of material to production department. D Carbonization plants are sited having capacity of 10 M ton per day to enhance the electromagnetic properties of steel. Both pressure & horizontal die casting machines produces high quality Alum. Die casting rotors & other castings. Fully automatic argon welding, cleating & riveting machines produces stacks as per the customer requirements. 7 EOT cranes having capacity of 3 Tons to 12 Tons are available in each department for smooth & easy material mobilization. Our Tool room is equipped with high precise machines. i.e CNC wire cut, Surface grinders, Radial drills, DRO milling machine, cylindrical grinding, lathe machines etc. This machineries make enable us to maintain the tools & to manufacture precision toolings of laminations as per customer design.
  10. 10.  You can be certain of our experienced constructors to develop economical tool concepts. Using 2D / 3D simulations, feasibility studies will be carried out and improved until the final draft is perfected. The most up-to-date machinery guarantees the successful implementation of the tool production from hard metals / steel. Highly qualified staffs in each segment ensures the quality & authentication of tool room activities. instantaneous tool maintenance is possible in the existing tools which is the most indispensable for stamping industries.
  11. 11.  In order to meet the high requirements in all areas and to ensure the necessary standards in current production, the tools and moulds are designed and made in Galaxy Stampings own tool room. Manufacturing using in-house tools and die facilities guarantees optimal quality and operational efficiency.
  12. 12.  The increasing automation of motor and generator production requires high quality stamped and die cast components with stringent tolerances. In order to ensure a constant quality for you, all materials are permanently checked and processes be monitored and controlled. The quality performance of Galaxy Stamping Pvt. Ltd. will be monitored on the basis of pre-defined parameters, ratios and targets. Our QC lab is equipped with hi-precise & pioneer measuring instruments like core loss tester, digital verniers, micrometers, height gauges, bore gauges, run out tester, slip gauges, digital harness tester etc. Qualified & experience persons ensures the quality of laminations & each stations. Certification process for ISO 9001:2008 is under process.
  13. 13.  Inspection of all parameters on high precise & pioneer instruments
  14. 14.  We offers customized solutions in diverse packing manners as per customer requirements.
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