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online study with pinay Christian wives of American Citizen :)

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  1. 1. Fascinating Womanhood Online StudyContents and Lessons: (First Week) Introduction What This Book Can Do For You 1. Celestial Love 2. The Ideal Woman, From a Man‟s Point of ViewPart I:Angelic QualitiesIntroduction to Understanding Men (Second Week) 3. Accept Him 4. Appreciate Him 5. Admire Him 6. Makes Him Number One (Third Week) 7. Masculine and Feminine Roles 8. The Leader 9. The Protector 10. The Provider 11. Family Finances (Fourth Week) 12. Masculine Pride 13. Sympathetic Understanding 14. Pandora‟s Box
  2. 2. Summary of Understanding Men (Fifth Week) 15. Inner Happiness 16. A Worthy Character 17. The Domestic GoddessPart II:The Human QualitiesINTRODUCTION TO FEMININITY (Sixth Week) 18. The Feminine Appearance 19. The Feminine Manner 20.The Feminine Nature (Seventh Week) 21. The Feminine Role vs. The Working Wife 22. Radiant Happiness 23. Radiant HealthINTRODUCTION TO CHILDLIKENESS (Eight Week)24. Childlike Anger 25. A Childlike Response 26. More Childlike Ways 27. Fascinating Womanhood Applied to Sex**There will be couples of film that we are going to view. Links will be provided
  3. 3. What This Book Can Do For You ♥♥♥It Will Teach You: 1. The Ideal Woman from a man‟s point of view. 2. What men find fascinating in women. 3. How to awaken a man‟s deepest feelings of love and tenderness. 4. How to understand men, their needs, temperament, and characteristics. 5. How to treat a man when he is depressed, in order to build his confidence and respect in himself. 6. How to cause a man to protect you, provide for you, and devote himself to you. 7. How to obtain those things in life which means so much, things you are justified in having. 8. How to bring out the best in your husband without pushing or persuasion. 9. The feminine role, and the happiness which comes with its fulfillment. 10. The masculine role, and the respect due this divine calling. 11. How to react when a man is thoughtless, unfair, or negligent. 12. How to be attractive, even adorable even when you are angry. 13. How to keep a line of communication open in marriage so that good feeling always exists. 14. How to gain true happiness in marriage, while placing your husband‟s happiness as a primary goal.Why Do We need to study Fascinating Womanhood?  Thisis a deeper dig in knowing our role as woman and as a wife.  To make our husband happy.  To have a stress-free, and happy marriage life.
  4. 4. Celestial Love ♥♥♥  Celestial Love is a term used in Fascinating Womanhood to represent the highest kind of tender love a man feels for a woman, or a woman feels for a man.  It lifts love out of the mediocre and places it on a heavenly plane.  It is the flowers rather than the weeds, the banquet rather than the crumbs.  Celestial Love is not a dutiful, but spontaneous, warm, and tender. When man truly loves a woman, he experiences a deep feeling within. At times it can be intense, almost like pain. He may feel enchanted and fascinated, with tender desire to protect and shelter the woman he loves from harm, danger, and difficulty. Then there is the deeper, more spiritual feeling, almost like worship. Even this cannot adequately describe the many-splendored thing called love.The Following are vivid examples of man‟s true love of woman:  John and Priscilla Alden  Victor Hugo‟s Love  Woodrow Wilson  Shah Jahan‟s Love for Mumtaz (The TajMahalIs It Selfish?  Don‟t think it is selfish if you want to be loved with great tenderness and devotion.  Your husband„s love for you will be a source of great joy to him, and he will be more of a man because of it.  It will provide him great with the greater incentive to succeed in life, giving him something to work for, to live for and, if necessary, to die for.  Awakening your husband‟s love helps him find greater happiness and fulfillment. When you don‟t, you rob him of one of his finer joys.
  5. 5.  Benefits come to you also, Your husband‟s love will be the center of your happiness  Love will improve your health and emotions, will make you blossom and feel queenly.  When the marriage is happy we have happy children who can♥♥♥Love in in marriage is the most important element in its success, anda happy marriage is a foundation of a successful family. Your Love For Him For a true state of Celestial Love to exist, you should love your husband as much as he loves you… How is your love for him to deepen? =The common answer is, “He must do something about it by being a better man,”Although it is undeniably true that your husband‟s initiative to improve himself would increase your love for him, the miracle of Fascinating Womanhood is this: 1. When you apply these teachings, you gain a greater understanding and appreciation for him, learn to see his finer side, and therefore learn to love him more. 2. By living the principles of Fascinating Womanhood, you became a better woman with more loving nature. You will have the capacity to love him more. 3. As you helped him gain confidence and respect in himself and create a happier marriage and family life, he will have more incentive to make something worthwhile of his life. He will become a better man, one you can love more easily, more completely.  Celestial Love is what every woman has longed for since the world began.  So, “What can I do to inspire Celestial Love in my husband?”  To know, we must study Ideal Woman, From a man‟s point of view, the kind that awakens the emotions of worship, adoration, and love.
  6. 6. The Ideal Woman From A Man‟s Point of View ♥♥♥  To understand the masculine viewpoint, learn to view the ideal woman through a man‟s eyes. His ideas of perfection are different from your own.  Women are blind to their own charms, which makes it difficult for them to realize what a man wants.  Women are inclined of to appreciate poise, talent, intellectual gifts, and cleverness of personality.  Whereas men admire girlishness, tenderness, sweetness of character, vivacity, and the ability to understand men.  Men, however, have a different interpretation of what makes a woman beautiful.The Angelic and the Human  The ideal woman in a Man‟s point of view is divided in to two parts, the Angelic and the Human. Angelic: this side has to do with her spiritual qualities..  Good character  Understanding of men  Domestic skills  Quality of inner happiness The Angelic awakens a feeling almost like worship and brings him a feeling of peace and happiness Human :  Appearance  Manner  Feminine Nature
  7. 7.  And includes the charm of femininity, radiance good health, and childlikeness. The human side fascinates and enchants him and awakens a tender feeling, a desire to protect and shelter her from danger.♥♥♥The Angelic and the Human combine to make the perfect womanfrom a man‟s point of view. They are both essential in winning hisgenuine love. When a woman has both the Angelic and Human qualities,she becomes a man‟s ideal woman, one can cherish.I will refer to examples from classical literature. Although these womenare from fiction, they are as reliable as living examples. This is becauseskilled authors always draw their characters from people they knew orobserved in real life. So these women are I will refer to were livingexamples in the author‟s lifetime. Let‟s analyze them(Characters are based on David Copperfield by Charles Dickens)  Agnes - represents the angelic side What She Had….  She Had a Pure and Lovely Character  She Understood Men  She had Inner Happiness  She was a Capable Housekeeper What did Agnes Lacked?  She was Too Independent  She lacked the girlish, Childlike, Trusting Qualities.  She lacked the Gentle, Tender, Fascinating Little Ways that Stirs a Man‟s Heart.  Dora – represents the human side What She had…  She had Enchanting Manner
  8. 8.  She was Childlike, Girlish. At times David referred to her as his child-bride. She would shake her curls as little girls do. Her attitude was childlike, trusting.  She Had Tender Little Ways  She was Radiant Happy  She was Bright Eyed  She was Dependent What Did Dora Lacked?  She was a poor Homemaker  She lacked Character  She did not Understand Men The Following are characters that posses both Angelic and Human.  Deruchette - An example of both the Angelic and the Human Qualities is Deruchette, heroine of the novel Toilers of the Sea, by Victor Hugo  Amelia – another example of Angelic and the Human is Amelia, from the novel Vanity Fair by William Thackeray. ♥Angelic Qualities:  Character  Domestic  Inner Happiness♥Her Human Qualities:  Childlikeness  Childlike Emotions  Changefulness  Fresh Appearance  Gentleness  Grace  Trustfulness
  9. 9.  Tenderness  Radiates Happiness She is fresh and joyous as the lark. She sheds joy around. She cast light upon dark days. Her presence lights the home. Her approach is like a cheerful warmth. She passes by and we are content. She stays a while and we are happy. She has a smile which has the power to lighten the weight of that enormous chain which all the living in common drag behind them – a dangerous smile which was Deruchette herself. At times she has giddiness and vivacity.Is Beauty Necessary? It is interesting to note that none of the authors of the women justdescribed placed any importance upon natural beauty.  Amelia, for example, was chubby and stout with a very imperfect nose. “Her nose was rather short than otherwise, and her cheeks a good deal too round for a heroine.”  Deruchette‟s complexion was marred by freckles, and her mouth was too large for perfection.  Agnes and Dora are both beautiful girls, so David‟s choice was based on other qualities.  The four women that we have studied thus far have been examples from classical literature.Mumtaz, lady of TajMahal.One worthy of our review.  She had a pure, simple, and generous mind. She was amiable in nature, and affable.
  10. 10.  She had indomitable patience which would not give way even under the most trying circumstances.  She‟s wise, prudent, and sagacious lady  The emperor had implicit confidence in her in private as well as state affairs.  He consulted her on many important affairs of the empire, and she discharged this function admirably well.  She was charitable and kind  Mumtaz proved to be an ideal wife.She fascinated the mind of her husband. With all her beauty, wisdom and grace, she was the consummate flower of her family.Analyzing Mumtaz: Her Angelic Qualities: Character Domestic Qualities Her Human Qualities: She was feminine Radiance Fascinating We can find more examples from history of women who had Angelic and Human qualities. Cleopatra‟s charms changed the course of history. Helen of Troy was so treasured she caused a major war. Ellen Wilson wife of the president, is worthy intensive study. ♥♥♥
  11. 11. Together He CherishesBoth are essentials to his Celestial Love
  12. 12. Part I The Angelic Qualities ♥ Understands Men ♥Inner Happiness ♥Worthy Character ♥ Domestic Goddess The Angelic arouses in man a feeling near worship, and brings him peace and happiness.Instruction to Understanding Men We begin our study of the Angelic side by learning to understand men The first thing to learn is that Men are different from women, so different in nature, temperament that is almost although they came from another planet. Men don‟t think, act, or react as women do, nor do they have the same needs or values. Even needs that are similar differ in value. For example: o Love is more important to a woman and admiration is more important to a man. o Because we fail to understand these differences, we sometimes provide men with the things we need, rather than the things
  13. 13. they need, and baffled when that fail to respond as we anticipated.Relationship Rules with Men 1. Accept him at face value. 2. Appreciate his better side. 3. Admire His Manliness. 4. Make Him number One. 5. Let him be the guide, protector, and provider. 6. Let him manage the money. 7. Don‟t wound his sensitive masculine pride. 8. Be sympathetic, understanding.