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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Online Technology & Social Media August 7, 2009 National Women’s Political Caucus Christina Gagnier, REALPOLITECH [email_address]
  • 2. Technology has changed everything. How do we use these different channels? Community Publication Production
  • 3. The “Big Three” MySpace Ning Orkut FriendFeed The Others Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Think of a hub and spoke model You or your website as the hub These social networking tools are the spokes. They expand your reach.
  • 4. Your Technology Universe. Website Blog Twitter Facebook MySpace YouTube Flickr
  • 5. Social Networking. What? Community Publication Production Goes by a variety of names The love/hate relationship with the term “social media”
  • 6. Decoding It Community Publication Production Social networks replicate your real-time offline experiences. Its’ use should match offline grassroots efforts. How does all this online “stuff” do what I need it to do for me?
  • 7. Riding the Waves Community Publication Production First Wave Offline Action: Does it drive volunteerism? Does it drive donations? Does it drive people to the polls? Second Wave Online Action: Online volunteerism Online community Micro-volunteering Mobile action
  • 8. Why? Community Publication Production Reason : Connect with friends, family, colleagues. Reason : To follow things you already like. Reason : Get feedback. Reason : Mobilize others, generate interest. Reason : Town Crier.
  • 9. How It’s Different Community Publication Production Complaints : “ P.R. run amuck” “ Getting off the message” Quality Control Imaginations run wild when people realize the organizational “me” becomes a large “WE” with social media.
  • 10. Big Thing to Keep in Mind Community Publication Production Things are changing from a “Broadcast at” to a “Broadcast with” model. People want to interact , not just be talked at. Join in. The conversation potential is deep.
  • 11. Content. Context. Campaigns. Successes. Obvious, and not so obvious ones. Advent of the modern political campaign. 2004: A Political Odyssey. Obama campaign. Causes. Providing assistance to families in need. Collecting stories of national service. Demonstrating impact.
  • 12. The Modern Political Campaign. Community Publication Production Easy to engage. Can participate from anywhere.
  • 13. Causes. Community Publication Production .
  • 14. Guiding Digital Citizens. Community Publication Production Micro-asks. Legitimizers.
  • 15. Story of National Service. Community Publication Production .
  • 16. Impact Driving Involvement. Community Publication Production
  • 17. Assembling a Toolkit. A Translation. Twitter. Tweet. DM. RT. #. @. Huh? Facebook. Basic Profile. Groups. Fan Pages. Who & Why.
  • 18. Your Technology Universe. Website Blog Twitter Facebook MySpace YouTube Flickr
  • 19. Facebook. Community Publication Production
  • 20. The Power of Suggestion. Community Publication Production Facebook is…look at me! Be my friend! Do what I ask because others do it too! What’s available: Basic Profile Customized URL. Fan Pages Groups 74% of non-profits surveyed use it.
  • 21. Community Publication Fan Page v. Group Groups are very easy to set up. But they are limited. Fun applications are available with fan pages.
  • 22. Who Should Use it & Why. Community Publication Production Reason : Your acquisition & cultivation base is moving online. Reason : Your new recruits are already there. Reason : Your future leaders shape this space already. #1 Social Networking Service in the U.S.
  • 23. Twitter. Community Publication Production
  • 24. Sweet. Let’s Tweet. Community Publication Production Basic Profile/Name. Tweets. @ Replies. Direct Messages. The Infamous Retweet. Fun Events: #FollowFriday @gagnier @realpolitech
  • 25. Exercising your “Twinfluence” Community Publication Production Power of 140 Characters. Rapid Response, Rapid Dissemination. Sincerity.
  • 26. Master of the Twitterverse. Community Publication Production Twitter is …share info with me! Follow me because I am interesting! Share my info & my cause!
  • 27. Return on Investment. Rule #3: Personalize. Rule #2: Link. Link. Link. You link to others, respond to what is going on. Others will link back & comment. Rule #1: Blog early. Blog often. Make it a “first thing” routine. Do it frequently.
  • 28. It’s not like making a deposit. Community Publication Production You won’t necessarily get back what you put in. Make sure you are focusing on the right things: Content is king (or queen). Quality v. Quantity
  • 29. V is for… Community Publication Production Visibility. Using multiple platforms in a rich manner often. Viability. Setting up a plan that you can implement.
  • 30. Get Started. Community Publication Production #1: Create an account on Facebook & Twitter. Start simple. Check these tools out, add info, customize, have fun. #2: Try new tools. Venture on to LinkedIn or YouTube. #3: Take suggestions. Facebook suggests friends. Twitter lets you use your email contacts.
  • 31. Additional Considerations. Measure return on investment. Keep a log. Do a monthly assessment. Is MySpace your space? If even a small part of your community identifies with the tool, maybe you should use it. In House Social Networks. Why do people go this route? More control = more work Strategy time.
  • 32. Connect. Thank you. Christina Gagnier CEO REALPOLITECH [email_address] @gagnier For more tips, check out the REALPOLITECH website for blog posts & upcoming webinars.