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Beyond the Clock - Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation
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Beyond the Clock - Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation



Published in News & Politics
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  • 1. It’s a 24/7 job being a mom. Imagine if you had to fight for that time to be with your child. Join Andre Sobel Foundation in supporting moms who need to go beyond the clock this Mother’s Day. Beyond the Clock BHBB Media Kit
  • 2. Beyond the Clock Kimberly & Marques Kimberly is a single mother with two children. Six-year-old Marques, diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a  cancerous mass on his adrenal glands that had metastasized throughout his entire body, faced a 30% chance of survival.  Mom was forced to quit her job. She relied on her savings. She cut out all unessential expenses. But then, Kimberly couldn’t pay the rent. Chemotherapy, radiation and a stem marrow transplant put her son’s cancer in remission until a few weeks ago when the cancer relapsed. Kimberly keeps up her good spirits even as Marques is back in the hospital and has significant hearing loss from the last intensive treatment. ASRL has stepped in and paid for January and April’s rent to give Kimberly more  cuddle time at her son’s side.  Help Kimberly go  beyond the clock.  Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation
  • 3. Beyond the Clock Andie, Lindsey & Jeremy Andie is a single mother with two teens, one facing a rare and life-threatening illness. As a high-school student, Jeremy collapsed on the soccer field and was diagnosed with metastasizing osteosarcoma, a bone cancer that spread to his lungs. Mom left her job to care for her children. Her athletic son’s leg was replaced, and he had four double lung surgeries. When Andie “hit the wall” financially, she contacted ASRL. Her physically fragile son encouraged her saying, “It never hurts to ask.” ASRL responded immediately by paying Andie’s overdue rent, car insurance, car payments, and hotel accommodations during Jeremy’s most recent surgery to give Andie more  time  with her kids.  Help Andie go beyond the clock.  Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation
  • 4. Mom & Mackenzie Beyond the Clock There is a disabled mother with a five-year-old daughter receiving chemotherapy. Mackenzie has stage IV metastic rhabdomyosarcoma, a soft tissue tumor. Her disease has progressed clinically. The tumor has grown. When Mackenzie developed new lesions, she had to leave her home to receive treatment from a sarcoma specialist. Her Grandmother could not care for Mackenzie’s three-year-old brother while she is away from home. The family’s credit cards are completely maxed out. ASRL was able to step in and help pay utility and other household bills on which her parents had fallen behind, and paid for a last minute plane ticket in time for Mackenzie’s younger brother to join the family at her hospital bedside. Help this family go beyond the clock.  Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation
  • 5. Beyond the Clock There are so many moms Who need you to help them go beyond the clock.  Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation
  • 6. Beyond the Clock Support our Moms Buy a Gift Card $30 Help A Mom Get to the Hospital" " $10 For Cell Phone Minutes, Gas, Food Sometimes the simplest thing -- like having enough money for When a child is diagnosed with a life threatening illness, bus fare -- can keep a father and child from getting to the hospital family finances get stressed fast. If mom quits her job to stay for the child's regular chemotherapy. with the sick child, and dad is on disability, where will the money come from? Even the simplest purchases -- for food, A gift of $10 can pay bus fare for Mom and his child to get to and diapers, gas, medicine -- can overwhelm a family struggling from the hospital, ensuring that the child receives critical medical to care for a child with a terminal or catastrophic illness. treatment. When your child is seriously ill, it is stressful enough. Help relieve a family's financial burden so that Mom can focus on Your gift card will help a kind neighbor or relative go his son’s healing. shopping for this family in need. Your gift will help to ease their financial burdens, so that the parents can focus on the child’s healing. Bring Someone Else In to Help a Mom $150 When a child is diagnosed with a life threatening illness, life Buy Groceries When a Child is Sick" $100 changes in an instant. A single mom might quit his job to be When a child is catastrophically ill, things happen fast. Medical bills at the hospital with his child, but who will help out the add up quickly. It's expensive to travel to the hospital, and soon siblings at home? Siblings need a loving parent now more enough the money runs out. It's stressful enough to have a child than ever. with a catastrophic illness. Having to worry about how to feed siblings and keep gas in the car can add even more stress. Your gift Your gift will pay for transportation for a grandparent to visit will feed a sick child's family, softening a family's burden and letting and care for siblings. Your gift will help with gas, a long Mom focus on caring for the child with a life threatening illness. Just distance bus ticket, or plane fare. Not only will your gift give knowing that he can buy groceries and feed his family helps a siblings their loving grandparent during this fragile time, it parent cope better during a traumatic time. will give Mom peace of mind knowing that he can focus on his sick child's healing. Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation
  • 7. Beyond the Clock Share in Our Story The   Andre  Sobel  River   of  Life   Foundation  was   created  in  the  wake  of   founder   Valerie  Sobel’s  loss  of   her  teenage   son  Andre  from  an  inoperable  brain  tumor.   She  realized   that  it   had  been   a  blessing  that  she  was   able   to   care   for   her  son   and  not  worry  about  finances  and  other  resources.  Upon  discovering  that  many   single  parents   with  critically-­‐ill  children  are  forced  to  chose  between  working  to   provide  basic  needs  and  staying   with  their  terminally  ill  child,  she  created  the   foundation  to  relieve  this  financial  and  emotional  burden. The  Andre  Sobel   River   of   Life   Foundation   (a   501(c)(3)   public  charity)   provides   emergency   assistance   within   24   hours   to   single   caregivers   of   children   with   catastrophic   or   life  threatening   illnesses  who   are  in  financial  crises.  Working   in   partnership   with  40   pediatric  hospitals  nationally,  we  have  helped   over  10,200   family   members  in  the  past   nine  years.  Without  ASRL’s  support,  many  children   with   life   threatening   illnesses   would   be   facing   pain,   treatments,   fear,   and   at   times,  even  their  death,  without  a  parent  by  their  side. Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation
  • 8. Beyond the Clock Support Moms Online Look for our Beyond the Clock videos on our YouTube channel, powerful stories and impressions from the moms in our community. View these videos at: Tweet about Beyond the Clock! @asriveroflife Use the hashtag #beyondtheclock Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation
  • 9. Donate online at or Via mail: Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation 8899 Beverly Boulevard, Suite 111 Los Angeles, CA 90048 (310) 276-7111 Beyond the Clock BHBB