The Truth About Your Students: What They're Doing Online


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Illinois Computing Educators Conference 2014 (ILICE) Andrea Keith
Even though the media is constantly reporting issues involving students in crisis, as victims, or as perpetrators, most of us want to believe it’s not happening in our school. But with the many popular free and paid products, apps, and services being used today, kids have lots of opportunities for trouble. Learn what’s happening across the country with real life stories from Gaggle's Human Monitoring Services, and what you should be looking out for in our own classroom or school.

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  • HMS statistics
  • HMS statistics
  • Self Harm, suicidal thoughts, rape, bullying, fights, threats
  • While this is not the same issue, we have someone telling his friends he’s considering suicide while another person is using their Gaggle email to email staff to alert them of a friend who is doing the same.
  • Both of these email alerts were blocked by HMS
  • Both of these email alerts were blocked by HMS
  • This was a PDF file that was shared with students. Beyond page 1, it asked forVirginity status# of sexual partnersWhether or not still sexually active & with whoSmoking habitsDrug habits
  • Shared Google Doc
  • We have many issues with the site This site allows users to ask anonymous questions, sometimes the questions come from people that are connected in real life, but the questions can also come from people thousands of miles away who are simply trolling for a reaction. Recently we notified a school about a student that was receiving messages like “you ruined yours and johns relationship it's always the cheaters fail you dumb bitch burn in hell your nothing but a slut” and other vulgar responses. In all, this student has received over 120 messages that have flagged in our system in less than a month. In these cases, we notify the schools about the volume or content of messages students are receiving. does not allow reporting of inappropriate usage and will not address any problems resulting from the use of their product
  • These came from Twitter notifications
  • These were message notification replies in edmodo that were flagged.
  • Average week…5 cases reported to NCMC
  • The Truth About Your Students: What They're Doing Online

    1. 1. What Students Are Doing Online Presented by Andrea Keith Director –Client Engagement
    2. 2. Just the Facts… Of teens 12-17: • 93% go online • 75% have a cell phone • Average sends and receives 1500 texts/month • 73% have social networking profiles • 47% have uploaded photos • 14% have posted videos
    3. 3. Some Disturbing Statistics… The percent of teenagers who have sent or posted nude or semi-nude pictures or video of themselves: • • • • • • 20% of teenagers overall 22% of teen girls 18% of teen boys 11% of teen girls ages 13-16 39% of all teenagers have sent or posted sexually suggestive messages. 48% say they have received such messages. The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy
    4. 4. In the News….
    5. 5. 3 Million
    6. 6. 2,900
    7. 7. Pleas for Help
    8. 8. I am emailing you to let you know I am at the end of my rope. … Either my situation is fixed, to provide me with an optimal learning environment based on MY needs, not my PARENTS, or today will be the last day you see me. This is not a threat, this is not a tantrum, this is a GD promise. And if you try and admit me to a hospital, or put me into custody, I will do whatever it takes, even if it means banging my head against jail bars, I will end my miserable useless existence. .. And if I am going to have to live being as miserable as I am, then I truly, do not want to live anymore. So you tell me, are you going to do what the school wants and my parents think is right by making me isolated and miserable, and see my obituary in the paper, whenever it may appear? …. I suggest you stop wasting time on me, and start using your time and effort on someone who cares about what happens to them…I don't give care if I live or die. All I know is that I'm not going to continue to live, if I am this miserable.
    9. 9. These are the people that are going to fight so far: Main Event: Mateo M. Vs. Brendon T.. VS Trey J. VS Tim S. Sophomore Class Whiteout Tomorrow! You have been invited to come fight on November 2. The fights will be held at 305 Clark St. Show up and watch or fight, thats up to you. (read on) Austin T. VS Tim F. If you want to Fight Put your name down below: 1. 2. 3.AUSTIN VS EZRA???? 4. 5.tyler vs. chance (only if chances punk ass will show up) 6.Logan vs. Tyler (or anyone who wants to fight him)
    10. 10. Have you heard of….
    11. 11. Smile!!
    12. 12. Why are kids doing this? • Brain development-can’t predict consequences; invincibility • Need for attention • Media coverage • Peer modeling • Little to no supervision by adults
    13. 13. What can we do?
    14. 14. Opportunities for mistakes Avoidance doesn’t predict success. Kids don’t always do what they are told. Let them learn the hard way… but not too hard. Catch the teachable moments or risk reinforcing the wrong behavior.
    15. 15. Learn more • • • • Visit us at Booth #503 Visit Email Call 800-288-7750
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