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Vyaktitva   Organization Profile
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Vyaktitva Organization Profile


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Vyaktitva is a people performance consulting firm

Vyaktitva is a people performance consulting firm

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Our Vyaktitva Unfolding true elements of people & organizations
  • 2. Content
      • Content Slide No.
      • Vyaktitva value addition 3
      • Elemental model 4
      • Services offered 5
      • Training excellence 8
      • Business impact 9
      • Intervention model 10
      • Some of the recent learning interventions 11
      • Some of the recent OD interventions 18
      • Few of our satisfied clients 20
      • Our consultants 22
      • Contact Us 25
  • 3.
      • Performance support organization offering conceptualization , design & implementation of Organization capability building interventions, workshops and training programs with a primary emphasis of integrating business strategy / goals to individual performance.
    • A combined experience of over 200 years in diverse sectors and verticals. Our model of performance enhancement, impacts all the elements where we co-create a holistic wellness for the organization with Vyaktitva as internal partners rather than external consultants.
    • Majority of our new clients come through recommendations of others & our existing customers, which is an evidence of our quality of solutions, service and deep engagements with our clients.
    1 We make Business Sense
  • 4. Changing the Organizational Vyaktitva We believe that every organization is made up of 5 elements or tatvas and these elements give the organization its character ( Vyaktitva ) 2
  • 5. Our services offered around elements 3 Element Examples of Services offered Benefits Sky (Vision)
    • Facilitating the top management to develop organizational vision & strategies
    • Aligning the rest of the organization to the vision
    • Developing long-term processes to ensure the “living of vision moments”
    • Facilitating vision reviews and revisits
    • Employees aligned to the Vision / Mission / Direction leading to higher efficiencies
    Air (Culture)
    • Facilitating teams to elicit key values and competencies from success stories
    • Embedding a new culture & aligning rest of the organization building policies & practices to reinforce the culture
    • Living & communicating vision / culture-keeping it alive
    • Common set of values among people leading to openness, trust & transparency
    Water (Processes)
    • Performance Management System
    • Developing goal setting, competence measures, review process & formats
    • Enabling the entire organization to use it effectively by facilitating SMART goals and development oriented review, feedback & counseling
    • Implementing one cycle with the organization
    • Defining array of rewards and individual needs
    • System to match individual need to kind of recognition
    • Ensuring that all goals are aligned
    • Higher performance of people
    • Motivating Rewards and Recognition
  • 6. Our services offered…contd 4 Element Examples of Services offered
    • Benefits
    Water (Processes)
    • Talent Management System
    • Designing a system for identifying critical value adders
    • Designing potential assessment system
    • Building career and succession policy
    • Creating retention strategies
    • Retaining talent
    • Motivated and energized workforce
    • Right person in the right job with the right skills
    • Selection System
    • Building customized selection instruments
    • Administering and implementing psychometric tests
    • Conducting HR & final interviews
    • Induction Programs
    • Attracting better talent
    • Ensuring ‘right’ hiring
    • Setting expectations
    • Administrative Polices
    • Designing administrative policies; leave, travel, conveyance, credit card including employee handbook
    • Training and recruitment manuals
    Ensures smoother running of the people operations balancing the needs of people and the organization Earth (Structures)
    • Organization restructuring
    • Roles, Accountabilities and Measures
    • Grade designations & compensation structure
    Aligned structure with greater role clarity, accountability, cross functional understanding leading to high levels of performance
  • 7. Our services offered…contd 5 Element Examples of Services offered Benefits Fire (Competence)
    • Development centers
    • Identify critical competencies and proficiency levels
    • Identify strengths to build & opportunities to improve
    • Building development plans around feedback
    • Team leaders development center (TLDC)
    Right competencies and skills required to achieve mission critical objectives
    • Training and Development
    • Performance opportunity & learning gap analysis
    • Create experiential learning methods for training
    • Develop courseware and manuals
    • Design & deliver standardized training programs
    • Action planning for changed behavior
    • Follow up through refreshers and evaluation of training programs
    Identification of the ‘real’ learning gaps and filling them leads to a competent organization raising the people performance of the organization
  • 8.
    • Corporate Training
    • Vyaktitva has delivered more than 15000 hours of training with a diverse set of audience across Industries. This experience has translated into paradigms, tools and methods that have been used by Organizations globally to raise the effectiveness of their learning interventions.
    • Content Development
    • Vyaktitva has developed learning content and facilitated internal capability development on content designing for various Organizations across industries .
    • Open Workshops
    • Vyaktitva has conducted over 100 “The Big Ticket” workshops in the last 7+ years:
    • Workshop on design & delivery of learning interventions ( on Instructional Design principle )
    • Workshop on Team Handling skills ( Taking ownership of team aspirations )
    6 Training Excellence
  • 9. How we make a difference
    • Make “ Business Impact ” the intervention goal to be achieved rather than only competency building
    • Integrating ‘ Learning ’ with ‘ work ’ and not in the classroom alone
      • Use a mix of Tools : Workshops/ Projects/ Presentations/ Coaching and Mentoring/ Observations/ Job Aids/ Feedback
    • As the business impact will be central to any intervention, business parameters will be used to evaluate the impact
      • Pre and post intervention scores of business parameters such as Productivity, Customer Satisfaction, Attrition etc.
    • Vyaktitva – Instructional design Model & Strategies
      • All workshops and training programs are based on the principles and tools of instructional design and are customized to the specific needs of the organization, after complete analysis.
  • 10. Our Intervention Model 8
    • Audience Analysis
    • Task Analysis
    • Writing Learning Objectives
    Analyzing & Defining Gap / Opportunity WHY & WHO?
    • Facilitation process
    • Building buy in of learner
    • Inspiring audience towards change
    • Ensuring real world connect
    Implementing Learning Solutions HOW TO ROLL IT OUT?
    • Content structuring
    • Workshop & session design
    • Strategic Choice of Tools
    Designing Solutions WHAT & HOW?
    • Creating Test Items
    • Pre and Post Needle Change Check
    • Assessment of Feedback and Business Impact
    Evaluating the Intervention HOW WAS IT?
    • Developing presentation slides and handouts
    • Preparing examples, case studies, role-plays, etc.
    Developing WHAT EXACTLY TO PUT IN? Adult Learning Principles
  • 11. Some of our recent Learning interventions 9 Intervention Brief Broad objectives Skills impacted Target Audience Taking ownership of team aspirations ( 3 Days ) Help Managers and potential Managers take ownership of managing aspirations of their team members leading to a better people management skills, better people performance and lower attrition and higher productivity. .
    • Understanding the aspirations of team members
    • Assessment of people potential using potential assessment tools
    • Taking charge of team aspirations
    • Managing recognition
    • Inspiring individuals & building agreement with them
    • Building on strengths
    • People Skills
    • Handling team
    • Building rapport
    • Listening actively
    • Potential Assessment
    • Assessing potential
    • Building Agreement
    • Team leaders
    • Supervisors
    • 1 st time managers
    Basic Managerial Skills – 1 ( 3 Days ) Help Managers and potential Managers develop basic managerial skills
    • Identify own managerial style
    • Explain the key competencies required to be an effective Team Manager
    • Make own self improvement areas and development action plans
    • Managing self and time
    • Prioritize tasks effectively using the process of prioritization
    • Delegate effectively using the process of delegation
    • Identify own improvement areas and things they need to manage time better
    • Managerial Skills
    • Leadership Skills
    • Learning Style
    • Time Management
    • Prioritization
    • Delegation
    • All managerial staff
  • 12. Some of our recent Learning interventions Intervention Brief Broad objectives Skills impacted Target Audience Basic Managerial Skills – 2 ( 3 Days ) Help Managers and potential Managers develop basic managerial skills
    • Fulfilling Performance Targets
    • List the characteristics of high achievers and assess own need for achievement
    • Inspire team members effectively towards achievement of goals
    • Identify the development level of team members
    • Use different leadership/ coaching styles as per development level of team members
    • Coach team members using the ESCA model, principles of feedback
    • Explain the various biases to beware of while reviewing performance
    • Managerial Skills
    • Leadership Skills
    • Target orientation
    • Inspiring team members
    • Developing team
    • Leadership Styles
    • Coaching
    • Reviewing Skills
    • All managerial staff
    Performance Management & Review ( 3 Days ) This workshop focuses on managing performance & subsequently reviewing it. Towards meeting the same the entire scale of performance management i.e., measuring performance to providing coaching, gets covered
    • Measuring performance
    • Understand difference between performance & potential
    • Goal Setting - S.M.A.R.T. goals
    • Giving & Receiving Feedback
    • Performance review & discussion
    • People management skills
    • Providing Coaching
    • Assessing Competencies
    • Metrics to measure
    • Performance Vs Potential
    • S.M.A.R.T. goals
    • Performance Basis
    • Impact of Feedback
    • Coaching for Performance
    • Competency Assessment
    • All involved in performance reviews
  • 13. Some of our recent Learning interventions Intervention Brief Broad objectives Skills impacted Target Audience Customer Focus ( 2 Days ) This workshop is a value based program that focuses on shifting the paradigm from customer satisfaction to customer delight. It also serves as preparatory platform for budding team leaders, providing them with basic team leading values.
    • Increased Ownership & Commitment levels of participants
    • Direct impact on Customer Satisfaction Levels / scores
    • Reduced customer escalations
    • Proactive work-styles
    • Shift of focus from an individual to a systems/organizational perspective
    • Customer focus
    • Ownership
    • Responsibility
    • Commitment
    • Influencing
    • Emotional states
    • Proactively
    • Compliance Vs Commitment
    • All customer facing profiles
    Working in teams ( 3 Days ) This team is a fundamental building block of almost any organization today & its degree of cohesiveness determines the overall performance & work environment of a company. This program principally focuses on cohesion within teams.
    • Performance audit as a team
    • Providing constructive feedback
    • Building trust within teams
    • Inter-group effectiveness
    • Team Building
    • Team Audit
    • Feed-back
    • Group dynamics
    • Interdependence
    • Teams at various levels
  • 14. Some of our recent Learning interventions Intervention Brief Broad objectives Skills impacted Target audience Critical Thinking ( 3 Days ) The program gives participants the ability to analyze an issue and create a presentation that is focused and makes an impact on the audience.
    • Participants will be able to use the principle of three to critically analyze an issue
    • Participants will be able to use SCQA to create the construct of the presentation
    • Participants will be able to apply key principles of making an impactful proposition
    • Know your audience and understand their needs
    • Practice the art of powerful questioning
    • Understand and effectively use the 4 step model for building thought structure
    • Use best in class techniques of ‘Title’-ing and Layout
    • Create effective communication material using the principles of critical thinking
    • Middle and senior management
    Instructional Design & Facilitation skills ( 4 Days) The program provides essential skills & knowledge to design & deliver high impact learning interventions.
    • Conducting task analysis and identifying the real performance gap
    • Writing instructional objectives
    • Creating workshop design
    • Ability to use instructional design
    • Ability to create content
    • Ability to deliver (Fac skills)
    • Evaluation skills
    • Professionals involved in skill development & transfer
  • 15. Some of our recent Learning interventions Intervention Brief Broad objectives Skills impacted Target Audience Time Management ( 3 Days ) This workshop centers around improving the learner’s affectivity by helping him / her manage his / her time efficiently.
    • Task Prioritization
    • Effective delegation
    • Defining & working on personal goals
    • Creating time
    • Urgency questionnaire
    • Prioritization matrix
    • Delegation
    • Saying ‘No’
    • Goals
    • New Managers
    Coaching Skills ( 3 Days ) Enhancing the coaching skills of people leaders
    • Explain how coaching affects people development
    • Select people from within their teams for coaching for high impact results
    • Learning coaching models and steps
    • Practice coaching skills
    • Coaching
    • New Managers
    Influencing to win ( 3 Days ) Influence and persuade colleagues and clients to achieve key business objectives in a way that benefits the organization, clients, colleagues and themselves
    • Identify own strengths and improvement areas in ‘influencing’
    • Explain what is ‘Influencing’, its importance in today’s business, commonly used influencing styles and benefits, core influencing premises and influencing triggers
    • List and explain the steps in the ‘ Influencing to Win’ process model
    • Practice ‘ influencing and persuading ‘ others through role plays
    • Influencing Skills
    • Persuasion Skills
    • Middle Management Staff
  • 16. Some of our recent Learning interventions Intervention Brief Broad objectives Target Audience Competency based interviewing skills ( 2 Days ) This program builds the capability to conduct interviews using behavioural event methodology to assess competencies
    • Awareness of the interviewing process – its role, needs, types and structure
    • Understand the Behavioral Event Interviewing process and its use
    • Create BEI based questions for assessing key competencies
    • Use the BEI framework and questions for interviews
    • Use the BEI Interviewing sheet
    • Practice BEI based interviewing using role plays
    • Identify own ability to conduct a BEI
    • Teams at various levels
  • 17. Some of our standard interventions Program Days Target audience 1. Communication skills 2-3 days program
    • All
    2. Motivation skills 2 days program
    • All
    3. Leadership skills 2-3 days program
    • Supervisors / Managers
    • Team Leaders
    4. Team building 1-2 days program
    • All
    5. MDP (Management Development Program) 2-3 days program
    • First time managers
    • Supervisors / Managers
    6. Mentoring 1-2 days program
    • First time managers
    • Supervisors / Managers
    7. Goal setting workshop 1 day workshop
    • All
    The objectives and design for the above mentioned programs can be shared post need analysis.
  • 18. Some of our recent OD interventions 10 Client Some of solutions Foods division of one of the largest FMCG company in the world
    • Designed competency framework for the marketing team & regional sales team
    • Designed intervention(s) to identify new behaviors required for the organization to live the new vision
    • Identifying current cultural pillars ( in India & China ) of the organization and identifying changes that need to be made with respect to the aspirations of the organization
      • Implementing solutions to make this happen
    • Restructuring APAC HR structure and creating dashboards for the HR organization
    Pharmaceutical company
    • Created HR road-map for the organization to meet its global aspirations
    • Interventions included:
      • Restructuring the organization
      • Cultural framework
      • Role-maps and competency frameworks
      • Performance management solution
      • Talent attraction and talent retention
      • Employee satisfaction survey
      • ESOP
    OEM supplier to large organizations across the globe
    • Created strategic HR road-map for the organization
    • Facilitated vision and value framework for the senior management
    • Cascade and deployment of the value framework across Plant
    • Customized and implemented senior & middle management interpersonal alignment / team building workshops with specific focus on the new vision & values
    • Designed and deployed the entire new employee orientation program
  • 19. Some of our recent OD interventions Client Some of solutions Eye care and ophthalmic company
    • Created talent management strategy
    • Interventions included:
      • Creating competency frameworks
      • Implementing learning solutions
      • Developed career coaching processes
    • Implemented learning interventions across India and 9 other APAC countries
  • 20. Few of our satisfied clients Global Alliance MAGNA INFOTECH
  • 21.
    • Recognition for our work comes in many forms, including quotes and awards. Some of them:
    • I have been impressed by the high degree of partnership with the business ---this helped the entire team understand & deliver on the projects really well together. Delivery has always been on time and of the expected quality or better.
    • -Piyush Mehta (Head HR - Genpact)
    • The team under the leadership of Arjun Shekhar delivered outstanding skills at training new designers to deliver on critical customer engagements. The team partnered with us on designing and delivering flawlessly on Functional certification programs and baseline skill building of 40+ instructional designers.
    •   The team has high energy and is very customer focused.
    • -Supria Dhanda (Training Lead, GECIS E-Learning)
    • I believe we have a true partnership going with Vyaktitva in our Organization Development journey. Not only is the work being done with us by Vyaktitva very thorough & impactful but also it is completely integrated with our larger business needs & hence very easily sustainable.
    • Today I look upon Vyaktitva as an extension of our HR team partnering with business on important business interventions.
    • -Samik Basu (Director HR - PepsiCo)
    • I have participated in the Big Ticket program conducted by Vyaktitva a couple of months ago, and it has been a rewarding learning experience as I have been able to apply some of the learnings directly at my workplace.
    • --Madan Srinivasan (Mgr. Org. Capability Development, Frito-Lay India)
    • Awarded the IBM Daksh Certificate of Excellence for ‘Innovations in Learning’.
    Few of our satisfied clients
  • 22. R. Venkatesh Iyer (Venki) Partner at Vyaktitva, graduated from IIM Ahmedabad in 1982 and joined NIIT. He was a core member of the initial team that established the company and made it a force to reckon with. Venki's association with NIIT continued till 2005 by which time he had accumulated many feathers in his cap. He was instrumental in setting up the distribution/franchising channel for NIIT and headed it for many years. During the 23 years at NIIT, Venki has always been regarded as someone who can deliver whatever may be the odds. This reputation led to Venki being asked to handle the toughest of assignments year after year. Some of them were Global Head of Education, Regional Head of Software Services, Global Head of Human Resources, Head of NIIT Ventures, President and COO of NIIT Smart Serve, the BPO subsidiary of NIIT. Gagan Adlakha Partner at Vyaktitva, a product of XLRI 1990 batch, Gagan joined NIIT right after campus and believe it or not, in these job hopping times, thrived there for 14 long years. Though to be honest he did his share of job hopping within NIIT - getting to experience not only all facets of HR but also taking on business responsibilities. Unlike so many of us who get stuck into our comfort zones, he moved his cheese and opted for a regional business head role for NIIT Planetworkz focusing on providing the BPO industry with recruitment and training solutions. As an associate with Vyaktitva, his diverse experience enables him to bring to any assignment a penchant for making HR more business and bottom line oriented. Having focused on processes, Gagan doesn’t believe in one-time interventions but rather in enshrining learning's for long-term business impact. 10 Vyaktitva consultants typically have between 8 to 25 years of work experience across industries, geographies. Some key profiles: Our consultants
  • 23. Samir Nakra It was his desire to serve in the Army that saw Samir join the Indian Military Academy in 1994. His stint in the Army saw him serve in Rajasthan, Gujarat and Kashmir, where he also served on the Line of Control. His experience of having handled large teams in tense, combat conditions gives him insights into the stresses faced by people under extreme conditions. He left the Army in 2003 and it was his passion for training and organizational development that saw him join NIS Sparta and thereafter Vyaktitva. He has been with Vyaktitva since 2005 and in a short span of time has worked on numerous OD and Training & Development assignments, spanning diverse sectors like Manufacturing, Telecom, FMCG, BPO’s, Hospitality and IT etc. Lakshmi Krishnan Lakshmi is a training and Instructional Design professional with 18+ yrs of experience. After securing a masters degree in Statistics from Delhi University and a Diploma in Systems Management from NIIT, Lakshmi joined NIIT's Instructional Research and Development (IRD) group in its startup phase in 1989. When she moved out of NIIT, she was Learning Design Specialist in the Knowledge Solutions Business (KSB) of NIIT. As part of this role, Lakshmi was involved in consulting with large global companies, managing end-to-end training solutions for them. Subsequently, Lakshmi joined Genpact as Assistant Vice President – Training, leading the Enterprise (non-process) training for the Wachovia account. Later she became the Training Leader for multiple Global Finance & Accounting clients at Genpact. Lakshmi brings in an expertise in Learning Design and Facilitation across media from e-learning, classroom interventions as well as blended solutions.
  • 24. Greg Chapman Take up your passion and make it pay, & you’ll never have to work a single day; whole heartedly subscribing to this belief, Greg joined us after spending close to 10 years in the corporate world with companies like Genpact and Convergys. He has a grounding in Instructional Design & Facilitation of OD Interventions; it is this mix that serves him well as a consultant. He has consulted and conducted trainings for various attitudinal and behavioral programs, for e.g., Team Building, Coaching and Developing, Self-awareness, Leadership, Visioning, Outbound Interventions etc. for organizations such as El Sevier, Genpact, XL Capital, United Health, Whirlpool, and Vertex. He is also a part of the visiting faculty at the IILM where he lectures first and second year MBA students.
  • 25. Vyaktitva Contact Person: Mayank Verma [t] +91 129 4043675 | [m] +91 93500 27803 | 11 Contact Us