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Tablet pc enterprise For Business

Tablet pc enterprise For Business



Tablet PCs

Tablet PCs
A Wave of Revolution For the Business...



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  • CRM spans various “domains” of corporate activity - Sales Force Automation and Management, Marketing, Operations and, in some cases, Finance.
  • Marketing is about “pull”, while Sales is about “push”, in the traditional sense. But a well-designed CRM solution will break down the barriers between these segments, providing a seamless transition from one to the other.
  • Sales management is all about operations and process. A good CRM solution recognizes that, but also recognizes that there’s life after a sale – post-sales activities, Support, etc.
  • We’re using Impel as an example here, but the idea is that most CRMs worth their salt must straddle these divisions between customer (i.e. company using the CRM solution) and client (individuals/companies buying things from customer). And must provide ways of engaging with various parties in the environment (dealers, distributors, etc.) in various ways (SMS, email, social networks, etc.).
  • Salespeople plan and manage dealer relationshipsSalespeople operate in specific territories via dealersSalespeople plan visits to dealers based on specific objectivesSalesperson in field needs dealer-specific info in some cases – via SMSSalesperson needs to submit pro forma order from field – via SMSSalesperson needs to add completed/planned activity from field – via SMS.
  • Prospect sends SMS in response to marketing programProspect typically responding via shortcode to sales offerResponse appears in Impel in seconds, with mobile #, etc.Call Centre agent calls Prospect, collects more infoCall Centre agent may assign specific dealer to ProspectProspect/dealer can confirm completion of sale via SMSImpel users can analyze, export and work with prospect data.

Tablet pc enterprise For Business Tablet pc enterprise For Business Presentation Transcript

  • Tablet PC SFA solution for Enterprise Business
    March 2011
  • Tablet for Business
    • Tablet is the wireless enterprise platform that keeps mobile professionals connected to people and information while on the go
    • Tablet provides users with wireless access to a full suite of business applications, including email, corporate data,web and organizer
    • HCL incorporates the industry’s best software, hardware and services, providing the most comprehensive end-to-end wireless platform for corporate environments
  • Why Tablet based solution for Mobile workforce
    Modern organizations today have level of mobility. Workforce, especially the ones engaged in sales, business development, channel management, distribution, recruitment and supply chain management are increasingly mobile. The ability of an organization to enable this work force with enterprise solutions so that maximum productivity can be gained is a competitive advantage today. Organizations today satisfy this need by deploying enterprise solutions residing on smart phones, netbooks or laptops.
    However these devices have their limitations like:
     High cost of hardware
     High cost of software like OS
     Portability and connectivity – for net books and laptops
     Screen size for smart phones
     Cost of training the employees to use these solutions
  • Enterprise Tablet Benefits
    Increases Productivity
    More Interactive
    No additional space required
    One touch operation
    Easy Remote Access
    Cloud Operation
    Client Server Based Application Architecture support
  • Product Basket
    Low Power CPU 800 MHz/ 256 MB / upto 8GB Storage/ Inbuilt Camera/ 7” wide display with single Touch Technology/ wifi/ BT/Android 2.2 (FROYO)
    • High Performance CPU
    • On the go web Experience
    • GPS Navigation
    • Play Music , Video & Games
    • E- Reading
    • G-Sensor
    • EVDO Dongle Interface
    Low Power CPU 800 MHz/ 512 MB / up to 16GB Storage/ Inbuilt Camera/ 7” wide display with Capacitive Multi Touch Technology/ wifi/ BT/Android 2.2 (FROYO)
    • High Performance CPU
    • On the go web Experience
    • GPS Navigation
    • Voice Calling
    • Play High Resolution videos and Seamless Display Quality
    • Inbuilt 3G
    Economy Series
    Mainstream Series
  • Cont…
    Low Power CPU 1 MHz/ 1GB MB / upto 32GB Storage/ Inbuilt Camera/ 10” wide display with Capacitive MultiTouch Technology/ wifi/ BT/ Inbuilt 3G/ Android 2.2 (FROYO)
    • High Performance CPU
    • On the go web Experience
    • GPS Navigation
    • Play Music , Video & Games
    • 10” wide ,High Definition and Seamless Display Quality
    • Gravity Acceleration Sensor
    Performance Series
  • Value Proposition
  • Value Proposition
  • What CRM Can Do?
    • Decrease sales cycle
    • Improve marketing effectiveness
    • Improve overall operations
    • Improve price realization
    • Integrate call center
    • Provide continuity in sales process
    • Sharpen brand
  • Sales Automation
    Well-defined territories
    Geographical, telescoping to schools, etc.
    Lead generation across regions
    Integrate and expand marketing
    Planned sales calls
    Improve visibility and brand for salesperson
    Increased in-house sales processes
    Replace reactive field-work with process
    Complete funnel visibility
    Help salespeople make more, better sales
  • Marketing Processes
    Improve Lead quality
    Acquire lists from various sources and activities
    Use multiple contact modes
    SMS, email, calling, dialer, etc.
    Integrate outbound calling
    Call center agents driven off same database
    Track lead generation effectiveness
    Automate hand-over to salespeople
    Validate marketing outlay
    Tie sales back to programs for full-cycle view
  • Sales Management
    Establish clear opportunity stages
    Lead > Prospect > Negotiate > Buy etc.
    Drive cross-selling and up-selling
    Identify specific stages for each initiative
    Analyze failures and improve
    Plan-to-Activity, Lost lead, Delayed deal, etc.
    Transition seamlessly to Support
    Support gets complete customer history online
    Measure and improve sales effectiveness
    By salesperson, region, deal, etc.
  • General Operation
    • Bi-directional SMS – CRM-in-field, customer interaction, intimations
    • Email, SMS, Web2Lead – integrated internal processes based on source, interest, etc.
    • End-to-End Marketing – multiple touch-points, all leading to specific deals
    • Quote-to-Cash – order, invoice, collection, PDIs, bank reconciliation
    • Test Center – questionnaires, surveys, HR reviews, 360-Degree reviews, etc.
  • Where CRM fits
    Partners, Dealers
    Corporate – Marketing, Sales, Support, Ops
    Social Networks
  • Scenario 1: Field Sales

    SMS Add Lead

    SMSGet Contact Info
    SMSGet Planned Activity

    Web Change Stage, Reassign, Reports
    Telescopic Territory Mapping
    SMS Add Activity

    Web Change Stage, Reassign, Reports
    SMSChange Stage
    Sls Mgr
    Reg Mgr
    Sls Dir
  • Prospect location identification
    Call Center person calls prospect, identifies location via Google Maps

    Prospect response
    Prospect sends SMS to short-code

    Prospect visits dealer
    Prospect sees product(s), decides to buy
    Outbound contact with prospect group
    Advertising, SMS from Impel, etc.

    Prospect-Dealer Connect
    Prospect gets SMS with details of closest dealer, Dealer gets prospect info

    Dealer reports sale
    Dealer sends SMS to Impel with details of purchase, to create order and claim credit
    Mktg Pgm Setup
    Impel user sets up new marketing program

    User manages process
    Users gets complete visibility to process, stages, numbers, etc. in Impel
    Scenario 2: Consumer Marketing
  • Tablet PC SFA Solution Design
  • Thank YouSo, for all your business solutions through a Tablet Enterprise, Contact gagan4790@gmail.com