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How se os should really build links

How se os should really build links






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    How se os should really build links How se os should really build links Presentation Transcript

    • How SEOs should really buildlinks.@gaelbreton
    • "This shit doesnt work in Hungary" DisclaimerThis is the correlation between local links and high rankings in google (from august2011). Internet has no borders and Google understood it.
    • SEOs are hated in most other marketing circlesWeve been gaming the system for so long and destroyed so many greatopportunities. Time to work with people and not cheat them.
    • We broke the directories
    • We broke comment systems79 billion spam comments prevented and thats only a small fraction of the spam...
    • We broke forumsRead how forum spam ruined a great business here: http://bit.ly/Vb9HLM
    • And due to that Google had to fight backWe only deserve what happened to SEO.
    • Modern day SEOs are Inbound MarketersWe need to stop thinking how we can exploit the system and more how we canengage real people into our brand story through all the mainstream channels.
    • Great but what about the links?@gaelbreton
    • Invest in thought leadershipNot just for links and SEO but for traffic, brand awareness, lead gen, sales,recruiting, company valuation...
    • Case study #1: superfoodprofiles.com
    • Case study #2: entrepreneuronfire.com
    • Build links with your imageryDo people steal your content? Upload your image sitemap into imageraider.comand make sure they give you an attribution link.
    • Build links when you sleepIf you produce quality informational content in your niche you can be here at theright time in the right place with Zemanta.com. avg $14/link.
    • Connect with the people that already like youIf people decided to follow you, they most likely like what you do. They also list theirwebsites on Twitter. Use Followerwonk.com to connect.
    • Help the customers of your customersThen help them out by finding out about their lives and connect them with noncompeting services when it applies. use inboxq.com to find questions asked by
    • Use your email list to build linksSame with your email list. You can find plenty of quality link opportunities using thefullcontact.com api.
    • Connect with the people that you pay money toConnect with your vendors, suppliers, employees, clients etc. These are all greatlink opportunities.
    • Connect with the people that spread storiesAnd spoil them.
    • Make everything your company do an occasionto build linksOur internship program got us more links and better links than any other linkcampaign weve done.
    • Or just treat everyone you work with kindlyFreelancer write unpaid blog posts about their experience with us.
    • Conclusion@gaelbreton
    • This is not just SEOIf you do all these tactics just for links youre a moron. SEO is not a stand alone skillanymore, its a framework for marketing.
    • Break the barrier between social, PR, SEO...And become a real marketing department that gets links, leads, customers, brandchampions, referals and other real business metrics.
    • The best link building are not built by SEOsDid Red Bull sent someone in space for links? Nope but they built almost 100,000from 12,000 domains. at $50/lrd thats a link building budget of $600,000.
    • Thats all folks@gaelbreton