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Advanced SEO Queries HC Training jan 2012
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Advanced SEO Queries HC Training jan 2012


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Published in: Technology, Design

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  • Define: ailurophile
  • 50000 hkd to gbp
  • site:edu "nuclear energy" romania
  • Transcript

    • 1. Advanced Google SearcherHow to use search engines as an advanced user and using Google as a single tool to execute any SEO task. Gael Breton, Mad SEOientist & Co-founder, Higherclick January 2012
    • 2. Mark, let the presentation war begin.
    • 3.
    • 4. Hey, I’m good at the Googlez?!
    • 5. Show me.
    • 6. What’s an Ailurophile?You have 20 seconds to define that word to me.
    • 7. How much GBP is 50000 Hong Kong Dollars?You have 20 seconds to define that word to me.
    • 8. Find me an academic resource about nuclear energy organization in Romania.You have 90 seconds find that resource.
    • 9. Nike Air MoganPlease find these shoes available for sale from a trustworthy site delivering in the UK.
    • 10. Sorri guyz (
    • 11. Practical uses of advanced queries.
    • 12. Spying on competitors
    • 13. I can monitor what kind of documentation they produce and what seems to work forthem.
    • 14. I can monitor where they get links from, and specify the anchor text
    • 15. Monitor web mentions of a brand and who talks about them
    • 16. Pre sales analysis
    • 17. Identifying competitors
    • 18. Identifying the level of competition
    • 19. Do internal search in a given site without them having a search function or checkingindexing.
    • 20. Verify competitor’s onpage optimisation and find what page targets what keyword.
    • 21. Optimize my onpage internal linking.
    • 22. Optimize your keyword placement and onpage content.
    • 23. Find Juicy links (that’s for you David but Ams/Aes better listen too)
    • 24. Sites that mention us yet don’t link to us, what a shame!
    • 25. Use CMS footprints to find super topical/fresh places to drop links at.
    • 26. Track where a successful guest poster got guest posts and get the same links as him.
    • 27. Or simply find most of the guest posts related to a certain keyword and require oneon these sites too.
    • 28. Find good causes to donate to, other queries: supporters + contributors + keyword
    • 29. Resource pages of edu sites = link heaven, abuse it. Other queries: keyword+ resources useful sites + keyword
    • 30. People that want free content, great, content is cheap and those in content links aregreat!
    • 31. Let’s get some practice.
    • 32. More resources :
    • 33. Q+AGael Breton, Mad SEOientist & Co-Founder, SEOmoz• Twitter: @gaelbreton• Blog:• Email: