Py con 2012 my presentation

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My talk at PyCon India 2012

My talk at PyCon India 2012

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  • 1. Python as a LearningLanguage (anundergraduate studentsview) Rishi Mukherjee 3rd year Computer Science NITMAS, Kolkata
  • 2. My Story•C and disaster.•Introduction to python.•BIG change.•Algorithms and python.•Introduction to programming contests.•Contribution to FOSS with python.•Learning other languages became easy.
  • 3. C and Disaster•Introduction to the C language#include<stdio.h> int main() { printf("Hello World!n"); return 0;}• My Reaction
  • 4. Python and Awesomeness•Introduction to Python Languageprint "Hello World!"•My Reaction.
  • 5. Introduction to Programming Contests and Experience•SPOJ•Codechef•Google Code Jam
  • 6. Contribution to FOSSImage Processing with SimpleCV•Bug Fixes•Examples CODE
  • 7. Learning other Languages became easy•Learn to drive first.•Only then try to know the machine.
  • 8. Problems faced by Students of Non-Top Technical Colleges•Big issue being overlooked.•Similar faces when introduced to C.•Ignore programming.•Code-o-phobia.•Fear of Technical rounds at interviews.•Waste of population.
  • 9. Reasons for these problems•Top tech college faculties are highly trained.•90% students have no computer background.•Unaware of the beauty of programming.•Syntax and compile errors of C seemconfusing.•Garbage in output seems confusing.•Data type seems unnecessary to beginners.
  • 10. C, Python and Pseudocode CODE
  • 11. Reasons to choose python in colleges•Python is simple.•Python is object oriented.•Learn it yourself (no dependence on the faculty)•Awesome library.•General purpose language.•Great books and tutorials available.•Programmer time more valuable than compiler time.•Interpreted.•Used in real world projects.•Open Source.•Universities like MIT teach python.
  • 12. Why not scheme?•Different from system languages.•Python has advantages of scheme and is similar toc, c++, and java.•Easy code translation.•Python has map, lambda etc for functional programming.•Used for projects and companies all over the world.
  • 13. An Issue to DiscussMost parts of India, deprived of technical workshops.
  • 14. Suggestions to Spread Awareness•Small groups of students and professionals in all parts ofthe country.•Online python software development event once a year.•Groups teach students and faculties of collegesoccasionally.•Algorithmic contests must allow python as a choice.
  • 15. Conclusion
  • 16. Question / Answer Time
  • 17. Thank You