Social recruiting and its impact on your job search


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Social recruiting impacts your job search.

Social recruiting is here to stay. learn how recruiters and hiring managers use social recruiting to research, seek out and hire new talent and adapt your job search to maximize your opportunities

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Social recruiting and its impact on your job search

  1. 1. Social Recruiting and its impact on your job search Philippe Gadeyne Business/Marketing/Social Media Consulting “From strategy to implementation”
  2. 2. What is social media? Social media is the leveraging of social networks to maximize exposure, create networking opportunities, build relationships and create job and business opportunities
  3. 3. Why should I care?
  4. 4. Social recruiting
  5. 5. Recruiters use social media for recruiting
  6. 6. What platforms do they use?
  7. 7. They use social media at every stage of the recruiting process
  8. 8. They hire candidates identified through social media
  9. 9. Social network used to hire candidates
  10. 10. They review social media profiles
  11. 11. Recruiters’ Likes and Dislikes
  12. 12. 42% have reconsidered a candidate positively or negatively based on content
  13. 13. They look for
  14. 14. Advantages of social recruiting      77% Reach passive job seekers 74% Lower cost 72% Source of hard to find skills and experience 72% Good way to find target candidates 60% Identify potential candidates before a requisition opens
  15. 15. They find better quality candidates
  16. 16. Recruiting through social media and referrals is more efficiant Candidates hired have a lower turnover
  17. 17. Where will you spend more?    76% Employee referrals 72% Social networks 64% Corporate career sites
  18. 18. Where will you spend less?   72% Outside recruiters/search firms 57% Job boards
  19. 19. Only 57% of the vacancies were listed on job boards
  20. 20. What does that mean for you? More jobs will be filled through live and online networking Job Boards will become more and more irrelevant
  21. 21. “If you do not like change, you will like irrelevancy even less” General Eric Shinseki
  22. 22. Accept new technologies Learn them Use them.
  23. 23. Your relevancy in the job market is at stake
  24. 24. Philippe Gadeyne Spinnaker Marketing Business/Marketing/Social Media Consulting “From strategy to implementation” 760-884-8081 Connect: Like us: Follow us: