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GALILEO in the Mobile World
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GALILEO in the Mobile World


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A look at resources that are optimized for mobile devices. Presented at GaCOMO12 (GALILEO Mini-Conference) by Karen Minton.

A look at resources that are optimized for mobile devices. Presented at GaCOMO12 (GALILEO Mini-Conference) by Karen Minton.

Published in: Education

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  • 1. GALILEO in the Mobile World GALILEO Mini-Conference | COMO 2012
  • 2. What We Will Cover• Some information on mobile research• A look at GALILEO resources on smartphone• A look at GALILEO resources on iPad
  • 3. Pew Internet Findings• 17% of cell phone owners do most of their online browsing on their phone, rather than a computer or other device
  • 4. Pew Internet Findings• Currently, 88% of American adults have a cell phone, 57% have a laptop, 19% own an e-book reader, and 19% have a tablet computer; about six in ten adults (63%) go online wirelessly with one of those devices.
  • 5. Pew Internet Findings• The rise of mobile is changing the story. Groups that have traditionally been on the other side of the digital divide in basic internet access are using wireless connections to go online.
  • 6. Educause ECAR Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology 2012• Blended-learning environments are the norm; students say that these environments best support how they learn
  • 7. Educause: The Future of Mobile Learning• More than half of undergraduates own smartphones and about two in five (37%) use them to supplement their academic work
  • 8. GALILEO in the Mobile World• Discover GALILEO and other EBSCOhost databases present mobile site based on device recognition• Britannica encyclopedias link to mobile site (also in Discover GALILEO)• ProQuest mobile site is in beta• LexisNexis Academic link to mobile site in Databases A-Z (some content in Discover GALILEO)• WorldCat Mobile link in Databases A-Z
  • 9. Smartphones
  • 10. Discover GALILEO,the New Discovery Service
  • 11. GALILEO WelcomeScreen Log in with your password
  • 12. GALILEO Home Launch a search from Discover GALILEO search box
  • 13. Discover Results Screen Home, folder, preferences Refine results Article type icon (left) Add to folder (right)E-mail results list
  • 14. Refine Results Options
  • 15. Discover ResultsScreen Full text may be PDF or HTML
  • 16. PDF Article Citation Saved in folder Send by e-mail Open PDF
  • 17. PDF Article
  • 18. HTML Article
  • 19. Folder Login1- 2-
  • 20. Logged in toPersonalized Account Folder has 9 saved items Person in preferences icon Select articles to e-mail
  • 21. Personal Preferences
  • 22. Searching SpecificDatabasesDatabases A-ZIs GALILEO availableon mobile devicesFAQ
  • 23. Databases A-Z
  • 24. EBSCOhost DatabaseCINAHL Plus Folder is the same you access in Discover GALILEO Search Options Specific to CINAHL
  • 25. Search Options inCINAHL Plus
  • 26. Results forCINAHL Plus Search
  • 27. EncyclopaediaBritannica Mobile
  • 28. EncyclopaediaBritannica Mobile
  • 29. LexisNexis AcademicMobile Site
  • 30. LexisNexis AcademicMobile Site
  • 31. WorldCat Mobile
  • 32.
  • 33. Discover GALILEOon iPad
  • 34. Discover GALILEOon iPad
  • 35. Discover GALILEO Article CitationPDF
  • 36. Discover GALILEODownload ArticlePDF PDF in frame
  • 37. Discover GALILEOArticlePDF downloaded
  • 38. eBook Downloads
  • 39. EBSCO eBook Support Center
  • 40. eBooks on EBSCOhost Supported Devices
  • 41. eBooks on EBSCOhostHome Page Sign in to personal account and open folder
  • 42. eBooks on EBSCOhost My FoldereBooks
  • 43. eBooks on EBSCOhost My eBooksDownload
  • 44. eBooks on EBSCOhost1- Click Download Download 2- Open in Reader
  • 45. Downloaded eBookin eBook Reader
  • 46. Downloaded eBook ineBook Reader
  • 47. Research Library oniPad
  • 48. Research Library on iPadResults list PDF in frame Open in PDF Reader
  • 49. 55% of respondents would like to easily search GALILEOdatabases from their mobile devices(2010 GALILEO Annual User Survey)
  • 50. Questions?