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Final presentation  gc Final presentation gc Presentation Transcript

  • INTRODUCTIONIts no surprise that technology has become the source forcommunication. Now, more so than ever before, computerdevices such as smartphones, iPads, iPods, etc. are thechannels used to communicate. Technology has becomeincreasingly available to assist in the operation of theorganization and businesses are likewise stepping it up andtransforming their communicative techniques. As aresult, employees, current and future, are having to increasetheir skill level in order to keep up. This article addressesthe need for instructors to effectively educate students ontechnology, how to use devices, and when it is appropriate.
  • PURPOSEThe purpose of this article is to givecommunication instructors practicalapproaches to best prepare their students fortheir future work environment; specifically,as to when and howto use communicationtechnologies effectively.
  • THEORY & METHODOLOGYPreparing students for their future work environments can bedone by using engaged learning teaching methodologies thatof fer a practical approach for meeting this challenge .Using instructional & integration approaches... Students were exposed to a series of in -class and online exercises. Students were either required or strongly encouraged to use a wide range of communication technologies while completing class assignments. Students were encouraged to use campus resources for technology training.
  • TRANSFORMATION OF COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGYThis illustrates the change in organizational technology in just the last ten years.
  • DATA: INSTRUCTIONAL APPROACHThe instructional approach can be summed up in threewords- what, how, and when.What… challenges instructors to keep their studentscurrent on communication technologies.How… challenges them to teach their students how to usecommunication technologies effectively, in part bymodeling behavior.When… challenges instructors to inform their students asto when each of the technologies is the best choice for agiven situation and/or setting.
  • INSTRUCTION: TEAM PROJECTStudents were assigned directly to a semester -long team project. Planning phase Research phase Drafting/Editing phase Presentation phaseEach technology was introduced and discussed near the time whenit would best support the related phase of the team project. Forexample, immediately before the initial phase of theproject, technologies that supported planning, organizing, andoutlining projects were introduced.Also, during the research phase They were encouragedto use databases and search engines to conduct a portion of theirresearch such as OneNote which helps with storing and organizinginformation.
  • DATA: INTEGRATION APPROACHThe integration approach is supported by engaged learninginstruction. Students participated in hands -on activities in class that teach them how to match appropriate business communication technologies with various situations and tasks. Students are also required to use several communication technologies to complete class projects and encouraged to use a number of others as time allows. Encouraging students to use technologies not required is one way of further preparing them for future classes internships, and the professional workplace.
  • FINDINGS: TA BLE 1 . P OT E N T IAL BA RRI E RS TO I N T E G RATION OF C OM M UNI CATION T E C H N OLOGYBarriers Teacher Related School RelatedLack of time XLack of confidence XNegative attitudes XResistance to change XLack of access to resources XLack of effective technology XtrainingLack of training in solving Xtechnical problemsInsufficient numbers of Xcopies of softwareInsufficient number of Xcomputers, smart boards
  • CONCLUSIONWhile this is not the only approach to educating studentson communication technology, it has been proveneffective. It does offer ideas to instructors who may bestruggling with finding practical ways to prepare theirstudents to use communication technologies. It is vital andvery much essential that students are being equipped tohandle the vast technology business organizations areputting to use in order to keep up with the times.Organizations are going to be looking for individuals withthe skills necessary to navigate the ever -changingenvironment of technology as they make internal andexternal changes as a result.
  • REFERENCESRober t, G. I. (2011). Meeting the challenge of preparing students toef fectively choose and use communication technologies. Journal ofOrganizational Behavior Education : JOBE, 4, 109 -118. Retrieved from (201 2, March 27). Coolest inventions coming in 2012. RetrievedNovember 30, 201 2, from CNNMoney: y.coolest-tech-2012/2.htmlThompson, S. (201 2, May 25). 10 innovative ways businesses areusing the iPad. Retrieved November 30, 2012, from TechRepublic: -innovative-ways-businesses-are-using-the-ipad/1489
  • QUESTIONS1. How would you suggest educators keep their students technologically current in a course that is already filled with a number of other topics that also need to be addressed?2. In your opinion, is this an urgent issue? With the rapid advancement of technology, should learning about the subject be at the top of the list for educators?