Prueba de adelanto de inglés 5º feb 2013(21)


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Prueba de adelanto de inglés 5º feb 2013(21)

  1. 1. Prueba Nacional de Adelanto de Inglés 2º BD - Feb. 2013 Liceo Nº: MARKS Group: Written Test: /55 Name: Oral Exam: Date: Final Mark:SECTION A1. Read the whole passage thoroughly and answer these questions, supporting your ideas. TV seriesWhy are TV series so well-loved by TV audiences? Pamela Douglas, the author of thebook “How to succeed as a professional writer in TV” explains.Pamela Douglas is a very famous scriptwriter who writes the stories and the scenes for theactors who appear in the most popular TV series. She has won prestigious prizes like TheHumanitas Prize, an Emmy and The Writers Guild of America. In her opinion, the secret ofwriting successful series is that in the plot there should be many different stories that aredeveloped from one story, so that each viewer can find his hero.“ Also according toPamela, “A series should put up the shutters when the viewers start imagining what isgoing to happen.” She also believes that it is important to change the set of the series sothat the public does not get bored. No series could last for years thanks to just one star. Itis important that all the characters, even the minor ones, are interesting.Since its premiere in 2000, CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) has been a smash hit, oftentopping the television ratings. It is so popular that it has led to the creation of two additionalCSI programmes, one set in New York, the other in Miami, and the series is still goingstrong after 200 episodes. In this series the police almost seem irrelevant. They have littleto do other than arrest the suspects that the forensics experts implicate. The show leavesthe impression that analysis of DNA samples and hair follicles, rather than the testimony ofwitnesses, solves every crime and that the most important police work occurs in thelaboratory or the morgue. 0. What does Pamela Douglas write? She writes books and scripts for TV series. 1. What can turn a TV series into a real success? 2. According to Pamela, should a series go on forever? 3. Which two other elements make a series interesting for viewers? 4. How has CSI expanded since it started? 5. In CSI, what seems to be the police’s main role? / 10 marks (2 each) Inspección de Inglés 1 CES - ANEP
  2. 2. Prueba Nacional de Adelanto de Inglés 2º BD - Feb. 20132. Read this passage very carefully and fill each blank with only ONE word. THE ART OF LOVELove is one of the best things (0)__about___ being human.Our ability to createworks (1)__________ art is another; and since earliest times, (2)__________ andwriters have been using art to try and (3)__________ what love is. Now, as(4)__________ celebrate Valentine’s Day, we recall some of (5)__________world’s best-loved works of art on love (6)__________ all its forms. For instance,Shakespeare’s tragedy “Romeo and Juliet”, (7)__________ performed in 1595, isstill (8)__________ of the most popular love stories. Another example(9)__________ Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake”, which has (10)__________ a favouriteballet ever since its first performance in the 19th Century. / 10 marks (1 each)3. Look into this bubble for words which belong to the same topic and write them below the corresponding heading. The words in bold type are examples. There are three words you will not use. actor chapter stone scene marble notes melody lyrics screen composer canvas shape plot subtitles model exhibit rhythm atlas CINEMA SCULPTURE MUSIC actor model melody Inspección de Inglés 2 CES - ANEP
  3. 3. Prueba Nacional de Adelanto de Inglés 2º BD - Feb. 2013 / 6 marks (1/2 each)4. Write a short article for your school magazine describing an artistic event you have recently attended. Use 80 - 100 words. It must be ONE of the three types mentioned in the previous activity.You must use at least THREE of the words included in that particular category. / 9 marksSECTION B1. Read the text and complete the following sentences.The Young Designers Competition encourages students aged from 13 to 16 todesign new, exciting things.The competition started in 2008 and more than 4,000 teenagers enter it every year. RoseSteadman organizes the competition, “I have a fantastic job. Every year, I meet a lot ofvery clever teenagers with great ideas. For example, last year, a girl in Norfolk made asolar powered cold bag for food. The year before, a boy from Devon designed a recycledwood toy box for young children.”Lola Bennett was the winner in 2010. She wanted to practice speaking Spanish but shewas worried about just looking on the Internet and using social networking sites. Heranswer to the problem? She designed a language exchange website for students all overthe world. Lola says, “I started the website when I was fourteen and there are 750,000members. I designed it for students aged thirteen to sixteen and it’s a safe socialnetworking site”.Brother and sister Leanne and Jacob Nelson also invented something to solve a problem.Their great-grandmother could not use a computer mouse because her hands were tooold. “The mouse was very uncomfortable for her. It was too small. We designed a cover soshe could use it easily. We made it with some foam from an old bed. A computer companybought the idea from us a year ago, Now we’re thinking about what we can do next to helpher and other old people use technology”. There is a Young Designers competition ________ every year _________. Rose Steadman likes _________________________________________________ . 0 Lola designed her website because ______________________________________ . 1 Lola’s site is for ______________________________________________________ . 2 Leanne and Jacob’s great-grandmother wasn’t able _________________________ . 3 Leanne and Jacob want ________________________________________________. / 5 marks (1each) Inspección de Inglés 3 CES - ANEP
  4. 4. Prueba Nacional de Adelanto de Inglés 2º BD - Feb. 20132. Match both columns to form meaningful expressions. There is an extra one on the left column. 0. take ____C____ 1. join a. excercise 2. go on b. a club 3. cut out c. medication 4. look into d. anything sweet 5. put on e. weight 6. do f. a diet / 5 marks (1 each)3. You have just received an e mail from a friend of yours including this comment: “If I buy a new pair of jeans, they don´t fit me after a few months. So now, I buy all my jeans one size too big. That way they last twice as long.”Write an email back to your friend giving her/him advice to solve that problem.Use between 80 and 100 words and include no less than THREE of theexpressions you have matched in the previous task. / 10 marks Inspección de Inglés 4 CES - ANEP