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Lesson plan (1)


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  • 1. LESSON PLAN FOR FIRST GRADE CBU Teacher: Cecilia Pérez OBJECTIVE OF THE LESSON • Students will read, comment and write information about two famous people from 2012 our country. SUBSIDIARY AIM • Students will revise language learnt during the course which will be useful to prepare their next oral presentations . TARGET LANGUAGE and ASSUMED KNOWLEDGE • Students have already been exposed to and practised the use of the personal pronouns HE and SHE and the use of the possessive adjectives HIS and HER. • Students have learnt the verb TO BE and the verb HAVE GOT. • Students have learnt vocabulary to describe physical appearance. MATERIALS AND AIDSEnvelopes containing words to put in order to form sentences. Board and markers. Sellotape.Two jigsaw puzzles of famous people (Natalia Oreiro and Diego Lugano). PROCEDURE A- Warm –up: Ask students to mention famous people from Uruguay and tell them today we´re going to work with information about two stars from our country. Write on the board: TWO FAMOUS PEOPLE FROM URUGUAY Explain that they are going to work in groups of four and show the envelopes. Tell them that in the envelopes they will find information about one of the stars from our country and that´s a woman. Write on the board: 1- The teacher explains and the students listen to the instructions. 2- The students sit in goups. 3- The students receive the envelopes and put the words in order. Demonstrate what they are expected to do while explaining using one of the envelopes.
  • 2. LESSON PLAN FOR FIRST GRADE CBU Teacher: Cecilia Pérez 2012 B- Task 1: Students sit in groups, open the envelopes and put the words in order. Ask a volunteer from each group to come to the front and write the sentences on the board. When each of the sentences is written, students will receive a piece of a jigsaw puzzle which will be stuck on the board. It´s the photo of the famous person they have read the information about (Natalia Oreiro). We do the jigsaw puzzle together and read the information on the board to discover who the person is. C- Task 2: Stick on the board the parts of another jigsaw puzzle. Students try to identify who the person is (Diego Lugano) Elicit information about him. Ask students to work in groups and write five sentences about Diego. Ask volunteers again to come to the front and write the sentences on the board. D- Round-up Ask students to tell what we have done today and to mention something they´ve enjoyed doing in class. As homework they will have to write about a famous person they like.
  • 3. LESSON PLAN FOR FIRST GRADE CBU Teacher: Cecilia Pérez 2012