Diagnostica 3o. 2012 forlán


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ready to download diagnostic 3rd grade

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Diagnostica 3o. 2012 forlán

  1. 1. ENGLISH DIAGNOSTIC TEST – March 2012 – 3º DI 40 MarksName: ___________________________ Group: __________ Date: __________ I) says. Listen . Your teacher is going to read what Thomas Smith says. CHOOSE THE Forlan’s CORRECT OPTION in order to complete the form for Forlan’s fan club. Name: Thomas Smith Country: Ireland / England /Scotland Age: Thirteen / forty / fourteen Likes Sports / water sports/ team sports Abilities: Rugby / canoeing /surfing Free time Fishing / concerts /computer games activities: 10 marksII A ) READ THE TEXT AND ANSWER THE QUESTIONS BELOWDiego Forlan Corazo is the most famous Uruguayan footballer. He`s two times winner of thePichichi Trophy and The European Golden Shoe and he received the Golden Ball as the bestplayer at the 2010 World Cup .He was born on 19 th. May 1979. He was born into a family of footballers. When he was achild he played tennis and he was very good, but then he decided to play football. He´s got a brother and two sisters. His sister Alejandra started a foundation that helpsvictims of car accidents . In his free time he loves spending time with his family and visitingfriendsHe started playing professionally in Independiente ( Argentina) . Four year s later he went toManchester United, then to Villarreal and later to Atletico Madrid.Now he´s playing for Inter , Milan and he´s living in Italy . 1) When was Diego born? ___________________________________________________________ 2) Did he win a Golden Ball? ___________________________________________________________ 3) What does Diego like doing in his free time? ___________________________________________________________ 4) What was his first professional club? _________________________________________________________ 5) Where does he live? __________________________________________________________ 5 Marks
  2. 2. II B) READ THE TEXT AGAIN AND DECIDE OF THE SENTENCES ARE TRUE OR FALSE . CORRECT THE FALSE ONES 1. He’s thirty –five years old ___________________________________________________________ 2. He never played in Villarreal __________________________________________________________ 3. He can’t play tennis ___________________________________________________________ 4. He’s got a brother and a sister. ___________________________________________________________ 5. Alejandra Forlan helps victims of domestic violence. ___________________________________________________________ 5 marks III ) Thomas is playing a computer game . Help him. CLASSIFY THE WORDS ( there are some extra words) sailing t-shirt rice do homework shoes bread running swimming tree jeans have a shower cheese get up pencil CLOTHES SPORTS FOOD DAILY ACTIVITIES 6 marks ( ½ each)IV) Read about Thomas and CHOOSE THE CORRECT ALTERNATIVE for each blankThomas lives with HIS /HER / OUR family in a small house in Liverpool. There ARE /IS / ISN´T a football pitchnear his house . He sometimes plays football there with some friends.He LIKE /DON´T LIKE / LIKES animals very much, and he´s got a dog. Now he PLAY /IS PLAYING /PLAYED withthe dog in the park .Yesterday he DIDN´T /DON´T / WASN´T go to the park because it was raining . 5 marksV) Imagine you want to join a fan club. WRITE A LETTER INTRODUCING YOURSELFRemember to : • Describe yourself • Say something about your family and your house • Mention your likes and your routine • Say what you did last weekend 9 marks
  3. 3. Listening script:Hi ! My name is Thomas Smith . I’m an English student from Liverpool . I’m fourteen years old . I’m a footballfan . I play football at weekends in my school team . I can also play rugby. I like sports but I’m not interested inwater sports. My favourite football player is Diego Forlan , I think he’s a great player and person.In my free time I usually meet my friends and play computer games or watch T.V.