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Annie leibovitz [autosaved][1]


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  • 1. Annie Leibovitz
    By: Gaby Velez
  • 2. Early Life:
    Nationality: American Jewish Photographer
    Born: October 2nd, 1949 in Westbury, Connecticut
    Occupation: Photographer/ Portrait photographer
    Annie Leibovitz is the third of six children, her great grandparents were Russian Jews and her father’s parents emigrated from Romania. Her mother was a modern dance instructor and her father was a lieutenant colonel for the U.S. Air Force.
    They moved a lot because of her father’s work and took her first photographs in the Philippines during the Vietnam War.When she was in high school she became very artistic and interested in music and writing. She attended the San Francisco Art institute where she studied painting. Later. she kept developing her photography skills and soon learned to adapt Jewish concepts to her photographs in certain jobs.
  • 3. Career:
    When the Rolling Stone magazine was just launched in the 1970s, Leibovitz started her career as a staff photographer for them.
    In 1973, she was titled chief photographer for the Rolling Stone which she would continue on for 10 years.
    Most of her intimate photographs of celebrities is what helped define the Rolling Stone look;
    Photographers such as Robert Frank and Henri Cartier Bresson influenced her during her time in school.
    She also photographed The Rolling Stones during their tour in ‘75.
    In the 1980s, her new style of lighting and bold colors got her a position in Vanity Fair magazine.
    She took many pictures of famous celebrities all over the world.
    One of Her first assignment was to shoot John Lennon
  • 4. “The Queen, 750x500
    Date unknown ”
  • 5. Willie Nelson
    June Carter and Johnny Cash
  • 6. Harry Potter, Vanity Fair 2001 shoots, 2010 Edition -> next page too
  • 7.
  • 8.
  • 9.
  • 10. “Vanity fair, celebrities”
  • 11. Tina Fey, War poster 2009
  • 12. Whoopi Goldberg, in a bathtub of milk, 1984
  • 13. Self Portrait, 1970
  • 14. Annie caught her parents and sisters on a Long Island beach 1992
  • 15.
  • 16. Critique
  • 17. Description:
    In this picture, there is a small figure standing in between two rocks and through the entry way there is a tall building and the figure is looking at the building and there are dark and light values as you can see since it’s a black and white photo.
  • 18. Analysis:
    This photograph used certain elements and principles to capture the image. There is a nice framing of the white space between the rocks showing some kind of balance but somewhat uneven. The rocks show movement and rough textures. There is nice contrast with the lights and darks and you can see how she used proportion to give a story to this photo and a perspective, moving your eye to where the figure is standing.
  • 19. Interpretation:
    I think the photographer made a interesting shot and it seems like she was trying to capture the intense place this person was at and how small it is compared to it’s surroundings. It’s very interesting because usually people want to take photo of the building in the background but she chose a more interesting composition and it makes you wonder what the person who’s standing there is thinking about where they’re at.
  • 20. Judgement:
    I think this is a great photograph because she is giving you a new perspective on this location and the use of elements and principles of art really unites the photo into a nice composition. I like the way she framed the figure with the surroundings and it feels to me a very peaceful setting, quite and making me wonder the thoughts of the person standing there and how they are effected by where they are.
  • 21. Where was annie born?
    A. New York
    B. California
    C. Connecticut
    D. Pennsylvania
  • 22. What was the first magazine she worked for?
    A. Vanity Fair
    B. Rolling Stone
    C. Vogue
    D. Time
  • 23. What style is she known for in her photos?
    A. Lighting and Bold Colors
    B. Dark Colors and dark lighting
    C. Costume Designs
    D. Nothing
  • 24. Bibliography