Media adverts evaluation


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Media adverts evaluation

  1. 1. For this piece of my coursework I needed tocreate three different adverts. The first advert Idecided to create was a product, which was amobile phone; this advert was aimed at females.It is clear that my target audience is young girlsbecause the main colours are bright pinks andpurples, also the phone is a new high techmobile which would be popular amongst theyounger generation. I have used bright coloursto attract attention. Also by using a spotlight itshows the main focus of what the advert istrying to sell. I have kept the advert girly usingswirls and flowers. The text is also angelic andgirly, I have placed the word ‘Pearl edition’ inbigger writing at the top as it stands out andshows its importance, I have used two differentcolours, gold and pink, gold conotates royaltyand exclusivity. I have also included importantinformation which is needed in adverts such as;The price, the mobile phone companies whichyou can get the phone on, the model of thephone, and the important extra ‘3G’.
  2. 2. I also created a festival advert, I used afisheye picture of a festival as thebackground image, I then manipulated theimage with various colours to look likespotlights. At the top of the poster Iincluded the festival name which is ‘RuislipFestival’. I needed to include importantinformation which would help sell tickets forthe festival such as who would befeaturing, the dates the tickets go on saleand the actual date of the festival. I alsoincluded online links such as Face Bookand Twitter where fans would be able tofollow the news on the festival. I includeddifferent pictures of artists which would befeaturing in the festival. I feel this poster isaimed at a wide audience as anyone cango to a festival.
  3. 3. This is a holiday poster advertising a holiday inIndia. Its is a relaxed looking poster and wouldappeal to the older generation or couples for aquite get away. I used a calm lake as the mainbackground image of the poster, I then addedvarious pictures of different places in India,such as waterfalls and quite beaches, thesepictures would appeal to the audience as theywould be places they would want to visit ontheir holiday. I also added ‘With love from India’to give a more romantic feel to the advert. Iincluded key information such as the price‘£499’ and the website for more information.