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Evaluation digi pack

  1. 1. By Gaby Rock
  2. 2. Once I had created my music video, I needed to also create a package where the CD would be stored, this is alsoknown as a digi pack. Packaging is used to glamorise the product. Digi packs are a form of packaging and is usedas a form of advertisement, having a brightly coloured artistic digi pack will also draw attention to audiences whoare looking to buy music. Using images also can illustrate the type of music which the artist is trying to sell, forexample, if I was trying to sell a pop CD I would use bright colours such as pink. The song in which I have made togo with the digi pack is a slow serious song, I also decided to make the digi pack linking with the song, and put thetheme of the music video in my digi pack which was ‘Time’. Although the digi pack I created is for an album whichmeans there is more then one song I decided to have the song ‘Time’ as the main song as some artists use theirmost popular song to help sell their album and make people aware of their other songs.The Digi pack needs to link to the theme of my song because I have made the song one of the main selling pointsfor my album and digi pack. As the song was an emotional love song I decided to use colours which would link tothis such as, red, black and white these are the main colours used through out the digi pack. I decided to use blackand white because they are simple colours and the main song is quite a simple song. I also used red to illustratethe emotional side of the song as the song is based on love and a relationship. I also wanted to make my digi packlook glamorous by adding yellow; the colour connotates a sense of star glamour and Hollywood which links to howmusic and music artists are represented these days as highly glamorous. The theme time is also illustratedthroughout my digi pack, I have used clocks to show time literally and keep a similar theme throughout the digipack.
  3. 3. This is the front cover of my digi pack, this is themain focus as it is used mainly to attract audiences.I used the main song as the name of the albumwhich meant that I also wanted to link theillustrations to the song and theme which is ‘Time’.I placed the artists name at the top of the cover soit would draw attention from the audience and itstands out, at the bottom I also did the same withthe name of the album, I used white writing againsta red banner to make it stand out. By using variousamount of clocks I illustrated time literally, unlikemost Digi packs which are used to glamorise theartist I have not used the artist to promote thealbum mainly, instead I have promoted the theme.I also included a close up picture of the artists faceas it helps sell the album to already made fans. It isalso the main focus of the front cover as the sidesare shaded and the actual face is made out ofbrightly coloured clocks. As this is my front cover Iwanted to use bright colours, I decided the usemainly red and yellow as it attracts people, it alsoadds a sense of fame and a hint of glamour.
  4. 4. This is the second page of my digi pack, this iswhere the CD would be placed. I have kept theimage of the artists face, and merged it with aclock to keep with the theme. I faded the clock outto make a subtle background. I decided to keepthis page of the digi pack simple as it is only usedfor the CD. I wanted to use round shapes, such asa round clock and her face is round because theshape of the CD is round. I also decided to keepthe colours simple mainly black and white, I alsoused a hint of red to stand out and contrast also tokeep with the colour scheme.
  5. 5. I also included a dedications page, which areusually found in digi packs, and written by theartists. The background once again is faded outclocks. This page has a hint of age which linkswith time and the effects caused by time. Thewriting is angelic, and I have used a white glowon the outside of the title which is kept inlinewith the glamorous side of the digi pack. Usingthe colours black and white and cracking effectin the background which also conotates agewhich is caused by time. I have decided to keepthe two inside pages minimal colour becausethe focus would be on the outside as it is themain selling point. I used the vines to illustratethe way love is shown in my video, the lovebetween the couple with neglected which I havealso tried to illustrate on this page by usingvines, which are shown to be overgrown andunkempt, I have also included this in otherpages of the album as to illustrate unloving andneglect .
  6. 6. This is the list of songs which are on thealbum. Once again I have linked back to thefront cover using a similar design throughoutthe Digi pack. I have faded the clock into thebackground once again and used the effect‘noise’ it gives a fizzled broken look whichlinks to the song ‘time’ and the brokenrelationship between the artist and herpartner. I also kept the main colours black,red, white and yellow in line with the theme. Iillustrated the word ‘Time’ with a red andyellow banner so it linked with the frontcover. I have decided to place this at the backof my digi pack and needed the front and theback to look similar. Having the song tracks atthe back is also used to promote the artistsother songs and show the audience what is onthe CD, this is another strategy used to helpsell the album. I used clocks to illustrate thenumbers, each clock shows the track numberand I have also faded each clock from one toeight, one being the most faded. By using gloweffects on certain letters has also kept thesense of glamour within the album.
  7. 7. I feel that my digi pack is successful as it fits the conventions of a authentic digi pack. I feel that my digi pack issuccessful because it completes its main purpose which is to attract audiences. I have created an eye catching frontcover, with the use of bright colours and maintained a sense of glamour. I have also used the same colour schemethroughout the digi pack and kept to my theme. I also feel that my digi pack represents the song which I am trying to sell as the theme and the song also link. Digi packs are also used to represent artists because audiences who have already herd the artists music would be more likely to be interested in what new music the artist isproducing, In my digi pack I have also included pictures of the artist and the artists name on the front so it appeals to fans also. To have an appealing digi pack it must also be creative and interesting, as there are so many Digi packs these days I feel that have a creative and different digi pack is more likely to stand out, this is why I didn’t just base my digi pack on the artist but also included the theme.