Different photography


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Different photography

  1. 1. By Gaby Rock
  2. 2. • There are various different types of photography which are used in different circumstances for specific reasons. Different types of photography can range from; Wedding photography, sports, fashion, news and portrait. All these types of photography have a different way of using photography to get the ideal shot they are looking for . In this part of my coursework I will be studying further into different areas of photography, depending on the type of photography there will be different types of shot, skills, equipment, specific look the photographer is trying to achieve, location and purpose of the shot.
  3. 3. • A wedding is usually one of the most memorable days of a persons life, when celebrating such a special event people usually hire professional photographers to capture the events in high quality. The photographer is usually used to make the day look as glamorous as possible. The photographs usually include photographs of the couple for various reasons including; announcements, portrait displays, or thank you cards. The photographer also has a task of capturing the important events of the day such as, the wedding ceremony and the reception. Couples may also find it more convenient to hire a photographer for the special day as it reduces stress on the couple organising photo’s which they would like to have a specific look or location; may it be professional or natural, photographers are guaranteed to produce the finest photographs.
  4. 4. To be able to create certain photographs such as weddingphotos, photographers must use top of the range equipment which creates ahigh quality professional photo. Here is a list of the equipment used:• Two camera bodies that share the same lenses•Two flashes (strobes) plus cables, etc.•28mm Wide-angle prime lens, or 28mm-70mm zoom•50mm standard lens F1.8 or even better F1.4 for low light situations, notessential, but handy for candids and from back of church images is a 75mm-300mm zoom lens or similar•Twice as much film as you think, or minimum of two large capacity(250MB - 1GB) digital storage cards depending on your camera•At least twice as many batteries as you think you will need•Two white reflectors•Diffusion (soft-focus) filter•Red filter (for black & white only)•85c warming filter for grey days•Tripod for formal photos•Lens hoods to control flare
  5. 5. • One of the earliest wedding photo’s taken was the wedding of Queen Victoria to Prince Albert, in these days it was rare to have wedding photographers as it was not long after the camera had been invented. Most people during that era did not pose for wedding photos, they instead would pose in formal clothes before or after the wedding ceremony. Wedding photos became more popular around 1860’s where couples started posing in their wedding clothes more often.• During this period of time it was uncommon to have professional pictures at a wedding, this may also be because it was difficult to take the pictures due to the lack equipment which meant that all photos would be taken on site in a studio as there was no job such as professional photographer’s for wedding ceremonies. Before the invention of photographic paper photographers had to use a small range of materials such as glass plates, tin sheets and cooper sheets. This simple method of photography was very unreliable as the colours would usually fade after a very short period of time as colour had not yet been created in photography.• Wedding photography became more popular after the second world war as technology grew in camera equipment, people would usually turn up at weddings with their camera and take pictures of the bride and groom, they would then charge them. Soon after the job of being a professional photographer at weddings was established as professional photographers would become more freelance as they would need take themselves to the wedding rather then having the photo shoot in the studio, as the customers preferred pictures at the present time of the wedding.
  6. 6. Denis Reggie is well known for his astoundingwedding photography and widely regarded as oneof the top wedding photographers in the world.His photography is most frequently used in bookson weddings, etiquette, and photographyincluding those by Vera Wang, Letitia Baldridgeand Town and Country. He was first established asa talented photographer when he single handedlytransformed the look of staid bridal imagery intothe truly natural, editorial style he termedwedding photojournalism, his influence changedthe future of wedding photography.His work is distinctive, and his spontaneousimages have featured in LIFEmagazine, Entertainment Tonight, VH-1, E!Entertainment Television, CNN and Fox innational and international broadcasts. Hisphotographs are frequently used in books onweddings, etiquette, and photography includingthose by Vera Wang, Letitia Baldridge and Townand Country.
  7. 7. Black & White Action Shot Shallow Depth of field Dennis Reggie’s work may be more recognised as his photo have a more clear precise look, he uses a range of different techniques, from portrait photo’s to casual action shot photo’s. I like the idea of using action shot photo’s as it captures the whole day of the wedding not just posed pictures. Fisheye Lens
  8. 8. Joe Buissink is another wedding photographer who has become wellknown though his beautiful wedding photography and unique style.Although Joe Buissink has become a popular photographer over a shortperiod of time, his intentions where never to take a career inphotography; it was only around 15years ago when he shared a touchingintimate moment between himself and his mother, the moment had aprofound effect on him which gave him the sudden urge to capture it sohe would be able to freeze the moment in time and return to it later in life.
  9. 9. High contrast/Sepia
  10. 10. Sports photography is used to capture action which would usually be difficult with ordinary cameras, having a certain area of photography as sports photography is needed as sports photography is demanding because such a small window ofopportunity is available to the photographer to capture the emotional moments, the hits and the misses of the game. Sports photography is a large industry as there needs to be a certain photographer for each different type of sport. There are also different types of photography with in sports photography; professional sports photography is a branch of photojournalism, while amateur sportsphotography, such as photos of children playing association football, is a branch of vernacular photography.
  11. 11. Most photographers who are dealing with high speed action like sports photographers would usually need thehighest quality equipment to ensure that they get a clear shot as they may only get one chance to have anopportunity at taking a picture, for example If you were taking a photograph of an athlete in action, you wouldneed to employ a fast shutter speed to freeze the action. This fast speed needs to be combined with the correctaperture to expose the image correctly.There are hundreds of different types of equipment for each sport, as there are many different sports played indifferent arenas and on different sized pitches, fields and courts, a range of different lenses, flashes, cameras andother electrical equipment is needed.For a professional sports photographer, the following equipment is commonly used;•2 or 3 top of the line digital cameras•At least five extra batteries•1 extreme wide angle lens (14 mm)•1 wide angle zoom lens (17-35 mm)•Monopod camera stand•Tripod camera stand•Telephoto zoom 70-200•Fast telephoto 300 mm•Fast long telephoto 400 mm•Teleconverter•2 flashes•Other lighting equipmentComputer with appropriate photographic software•Protective wet weather gear•Storage cases.
  12. 12. When researching sports photography, Bob Martin is one of the most well known sports photographers I have come across in my research, During a career spanningthe last twenty years, Bob has photographed every major sporting event; from the last ten Summer and Winter Olympics, to Elephant Polo and Horse Racing on Ice. Bob is a multi-award winning sports photographers and specialises in; shooting action, graphic and editorial pictures for advertising, corporate and editorial clients. His work is also featured in Sports Illustrated, Time, Newsweek, LifeMagazine, Stern, Paris Match, Bunte, L"Equipe, The Sunday Times and The New York Times, and many more
  13. 13. This is one of my favourite pictures taken by Bob Martin. He highlights the type of sport with the way he has taken the picture and edited giving the picture an angelic look. The picture contrasts with most other sports photography which is usually fast paced. We are able to recognise that Bob is creating a certain look to link with ballet, creating a soft dreamlike picture. This is another picture taken by Bob Martin. This picture highlights the facial expression shown by theathlete, even through the tough waves he is still able to capture thedetermination in his facial expression.
  14. 14. Walter Loss Jr is another sports photographers who I have come across in my research, his high talent of photography has featured in Sports Illustrated nearly 300 times, including 10 of the magazines famous swimsuit covers.Walter loss’s career has spanned over 40years, from his first recognised shot at theChicago Cardinals vs. N.Y football Giants in the Yankee stadium and since then has been recognized with awards for outstanding achievement in the industry. At theage of 65 he has worked with most of the well known sports athletes, from baseball great Roger Maris to tennis star Serena Williams.
  15. 15. This photo is taken by Walter, with his fine photography and editing he has made this shot look unique when looking at swimming photography. Using the black background he has created a picture which has a minimal look so the audience will focus on the athlete, and gives the feel as if the athlete is floating like a fish in water.This photo highlights the strength and power of theathlete by using a high angle shot . As the athlete isstretched out the audience can also see themasculinity with in the athlete and thedetermination through the stretch in his elongatedbody. Walter also focus’ on the height of the athleteas he includes the audience so we can see thecomparison in height.
  16. 16. Fashion photography was established around the 1930’s and is a genre of photography devoted to displaying clothing and other fashion items, usuallyseen as a more glamorous side of photography .Through the years has become more popular as fashion has become more important and recognised and become a large part of todays society. Fashion photography is most often conducted for advertisements or promotional purposes and usually features in fashion magazines and clothes catalogues.
  17. 17. The first known appearances of fashion photography were in French magazines such asLa mode practique around the first decade of the 20th century. In 1909, Condé Nast took over Vogue magazine which contributed to the beginnings of fashion photography. The first modern photography shoot was published around April 1911, which werephoto’s taken by a photographer called Steichen, he took photo’s of gowns designed bycouturier Paul Poiret. The photos featured in a issue of the magazine Art et Décoration.soon after the fashion photography trend became more popular, Vogue was followed by its rival, Harpers Bazaar, and the two companies were leaders in the field of fashion photography throughout the 1920s and 1930s
  18. 18. Donald McPherson was originally born in Florida, he then moved to Europe around1992 to pursue his career in fashion photography. Once in Europe he met a fashion icon called Isabella Blow, who inspired him greatly, they shared an apartment in Paris andthe pair developed a close working relationship. He began his career as an assistant with several other photographers, he became more established once he had photographed the first fashion story for Tatler (fashion magazine) with Isabella Blow, serving as fashion director.He was also known for shooting one of the most expensive shoots ever known till dateand he has worked with celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Keira Knightly, New Order and Gwen Stefani.He has also shot for magazines such as The Russian Vogue, Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar and V. New York Times Magazine.
  19. 19. Donald is known for capturing many celebrities, here he has captured Gwen Stefani looking glamorous, she is posed in a glamorous bedroom, filled with white kittens and a tiger rug. This may represent her soft but feisty nature.This is another image taken by Donald, wecan see he is trying to create a clean, sleeklook by using minimal colours andclothing. He has also linked the image andclothing with the rock genre ofmusic, using face paint and a guitar.
  20. 20. Mario Testino Peruvian fashion photographer. Originally he began studyingeconomics at university, and in 1976 he went to London to study photography andfunded this by working as a waiter.In Testino’s career he has shot fashion stories for magazines such as Vogue, V, andVanity Fair. Famous brands such as Burberry, Gucci, Zara, Michael Kors, Dolce &Gabbana, Estée Lauder, Valentino and Versace. Celebrity subjects have most famouslyincluded Diana, Princess of Wales and her sons, his work usually evolves a lot aroundthe royal family and he even took the engagement photos for Prince William and KateMiddleton.In 2002, The National Portrait Gallery in London staged the landmark exhibition“Portraits” by Mario Testino that to date remains its most successful exhibit. Over thenext four years the exhibition went on tour to Milan, Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Tokyo andMexico City.He has received a number of awards and recognitions for his achievements andcharitable work, including a Doctor Emeritus from the University of theArts, London, the Rodeo Drive Walk of Style Award, the Medalha Tiradentes from thecity of Rio de Janerio, Brazil, and the Order of Merit from the city of Lima, Peru. He wasawarded an Honorary Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society in 2011.
  21. 21. Here is a photo taken by Mario Testino, this is one of his veryfamous pieces of work. He has captured Prince William and KateMiddleton, this was one of their first photo shots together for theirengagement. The picture looks very natural and loving, the coloursare also subtle which makes the ring stand out. The couple areclose together and look very happy. Mario Testino has published nine books of his work and edited one other dedicated to contemporary art and artists from his native Lima, Peru.