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Advert evaluation

  1. 1. By Gaby Rock
  2. 2. I needed to make an advert for the song which I created. I decided to create a poster advert which would be placed on billboards and bus stops. The main reason for creating an advert is to tell the product and include key information that the audiences would need such as; what the product is, my audience can see that I am selling a song as I have included quotes from music magazines, the song name and the artist, these are the most important features as the song is the actual product and the artist created the product. You also need to include the dates it is out and places which you can purchase the track. Having an advert also helps promote the song and makes audiences aware and draws their interest into the product, for example I am trying to promote a song, and by using interesting designs the audience will be more interested in finding out what the song is about, also as I have a theme in my song and I have linked it to my advert. Adverts are also used to encourage and persuade the audience to buy the product, creating an advert which is different and stands out will draw peoples attention, they will want to know what the song is about , my unusual theme does not give away the songs narrative, this is also an idea I have kept in my poster; I wanted to keep the audience interested by not giving away all the details of my song.
  3. 3. HeadingsAt the top of the advert I have included the song title which is ‘Time’ I have used whiteas it stands out most against the background and catches the audiences attention, thisalso signifies its importance. The writing also looks like it has started to erode, I haveused this effect on the writing to illustrate effects of time. Next to the song title I havealso included the artists name, I have decided to use softer italic text with an outerglow which represents the artist as a sweet angelic person, also in the video you cansee the artist as a loving, helpless person. Quotes I have also included quotes from music magazines, it is important to show how other people in the music industry rate the song as it may entice people to buy. Colours I decided to use dark colours as it linked to the mood of my song which is quite dismal, the greys and black give a cold chilling feeling which also relates to my song as it is about loneliness and heartbreak. I have also decided to use a spotlight in the centre fading from white to grey, this also draws attention to the main photo on the advert. Background For the background I have used a spotlight effect, fading from light to dark, creating a focus on the centre of the advert. I have also used cracking effects which signifies the broken unloved relationship and the heartbreak which the song is about.
  4. 4. Text At the bottom of the page I have also shown that the single is available, I decided to use the text which matches the rest of the poster for the word ‘available’. In contrast I have used big bold capital letters for the word ‘NOW’ as it stands out and shows its importance, the audience will see it clearly as I have also decided to use the colour white which stands out the most against the background. Next to the text I have also included a iTunes logo which shows the audience where they can purchase the track. Image The main image in my advert a picture of the artist walking away from the focus of the advert, which illustrates the loneliness of the artist but also the new independence which was gained at the end of the music video. I have also merged the image with a clock to link with the theme time. I have also used smaller images on clocks which spiral out from the main image, this technique also shows the importance of the main image.QR codeI have also generated my own QR code which links to my coursework blog.With new technology people are able to access it via smart phones, then andthere on the stop. I decided to include a QR code on my poster as mostproducts now have one of these which link to their own website, although Ihave not created a website for the artist I have a blog which showsinformation about the creation of my song.
  5. 5.  Overall I feel that my poster has met most of the targets for a successful advert. I feel that it has met the majority of the conventions needed for a good appealing advert. It looks realistic and links with other music adverts. It also includes all the key information which is required such as; the name of the song, the artist, and the date in which it is released, although on my advert I have decided to include ‘Available NOW’ as I feel is more appealing by having the word NOW, makes it feel like the audience need to go out and purchase because the track may be in demand. I also feel that I have included images which link with my song and I have kept the theme throughout my video, digi pack and advert. I feel that my advert catches the audiences attention and in various places such as the title of the song, which is placed at the top to signify the importance.