Yellow Cab brief - School Project


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Yellow Cab brief - School Project

  1. 1. YELLOW CAB The brief Account Planner: Gabriela Escobar and Ivy Mazza1) WHY DOES OUR CLIENT NEED TO ADVERTISE?In a city with affordable public transportation and pedestrian-friendly streets, many San Franciscans don’tconsider taxi cabs a necessity. Most city dwellers will only ride in a cab as a last resort when MUNI is out ofservice, they can’t find a friend to give them a ride or their trip is full of steep hills.2) WHAT IS THE ADVERTISING GOING TO ACCOMPLISH?To position Yellow Cab as a more viable alternative to public transit.3) WHO ARE WE GOING TO CONNECT WITH?We need to connect with people who don’t have cars and who hate public transportation.4) WHAT ARE THE MOST INSIGHTFUL THINGS WE KNOW ABOUT THEM?Most city dwellers consider taxis to be one more expense they don’t need or a last resort when public transitis not available. However, what they really want is to get to their destination without any negative or dra-matic incidents. They want a ride that is comfortable, convenient and will get them where they need to go ina timely manner. They tend to shy away from cabs because of the cost, but they often forget that the benefitsof a Yellow Cab far outweigh the negatives of the alternatives.5) SINGLE MOST EFFECTIVE IDEA:PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION SUCKS, YELLOW CABS DON’T.6) WHAT ELSE IS THERE TO KNOW THAT SUPPORTS THIS MESSAGE?SF Yellow Cab is the most convenient cab company in the city. You can get a ride whenever you need oneto wherever you need to go. You can call ahead of time and be picked up right at your doorstep at the exacttime of your choice. SF Yellow Cab always remembers your location when you call from a landline.In a trusted Yellow Cab there is no need to deal with rude MUNI conductors or stuffy buses and metro cars,and you don’t run the risk of getting caught in the rain or cited for losing your MUNI pass.Yellow Cab takes credit cards and has hybrid cabs on the road. They also have the most cabs in the city andare the easiest to spot because of their bright yellow paint. Most importantly, they are part of a taxi co-opthat has been around nationally since the early 20th century.